We're different. We want you to be able to fulfill your desires as regarding wood burning appliances. We can make you any of hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of the JUCA furnaces, blowers, colors, door facings (for F-9As).

In addition, we are ideally set up to make over-sized, under-sized or modified units, or completely unique custom units. We have built several of four-sided glass units, asymmetric units and many other creations, nearly all of which have had the JUCA heat capability.

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We thrive on unusual applications. We have heated greenhouses, warehouses, pig brooders, food dehydrators, clothes dryers, and many other unique heating needs. Try us! We probably can help you solve your heating needs. If that involves getting you a high efficiency gas condensing furnace or a competing woodburner, we'll do that, too, and usually at a 15% discount! JUCA was formed in 1973 to help people. We still strive toward that goal.

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca