Opportunity Knocks?

The economy might improve but hard times are ahead for many people. Gas and oil supplies and prices are bound to fluctuate.

Many people will eventually need alternative heating systems. JUCAs could certainly help supply them.

As JUCA would grow to again be an industry leader, we would need customer assistants and more people in manufacturing. We might regionally manufacture to minimize freight costs, like mini-JUCA facilities across the country. Regional sales offices, also.

Several business people who have seen this web-site's contents have said that JUCA could take over the woodburning industry. We agree, and expect that JUCA could increase to about 5 times larger than it has ever been. That would be in excess of ten million per year in gross sales!

If any of this interests you, let us know. We may or may not decide to allow JUCA to grow to that level. If we do, we would welcome quality people into the JUCA family so that we could serve even more Americans.

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For the time being, we actually LIKE having our company small! Customers are actually human beings and not just faceless beings! There is very little stress or pressure to maximize all activities! But we know that far more people could benefit from JUCA products that we can help while keeping the company small. THAT would be the primary reason why we would grow JUCA to a bigger scale!

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca