Sexual Harassment

An Ideal Woman's Response to Sexual Abuse

The Real Value of Tupperware, with underwear and DNA stored inside it.

The modern women's groups such as Me Too, No More and Time's Up should teach all women and girls a simple behavior response to any time they are molested or raped.

Many men commonly rape and molest many women. Moreover, they totally get away with it. In College, it is known that around one-third of coeds are raped at least once during their four year education. Men know many methods of getting girls to have sex with them. Some are by intimidation and even brute force. Just as many women are raped and molested from getting drunk or stoned in parties or in bars. Other men use chemicals such as Rohipnol to cause a girl to pass out so they are unconscious when they are being raped. Other girls are tricked and impressed by sports stars or other men they are impressed by. I once knew a group of four college-aged men who started a competition while they were still in High School, where the other three agreed to pay for "the winner" for a vacation in Cancun for the first of them who had had sex with 50 girls. It did not take them long. The "losers" said they had sex with 42 and 40 and 37 girls. They basically did not even remember the names of most of those 200 girls. One of them (the 42) had been engaged to be married for two of those years, but their "competition" was apparently more important than she was.

Many other men knew to buy drugs like cocaine or LSD or whiskey to get girls stoned or drunk to have even more sex partners than that. The girls involved rarely had much say in those incidents. Many of the girls seemed to even think that if a man would buy dinner for her, she had a responsibility to have sex with him in a sort of payment. Wow!

There is definitely a new method for girls and women to have an enormous amount of control regarding such matters. Where the men had traditionally always had nearly all the power in such incidents, this new method enables girls and women to have nearly all the control today.

After such a sex crime, when the girl or woman wakes up or is otherwise in a safe place, the victim(s) should carefully examine all of their clothing and underwear and possible bed sheets for any indications that any tiny droplets of semen that may have touched any of the cloth. A new Tupperware bowl or equivalent should be obtained to store that clothing safely inside, where no additional contamination would occur to the clothing. Every man's DNA uniquely forever identifies him, and it is always in all of his semen. At any future time (of her choosing), a Medical Facility or Hospital or Police Lab could analyze that stored clothing and obtain DNA samples, very much the way that Police Laboratories can identify criminals. That unique DNA could not have come from any other source than the man who had sexually abused the girl or woman. A Judge could take this indisputable DNA evidence to arrest and convict the man of the sex crime he had committed.

This approach can remain absolutely private, until some day when the girl or woman might want to go to a Hospital or the Police with her evidence. Currently, each girl or woman is forced to make an immediate choice about being publicized by a Hospital or Police regarding the rather intrusive process of interrogation and skin scraping for semen samples, which many women tend to prefer to avoid.

If the man is a boss or a school Teacher or a Coach or a Priest or a Supervisor or even a stepfather or father or the United States President, and if he left even a tiny amount of semen on the clothing of the woman, THAT DRESS or THAT UNDERWEAR should be very carefully preserved. For example, a (new) airtight container such as a (new) Tupperware container would be used to store the dress or underwear or other clothing which had semen on it.

(Police or experts might suggest some better storage manner, even possibly a new sealed container inside of a cold freezer or even inside a Bank Vault or a Bank Security Box.)

Consider the result of the popular promotion of this idea. ANY MAN who might consider doing such a sex crime would likely realize that EVERY TIME he does such an act, to ANY woman or girl, he would likely be in real danger of being arrested and convicted of raping her, and he would NOT be able to DENY what he had done to her. Traditionally, the man has always used a "he said, she said" one opinion against the other to keep any Judge from ever accusing him of anything. NOW, every such man would have to wonder how many Tupperware bowls exist somewhere that may come back to haunt him, with a true likelihood that future Judges would find him Guilty and therefore be Convicted and jailed, of every single time he tries to do such sex crimes to any girls or women (or men).

When those 18 women publicly announced in 2016 that Donald Trump had sex with them, he immediately announced that they were all liars. If each and all of those women would have had their sealed Tupperware bowls and their DNA evidence of Donald Trump, he would not be able to deny his guilt to any Judge. Any of those women who had preserved her clothing which contained even microscopic amounts of Donald Trump's semen which contained his unique DNA, would enable medical experts to recover and unambiguously identify his semen, which would immediately prove to any Judge that Trump HAD sex with that woman.

If a Catholic Priest had sex with any girl or boy, and the victim knew to carefully preserve and store any clothing involved, that Priest could not get away with denying the truth.

Many State Governors and Senators and Representatives and sports stars and others seem to know that they can use their fame and power to take sexual advantage of employees and others. Again, if the victim(s) each preserved and stored the clothing which might have semen on it, then denials would be meaningless, and there could be no denying behaviors which any Medical facility could recover and identify as being his semen.

Whether the woman (or girl) is old or young, if she has preserved the DNA of the man who had sexually abused her, and that evidence is preserved, then ANY man who behaves improperly in that way has to KNOW that he is FOREVER liable to being arrested and convicted and jailed for many years of his life, for EVERY time he has EVER done that to any woman or girl.

Ten years ago, a twelve-year-old girl I knew was forever upset that her stepfather and her older brothers were regularly sexually abusing her. She eventually tried to move to Tampa, Florida and she spent three days in Court giving her testimony. However, she was "just a twelve-year old kid" and her mother hired one of the most expensive Lawyers in Florida to defend the stepfather and brothers from her accusations. The expensive Lawyer managed to convince the Judge that the child had just made that all up.

At the time, it had not yet occurred to me for her to preserve her underwear and bed sheets and label it and date it and put it into (new) sealed Tupperware containers in a Safety Deposit Box in a Bank Vault. Whether then or now, a Judge would certainly instruct a Medical facility to examine that clothing evidence to recover DNA evidence to recover and identify the DNA of the semen where she had been impregnated. I have to believe that all of the millions of girls and women who are sexually abused, would be in a far more powerful place now than she was back then.

Equally, all the millions of men who do such horrific behaviors would have to consider second thoughts regarding whether they used Rohipnol to cause a woman to go unconscious or just used authority or power to cause a woman to not say No. "Yes" and "No" will be far more important words. ALL women and girls might now become far safer.

NOTES: You may have gotten a DNA Ancestry kit, where you merely did a brief mouth swab to obtain the tiny amount of your unique DNA sample that is needed to uniquely determine your ancestry. Further, you sent that swab to them through the stadard mail, where a substantial amount of time might pass before they process it. Police Laboratories also regularly examine evidence of crime scenes to detect even very tiny amounts of DNA evidence every day that identify criminals. Think of the (sealed) Tupperware container with the clothing in it to be just like that, in absolutely and uniquely identifying the man who had done the sexual crime in this incident.

Even if millions of women and girls might elect to NOT proceed, for now, the DNA remains true and accurate, as long as it is not contaminated by DNA from some other source. This is the reason for the Tupperware container and for sealing it to avoid any other contamination from getting to the clothing in the future. Researchers find DNA from hundreds or even thousands of years ago, which are still accurate at identifying the source of the original DNA. The method works!

The men who do such sexual abuse should be VERY worried!

DNA samples are durable. ANY man who pursues sexual abuse needs to wonder how many sealed Tupperware bowls might be waiting somewhere to cause him to be arrested and convicted and jailed for each such behavior.

Maybe the behavior of all men might suddenly improve.

If even ONE man THINKS about possible Tupperware containers and CHOOSES to NOT molest even one girl or woman, the world may become a better place. If MILLIONS of girls and women can feel safer, we might have done some good.

Carl Johnson, Pastor
A Christ Walk Church

Some years ago, a different (dark) thought occurred to me about this subject. Since the intention here is to get men to THINK about their crime(s) BEFORE they damage any girl or woman, consider the following thought.

About fifteen years ago, a National News Report was talking about a Gymnastic Coach who had molested some young girls (in Washington State), and the news report noted that TWO HUNDRED sports Coaches had been Convicted in Washington State that year. This was before all the recent publicity, but I knew that Washington State had about 1/50 of the country's population, which seemed to imply that TEN THOUSAND SPORTS COACHES get Convicted of molesting and raping little girls EVERY YEAR in the United States.

I did not see how or why those many perverts would ever stop their crimes, so I thought up an idea. A current situation might seem to apply.

Consider the Convicted gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. Newscasts say he will spend hundreds of years in prison. (Did you know that EVERY Federal prisoner costs us taxpayers about $100,000 every year? So Nassar figures to cost us taxpayers many millions of dollars.

But what if I suggested a way for Nassar to AVOID those many decades in prison? Nassar and his Lawyers would have to sign off on this outrageous idea. He would have to AGREE to stand on a platform in Times Square in New York, naked. An Ambulance and Doctors would be present. All the News Networks would send video crews, as well as many more for You-Tube and all other social media. A man with a Machete would perform an "instantaneous machete operation" on him. Once the Doctors would patch him up, he would be set free!

He would then, forever, be INCAPABLE of molesting any more little girls, but the whole point would be that MILLIONS of adult men perverts would SEE the video of the machete scene. I WANT all those men who might CONSIDER doing sex crimes to little girls to SEE THE VIDEO, over and over. I want them to THINK ABOUT what they just saw, and whether it would be worth the CHANCE of "losing the only part of his body that he genuinely cares about."

My thought was that MOST of the men who might consider DOING such sex crimes might now CHOOSE to RESIST, just due to seeing that Machete Video. A LOT of little kids might become far safer than before.

This presentation was first placed on the Internet in February 2018.

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