Air Conditioning for One Room - For Free!

This is a smaller and simpler version of the popular Free Air Conditioning system which I have offered for twelve years and which can entirely cool most houses as comfortably as conventional air conditioning systems can do. In most climates, this version will likely have around one-fourth the cooling capacity, in other words, it is more suitable for a single room.

I will present the full logical reasoning for this system, which is actually an example of the logic behind every one of my other energy-related systems.

Any such energy system must be analyzed regarding every single step of its operation, and the WORST performing step is the one that limits the performance of the system. We can list the separate steps here: (1) heat must flow THROUGH the earth so that undesired heat can flow AWAY from the buried component, which in this case is a discarded hot water heater tank (which does not leak!). (2) next heat from the warmed tank must be able to conduct into the adjacent soil which is surrounding it. (3) Next is the warm water inside the tank must send its heat into the metal of the tank. (4) Next, some (insulated) piping is required to move the cool water from the tank up into a house and then the warmed water back down into the tank. The pipes must have sufficient diameter to allow adequate water flow and also a small pump must recirculate the water around this circuit. (5) Next, the cool water which came up from the tank must pass through a heat exchanger, which in this case will be a standard car radiator (NOT a car heater coil, which is too small!). (6) And finally, a fan needs to blow room air through that radiator to cool the room air due to the cooler water inside the radiator. We find it simplest and cheapest to use a standard modern electric car radiator fan, but only running on SIX volts instead of twelve volts, which makes the fan nearly silent (while car radiator fans are generally pretty noisy due to their very high spin rate).

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