JUCA Owners Say ...

These are some of MANY unsolicited letters we have received:

Our JUCA B-3 ... has heated our whole house (over 1300 sq ft) in temperatures down to 15 below. The inside temperature with the stove loafing along generally runs 75 ... and the stove will indeed hold fires for eight or ten hours easily. Moreover, it will hold a night fire on 50 cents worth of oak. (Minnesota)

... working great ... adapts to ductwork so easily and heats so efficiently that I doubt any other stove on the market can compete. (South Dakota)

(This note arrived as an e-mail in 2010).

... You have a very good product and has served us well for 30 years! ... Our house built at the time was 2600 sq.ft. ... I have a JUCA F model that I had built ... in 1980. ... has saved us alot on our LP gas bill ... (northern Indiana)

(This did not arrive as a letter but in a phone call, around 1995. We see it as interesting, so we try to reconstruct it here.)

I bought a JUCA B-3 in 1976, for our house which had been having $300 and $400 per month heating bills. Each month, after the JUCA was entirely heated our house, I put the money that I would have sent to the heating oil company in a separate bank account. Therefore, each cold northern Indiana winter, I put around $2500 to $3000 more in that account. Over the following 15 years, I had deposited around $40,000 in that account, and the bank's interest made the balance even higher. I put three daughters through College from that account!

We have received many thousands of appreciative letters, notes and calls from JUCA owners over the years, but that one took even our breath away! The guy spent $365.08 to buy a JUCA and was then able to completely pay for all of College for three daughters as a direct result! Wow! (Of course, we note that HE had to cut and carry a LOT of wood in order for that to happen, but still!)

(northern Indiana)

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(...) with the heat from the (JUCA) fireplace, our house stays between 68 and 70 degrees. (Indiana)

Our cats lie on top of the (JUCA) furnace or lie on the hearth.

We heated 6 rooms with it without hooking up the ducts and used a lot less wood than the other stoves we have used in the past.

This morning -10 degrees warming to +4 all afternoon. I've been on JUCA heat exclusively.

(...) Building inspector ... was impressed with the unit.

You can't beat these fireplaces for the heat they put out.

We really love our JUCA.

... it is heating our entire house for us...

... have used less than 30 gallons of LP gas (this winter).

... installed our JUCA ... ourselves ... We were amazed and delighted at how comfortable the heat was, and how effectively our JUCA heated ... our home ... We enjoy being able to watch the fire.

... the B-3 has been the best buy out of all the purchases I have ever made.

We heat in excess of 2000 sq ft without any ductwork ... My saving on fuel for one winter will almost pay the cost of the unit. I am very pleased with the construction and operation of the B-3 unit.

... able to keep the house regulated to about 70 degrees ...

... my JUCA kept my home warm and saved $100 per month in electric heat bills.

The stove is one of the best moves I ever made and it works real fine.

We are enjoying our JUCA very much and it heats our home extremely well and it looks real nice.

... has proven to be of the greatest value in heating our house.

... paid for itself in the first winter of use. It's all gravy, now.

My neighbor has been fully heating his house with two logs at a time in his JUCA for 15 years. I was using 20 logs in another brand of woodburner and still had $1400 annual gas bills. I'm sending in my money. I want one just like he got.

I'm glad I finally found you. It wasn't easy, since you don't advertise. (Kansas)

... stove is marvelous! Dogs and cats love it. A winter pet magnet! (Maine)

(letter arrived Oct 1995) I started using your stove in 1978. I checked the pipes [Ed: chimney] the first winter, but had no build up of creosote in them. I cleaned the chimney that spring with a brush, the first and last time. Every summer I check the chimney ... (New York)

[Ed: PLEASE check all chimneys anyway!!]

And then there are people who REALLY like their JUCAs!

You get the point!

Oh, one additional comment. About the cats sleeping on top of the JUCA B-3B units while they are completely heating the house:

Early on in JUCA's existence, in the middle 1970s, we had a Secretary who had a strange sense of humor. One day she walked into my Office carrying an envelope. With a very serious expression, she told me that I better read this letter. But first she tossed a photograph onto my desk. I immediately saw the body of a cat spread out across the top of one of our JUCAs. I figured, Great, we fried a cat and somebody wants to sue us! The Secretary KNEW I would think that, so she hesitated before tossing me the letter, as a smile started appearing on her face.

It turned out that the JUCA owners LOVED their JUCA (like everyone always does), but more, their cat loved it, too! Somehow the cat had discovered that being ON TOP of the JUCA (while the JUCA was producing all the heat for their entire house) was the coziest place to be! (I never liked our Secretary after that!!! No, not even close, but I DID get even with her regarding senses of humor later on!

Actually, it appears that HUNDREDS of cats loved to sleep on top of JUCAs. For one of those cats, it was apparently an unfortunate habit! The family in question had to move to a different house. And even though a lot of people take their JUCAs with them, they are legally not allowed to do that, as the JUCA is part of the house. In any case, the family moved into another house (which did NOT have a JUCA in it). Unfortunately, it DID have a competitor's radiant woodstove! You can figure the rest. That night, as they had gotten the competitor's woodstove stoked up for the night (and therefore even hotter than usual), the cat jumped up onto it, thinking it was a JUCA, I guess! So a Veterinarian was involved, and all four paws were in bandages for a couple weeks. But that cat never jumped up onto that woodstove again!

We wish we understood the cat language, where we could provide a warning message for cats for such situations!

We did NOT get any letter or phone call or e-mail about one JUCA, so we have never been able to include a reliable description of some people apparently near the Oregon-California border. It appears that two neighboring families were very close! One had bought a JUCA B-3B unit, but they came up with an impressively creative way of using it!

The OTHER family was responsible for cutting and stacking firewood, which they apparently put near the door of the FIRST family. They installed a large warm air duct, and apparently insulated it well, which ran between the two houses. So using the wood that family #2 provided inside the JUCA woodstove bought by family #1, they heated TWO HOUSES with one woodstove! I wonder if that is a Guinness Book of Records candidate! We only learned about this indirectly from a dealer who had bought JUCAs from a distributor we then had in California. So the information got to us rather indirectly, and so we are not too sure of the details!

On that subject, the largest SINGLE house that we know of that was (and may still be) heated with one JUCA was an 11,200 square foot house in Colorado, an astoundingly huge house! They had massive complications in getting the JUCA's warm air to those 25 separate rooms, and several extra blowers were required. The second largest house we know of was/is in Indiana, a house of 8,625 square feet floor area. I happened to find an excuse to visit that house once and I will never forget looking down a hallway that was longer than a football field! They also needed three air handlers (blowers) to spread the JUCA's heat throughout all their rooms, but it all worked fine.

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