Jeffrey Epstein Proof of Pedophilia

Jeffrey Epstein has clearly raped many dozens of very young girls. He is so rich that his Lawyers will get him off from any punishment. He proved that ten years ago in Florida where his Lawyers achieved reducing his punishment for multiple pedophilia rapes to only having to sit in an unlocked County Jail cell, and essentially only once a week on Sunday for 13 months. In other words, no punishment for his multiple pedophilia at all.

But modern Forensic DNA Research organizations might be able to GUARANTEE that he is fully punished this time in New York.

It is a proven scientific fact that all human males eject 250,000,000 sperm every time he ejaculates, and every one of those sub-microscopic sperm contain his entire unique DNA. I ask that you alert all those Epstein rape victims (or their families) to preserve her underwear. If any of those girls sends her underwear to a DNA Analysis Research Organization, maybe the whole 250,000,000 of Epstein's DNA may not still exist on her underwear, but even after multiple launderings, there may be as many as 5,000,000 of Epstein's semen and DNA on her underwear. DNA Analysis organizations say that they only need TEN DNA to absolutely identify a criminal rape.

It will be an ABSOLUTE PROOF that he did the rape(s). Epstein would have no way of explaining how HIS DNA could now be found on her underwear. And she would not have to face powerful Lawyers who might try to do a "he said" "she said" defense of Epstein to a Judge. I believe that proven DNA Forensic technologies can assure that Epstein will spend the rest of his life in prison. The DNA Forensic Analysis experts say that they only need 10 of his DNA, and each girl's underwear may provide them with many millions of Epstein's DNA.

So even when Brett Kavanaugh (tried) to rape Christine Blasey-Ford, 36 years ago, and he was too drunk to accomplish the rape, he still laid on top of her on the bed and rubbed his genitals against her clothing and swimsuit. In other words, that teenaged swimsuit accumulated as much as 250,000,000 DNA of Kavanaugh. DNA is very durable, and even if that swimsuit (and other clothing that Blasey-Ford was wearing that day), was laundered many times, if her mother had saved her teen-aged swimsuit (as a memento up in their attic), then even today, 36 years later, there are certainly millions of Kavanaugh's (unique) DNA that are stored up in that attic. And with the skills of modern Police DNA Analysis experts, which only need ten DNA to identify a criminal regarding a crime, the fact that quite likely, 5,000,000 of Kavanaugh's sperm and DNA are currently still on Christine's teen-aged swimsuit (and summer dress), a Police Lab only needs to identify ten of Kavanaugh's DNA to prove that he LIED UNDER OATH to the Senate Hearing to get his job at the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump enjoyed getting very young girls to sit on his lap for many photos, including his own daughter, Ivanka. His personality strongly suggests that Trump certainly ejaculated (possibly inside his pants) during those various photos. Whether or not he more directly sexually molested or raped any of the very young girls in those photos, the very NUMBERS seem likely to have created criminal evidence against him. If he ejected 250,000,000 sub-microscopic sperm (inside his pants), there seems a very strong probability that SOME of his 250,000,000 of very sub-microscopic sperm passed THROUGH his underwear and pants, where at least a million of Trump's sperm (and therefore, DNA) wound up ON THE YOUNG GIRL'S CLOTHING. Since Police DNA Analysis only needs TEN DNA of a man to identify the man as a sexual predator or molester, if any of those girl's would provide her clothing to a Police DNA Forensic Analysis, we probably would have conclusive proof of some of the many times when Trump did his sexual predator activities that he seemed so proud of in his recorded statements regarding grabbing women's (and girl's) genitals.

Donald Trump was charged with raping a 13-year old girl, but his Lawyers got that dismissed due to lack of sufficient evidence. But that event was recent enough that the girl may still have the underwear and clothing she wore on the day of the sexual assault by Trump. If she provides that underwear to a Forensic DNA Analysis Laboratory, they would only need to find TEN of Trump's 250,000,000 sperm and DNA to prove and convict him of having raped a very young girl. is a web-site that fully describes this concept.

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