Napleton Car Dealership Bad Behavior

I was nearly murdered as a direct result of trying to do a Good Deed for the Napleton car dealership in the Chicago area! And that was directly due to amazingly crude behavior of a Napleton executive.

There is a major car dealership in the Chicago area, Napleton, which has about half a dozen different dealerships. I did not have any direct experience with any of their dealerships although I had often seen their many TV ads on Chicago stations.

In 2009, an employee of theirs in their Calumet City dealership, rather suddenly started spending a LOT of money!

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This was a woman who, in the previous years, had struggled with finding enough money to pay the Mortgage on a small house, and where her children often wondered if they would soon be homeless! For her to rather suddenly be spending money extravagantly, seemed very suspicious to me. Since three of her children had become close friends to me in previous years, she had been in occasional e-mail contact with me. In 2002, she had worked at a different car dealership, and she had gotten fired in around 2005. She was worried as to whether she would again be able to get a job, because she was sure that any potential employer would certainly have learned that she was an Ex-Convict, having spent five years in the Indiana State Women's Prison for Counterfeiting (in the early 1990s). The children had mentioned that to me as they had had to grow up essentially without parents, with their father still being in prison for a 10-year sentence and their mother being in for five years on the unrelated Counterfeiting.

The woman was amazed when Napleton hired her! She clearly realized that Napleton never looked into her history, as they would certainly have quickly learned about her five-year sentence for Counterfeiting!

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Even more amazing, Napleton employed her as a Bookkeeper! (Rather stupid to do regarding an Ex-Con Counterfeiter!)

So, when the financially-struggling woman very suddenly started spending massive amounts of money, it seemed logical for me to wonder where she was getting the money from. In short order, she provided nearly new cars to each of her four sons, her new husband, and for some other relatives. But at the time, her only daughter had run away from home to live with an Aunt in Florida, and she had told that Aunt that the 12-year-old girl was regularly raped by her step-father and by most of her brothers (and a couple uncles). In fact, the Aunt in Florida convinced the young girl to Testify in a Florida Court about those issues, over a period of several weeks.

The Napleton-Bookkeeper realized that most of her family would get sent to prison if that Testimony was completed, and so she hired one of the most expensive Attorneys in Florida to stop all the actions in Florida Courts. The reputation of that Attorney was impressive, and so were his bills. It seemed certain that at least $5,000 was spent on his time, and probably much more. The woman also sent three of her sons to drive to Florida (1200 miles) with the intention of running down and killing their own sister (to keep them all out of prison for the child-rape charges). The oldest son would certainly have had no trouble doing that, but the girl managed to run so he missed killing her on that late July 2009 day, and she and that Aunt managed to run into the house. The brothers were busy trying to break down the door to get to the girl when the Police arrived.

This family was/is the ultimate in dysfunctional. The mother was an ex-Con. The father had spend nearly all his adult life in one prison or jail or another. The step-father and brothers regularly raped their own little sister. And the oldest of the sons had already developed a long rap-sheet, as he seemed to love doing crimes while he used weapons. That son was regularly in one or another jail, but since he had never actually killed anyone, the authorities always seemed to let him out after a few weeks. So he constantly had the opportunity of robbing convenience stores and nearly anyone else.

In any case, I actually thought that the Napleton-Bookkeeper mother had actually gotten a lot of money by selling photos and videos of her own daughter being raped by the girl's brothers and her husband. I understand that there is a huge underground market for such photos and videos, and she was smart enough to see a source of a lot of money. When I did a web-search on her, I was amazed to find that she used about 35 different aliases! Her daughter had long known about the mother using many names, and she thought it odd, but she did not know why.

So, initially, I thought that was the likely source of all the new money that the mother was spending, probably close to $20,000 in a few months of time in 2009, and I did not really think that she was likely to have tried to steal from the Napleton car dealership.

But the young girl told me that she never saw any cameras or movie cameras, so I started wondering if the woman actually was stealing from the Napleton dealership.

Not knowing for sure, I thought I had a civic responsibility to alert the Napleton Corporate organization about THE POSSIBILITY that they might be having a problem. I even made sure to carefully try to contact the MAIN Napleton office, just so I would not accidentally wind up talking to the woman herself! But Napleton apparently has a re-directing capability for their phone calls, where they send all incoming calls on their 800 phone line 'to the nearest dealership'.

So when I called in to what I thought was the Napleton Corporate Offices, I may very easily have been answered by the woman herself, IN the local Calumet City dealership!

Now, 'I' did not know that, but I asked to talk to the Office Manager. So, a minute later, a man came on the phone, and he immediately had an extremely foul tone. At NO time did I ever mention any name, either of the potential criminal or me, but he clearly had CallerID and he quickly started using my name (in a very deprecating manner). I never even mentioned any specific crimes, but he kept asking if I was accusing a Napleton employee of stealing cars, or of embezzling. And he certainly seemed to know EXACTLY which Napleton employee I had called about. I answered every such reference with the fact that I really did not know if ANY crime had occurred, and that I was simply trying to do a Good Deed to the Napleton organization where I thought it might be worth carefully looking at their records.

I thought it was puzzling that the Napleton executive seemed to be focused on 'stealing cars' which I had never mentioned or implied, or even thought of. He seemed to KNOW, in detail, what the conversation was about, even though I had NEVER even hinted at any specifics. It was as though he was AWARE of some vehicles that were gone (where I did not!) Did that imply that the Napleton Executive was in on whatever crimes had occurred? I do not know.

But apparently, while I was talking to him, the Napleton Bookkeeper was apparently busy! She apparently created a document in the Napleton files that claimed that there was a 'Restraining Order' against ME! He referred to that Restraining Order against ME near the end of our conversation, and he ORDERED me to stop accusing any Napleton employees and he told me that Napleton would pursue me legally if I ever did!

He made it VERY clear that he was 100% standing up for his Napleton employee.

All this because I had simply tried to do a Good Deed in alerting the Napleton organization of a potential problem!

In any case, approximately five minutes after that phone conversation ended, my phone rang, and it the first and only call I ever got from that young man who constantly loved to do crimes that involved guns. It was a very short conversation, where he told me that he was aware that I had tried to get his mother fired (which was actually not true) and he explained to me that 'I would never see the Sun rise the next morning.'

That seemed to be an extremely clear death threat to me. The fact that he was constantly being put in jails or prisons for gun-related crimes, made me realize how serious he was regarding killing me.

He not only knew where I lived, but his little sister had even told him where I slept in my house. So I fully expected to have a lot of bullets from rifles or assault weapons come flying through the wall of my house to kill me in bed. In thinking about that, and his many past experiences before Judges, I wondered if he would get away with claiming that I died as an 'accident' in that manner.

So I did NOT sleep a wink that night, being quite sure that I was about to be murdered that night. I even laid on the floor in a different room, to try to improve the possibility of me surviving the night.

But no bullets that night, or the next night, or the following. I did not understand that because that young guy expressed such anger toward me regarding a threat to his mother's job and his love of using guns in crimes.

Some days later, the little sister happened to stop by, and when I had asked her about her oldest brother, she casually told me that he had gotten arrested while trying to rob a convenience store (on the afternoon after he had called me with the death threat.)

I then wondered if he would fulfill his threat once he was released, which I guessed might be a couple weeks later. The younger sister later mentioned that he had been released from jail, but he never seemed to remember his threat. He probably had many other crimes to think about and to plan to do!

So, IF he had not tried to rob that Convenience Store and gotten arrested, it seems a near certainty that I would have been murdered in my own home that night! And entirely because a Napleton Executive was not willing to question any employee. I never had the chance to mention to him the actual NAME of the Bookkeeper employee I had called about, so I never had a chance to ask if HE knew that she had spent five years in the Indiana Women's Prison for Counterfeiting! Clearly, he had absolutely no knowledge of that, as he had apparently done such a poor job of Vetting her when he hired her for Napleton.

In the summer of 2011, the young daughter stopped by to visit me, and she mentioned to me that Napleton had discovered that her mother had been Embezzling from them, and that Napleton apparently also then learned about their Bookkeeper being an ex-Con, and that Napleton intended to send her mother to prison. I do not know if that has happened.

But if Napleton had actually APPRECIATED my effort at a Good Deed in 2009, they certainly would not have lost two more years of Embezzling! I guess that arrogance sometimes has a cost!

All in all, Napleton SHOULD have REWARDED ME for having tried to save them many thousands they later lost, but instead, they nearly got me killed.

I wonder what the Customer Service is of an organization such as Napleton car dealerships. There is NO way I would ever buy any vehicle from them.

The mother seems to have spent those many thousands of dollars well for the Lawyer in Florida, as the Judge dismissed the claims of hundreds of her having been raped by the step-father, by uncles and by her brothers. Her opinion of the Justice System is about as low as it could get. So that dysfunctional family may still mostly be out of jail, except for the father (who may spend most of the rest of his life in various prisons), the mother (who may be in prison now due to Napleton's Suits), and the brother who loves to commit crimes with guns.

As a current thought on all this, I find it somewhat amusing that regarding the killing of the 20 little kids in Connecticut, many people insist that 'Social Services' should have recognized that the guy had been a 'quiet kid' (but that he had never bought any guns or apparently committed any crimes). In contrast, here is a young man of comparable age who HAS committed countless crimes, virtually all while using guns. IF Social Services should have reacted to a 'quiet kid' and stopped the Newtown massacre, doesn't it seem even more realistic to expect Social Services to have done SOMETHING to watch or control the young man who was unable to complete his goal of murdering me? Talk about SIGNS! Police and Social Services have known for years that he WILL kill people. It is only a matter of time. I was apparently to be his first actual murder, but it appears that he will likely kill someone else now (unless he already has killed someone already.)

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