PSST Military Personnel Monitor System


The need for a PerSonal Security Transmitter system

  • Military Practice Maneuvers. With the capability of simultaneous continuously tracking the movements of over 10,000 individual PSST transmitters, it would be possible to install a PSST transmitter in the uniform of every single man and on every vehicle. All of the results of all these trackings would be saved in a computer.

    If a Sergeant wanted to later analyze how his men individually traversed a swamp or an area of woods, he would be able to. He would even be able to call individuals in the discuss improvements in the choices they made during the maneuvers.

    If a General wanted to see large-scale movements of groups of troops, he would also be able to accomplish this. He would be able to discuss the individual movements of a group with the appropriate Colonel. Similar analysis could be done at all levels of organization.

  • Military Battlefield Management. This situation is identical to that of the Practice Maneuvers (above) except that the results would be viewed in real-time rather than stored for later analysis. Leaders at all levels would be able to see the situations of all individual soldiers and vehicles, and would be in a position to offer instructions for more advantageous deployment of any individuals, groups or vehicles.

  • Battlefield Casualty Recovery. In the event of a battlefield casualty, the PSST System would allow instant continuous and precise location of that individual. The personnel's devices could also be provided with a special alert button for emergencies, for priority injuries.

  • Similar units could be put in valuable equipment, to be able to locate such equipment if it was ever lost or stolen.

  • Numerous other applications exist.

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The PSST System is all of this, and more!

Please Click Here for more information on the PSST System. That discussion focuses on the use as a Rape Prevention device, but all the characteristics and operations are the same for this application.

Please Click Here for an explanation of the theory on which the PSST System is based and for instructions on creating and installing a PSST installation. For more information yet, please e-mail to the address below.

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