The modern concept of selling seems to be to PUSH a product or service on a potential customer; to PRESSURE the prospect into buying; to RUSH him into committing to buy.

It seems to us, this (modern?) approach tends to over-ride the customer's best interests. We DO want people to consider our products, but we hope we never appear to force them down anyone's throat.

We like to think that our products are so superior, that if we just get people to understand some of the subtleties of these advantages; then customers will be in a position to decide whether JUCA products can help them or not.

Some will then buy, some will not.


Over the years, we have been counseled to be more aggressive; to PROMOTE them. Recently, phone companies argue that THEIR services will help us ATTACK, AGGRESSIVELY pursue prospects, and OVERWHELM the competition.

We don't want to do any of those things! We believe in self-determination. A customer CAN decide for himself! Just give him sufficient accurate and honest background information to make an informed decision. After all, his situation IS UNIQUE!

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If you, as a customer, need us to force a decision to buy upon you, then something is wrong. If you have become overwhelmed by the glossy advertising of a myriad of products, each distorting the facts to highlight their own best features, then confusion is understandable. An impartial authority would be handy for guidance, but usually this is not available. Each salesperson is likely to have a hidden agenda, since he may get bigger commission on certain product lines.

He might encourage customers to get that brand, irrespective of their needs. Often, it seems that these salespeople do not adequately know their competition to intelligently discuss them.

He WILL know the corporate position on those competitors.

This usually represents negative viewpoints, kind of like the rhetoric of political campaigns. How can YOU properly judge the best product (or candidate) when you only hear extremely-biased negative viewpoints?

We happen to believe that this problem is not your fault.

You are not necessarily dumb to be confused by this situation. WE happen to believe in your ability to make your own choices.

Once advertisers discovered the effectiveness of persuasive ads, they went berserk in trying to influence you. And, to some extent, it works.

But think about who must eventually PAY for all that advertising.

Or who will pay for that BILLION dollars one hotel chain brags about spending on renovations.

Or the hundred thousand dollars training cost an investment/ insurance company brags about for each of their agents. You must realize that they're not doing this because they're such nice guys, even though that's what they infer. You, the customer, pay for it, in hidden ways.

We're probably getting afield in philosophy here, but we hope our point is made.

Modern selling seems to be based on giving you limited, biased information which may or may not be forthright and honest.

JUCA doesn't abide by that approach. We operate a LEAN Enterprise with little waste, low overhead and minimal advertising. We are rather passive in OFFERING our products and background information and documentation, but not forcing them on anyone. If the accepted wisdom of needing a minimum of 5 exposures/presentations of a product or service is necessary to produce a sale, then we are an anachronism. In our over twenty years, we generally have just RESPONDED to customer inquiries. We would rather not crowd anyone into buying. If it's right ... when it's right, we'll be here.

We have never pestered or harassed prospects to break down their resistance.

Hopefully, we never will.

If you NEED a high-pressure salesperson or presentation to decide what product to get, then you'll probably get something from somebody else.

If you're thoughtful and have some time to evaluate your choices, we think you might see a number of ways that JUCA products could enrich your life.

Even if you don't see it that way, we may be able to be of assistance in your selecting amongst other products.

A recent example: a sub-division contractor called us while looking for gas log sets for 380 houses. He was leaning toward an inferior brand for price reasons. We suggested a much better quality brand at virtually the same price.

As far as we know, he got them directly from the manufacturer. His customers will be happier. What did WE get out of the deal? A nice feeling of doing something good for a bunch of future homeowners. That's enough, sometimes.

This diskette can be informative and helpful.

It won't twist your arm.

... Perfect!

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