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Docetism is a heresy concerning the person of Jesus Christ. The word is derived from the Greek dokeo, meaning "to seem" or "to appear." According to Docetism, the eternal Son of God did not really become human or suffer on the cross; he only appeared to do so. The heresy arose in a Hellenistic milieu and was based on a Dualism which held that the material world is either unreal or positively evil.幻影说是邪教有关基督耶稣的人。一词源于希腊dokeo,意思是“似乎”或“出现。” 根据幻影说,永恒的上帝的儿子并没有真正成为人类或在十字架上受苦,他才出现这样做。出现的异端在希腊环境,是基于一个邪恶的二元论认为,物质世界是不是虚幻的或积极。 Tendencies to spiritualize Christ by denying his real humanity were already present in New Testament times.人类精神化的倾向,否认他的真正基督时代已经出现在新约。

The Johannine Epistles addressed the problem several times (1 John 4:2 - 3; 2 John 7). Docetic teachings were also advanced by the 2d - century proponents of Gnosticism and were combatted by the 2d - century church fathers, especially by Ignatius of Antioch and Irenaeus.该johannine书信解决的问题几次(约翰一书4:2 - 3;约翰二书7)。Docetic教义也由先进的二维-世纪支持者诺斯替主义和对抗通胀是由二维-世纪教堂的父亲,尤其是依纳爵安提阿和爱任纽。 The fathers based their defense of the true Incarnation of the Son of God on the Old Testament doctrine of creation, according to which the material world is neither unreal nor evil but basically good.在父亲的上帝创造的教义的旧约辩护的真实子化身,根据该物质世界既不是虚幻的,也不邪恶的,但基本上是好的。

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Docetism is a term used to refer to a theological perspective among some in the early church who regarded the sufferings and the human aspects of Christ as imaginary or apparent instead of being part of a real incarnation.幻影说是基督作为一个术语,用来指人的一个方面的神学观点在一些早期的教会谁把痛苦和假想的或明显的化身,而不是一个真正的一部分。 The basic thesis of such docetics was that if Christ suffered he was not divine, and if he was God he could not suffer. The combination of the two natures, Son of David and Son of God, affirmed by Paul in Rom.等docetics基本论点的是,如果基督遭受他不是神,他是上帝,如果他无法承受。组合的两个性质,光盘的儿子大卫和上帝的儿子,肯定保罗研究。 1:3 - 4 was apparently already under attack in the Johannine community (see 1 John 4:2; 2 John 7).1:3 - 4 johannine的显然是社会已经受到攻击的(见约翰一书4:2;约翰二书7)。Docetic thinking became an integral part of the perspectives of Gnostics, who viewed Jesus as the alien messenger from outside the present evil world and one who was untouched by the evil creator. Docetic思想成为世界的组成部分的诺斯替教派的观点,现在谁看外面的耶稣作为一个外来使者谁是邪恶的创造者没有受到邪恶。This alien Jesus came to awaken Gnostics to their destiny outside the realm of creation.耶稣来到这个陌生的领域唤醒创造诺斯替教派以外自己的命运。While the framers of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds were opposed to docetic teaching and clearly assumed the two natures of Jesus, the drafters of the Definition of Chalcedon (451 AD) made explicit the Christian teaching concerning Jesus Christ as "truly God and truly man."虽然教学制定者的使徒'和尼西亚信条是反对docetic,并明确承担耶稣的两个性质,AD)的起草者451的定义,卡尔西(作出明确的和真正的基督教教义有关耶稣基督为“真正神人“。

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JND Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines.JND的凯利,早期基督教教义。

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