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Considering that the main presentation page contains a lot of somewhat technical information, a Technical Packet might seem strange, or frightening! But it contains lots of examples, and is really no harder to follow than our main page is, and it sometimes might even be easier (because of the examples to follow)!

We are a very unusual company! We hope you noticed that we have chosen to GIVE AWAY the entire technology for our sub-system that is able to provide Free Air-Conditioning for nearly any home or building. In the first eleven years that that page has been on the Internet, it is our understanding that at least 19,500 people have installed such systems. If each are now saving $1,000 or more on their summer electric bills, that would mean that collectively, they are saving quite a bit each summer, many millions of dollars, and that will continue forever!

In the event that you actually choose to participate in our Technical Packet project, we figure you might like knowing that you would be joining a great crowd of people! At least 9,300 people have requested the TP in the first eleven years (2001-2012), and as long as we can trust that they each actually GAVE the $250 for some good causes, that means that they have already given an amazing collective $2,300,000 so far! A lot of people see that and the fact that I have INTENTIONALLY CHOSEN to not make a dime out of this, and concluded that I must be the worst businessperson on Earth. That might be true, but I get great happiness out of how I choose to do this, and I think that if I was 'getting a cut of every Donation' I doubt if the feeling would be as amazing! The country of Bhutan might have something, of OFFICIALLY having citizens strive for HAPPINESS and not MATERIALISM and MONEY! I am just one person, and I cannot 'change the world' but I can make the best effort I can toward that end!

This is said in preparation for the following:

This is how the $250 Technical Info fee would be paid, DIRECTLY TO that deserving group!:

For the Technical Information Packet

There are several possibilities.

  • Our favorite is when people give the $250 cash directly to some SMALL local Charity organization, with Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters and Food Banks being our real favorites! We see that as most desirable because such organizations NEVER have enough money to do what they do, and a surprise windfall of $250 to them can make an enormous difference! In addition, we believe that in most cases, they are likely to use all $250 for worthy purposes. (In contrast, we worry about the fact that many Executives of the giant NGOs, such as the Red Cross, are each paid many million dollars each year in salary, and we sort of wonder where the $250 might go in such organizations! I guess we see the $250 as likely being important in the one situation and possibly nearly irrelevant in the other. Since we are doing this in this way, we like the idea that it might be important at the other end!) We apologize for our goofy attitudes toward giant NGOs, which is due to some experiences we have had where we think giant NGO corporations' employees seem to not actually CARE except regarding making sure of their own paychecks. We tend to be more confident that employees of LITTLE Charities seem to actually CARE a lot more! (But we still accept when people give the $250 to ANY Charitable organization.) We should also explain why we have such a thing regarding ANONYMOUS. Wealthier people seem to think in terms of GETTING SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES, such as a Tax Deduction, where we are trying to inspire people to simply GIVE the $250 without expecting to GET anything in return (except for the valuable information in the Technical Packet. Many of us seem to have forgotten how to do that, and we are trying to nudge people to remember how!)

  • If you regularly attend a Church, Synagogue or Mosque, then you could make out a $250 Cashier's Check TO THAT INSTITUTION, or put $250 cash in an envelope. Such a check would show "Anonymous" as the source, and not you. It would also be IN ADDITION TO any normal Titheing or Donations you gave. You would then either mail it to the deserving institution, or possibly drop the envelope with the cash in their mailbox or with a Secretary in their Office. (You could also benefit a Charity instead, as indicated below.)

  • If you DO NOT regularly attend a Church, Synagogue or Mosque, then you could make out the $250 Cashier's Check or leave the envelope with the $250 cash, at any credible Charity Organization which YOU choose. Such a check would show "anonymous" as the source.

  • If this system is for a commercial building, any commercial application, from an architect, designer, contractor, or other individual or company which is involved regularly in the industry, we would require a Notarized statement that the usage of the Version designs and system would only be used for that single application, and a suitable higher fee would be arranged. Depending on the details of the application, we may still choose to have it given to some worthy cause, but in that case we would likely require some method of confirmation that the Gift was made, which is not required for the above situations. In general, we hope that we can trust people when they say they will give to a worthy cause! Some businesses seem less ethical in that regard.

    In addition, if such a business intends or expects to use our technology for additional applications, a formal contract for such use would be negotiated, with suitable fees involved.

    Regarding these business usages of our technology, the comments above should suggest that we are a very fair company and would never over-charge anyone. The modern world forces us to have to try to protect our interests in these ways. We have invested massive time, effort and expense in designing and developing the technologies, and it is only fair that people pay for suitable compensation for usage of them, whether that is by our choice of having those funds go to some worthy cause or if it was to actually come to us.

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For Direct Technical Assistance

We are pretty convinced that nearly everyone could do the math just from our Technical Packet mentioned above. Therefore, we choose to believe that very few people should ever need any actual additional Engineering from us. In the event that an application is extremely unusual, there might be situations where we might actually need to do custom Engineering, but the rates we would then need to charge would be comparable to what any good local Engineering firm would charge (a significant amount!). For this reason, we suspect that only very large scale applications, like gymnasiums, office buildings, museums, etc, are likely to actually need our personal expertise regarding such Engineering. And even in most of such situations, we feel that the web-site information and the Technical Packet can provide all the information that a local Engineering form would need to do the same work.

One way or another, we are trying to do a "good deed" here!

Actually, SEVERAL good deeds! Homeowners like the fact that their annual summer electric bills from A/C are eliminated. The GIVER of the $250 generally feels really good about having done something nice. The Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter should have a bright day for having received that surprise gift. And the clients of such Soup Kitchens or Homeless Shelters might get better food for a few days! Well, and finally, it makes US feel good for having been a tiny part of such generosity!

After many years, we have added another idea to this web-page! We see value in your ADDING a typed sheet of paper along with the $250 cash which you are donating. This sheet might explain a little clearer just what the idea is behind the 'surprise gift' that the Church or Charity was receiving from you. The owners of that Charity or Church might have thought that THEY were just to get the extra money to spend (personally)! Your note would explain to them that you really intended the money you are donating to be given to 'hungry little kids' or 'homeless men'.

See the point? To start with they might help THREE people with the money you provided. But imagine if they would instead buy CRATES of cans of green beans or spaghetti? They might be able to buy TWO HUNDRED CANS (at $1.25 each) with the money you provided, so that SEVEN KIDS who do not eat very often might get ONE canned meal EVERY DAY for a MONTH (about 200 cans). I know that Schools and Churches already do this, but if your money and your explanatory note showed up, they might suddenly find that they can help a bunch of kids get healthier!

Of course, I realize that a Soup Kitchen can feed a LOT more than that number of people if they can cook whole meals, but that might not always be possible for them to do. It depends a lot on just how many people need their services at any given time! If they have FIFTY people who regularly show up for a good dinner, $250 might enable them to do that each day for maybe five or ten days! And all because you included your typewritten note that explains how you hope that your money might get used!

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