Parkinson Tremor Elimination with a Gyroscope and Physics

A practical solution for Parkinsons Tremors.

This does NOT 'CURE' Parkinsons, but it certainly is wonderful at virtually eliminating most of the Tremors which accompany this disease.

Beginning in early 2007, I started USING various versions of this device I invented, because I have fairly serious Parkinsons Tremors, and have had for many years. The two devices which I have used most are my two 'gloves' which are each standard sturdy workman's gloves which each have a battery-powered, motorized gyroscope on the back of it. The results have been amazing!

My 'gloves' are amazingly ugly, but awesome! They are STANDARD sturdy work gloves, with a simple (flat) three-inch-square, thin aluminum mounting plate for one of the end bearings of the gyroscope's axle, glued (I used construction adhesive such as PL 400) on the back of the palm. The relatively standard $10 child's gyroscope therefore sticks straight up from the back of the glove. It is really only unusual in that I used toy gyroscopes which have tiny electric motors added to keep the rotor spinning. The wires to the electric motor go up my arm and then down into a pocket where two D-cell batteries live. A switch on the batteries allows me to turn on either glove gyroscope. Not too noisy, but noticeable.

When the gyroscope is spinning, a basic law of Physics is that the axle of the spinning rotor tries to stay pointed in the same direction. This is actually the basis of gyroscopes being widely used for navigation of ships and airplanes. If that hand and arm are not moving, there is no effect at all. However, if my brain decides to send a Tremor to that hand, such as to twist it, the gyroscope reacts. Such a twisting motion would try to change the direction of the axle of the gyroscope. The gyroscope (and Physics!) reacts to create a TORQUE which immediately acts to counteract the twisting action of the Tremor. This gyroscope reaction happens essentially instantly, and the result is that my hand does not twist as the Tremor had tried to make it move!

Whether it is a big Tremor or a little one; whether it was a lateral twist or a longitudinal twist or both, the gyroscope exactly counteracts it! The gyroscope is truly 'cool' in ONLY creating EXACTLY ENOUGH TORQUE to counteract the Tremor motion, and never any more! I never have to even think about it, and the Tremor naturally just DOES NOT HAPPEN!

I had not been able to HOLD a full glass of water for many years, without splashing half of the water all over the floor. With the 'glove', in 2007, one of my first personal experiments with my prototype glove was me holding a totally topped up glass of water for about ten minutes, without spilling a drop! AWESOME! My arm muscles eventually got tired and I put the glass down!

I don't know why but my left hand seems to have stronger tremors and ones that have greater amplitude, and even at different frequencies. That is not now (yet) a problem, except for the batteries for the left hand gyro run down faster because that motor has to run more!

It is a very slight issue when I type or use a keyboard or mouse, as I sometimes find it necessary to apply extra muscle force to get to certain keys! I rarely find it necessary to shut the motor off on either gyroscope, or to take off the glove(s), and I consider it a rather minor issue, at least for now. I also made a separate pair of these gyroscopic gloves where I cut off the fingers and thumbs, so typing is easier to do. Maybe at some future time when the Tremors get more severe, I may need to try to think up words that do not include the letter "Q"! My gloves and the gyros and motors are not waterproof, so washing dishes (without the gloves) in the sink occasionally results in a 'plate fatality'! Eating with a fork is complicated (without the gloves), and I now tend to eat finger-foods and foods which I can eat with a spoon. Significant parts of each day are without the gloves, both to save on battery life and because it does not always seem necessary.

Disappointingly, the Michael J Fox Foundation showed absolutely no interest in even listening to me! They only just constantly asked me to donate money to their Foundation. When I have been really persistent, they then insist that I trust the doctors they work with. Their Doctors dig into the skulls and brains to disconnect some areas (as they did to Michael J Fox himself, an expensive and, in my opinion, a very experimental procedure) and they believe in extremely powerful Meds. I am the opposite of that, not feeling that exotic new Medications are really safely 'Approved' remarkably quickly in all fields. NOT for me! For the past ten years, I have never used any Meds at all (except for an occasional standard aspirin, for entirely unrelated needs such as headaches) and NO Doctor has opened up my skull to decide what parts of my brain he wanted to disconnect!

That adventure with Fox was very interesting, as I was trying to provide Michael J Fox with a SOLUTION for which they have aggressively gotten Americans to give them many millions or billions of dollars.

They believe in technologies such as a brain surgery operation that Mr. Fox had done to disconnect some parts of his brain, in order to reduce the intensity of his tremors. When I, as a Theoretical Physicist, carefully studied what those Neurosurgeons do, I learned that they really do not precisely know what they are doing! I would NOT let a Surgeon with a sharp knife start digging into my brain, speculating as to which parts he might want to try disconnecting! They also believe in having a Parkinsons patient take very powerful chemical drugs, which are also intended to reduce the intensity of the Tremors by numbing down the patient's brain and nervous system, but none of those powerful chemical medications have even existed for more than just a few years. So I do not see how they could know if there are adverse side effects, and the Neurosurgeons also do not yet actually understand what those medications actually do to affect the patient's brain.

The Fox foundation IS essentially 'the only game in town' so there is no way for me to get my solution to actual Parkinsons sufferers (except for me!) I get the impression that they assume that only their people could possibly have any good ideas, unless they just feel that I am ignorant! It used to be that having been educated at the University of Chicago in Theoretical Nuclear Physics used to earn some respect! I tried my best to alert the Fox Foundation that a wonderful solution already exists for Parkinsons Tremors, and it does not even involve Medical Doctors digging into the brain to disconnect some nerves!

I HAVE essentially eliminated the Parkinsons Tremors which I have endured for several decades, by simply slipping on a fairly conventional sturdy work glove onto my hand, which has an unusual gyroscope mounted to it. Whether or not the Fox people see any merit in my device, I can assure everyone that I certainly personally see wonderful benefit in it! By the way, different arrangements work great for knees and ankles and feet and other parts of the body. Wherever there are significant Tremors, just figure out how to strap an electric gyroscope to that part of the body, and pick the best axle direction that leaves decent motion available. There ARE some aspects of advanced mathematics involved, as the Euler Differential Equations need to be (Integral Calculus) solved to determine the necessary parameters of the gyroscope rotor for a specific intensity of Tremors. There seem to be some exceptions. My head sometimes shakes from Tremors, but I have not yet figured out how any "cap with a gyroscope" could do much, without an annoying electric motor noise right near my ear!

In any case, my experience and expertise as a Theoretical Physicist seems to be an area where the Fox Foundation has no interest! In about 2007, I had discovered that by creating a fairly conventional 'glove' which has a special motorized gyroscope attached to the area on the back of the palm, I was able to nearly entirely end my Parkinsons tremors in that area.

The reason happens to be a unique Physics characteristic of a gyroscope, that is related to Precession. By doing a fairly conventional Physics analysis of solving the three Euler Differential Calculus equations, it is possible to design a specific gyroscope for any specific Parkinsons sufferer's Tremors, and for many different body areas.

Since early 2007, I have built around 20 different experimental versions of the Glove. ALL have been outrageously ugly! The differences have generally been different WEIGHTS and DIAMETERS of the gyroscope rotors, and of different motor speeds. Some were so heavy that I found them uncomfortable regarding holding my hand and arm up! Those tended to be the most impressively effective in eliminating Tremors. Lighter rotors that were of larger diameter or faster spin rotation can create similar Tremor canceling. However, really effective Gloves tend to have a side effect of also resisting intentional movements of the hand or arm! But I have found that whenever I have felt that too much gyroscopic effect exists, just reducing the battery voltage slowed the rotor down and everything was good! I also found the standard long axle shafts of common gyroscopes made my Gloves especially ugly! A gyro with a short axle shaft works just as good, and I suspect that a really short axle shaft and a large but fairly light gyro might be most pleasing in appearance and still effective in performance!

A gyroscope acts to try to maintain the direction of its spinning axis, by creating unique new 'opposing torques' to resist any action that tries to change that axis direction. Toy gyroscopes do not fall over because of this effect and aircraft and ship navigation gyroscopes are able to maintain knowledge of directions, even for a rapidly maneuvering aircraft. My little gyroscope(s) are much the same as that. When the brain sends signals to muscles to try to cause a Parkinsons Tremor, the gyroscopic action of my device essentially cancels out any actual resulting Tremor!

This system was first invented early in 2007, and a brief web-page was Published in later 2007. A related scientific Parkinsons page was Published in 2012. This more complete presentation on this Parkinsons Tremor Gyroscopic Glove invention was first placed on the Internet in February 2013. I do NOT give the Michael J. Fox Foundation, or any other businesses they work with, or any other business or manufacturer any authorization to use or manufacture this invention unless I have given written authorization, as related to a written and signed contractual arrangement.

But I authorize ANY INDIVIDUAL to build one or two such devices for personal use or for relatives. Some of my devices have only taken half an hour and $30 for the gyro and motor and glove to make.

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Essentially, the Physics is that the Euler equations establish that a specific gyroscope tries to maintain the exact axis of spin of its rotor. By my adding such a gyroscope to the back of a glove, where the gyroscope's spin axis is pointed in a specific direction (normal to) from the hand, that axis becomes pretty stable.

If the hand starts trying to vibrate with Parkinsons tremors, as in a TWISTING motion, the sturdy glove then forces the gyroscope axis to try to also change direction because of the motion of the hand. Euler's Differential Equations show that an appropriately designed gyroscope will create ITS OWN TORQUE, which acts to keep its axis from moving, and which then also applies a torque TO THE HAND which exactly opposes the Parkinsons twisting motion.

It is quite a peculiar sensation when it occurs! I am AWARE of the Parkinsons tremor trying to act, but I am also are very aware that the glove is (somehow) acting to 'cancel it out'. The result is that nearly all of the Parkinsons tremor never acts, and only a VERY SLIGHT tingling sensation actually occurs.

For at least the past fifteen years, I had never felt safe in trying to carry an open glass of water or soda, as I invariably have wound up throwing a spray of water or soda across the floor. NOW, I can carry or hold an open glass, or a plate of food, or many other common activities which I had had to abandon some years back. IT IS GREAT!

Around 2005, I was enjoying lunch in a nice restaurant as I began lifting a spoonful of corn kernels toward my mouth. A severe Parkinsons Tremor occurred and the spoon suddenly launched the corn kernels up over my head! There happened to be a family dining at the table behind me, and the little girls got really scared when they got 'bombed' with corn! The parents were seriously upset, and there was absolutely no way I could explain what had just happened! I paid my bill (and offered to pay for that family's lunch as well) and left the restaurant, and have never returned to any sit-down restaurant again. After I had invented my gyroscopic glove, I have found that I can HOLD a spoonful of corn at my kitchen table, for as long as I wished, without my hand or the spoon ever doing anything unexpected. My invention of the gyroscopic glove is NOT remotely attractive, so I have still not returned to any sit-down restaurant, but it now again seems available to me!

Note that this is NOT a CURE for Parkinsons! It is merely a weird mechanical contraption which happens to counteract the visual effect of Parkinsons Tremors.

Different parts of a particular Parkinsons patient's body need to have uniquely designed gyroscopes, so there are actually an assortment of different devices which can need to get designed. For example, for patients who have tremors in the much heavier lower legs, the gyroscope needs to be designed quite differently from that needed for the much lighter hand (to be able to produce much greater mechanical torque to cancel the actions of rather large and strong leg muscles. Also, some areas such as the hands or wrists can have more than one type of Parkinsons Tremor, and it is sometimes necessary for more than one gyroscope might be needed, and even oriented differently.

I have contemplated adding some very small gyroscopes on the glove, behind individual fingers, but I personally have not (yet) felt that my individual finger tremors are too advanced (yet).

In the past seven years, I have made at least 20 different variants of my glove (generally for my right hand, but for no specific reason).

Here are some useful comments for anyone who considers making such a glove.

Most 'bought' motorized toy gyroscopes are pretty heavy as they have a fairly heavy rotor. Non-motorized child gyroscopes are cheap, often $6 or $13. Motorized gyroscopes come in all flavors, from as much as $2,000 down to about $15. Few of these existing motorized gyroscopes are very suitable to my needs regarding a glove. For one thing, paying for complex gimbal mounts is unnecessary, as the frame of the gyroscope is intended to stay rigidly attached to the back of the glove. I personally find that 'excessive weight due to a massive frame structure' to be annoying, where my upper arm muscles tend to tire after a while.

When I had made gloves that used THINNER spinning rotors, to reduce the weight, the EFFECT was also less. Larger diameter rotor is good.

When I had the electric motor then spin it faster, per the Euler Equations, that increased the performance, but the faster spinning motor made more noise, and used up the batteries faster.

When I INCREASED THE RADIUS of the rotor, getting more of the weight of the spinning rotor out as far as possible from its axle, that also increased the gyroscopic performance, the whole device covered more of the back of my hand.

I have tried many permutations of these variations.

In my opinion, for my own glove, I like a rather LARGE diameter rotor, but one that is rather thin, flat, where most of its weight is concentrated in a rather narrow ring (much resembling how many gyros are made, especially those used in Aircraft navigation gyroscopes), with a rather minimal surrounding structure, which can even be made of lighter plastic such as PVC.

People seem to have tried to DIY their own gyroscopes, sometimes using a surplus computer CD as the rotor and the CD-drive motor to spin it. There IS promise along this line, and the 7200 rpm of such motors is good, but an actual CD disk is not heavy enough and does not have its weight out far enough near its rim, to satisfy the Euler Equations adequately to counteract fairly strong arm muscles.

Another intriguing idea is that a number of companies make 'movie camera stabilizers' (often for $2,000 or more) and some people have tried to build their own DIY camera stabilizers, which they claim can be done for $100. If such a device can keep a movie camera stable while a person bounces during walking, it is actually pretty similar!

Since there seems to be no way for my information to get past the roadblock of the Michael J Fox Foundation, I don't really see how any other Parkinsons sufferer than me is ever likely to enjoy using my invention!

That Foundation seems to be embedded in the same thinking that all other large Foundations are, of first insisting on receiving billions of dollars of Grants and Donations, and then ONLY pursuing the most expensive and complex ideas that Doctors submit to them to get to receive some of those billions. I have never fit in with such thinking, and my first 'gyroscopic glove' only cost me around $35 to build! I admit that it was quite ugly, but as a Research Scientist, that was less important to me than trying to experimentally determine whether my concept works or not. It immediately showed that it DOES WORK!

About the only downsides I see from my experiments are the fairly quiet sound of a variety of small electric battery-powered motors that spin my various gyroscopes, the fact that I need to keep a couple batteries in one of my pockets, and the fact that my artistic talents regarding clothing do not really exist. I am convinced that someone should be able to make an extremely SHORT-AXLE GYRO, where it might only extend a quarter-inch above the back of the glove, which might not be so ugly.

I do find the fairly minimal weight of the gyroscope to be noticeable, and it is sometimes annoying, as when writing. As I try to slightly adjust the position of my hand to make letters, I can feel the effect of the gyroscope creating a resistance to such motions. When I move around a room with the glove(s) on, and I turn to walk a different direction, I also feel the effect of the gyroscope resisting me, and I have come to learn to make such turning motions more slowly, where there is less torque effects for the gyroscope to need to try to counteract.

I still experiment with other locations and orientations for my gyroscopes. For example, recently, I have tried wearing a 'beanie' or other types of cap so I could mount a gyroscope against the rear of my head. This seems to show promise in eliminating some Parkinsons Tremors in my head. But my ear is 'right there!' and I find it really noisy. But different patients have different types of tremors, and I suspect that each may require different collections of gloves or sleeves or caps or leg warmers or other things. Since each experiment can only involve maybe $35 to $100 cost, this is not of much interest to multi-National NGOs which primarily are interested in getting billions of dollars to pay their executives!

But that is part of what human nature is all about, isn't it?

An entirely new source of small gyroscopes has burst on the market in the past couple years! Rather inexpensive DRONES are now sold to the public, which generally each contain either three or four spinning rotors (which act as gyroscopes to stabilize the DRONE during flight). Those rotors seem to all be VERY FLAT, much better than a child's gyroscope is regarding shape. It seems like a really attractive type of gyroscope rotor (already powered by an electric motor!)

I have rather selfish motivations regarding this, and since my gyroscopic gloves and such provide me with everything I could wish for, I am happy. It IS already fully Designed and Refined and Developed, except for a 'prettiness factor', and so I am very aware that if I was a money-grubber, I could certainly be manufacturing tens of thousands of these things every week, which I realize means millions of dollars of profit I could already be piling up every month. Too bad that does not interest me! When I DID run my JUCA Super-Fireplaces corporation, and DID earn millions of dollars (which my ex-wife certainly enjoyed!), I did NOT enjoy all the constant stresses of being in such a business!

A follower of mine in London, England, in January 2014 alerted me to the fact that some students at Imperial College in London, England, had entered MY invention in a University competition as though it was their own! They never bothered to ask my permission! He seemed to imply that my Glove invention was doing very well in that competition, but I never knew if I won that competition or not! I later learned that MY Glove HAD WON the Competition! I do not see how that was possible, as I had contacted Imperial College in January 2014, as soon as I learned that my invention had been stolen by those students, and I had expected Imperial College to certainly Disqualify the students from that Contest. It was my understanding that many Colleges would also have terminated their educational program and thrown them out of school! Most Universities do NOT consider that sort of behavior to be good examples of what students had learned in a College! I find it really disappointing that Imperial College did none of these, and indeed, allowed the students to persist with MY INVENTION to eventually WIN the competition!

Shortly after, I heard that some company in London was trying to manufacture my invention, but that they were having lots of problems. Maybe they should have actually CONTACTED the ACTUAL INVENTOR to learn the answers to the problems they were having trouble solving!

And this story continued! In 2015, Simon Cowell (of TV fame) and others established something they called the F Factor Prize. Want to guess what invention WON the first annual F Factor Prize? My gyroscopic glove, of course. It is especially sad that Cowell's new organization seems to have wonderful intentions, but really sad that they have been tricked by those people who STOLE MY INVENTION so that they gave their 'First Annual' Prize of 10,000 Pounds Sterling to them! Does not give Cowell and his associates much glow for having adequately checked out their competitors regarding being honest!

Sad what Human Nature is!

I suspect that, at some future time, some honest and reputable company may approach me to manufacture and sell my gyroscopic gloves and the rest, but I am not holding my breath!

For those who suffer with Parkinsons Tremors, I have a different idea to try, if they don't want to pursue the gyroscope course. I have noticed that my two hands shake at DIFFERENT rates and at different times, and I discovered some years ago that if I simply hook my fingers together, nearly all of the Parkinsons Tremors often simply stop! I have even found that I can hold a (nearly) full glass of iced tea BETWEEN those coupled hands, and there is (often) virtually no shaking. I think that is because the two hands are trying to shake at different rates, and their being coupled keeps either of them from actually shaking much! Holding a short round stick between my hands also seems to cancel out most of the tremors.

MY Parkinsons has been advancing rapidly recently (late 2014). Specifically, my face and my mouth have started some severe Tremors. I only see one way how any gyroscope could help there. I have tried this, with a BEANIE CAP like some little kids used to wear. Instead of a simple spinning propeller like the beanie had, the gyroscope is up there, but crossways. It DOES work, to eliminate my face tremors, but there is NO WAY I would wear such a stupid looking thing in front of even a dog, much less any person!

During the past eight years, I have experienced several other serious Medical issues, which I had generally considered as consequences of several Ischemic Strokes I have had. People doing Research on Parkinson's now seem to claim that it might have been advances in Parkinson's which actually caused my symptons. To me, it really does not matter WHAT caused these 'conditions'. In February 2010, I certainly had an Ischemic Stroke and soon discovered that I have become 'Face Blind' where I cannot recognize people who I should know. About two years later, I had another Ischemic Stroke and I seemed to have lost the sense of smell. A year later, another Ischemic Stroke and the loss of the sense of taste. In 2015, I had another Ischemic Stroke and had the most terrifying experience of my life, an extremely rare condition which Doctors call Saccadic Dysfunction. Without any warning, my two eyes seemed to become 'disconnected' where they each were wildly moving around, SEPARATELY, where there was no useful information for my brain to try tpo comprehend. This condition has never occurred more than once per year (so far) and in each case, I have had to close my eyes and just wait. A few minutes later, my normal saccadic eye movements returned and I could open my eyes and see normally.

IF it was actually an advance of my Parkinson's that was the cause of the Sacccadic Dysfunction, then I am likely to be near the end of the road. I understand that once Parkinson's begins to affect the Heart Muscles, death follows pretty quickly. At least there might not be much pain if that is my future.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in early 2007 and then edited in February 2013.

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