Rape Prevention

EVERY day in the United States, more than 3,000 Girls and Women will be Raped

Sex is, or should be, a wonderful experience. TWO people SHOULD have some say in whether it occurs. When only ONE makes that decision, that is RAPE.

Here is a simple system to assure that BOTH participants have an equal say in such decisions.

According to the US Census, there are 61,240,000 married couples in America. Today, around 30,000,000 couples will participate in sex, most within the system of marriage. Today, there will be more than a MILLION of those where only one of the two people had decided to have sex, usually the man. In many of those cases, the woman does not actively try to stop it, such as if she was drunk or stoned, or unhappily married, but in at least 3,000 situations, today, she truly did not want to participate, and that was rape.

There are about 3,000 Counties in the United States, so this may be too conservative as being only ONE RAPE PER DAY IN YOUR COUNTY. However, that is therefore still 365 rapes in YOUR COUNTY EVERY YEAR. THIS YEAR, 365 * 3000, or more than ONE MILLION girls and women will be raped in the USA! We want to ELIMINATE this serious problem.

Rape Prevention

Technology now provides a wonderful new tool for girls and women to avoid the crime of rape.

This concept is very modern and very scientific. Each time a man ejaculates semen, he sends out 250,000,000 sperm. Each of those sperm contains his unique DNA. Modern Forensic DNA Police methods now daily identify criminals from sub-microscopic DNA specks at a crime scene.

We want to TEACH all women and girls a simple lesson. If a woman experiences a molestation or rape, she needs to get a Tupperware bowl and to place her underwear and clothing securely into that sealed container, along with a note which identifies the location, date and time of the crime, and with any other details that Police might later want to know.

A Tupperware bowl is very Forensically secure when sealed, so she could store her rape evidence for weeks, months or even years, and she might even put her crime evidence in a Bank Security Box.

She might later decide to proceed regarding the crime, and she could provide her Tupperware bowl and her crime evidence to a Police Forensic DNA Analysis Investigator or a Hospital Lab. She would probably never need to Testify in Court, as the man would actually confront his own DNA, and he would always lose.

Men traditionally assume that they would never be charged with such crimes by relying on a "he said", "she said" argument to a Judge. That would no longer apply. The new evidence of the woman includes HIS unique DNA (on HER underwear), which will always conclusively prove to a Judge that HE had done the crime. The woman could even have been unconscious and she would still always win such cases. The criminal will ALWAYS go to jail.

This is actually just an "education program" for women and girls to preserve her own underwear inside a securely sealed Tupperware bowl.

It is also an "educational program" for men, to teach them that they cannot avoid their own unique DNA (on HER underwear), including the fact that he might have ejected 250,000,000 sperm on her underwear, where just ten sperm / DNA is all that is necessary for Police Forensic DNA Laboratories to uniquely identify him to send him to jail. A central idea is that most men are smart enough to realize that they cannot beat odds of 250,000,000 to one in even CONSIDERING doing such a crime. The goal is that women will be very safe because virtually no man would want to face the certainty of going to prison for doing such a crime. Of course, the man has no way of knowing if his victim even knows about Tupperware. IF he chooses to do this crime, and she has a Tupperware bowl, he can plan on prison.

A girl or woman who is raped, even months or years ago, may still retain the DNA evidence that will identify and convict the rapist. Even if Christine Blasey-Ford had known these facts 37 years ago, and had stored her swimsuit, underwear and summer dress from that assault by Brett Kavanaugh, she could now have proven that Kavanaugh had assaulted her. In fact, DNA is very durable, and if her mother had stored her teen-aged swimsuit and summer dress up in their attic, even if it had been laundered many times afterward, five million of Kavanaugh's 250,000,000 DNA in his semen may still be on that swimsuit today.

http://mb-soft.com/public4/nomore.html is a web-site that fully describes this program.

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