Breast Cancer Treatment with DNA and Stem Cells

No Radiation. No Powerful Meds. Minimal or no Surgery

The current method of dealing with breast cancer invariably does massive damage to the woman with serious Surgery, dangerous Radiation Therapy and powerful Chemical Medications, and loss of hair. We see a NATURAL WAY to proceed to be a far better approach which seems to make a lot of sense. An Archived copy of that woman's unique own CHILDHOOD DNA contains FLAWLESS UNIQUE PERSONAL DNA instructions which could be used (again) BY HER OWN BODY to grow the precise correct amino acids to grow the necessary proteins to grow NEW, PERFECT, CANCER-FREE breasts. We note that she did it perfectly successfully as a teenager, and we believe THAT HER OWN BODY could use her (flawless) UNIQUE childhood DNA to do it again to replace a cancerous breast as an adult. NO adverse effects should happen to the woman, who comes out of this as a wonderful, COMPLETE person as though no cancer had ever occurred to her!

There seems to be a far better method for getting rid of breast cancer, in a natural way, which also has virtually no adverse effect on the woman. When every woman was a small girl, a simple but complete DNA test needs to be done and archived, possibly along with a minimal biopsy to save some cryogenically stored tissue samples which might eventually be used as "induced pluripotent stem cells" if necessary. The childhood DNA would NOT contain any cancer causations, and neither should her childhood biopsy which will be maintained in cryogenic archival storage. After evidence of cancer is detected in the adult woman, her body might then use her own childhood DNA to grow the correct amino acids which grow the necessary proteins to naturally replace the cancerous cells with excellent "new" tissues, created by her own unique body by following the instructions of her own (pristine) childhood DNA. Entirely new, perfectly healthy natural breasts may be very realistic. Her teen-aged body had created (flawless) breasts earlier in her life by using the information in her own DNA, and we feel it should again be possible for her to REPEAT that process when it later becomes critical for her body to do it.

The reference to Childhood DNA seems to be important. This field of Research is SO new that some Researchers still believe that a person's DNA is immutable. Yet others feel that a lifetime of having Cosmic Rays pass through our bodies likely causes mutations in the DNA. We have a different, and we think, more advanced view. We note that all young children go through a period where their bodies are able to grow Adult teeth each time a Baby Tooth falls out. Why is that always only at a specific young age? All humans go through many changes during their teenaged years, including the growing of breasts, widening of hips for later child-bearing, etc. In old age, many humans become affected by Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer' Disease and hair graying and hair loss. We think that all of these are affected by and driven by DNA. Whether the DNA 'changes' over a lifetime or is mutated or if it remains the same as childhood DNA, we felt it was safest and most reliable to maintain an Archive of childhood DNA as the best possible source of information on which to achieve future Medical Science.

This new approach may even be an obvious solution to nearly EVERY Medical malady. No matter what Medical issue occurs in your adult life, it is a near certainty that you as a small child had not been subject to that cancer or failed liver or other organ or other issue. By simply having your (complete) childhood DNA database available when it becomes important for a future Doctor, any or all of your biological systems could likely be reconstructed by replacing faulty bodily components with flawless "original perfect source components." Even a full head of brunette hair and a full set of natural teeth might be available.

Recent Medical Research is greatly focused on Stem Cell Biology. This is great! By selectively choosing specific Genes from a person's own (childhood) DNA to inspire the person's own healthy operation, we feel that a person can naturally generate the same amino acids which it had successfully created early in life, and then the appropriate proteins from those amino acids, then Medicine should even now be capable of re-growing "adult teeth" or "scalp hair" or "a perfect new breast to replace one which has developed cancer" or "a perfect new lung to replace a cancerous lung" or "an entire arm to replace one lost in an accident or illness" or many other medical maladies. All that might be needed is an entire DNA map of that person as a child, held in archive, possibly also with a tiny supply of "induced pluripotent Stem cells" which could be triggered to construct whatever bodily organ is needed.

Further, this Research suggests another, even more important factor, where certain DNA chromosome base pairs seem to operate on a time schedule, where a specific function initially may not be operational, then at a specific age, some sort of activation occurs, and then at a specific later age, that functionality ends. This research suggests that this seems to explain the "Tooth Fairy" phenomenon that all children experience, as well as a variety of Puberty experiences and even some Infant Medical immunities and other life events. This might also explain some "old age" phenomena such as hair graying or loss or Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases. If time-related effects might be discovered regarding (some) DNA induced effects, much of modern Medicine might be enhanced. Might it be possible that childhood DNA instructions from that person's own body might reconstruct and replace damaged elderly Alzheimer's or Parkinson's tissues with flawless (new) childhood tissues?

Proposal for a Mutual Research Experiment


Craig Venter,

Celera Genomics,

NIH GenBank,

European Molecular Biology Laboratory's Nucleotide Sequence Database,

DNA Databank of Japan



I am a Research Physicist. I believe that your wonderful achievements regarding the Human Genome Project can be greatly expanded now.

I have available four people for whom I want to obtain complete DNA data. Two are parents and the other two are their young children.

I believe that existing thinking is that every base pair of the DNA of the little girl must be exact copies of the same molecules of either the father or the mother.

However, this Research suggests that there must be a few prominent differences. Specifically, the little girl has a capability that neither of her parents is currently capable of. She can create new (adult) replacement teeth when her Baby Teeth fall out. Within a few more years, she will no longer have that capability. This Research suggests that these changes, both ways, must be due to some (subtle) changes in her DNA.

We believe that nearly all of her DNA base pairs are probably exactly identical to either those of her father or her mother, and so all those base pairs might be removed from the current database. I believe that a simple comparison of her DNA base pairs with the DNA base pairs of her mother and father may identify exactly which genes and which base pairs are different from both and so might be involved regarding the adult teeth capability.

The intended goal is to learn exactly which DNA base pairs are responsible for her unique adult teeth ability, such that we might then be able to focus on specific DNA base pairs to provide DNA modifications for billions of adults, such that they might each naturally be able to grow new adult teeth after they have lost teeth.

This would appear to be a rather simple experiment to perform, essentially just a very careful DNA record of the four individuals, followed by an equally simple computer comparison and analysis of the enormous sets of chromosome data of the four. IF this fairly simple experiment works, there may also be some similar benefits regarding Puberty changes. What if as an adult it might now be able to for her to grow possibly unique new proteins and hormones as an adults, which should never have any Immune System Rejection issues, which she already had had as a little child and as a teenager? Might it be possible to enable adults to grow lush new hair as they did as children? Might adults be able to generate complete new hormonal development as they had once done as teenagers? Might adults be able to grow strong new muscles and white blood cells and tendons or even complete organs, as they had done as children?

I propose to join forces with your Research Facility. Ideally, the four participants might travel to your Facility for extremely careful and thorough DNA analysis.

I also see future Research regarding the two children. After they are in their early twenties, any DNA changes due to Puberty should be obvious, and the exact same humans may then have DNA which has changed.

Even more importantly, say that the girl develops breast cancer (or other serious adult malady) as an adult. If her PRE-CANCER (healthy, child) DNA was then available, Medical Technology might then be able to either access some of her OWN UNIQUE child DNA or her (cryogenically stored) specific "induced pluripotent stem cells" to replace faulty (adult) cells at that time, potentially CURING the CANCER (using HER OWN UNIQUE DNA), or be able to study her own healthy child DNA and the later changed DNA database of her to learn how to do unique gene therapy for her individual body. DNA molecules cause the development of specific amino acids, which then cause the development of the necessary proteins in the creation of whatever body component that needs to be reconstructed.

We know of people who have chosen to have a second child, specifically to be a source of body components to save the life of a first child which had an incurable illness. What if that same approach might be nearly universally available, by a Doctor accessing the PRIOR DNA information from the original child?

We may find that it makes sense to take a tiny biopsy and a complete DNA archived record of all children, to forever be kept in cryogenic Biological storage and digital databases, for future Doctors to access and use to cure virtually any malady!

The technology to generate truly accurate and complete human DNA databases did not exist even ten years ago, so adults today who suffer from "black lung disease" from coal mining or from "lung cancer" due to smoking cigarettes, may not ever have the capability of using their own childhood DNA information to generate proper amino acids and protein synthesis to regenerate "brand new lungs" but that might be possible for future sufferers who have had their childhood DNA recorded in their past. Will it be possible for future Medicine to be able to use that PERSONAL DNA database to reconstruct and replace clogged blood vessels and arteries? Will it become possible to even have a person's entire heart regenerated? I wonder just what the limits might actually be! Will it some day be possible for a football player to have a perfectly new knee grown in his own body, from the exact same DNA which had grown the knee structure in the first place as a fetus and as a child? If someone such as Christopher Reeve had had this childhood archive of DNA and "induced pluripotent stem cells" created, might Doctors have been able to enable his body to recreate an entirely brand new spinal cord? There seem to be endless wonderful possibilities available from this new Methodology.

My dear friend Peter Jennings (of ABC News) died of cancer from smoking in 2006. I dream that if his childhood DNA could have been archived, Peter might still be alive and excellently healthy today.


This presentation was first created in late March 2016.

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