Solution to the COVID-19 Virus crisis

Each potential COVID-19 virus patient is now individually tested, in principle, hundreds of millions of them. This is an incredibly time consuming process. Worse, any of those millions of people could be sneezed on the next day, so an entirely new set of tests is necessary, every day. Other than totally trusting the million of positive COVID-19 patients to follow the "follow the stay-in-home rules", we really have no other way to know each of their COVID-19 statuses except to retest every one of them every day.

There are 325,000,000 of us Americans, and we really have no really good way of knowing which of us are positive and which of us are negative on any given day. Massive amounts of testing personnel and massive amounts of equipment is required to do this, so the best we can hope for is to know if a few thousand people are infected on any given day, and COVID-19 is so extremely contagious that any or all of them probably should be re-tested on every following day. The best we can probably hope for is to "control COVID-19." Few people seem to know that even the Spanish Flu which killed 50,000,000 in 1918, is still killing people today, more than a hundred years later!

This situation might still be true of the COVID-19 virus a hundred years from now! Yes, enough people may eventually die, and others may survive and have some level of immunization for humanity to survive, but few people seem to be troubled by the fact that another 80,000 people die of traditional flu ever year.

Technology may already exist which may be able to eliminate nearly all of those Medical catastrophes.

To a great extent, it is a variation of the "Smart Phone!"

After several months, a few people are now starting to realize that the only really useful idea will involve contact tracing (or tracking) the movement of every one of the billions of persons on Earth, to know who they had personally contacted, specifically in getting so physically close to to be able to cough (or even breathe) on, or to shake hands with to physically contact. If and when we eventually do this, we will then be capable of learning who might have either picked up COVID-19 or spread it.

I find it interesting, and potentially useful, that billions of people have Smart Phones, which they intimately live their lives around. I see that as existing technologies which might be used toward tracing people regarding COVID-19 virus or other future viruses.

On April 7, 2020, the US government admitted that only 320 of every 100,000 people in the United States had yet been tested once. That still leaves 325,000,000 Americans who have each not even been tested once yet! In that same statement, they also believe that at least 1,000,000 Americans have already tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. and no one has any idea where those million infected people went to on the folllowing day. They want to believe that every single one of those million people obeyed and stayed-in-home, but that is not remotely likely. If even just 1% of those million infected COVID-19 people had disobeyed, then there might now have been another 10,000 infected people wandering around. Haven't you wondered why thousands of newly infected people are detected every day, even with alleged stay-in-home? They weren't "spontaneous". Therefore, to really know the complete science, all those million of infected people should be tested again on every following day. And, really, every one of the 325,000,000 rest of us should be tested every day to see if we had personally interacted with any of those million infected people during the previous day.

Given Trump's attitude of trying to claim that "there are only fifteen Corona victims" and such, he is never going to allow that extensive testing. or contact tracing, to happen. We are doomed.

However, are you aware that Google tracks every one of the many millions of web-sites that you ever visit? Google does that toward trying to know what sort of products that you might be interested in buying from their clients. The important detail here is that even you have built a massive data base record, in cookies that they store inside your own computer, and also in enormous data-bases that all of their IT web-sites collect and store.

For the record, Google and many other giant corporations update all that personal data on you, every day, actually, every minute. See the connection?

Every time your smart phone either makes a call or receives a call, there are data-bases which get updated!

It would be rather simple for Google and hundreds of other IT corporations to "update" a file regarding every single person on eearth, billions of us, regarding just who we talked to in the previous 30 days. IT experts can quickly and easily identify the people who have tested positive for COVID-19. Better than that, they would easily contact trace all the contacts of those million positive people, to know exactly which of the 325,000,000 of us Americans that they should pay attention to. Yes, if, for any reason, 20 people telephoned me who were each COVID-19 positive, it would narrow down the potential new victims to possibly even include even me.

Nearly all of this technology already exists!

Notice that the millions of people (like me) who never telephone any strangers and only relatives, the data-base regarding me and COVID-19 would likely stay very tiny. If a cousin had gone to a store and caught COVID-19 from the hand-railing on a shopping cart, and she later called me, both she and I would nearly instantly be scheduled for a Corona=19 virus test. We both may likely learn, yes or no, well before either of us became symptomatic. We may both realize that we should take some time off from the factory and stay at home until the 14 days was up. See the huge advantage in this?

Do you realize how many billions of phone calls are made every day by 5 billion smart phones? But good IT experts could immediately weed out calls to or from businesses. The contact tracing of a trillion phone calls every day could easily be repeated every day to contact trace the social actions of every affected COVID-19 virus person, daily!

If you are familiar with Typhoid Fever (which is not a virus but a bacterium) there are similarities. The cook who became known as Typhoid Mary, a hundred years ago, infected 51 people with Typhoid Fever. In the case of the current COVID-19 virus, we may have the equivalent of millions or even billions of "Typhoid Marys", each ready to spread the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, the COVID-19 virus is not as deadly as Typhoid Fever. But COVID-19 seems to be amazingly effective at transferring from person to person, which is the reason our current crisis is so terrifying. When we do not actively socially use "stay-at-home" to try to control COVID-19, very suddenly we find that more than 640 workers at a pork factory in South Dakota get the COVID-19 virus. When no one tried to control the movements of people at Mardi Gras, we find that thousands of people suddenly have the COVID-19 virus. A single COVID-19 infected woman in South Korea attended a Church service and infected over 5,000 people with the COVID-19 virus. Many other "community" spreads of COVID-19 have already been seen. Virtually every "adult housing" community has already had dozens of COVID-19 deaths. A man who passed through a railroad station in New York infected many dozens of other people.

It seems obvious that the best possible course is to strictly monitor, contact trace, the movements of billions of people, else we have little chance of ever controlling its spread.

However, this modification of cel phones (and lap-top conputers) will adversely affect the privacy of civil rights of people.

Even months ago, the companies that manufacture cel phones should have already started to modify their products. The modification is rather simple to do, and it mostly involves just adding an extra "memory chip" in every cel phone, where a permanent record of every telephone number ever called or received by that phone would be saved. Actually, such a file or data-base could have a provision to self-delete after 30 days.

Each cel phone owner who happened to be affected by the COVID-19 virus would then have available a "file" of every person he/she had ever called (along with the date and time of the call).

The phone would also have three new LED lights, a red, a yellow and a green one.

A new cel phone, with no file of calls ever made, would come with the green LED lit. As long as that remained true, the cel phone owner would have an obvious (Green Light) of not having the COVID-19 virus. This Green Light status would even be updated every day. This person could work anywhere or go to school or restaurants, and the green light would prove that he/she was virus free.

Once he or she received a call or made a call to a person who is infected with COVID-19, his/her green light would turn off and the yellow light would come on. That would not necessarily mean that he/she had COVID-19, but that he/she knows someone who has or has had COVID-19. If he/she received/made many calls from such people who have been infected with COVID-19, then his/her now yellow light would indicate that some limitations on his/her work or movements would be appropriate.

If he/she is actually tested for COVID-19 virus and found to be positive, his/her phone would then change to having the red light turn on.

A hundred years ago, we had just the one Typhoid Mary who was a carrier of Typhoid Fever. However, now we apparently have millions of people who have already been tested as positive as being infected with the COVID-19 virus. Until this new technology is now done and installed in all the billions of cel phones, we have no hope of ever contact tracing or controlling the future of COVID-19 virus.

Concurrently, we would enable data IT processors to be able to contact trace and track (nearly) every person who currently is believed as being positive with COVID-19 virus. The Medical community would be able to know where the actual positive tested people are, continuously.

The phone modification could have a time limit effect built in. After a person who had communicated with many positive-tested people, had stopped talking with those people for a period of 30 days (?), the phone might revert to being a green phone again. Employment and social matters might then again become safe.

Even something like attending a baseball or football game might become possible. One section of the Stands might only allow green patrons, while another, more restrictive section might permit yellow patrons. I don't know if red patrons should be allowed into the stadium.

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