Introduction - II

This web-site includes over 2,900 screens of text and pictures on JUCA products and all aspects of woodburning (and gas-burning).

If you ever get confused or lost, at the bottom of nearly every page is a link to our home page.


JUCA has ALWAYS wanted to make sure customers are able to make an INFORMED decision about such a purchase. To help customers be in such a position, we have always chosen to be very thorough in describing JUCA products, our company, and EVERY possible question, concern or option that could POSSIBLY apply to your situation.

Unfortunately, this thoroughness might be boring to some people who already are familiar with JUCA and its products and their amazing customization options. We DON'T want to make people SUFFER!!

The web-site is, shall we say, complete! [Some people might read that as long and boring (yawn)]. It DOES include overviews on the many choices you have with JUCA. HOWEVER: As you proceed into it, just remember that you can generally get right back to the home page pretty easily. In addition, the link to Indes to Many More Subjects is an alphabetical listing of most of the subject areas covered in our site.

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We have one favor to ask of you. This web-site is new, unique, advanced, and complex. AND, there is an amazing diversity of computers out there. We THINK we have found any errors and that we have made it compatible with all browsers, but if it ever acts up, we'd appreciate hearing about it so that we can properly punish the programmers! (Bread and water, ... that sort of thing!)

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca