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Most people seem to not realize that ALL of these Names refer to the very same Lord, the One True God Whom Abraham was the first person to Worship!

We think there is a broader, more complete, perspective that few Christians or Muslims seem to realize.

Few Christians seem to understand these things, and almost no Muslims seem to. Few Christians have a good understanding of the Trinity, and even they sometimes talk as though there are two or three separate Gods (a serious error, as there is ONE True God!). Muslims therefore believe that Christians believe in at least TWO separate Gods, and therefore (justifiably) express criticism toward Christianity. But Christians really believe in exactly One True God, the God of Abraham, the same God that Muslims call Allah.

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It is most accurate to think that there is NO difference between the Christian concept of Father and of the Son, as they were actually the exact same One True God. (Also the Holy Spirit.)

The result of this is wonderful! If Muslims studied Christianity deeply to realize the truth of the above, they would realize that the Allah of Muhammad actually walked the Earth just 600 years earlier, as Jesus. I have carefully read the entire Koran, and there is NO contradiction to this, of Allah walking the Earth as Jesus, the "One True God" Whom we all believe in!

The description above is entirely compatible with all Christian beliefs, and it is also completely compatible with all Muslim beliefs. Muslims certainly have the highest of respect for Jesus (PBUH), and they even expect Jesus to Return some day, just like Christians do! But this understanding would encourage Muslims to have even higher respect for Jesus, for He is Allah! And, hopefully, the Muslim criticisms of Christians for "believing in a second God, Jesus" would be seen as incorrect, and that we all really Worship the very same One True God!

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