Performance Guarantee

Four JUCA Models (B-3A, B-3B, B-3C, and B-3D) are guaranteed to heat ANY SINGLE FAMILY HOME in the US. This guarantee covers any home for which an accurate COMPUTER QUESTIONNAIRE was done. A printout of the QUESTIONNAIRE results or a copy of the 14 digit number at the end of the Results must be included with the order for the JUCA. The recommended blower must be purchased with the JUCA. An adequate and safe duct system must distribute the heat throughout the house. If existing ducts are to be used, a heating contractor must confirm the safety and appropriateness of using the ducts.

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If dissatisfied with the performance, an independent heating contractor will analyze the installation to determine the source of any problems. Any problems due to improper/incorrect installation must be corrected at owner's expense, for the guarantee to be effective.

There is NO restriction as to house size, age or condition, or to location or climate.

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca