Gas-Burning Fireplaces

(Including Direct-Vent and UnVented Models)

One variety is pretty conventional and requires a chimney system which must go up through the house's roof.

A second variety is called DIRECT-VENT which means it still needs a chimney connection, but it only has to go outside anywhere, usually through a side wall (like a clothes dryer)

. A third variety is called ODS and doesn't need any chimney at all. It has a special burner which burns so cleanly and totally that it is safe to use without a chimney. It has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (hence the name) to make sure it doesn't use up too much oxygen in an extremely tight house.

This third (ODS) kind of fireplace has recently gotten very popular. The convenience of not having to install any chimney combined with extremely realistic brickwork/ stonework/mantels is nice.

We can get several brands and many models for different needs.

(Most ODS burners are rated at about 22,000 Btu/hr.)

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A fourth variety also exists. This is in using a JUCA F-9A Model fireplace with gas logs. The tremendous performance of the JUCA furnace technology is able to heat the whole house. The appearance is EXACTLY that of a NORMAL FIREPLACE! Depending on the chimney system installed, this installation of a JUCA Gas-Burning Fireplace could be converted to using wood by just removing the gas log set!

Many models and choices are available. Call us with your details.

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca