Fireplace Mantels

We have access to many hundreds of wooden mantels for your fireplace. A mantel is a nice accent.

Oak, cherry, mahogany, pine, etc. French Provincial, Early American, Roman, English. Simple to intricate. Plain to ornate. Single beams to entire wall treatments.

Some really elegant hand-carved English intricate mantles start at about $1,800; while very attractive top quality mass-produced mantles can be had for $400-$800. Simple single beam mantles are as low as $120.

At the other extreme are entirely white marble, hand carved units for $29,000 (after discount!). We haven't sold any of those yet.

All mantles are, of course, offered at the best discounts we can manage, nearly always at least 15%.

After our experience of assembling our fireplace door presentations (which everyone loves!), where we had to provide descriptions and pictures of 2,000 door appearances, we are not too enthusiastic toward trying to present thousands of mantels! So, for the foreseeable future, we aren't even going to 'present' ANY of them! But, if there's a specific mantel that you are interested in, and it is made by one of the larger manufacturers, you can e-mail us the manufacturer's name and the part number of the mantel, and we can see what we can do.

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Please realize that we have human limitations! We cannot be "experts" on everything! Regarding our fireplaces and woodstoves, YUP, we are! About many technical subjects associated with fireplaces and wood burning, that, too! Even about our thousands of fireplace door choices. HOWEVER! Asking us about detailed comparisons between two different mantels, whether regarding appearance or weight or wood grain or anything else, will generally get a response of "Duh???" You would probably have to actually find a fireplace shop that carries the items you are interested in to actually see the product. All of the different manufacturers also have literature available, although is seems to us that it is not as thorough as we tend to like to be!

There are many other fireplace accessories that we can get, under similar circumstances. Andirons in several styles are available. Firescreens, log holders, trivets, fireproof hearth rugs, tool sets, buckets, various kinds of steamers ... just name it and we can see if we can get it for you and save you money, too.

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