Introduction - III

Here's an overview of some of the popular things in our web-site, and links so you could go directly to those pages.

Free-Standing Wood-burners
The JUCAs which sit out in the room can be found at JUCA MODELS - FREE-STANDING
Free-Standing 3-Glass-Sided Wood-burners
These JUCAs, which also sit out in the room can be found in JUCA MODELS - 3-GLASS-SIDED. These units are often used in the center of a conversation pit; in large rooms with cathedral ceilings; in dome homes; in restaurants and taverns. They can be backed near a wall and (apparently) connected to it to look like a peninsula fireplace room-divider.
Built-In Wood-burners
The JUCAs which are built into a wall and look exactly like a conventional fireplace are our F-series and may be found in JUCA MODELS - BUILT-INS. These include Double-Sided Fireplaces and Arch-Top Fireplaces. The only visible part is the standard-appearing Brass Door Set. JUCA offers over 2,000 different appearances for every possible mood you may want to create. If you need Chrome or Swedish Hammered Steel Doors for aesthetic reasons, they're here!
Fireplace Insert Wood-burners
The JUCAs which fit into an existing fireplace can be found in JUCA MODELS - FIREPLACE INSERTS
Gas-Burning Fireplaces
All of the above JUCA units are designed to be able to use EITHER wood OR gas. An advantage of this is being able to switch back and forth between the fuels. Another is that, even when using gas logs in a JUCA, the full benefit of heating the entire house with the fireplace is available. There are several links available:
Built-In Fireplace JUCAs
Free-standing JUCAs
General info about ALL gas fireplaces
Gas-Only Fireplaces
There are some (less efficient) less expensive products on the market which ONLY burn gas. Quite a wide variety of manufacturers and product appearances are available (and change every few months!) You can find initial presentation of these in GAS FIREPLACES It is likely that you may need to call us regarding specific needs and products. As always, JUCA can get you a good discount on virtually every product made.
Gas ODS Products
Since about December 1992, a new product type has become available. These Gas-burning fireplace units do NOT need any chimney! They include an Oxygen-Depletion- Sensor (ODS) which shuts it down before any danger in a tightly sealed room. Again, many varieties are becoming available. A preliminary discussion is in ODS GAS FIREPLACES Call us regarding specific products or installations.
Fireplace Door Facings
Over 2,000 different door facings are available in our web-site. See Fireplace Doors The prices shown are for JUCA standard sizes (about 32 x 25 opening). Most are available in a variety of sizes. Some are custom sized.
Chimney Materials
See Chimney Description for a discussion of your options. See Chimney Prices for pricing on Class-A Stainless Chimney materials.
See Mantels for a preliminary discussion of your choices. We have access to well over a thousand different appearances and styles. If you call us, we can send out literature and pictures of those styles which are similar to your desires. An incredible range of price exists in mantels. A Knocked-Down mantel which you have to assemble and stain/paint can be under $200. Massive marble hand-carved Italian mantels can go as high as $35,000!
Tool Sets and Other Accessories
JUCA can supply virtually any hearth product or accessory that is available. Call us! See Fireplace Tools
Many informational subjects
Some describe general hearth subjects; others describe JUCA design aspects. See Extensive Listing of Info Pages to find them.
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