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People sometimes ask about me, out of concern for some potential hidden agenda I might have.有时候人们问我,是出于关心,为一些潜在的隐藏的议程,我可能会。This is probably a healthy attitude, considering how deceptive much of the world has become these days!这可能是一个健康的态度,考虑如何欺骗性,在世界许多地方已成为这些天!An editor could exert influence on his readers by his selection of articles to include in a compilation like BELIEVE.一名编辑,可以发挥影响力对他的读者,他选择的文章,包括在汇编一样相信。People don't seem to ever do anything for anyone else without expecting something in return.人们似乎并不比以往做任何事情,任何人,否则没有期待有所回报。How sad!何其可悲!Imagine what Jesus would have to say about that!试想耶稣会讲!

There are things we should sometimes do where there is no direct benefit to ourselves.有一些事情我们应该做的,有时不存在直接有利于自己。I feel my efforts at assembling BELIEVE fall in that category.我觉得我的努力,在装配相信属于这一类。I feel it is irrelevant whether I would somehow personally benefit from the existence of BELIEVE.我觉得这是不相干的,我是否会在某种程度上亲自受益的存在相信。It was never inspired by personal quests for wealth or fame or leadership power.这是从来没有的启发个人争取财富或名利,或领导层的权力。Or, even, toward "scoring points" with God.或者,甚至走向"得分点"与上帝。It is just something that I believe is necessary and important and RIGHT!这只是一些我认为是必要的和重要的权利!

In a number of modern Christian books, there is a lead statement, sometimes on the book cover, such as the following:在一些现代基督教书籍,有一个带头发言,有时对书本封面,如下列:
"How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy?" Doesn't that seem amazingly arrogant a statement for anyone to make, about almost any subject?"怎么可能每个人都这样的想法是错误的圣经预言? " ,不说,似乎是令人惊讶的傲慢一份声明中,任何人的意见,对几乎任何一个议题?And is that specific author actually so infinitely insightful and knowledgeable to totally understand the very same Bible that countless thousands of scholars and Theologians have studied for many centuries?并表示,具体的作者其实,让无限见地和知识化,以完全理解非常相同圣经无数成千上万的学者和神学家研究过多少世纪? I suppose it IS possible that somebody could actually be a thousand times smarter than anyone else who has ever lived, but I have serious doubts about that!我想可能是有人可能实际上是一个几千倍,更聪明,比任何其他人都住了,但我非常怀疑!Doesn't it seem far more likely that all of the hundreds of authors who make such incredible claims could not possibly truly know all they claim to know and understand?不,它似乎更容易,所有的数百名作者的人做出这种令人难以置信的债权,也不可能真正知道的一切,他们宣称要了解和理解呢? (Have you noticed that virtually none of the authors who make such statements are actually Theologians or who have general respect in the Christian intellectual community regarding their scholarly abilities or capabilities? What does THAT say about them?) (It seems also very noticeable that they all are very aggressive at PROMOTING their new book, maybe not so much so that the readers might gain some brilliant insights but possibly because each book sold adds another $30 to their personal wealth? I always hope I am wrong about such cynicism, but often it seems in question.) (你有没有注意到,几乎没有任何作者的人做出这种声明实际上是神学家或曾普遍尊重,在基督教社会智力就其学术能力或能力?这是什么要说的吗? ) (似乎也很显着,他们大家都非常积极的在推动其新著,也许不是那么多,使读者有可能得到一些精彩的见解,但可能是因为每一本书卖出了另一个30元,他们的个人财富呢?我一直希望我是错的这种犬儒主义,但它往往看来,在此省略) 。

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I had come to that conclusion some years back, that no one person (including me, by the way!) can possibly know ALL the answers regarding religion and Christianity. However, if the combined insights of more than 1,000 scholars who have each dedicated their entire lives to their specialty subject, were all collected together, maybe we'd have something that had collective value. Well, after around sixteen years of more than fulltime effort, the current BELIEVE Project is my attempt to accomplish that end.我得出的结论是多年前吧,没有一个人(包括我自己在内,由前进! )都不可能知道所有的答案就在宗教和基督教的,但如果合并后的真知灼见的1000多学者都每个献身整个生命,以自己的专业学科,都收集到一起,也许会增添一些曾集体价值,那么 ,经过大约16年以上的全职工作,目前相信项目是我的企图,以实现这一目的。In subjects where there are possible interpretations or conclusions which are somewhat subjective, such as regarding the specific method of Baptism, rather than "announcing" a method that we prefer, BELIEVE instead attempts to present an assortment of articles (in this case, at least 18 separate articles) that describe each of the many approaches.科目时,有可能的解释或结论,其中有些是主观的,如关于具体方法的洗礼,而不是"公布"的方法,我们宁愿相信,而不是试图以目前的一个品类的文章(在这种情况下,至少18个单独的文章)是用来描述每次的许多办法。 The theory here is that each reader might read the assorted articles and then contemplate the positives and negatives of each, and then with the Bible in hand, personally assess which method seems "correct".理论,在这里,是每一个读者可能看过各式物品,然后沉思了肯定与否定的每一个,然后与圣经在手,亲自评估哪一种方法似乎是"正确" 。The next reader of those same articles might easily come to some different conclusion, as each person is Guided by his or her Indwelling Holy Spirit in such studies.未来的读者,同样是这些文章也许不难得出一些不同的结论,因为每个人的引导下,由他或她留置圣灵在此类研究。

Our Church happens to be Non-Denominational.我们的教会刚好是非宗教组织。That does NOT mean that we do not believe basic Christian things, but rather we ONLY believe and Teach CORE Christian concepts.这并不意味着我们不相信基督教的基本的东西,而是我们只有相信和教导基督教的核心概念。As a result, our Church and Sermons NEVER discuss things like tattoos or abortion or gender- or race-related subjects.因此,我们的教会和说教从来没有讨论的东西,喜欢纹身或流产或性别或种族有关的科目。Only subject that the Bible actually either discussed or clearly implied.只有课题圣经其实无论是讨论或明确暗示。We chose this form of Non-Denomonational or Trans-Denominational Church in order to more purely and completely focus on the actual Core Teachings of the Lord.我们选择这种形式的非denomonational或跨宗派的教会,以更纯粹的,完全着眼于实际核心教义的上帝。As Protestants, we follow Sola Scriptura , meaning that we exclusively consider the Bible to be the source of all of guidance regarding all religious, moral and ethical questions.作为基督徒,我们跟唯独圣经 ,意思是说,我们只考虑圣经必须从源头上所有的指导,所有的宗教,道德和伦理的问题。All other sources, such as the personal opinions of Church leaders, are considered, but if the Bible makes a clear position on an issue, there is rarely any question left.所有其他来源,如个人意见教会领袖,被认为是的,但如果圣经作出了明确的立场,对一个问题,因此很少有任何遗留问题。

Our Church is mystified by most of other modern Protestant Churches on several points!我们的教会是大惑不解大多数其他现代基督教几点!They seem to not only tolerate but enthusiastically endorse and welcome homosexual people.他们似乎不只是要容忍,但热烈拥护和欢迎同性恋人士。It is hard to see where in the Bible they got that attitude, because Leviticus 20:13 seems to be really clear to me:这是难以看到在圣经中所得到的这种态度,因为利未记20时13分 ,似乎是真的,我很清楚:
If a man also shall lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.如果一个男人也应在于人类,因为他lieth与一名女子,她们都已经犯下了憎恶:他们一定被处决,他们的血[应]他们。 [KJAV][ kjav ]

Where does anyone see any lack of clarity in that Bible Verse?那里有没有人看不出有什么缺乏明确表示,经文?

If an entire Commandment of God is dedicated to that subject, doesn't that seem pretty compelling of an argument?如果整个诫命的,神是致力于这一主题,不说,似乎是相当令人信服的说法呢?

How do such Protestant Churches ignore such Scriptures and dream up some non-existent Scriptures to welcome homosexuals?如何做这样的新教教会不理会这样的经文和梦想了一些不存在的经文,欢迎同性恋者?I realize that it is now "politically correct" to avoid discriminating against racial groups and gender differences and all sorts of other things.我知道现在是"政治正确" ,以避免歧视种族团体间的性别差异以及各种其他的东西。And I have great compassion for all such groups of people.和我有很大的同情心,为所有这类群体的人。But I just don't see where Churches that claim to be Sola Scriptura can be so enthusiastic about homosexuals!但我只是不明白的地方教会声称可唯独圣经可以那么热衷同性恋!And the American Episcopalian Church seems to have decided to even intimately get them involved as Priests and more.和美国圣公会教堂似乎已经决定,甚至关系密切,让他们参与牧师等。It just seems amazing to me!它只是似乎惊人,以我!

Countless millions of (American) Protestants have amazingly vicious attitudes toward the very word abortion, much less the actual concept or its procedure.无数以百万计的(美国)新教徒有令人惊异的恶性态度非常字堕胎,更遑论实际的概念或程序。Churches and extremely aggressive Christians have frightened many Doctors out of that field, and even killed some of them, and there are several whole States that now do not have ANY facilities where that procedure could even be done. I am certainly NOT a supporter of the modern attitudes of using abortion to deal with mistakes made during indiscriminate sex activities.教堂和十分积极的基督徒都害怕许多医生出于这一领域,甚至杀死他们中的一些人,并有几个整个国家,现在也没有任何设施,而该程序的,甚至可能需要做的, 我相信一定有不支持的现代的态度,用人工流产来处理失误,在不分青红皂白地色情活动。

However, all such people certainly insist that they are acting and thinking based DIRECTLY on the Bible.然而,所有这些人当然坚持认为他们的行为和思维直接根据圣经。When I ask such people to Cite the Scriptures that they believe state what they believe, none yet ever have been able to.当我问这些人引用圣经,他们认为,国家是什么,他们相信,没有人,但以往都可以。For good reason!有充分理由的! The Bible does NOT actually even mention the subject!圣经没有,其实甚至提及此事!

So, even though I basically agree with the attitude they have on that subject, it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to claim that the Bible says things that it does not say.所以,尽管我基本上同意的态度,他们在这个问题上,这是错误的,错了,错了,声称圣经上说的东西,它不说。

This seems to me to be a frightening example of where Churches that are supposedly Sola Scriptura, have some leaders who choose to ADD IN their own many assumptions and extreme interpretations, to arrive at all sorts of "absolute facts"!这在我看来是一个可怕的例子,那里的教堂,都是唯独圣经,有一些领导者可选择加入自己的很多假设和极端的解释,以达成各种各样的"绝对事实" !Except they are not FACTS at all, but merely some people USING the Bible to advance social attitudes that they personally believe.除非他们是不是事实,在所有的,而仅仅是一些人用圣经,以促进社会的态度,他们个人认为。

Again, I actually generally AGREE with those attitudes, that the modern unlimited access to abortion tends to encourage young people to act irresponsibly, and that something should be done to try to control that problem.再次,我其实也都普遍认同与态度,即现代不受限制地接触流产倾向,以鼓励青少年人的行为不负责任,并表示,一些应该做的事,设法控制这个问题。 But I am not sure it is the right thing to do to TWIST the words of the Bible so that they seem to support some personal attitudes as to how to do it.但是,我不知道这是正确的做法扭曲了的话,圣经,使他们似乎支持了一些个人的态度,至于如何做到这一点。

For the record, the Bible includes the Ten Commandments, and one of them as presented in Exodus 20:13 is "Thou shalt not kill" in the English translation in the King James Bible. People might be surprised to learn that that Commandment was actually just a single word in the Original Ancient Hebrew, the word ratsach. That word has the correct translated meaning of murderer or to murder. The concept of kill is not necessarily even implied!为记录在案,包括圣经十诫,其中一人,由于在逃亡20时13分 ,是"你不可杀人" ,在英文翻译中,国王詹姆斯圣经的人可能会惊讶地得知,这诫命,实际上是只是片言只字,在原古希伯来文,字ratsach 。这个词具有正确翻译的意思杀人犯或谋杀罪。概念杀死不一定甚至暗示!Even the many English translations all involve some assumptions in making that single word into a full sentence!甚至许多英语翻译都牵涉到一些假设,在作出这一一字一句成为一个能提供全面一句!Even the concept of NOT is not actually in the Bible, but it is obviously strongly implied!甚至概念不是其实不是在圣经中,但它显然是强烈暗示!

Bible Scriptures such as that have been stretched to encourage some Denominations to be against war, although only the English translation actually could imply that, as the Original Ancient Hebrew specifically only refers to the act of murder. Other Denominations have stretched that single Original word to be the basis for their Church's Teaching that no one is even permitted to take a life in defending one's own life or family, which is clearly NOT what the Original word meant! 圣经经文,如已绷鼓励一些面额予以反对战争,虽然只有英文翻译,实际上可能意味着,原来古代希伯来专门只指以谋杀行为,其他面额的都绷单身原来的那个字,以可依据其教会的教学,没有人,甚至允许采取一种生活在捍卫自己的生活或家庭,这种做法显然不是原来的那个字的意思! And then there are nearly all modern Protestant Churches that, without actually knowing why, have stretched that single Original word to somehow apply to pre-humans!再有,几乎所有现代新教教会说,没有实际知道为什么,有伸展单身原来的那个字,以某种适用于前人类!I don't really have any real problem with their intended purpose, but just that their methods are horribly intentionally misleading, and, therefore, as I see it, un-Christian.我真的不产生任何真正的问题,与他们的预期目的,而只是说,他们的方法是给那些故意误导之嫌,而且,因此,我认为,联合国的基督徒。

To CLAIM that the Bible Teaches something, when it actually does not, is simply deceptive!声称圣经教导的东西时,它其实并不只是骗人的!How dare Christian Churches do such things?怎么敢基督教会做这种事情吗?

Our Church certainly tries to encourage young people to act and think responsibly.我们教会一定要鼓励青年人采取行动,并认为以负责任的。But we choose to try to do that within the bounds of what the Bible actually says!但是,我们选择尝试这样做一道关口是什么圣经其实说!NOT what we might WANT it to say!没有什么,我们可能希望它说!

There is a very troubling secondary effect of this.还有一个非常令人不安的中学此举的效果。One would hope that the Members of such Churches would READ THEIR BIBLES to find the Scriptures that are behind any such strong positions.人们希望的成员,如教堂,将宣读他们的圣经,找到圣经里是背后有如此强大的阵地。But if they do, they certainly cannot really find anything to support such severe attitudes against abortions and abortion clinics.不过,如果他们这样做,他们当然不能真的找不到任何支持这种严厉的态度,反对堕胎及堕胎诊所。 Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that Members of Churches simply have absolute trust in their Ministers.因此,显而易见的结论是,成员教会根本有绝对的信任,在他们的部长。That is wonderful in many ways. But if and when any Minister goes astray, the Congregation should really not just continue to totally trust him, but rather should have a healthy skepticism regarding free and open discussions. So the frightening aspect of this to me is where millions of Fundamentalist Conservative Christians never even consider questioning the slightest part of what they are Taught, as somehow being sinful in challenging the perfection of understanding of their Minister!这实在是太好了,在许多方面, 但如果当任何部长的误区,会众应真的不只是继续完全信任他,而应该是有一个健康的怀疑主义关于自由和公开的讨论,因此,可怕的一面,这对我是凡以百万计的原教旨主义保守的基督教徒甚至从来没有考虑问话丝毫的一部分,他们所教授的,因为在某种程度上被罪孽深重,在具有挑战性的完善了解他们的部长! And so all those 1,300,000 Ministers (in the USA) (possibly even including us in our own Church) essentially have no reason for any restraint at all!等等,所有这些130万部长(在美国) , (甚至包括我们在我们自己的教会)基本上已没有任何理由为任何克制!No one can ever question them or anything they say or Teach!没有人可以永远的问题,他们或者什么,他们说,还是教导!I can see why egos might get involved and Ministers could start teaching what THEY want to believe, and not necessarily what is actually in the Bible.我可以明白为什么自负可能拖下水,部长们也可能开始教他们不愿相信的,而不必是什么,其实在圣经中。It certainly seems to happen a lot, especially in some giant Churches and in some tele-Evangelists.可以肯定的,似乎发生了很多,特别是在一些大的教堂和一些远程传道士。

Should there really be ABSOLUTE, UNIVERSAL and INVIOLABLE rules which are created by a few bureaucrats or scholars and which are then applied to millions of Christians throughout the world?要真的有绝对的,普遍的和不可侵犯的规则,这是通过几个行政官员或学者,其中,然后应用于数以百万计的基督徒在整个世界吗? Is that what Jesus would have done?是什么耶稣会做什么?We don't think so.我们不这样认为。The Bible presents many examples where Jesus sat down and LISTENED to individual people describe their situation, and then He responded with the Perfect answer or action.圣经中有许多例子显示耶稣坐下,并听取了个别人形容他们的情况,然后,他的反应是完美的答案或行动。Was it ever from legalistically applying absolute rules?它是有史以来由legalistically运用绝对的规则是什么?No. In fact, He made quite clear that the Jews were very wrong in their severe legalistic attitudes toward applying God's Laws.号,其实他非常清楚地说,犹太人是非常错误的,在其严重legalistic的态度,运用上帝的法律。

Therefore, we are certain that Jesus would strongly counsel against frivolous sex, BUT we are not absolutely sure what His response would be to a very young girl who approached Him regarding having been raped by a relative or friend and now being pregnant.因此,我们确信,耶稣会强烈律师对无聊的性别,但是,我们并没有绝对的把握,他有什么反应,将是一个非常年轻的女孩,她走近他,就被强奸的,由亲属或朋友,现在正在怀孕。 Or being raped and pregnant due to some vicious attacker.或者被强奸怀孕,由于一些恶意攻击者。Would Jesus really force her to confront those memories every day of the rest of her life, in raising a child?将耶稣真的迫使她面对这些回忆每一天的休息,她的生活,在提高孩子吗?Maybe.也许吧。But we really suspect that Jesus might have had a very few, very specific exceptions, where even He might have felt that an abortion was appropriate FOR A SPECIFIC GIRL and a SPECIFIC set of circumstances. We have no way of actually knowing. But we KNOW that he really had a problem with legalistic enforcement on God's Laws, and we know that He generally showed very PERSONAL ATTENTION to each individual.但是,我们真的怀疑耶稣可能有极少数的,非常具体的例外,即使他可能认为堕胎是适合某一特定的女孩和一名一套特定的情况下, 我们有没有办法实际知道,但我们知道他的确是出现了问题,用法律强制执行对上帝的法律,而且我们知道他一般都显示非常个人的关注每一个个体。 We are tempted to think that Jesus might have devised a UNIQUE response for each person and each situation.我们忍不住想,耶稣有可能设计了一个独特的反应,每个人的每一种情况。

Doesn't it seem that modern giant Churches (and modern giant government) seem to thrive on establishing absolutely universal, in other words, legalistic, rules and laws?不,它似乎是现代巨型教堂(与现代巨型政府) ,似乎赖以建立完全普及,换言之,法律性,规则和法律?How come no one sees that as being a bad thing?怎么没有人看到作为一件坏事吗?

The home page of BELIEVE really describes my motivation pretty well.网页相信真的形容我的动机不错。If Jesus was physically here with us today, how would He present His Teachings?如果耶稣是身体在这里,与我们的今天,如何将他目前他的教诲?I do NOT think that He would be evasive or deceptive about ANYTHING!我不认为他会回避或欺骗性什么!I believe that He would have full confidence that Christianity can hold its own against any alternative, just by honestly and fully presenting subjects as thoroughly and accurately as possible.我相信,他会满怀信心地说,基督教能容纳自己反对任何替代性,只是老老实实,充分呈现科目为彻底和尽可能准确。 I think He would permit 'alternate' (human) opinions on a number of subjects, and He would therefore want any presentation of such subjects to include 'fair' presentations of each viewpoint.我想他会证'候补' (人类)的意见,对一些科目,因此他希望任何陈述这类科目包括『一般』演示的每个观点。 In my opinion, such differences of opinion on some matters is not a reflection on the Lord or the Bible, but rather on us Christians!在我看来,这种不同的意见,对有些事情是不能反映对上帝或圣经,而是对我们的基督徒!

We humans tend not to like "vacuums"!我们人类往往不会像"吸尘器" !Whenever we come across anything where some piece seems to be missing or vague, we have a tendency to try to figure out what belongs in there, and then we sort of "insert" what we think is appropriate!每当我们碰到什么地方有些作品似乎是遗失或含糊的,我们有一种倾向,试图分析出哪些是属于在那里,然后我们排序的"插入"我们认为什么是适当的! Since virtually no external information source exists for much of what is in the Bible, it seems human nature to find it necessary to add such things in (assumptions) if we are essentially exclusively to rely on the Bible.因为几乎没有任何外部信息的来源存在很大的是什么在圣经中,它似乎是人之常情,觉得有必要补充这种东西(假设) ,如果我们基本上完全依赖于圣经。We Protestants follow Martin Luther's lead on this, a concept called Sola Scriptura (by the Bible alone).我们新教徒后续马丁路德的带领关于这点,一个概念,所谓唯独圣经 (圣经单) 。We Protestants have great skepticism for countless Catholic beliefs that are based on "Tradition".我们新教徒有很大的疑虑,为无数的天主教信仰是基于"传统" 。Those many Traditions are NOT Biblically based, but rather the result of early Christian scholars "trying to fill in vacuums".这些很多传统,是没有圣经依据,而且是由于早期基督教学者" ,试图填补真空" 。

Catholics are not alone in this sort of thing!天主教徒并不孤单,在这样的事情!Protestants seem really good at it too!新教徒似乎总是那么好,它太!Since the Bible is often somewhat general, and occasionally even vague, on some side issues, early Protestant Church leaders made their own "assumptions" in order to figure out what additional words/ideas need to be added to Biblical texts, to enable broader understanding.自圣经往往是有点一般,有时甚至是模糊的,对一些枝节问题上,早期新教教会领导人作出了自己的"假设" ,以推算出额外的文字/理念需要加以补充,以圣经的文本,以便更广泛地了解。Since that process of "assumption" necessarily involves human fallibility, it turned out that various Protestant groups came to different conclusions regarding various matters.因为这一进程的"假设" ,必然涉及人类犯错的可能,而原来这是许多新教团体得出不同的结论,就各项事宜。This, in my opinion, is the central cause of the multitude of modern Protestant Denominations.这一点,在我看来,这是中央的事业众多的现代新教教派。Along the way, many of these various groups/Churches seem to have forgotten that they are, above all, Christians.一路上,许多这些不同的组/教会似乎已经忘记了,他们是最重要的是,基督徒。Rather, they tend to infight a lot, each claiming and believing that they alone know the "correct" understanding of the Lord, His Plan and the Bible.相反,他们倾向于infight了很多,每一个自称,并相信他们仅知道"正确"的了解上帝,他的计划是与圣经。

I don't claim to be in any position to judge that one or another is more correct or more wrong.我不声称可在任何位置来判断一个国家或另一个更正确或错误的。One reason for assembling the BELIEVE resource was to provide "impartial" presentations of all of the generally accepted opinions / assumptions on areas that seem to cause most controversy.原因之一是装配相信资源是提供"公正"的讲演都普遍接受的意见/假设领域似乎引起最大的争议。It is meant to be left to each visitor to BELIEVE, aided by his/her Holy Spirit, to Discern whatever seems most "correct".这样做是要留给每位访客相信,借助他/她的圣灵,去发现什么,似乎最"正确" 。If BELIEVE has been done adequately, it should NOT provide specific encouragement toward any particular (human) opinion, but only that SOME method of Worshipping and Praising the Lord should be pursued.如果相信已做了充分的,它不应该提供具体的鼓励,对任何特定的(人)的意见,但只是有些方法的崇拜和赞美上帝,应当加以落实。

As best as I could, I have tried to follow the Lord's lead in this project.作为最好的,因为我可以,我曾尝试跟随主的领导这一项目。 If the collection of articles assembled in BELIEVE assists some visitors in better understanding Jesus and our Faith, then it has fulfilled its goal.如果收集的文章集结相信助攻,一些游客更好地了解耶稣和我们的信仰,那么,它达到了它的目的。If it assists anyone in finding compatibilities between various God-centered religions (our many Protestant Denominations, independent Protestant Churches, Catholic, Orthodox, as well as Judaism and Islam, which both also Worship our same God), rather than always arguing about the differences, that would be nice, too.如果它帮助任何人在寻找相容性之间的各种神为中心的宗教(我们的许多新教教派的,独立的基督教,天主教,东正教,以及犹太教和伊斯兰教,这两个公司也崇拜我们同上帝) ,而不是总是纠缠分歧,那会是非常好的事情。

BELIEVE can obviously NOT be of a standard that Jesus Himself would do. 相信可以显然不是一个标准的,耶稣自己会怎样做。But that's the 'bar' I have set for BELIEVE.但那是'酒吧' ,我定相信。It will therefore always fall short, but it will hopefully always continue to improve. 因此,它将永远属于短期的,但它也希望在将来永远继续得到改善。

I was saved as a Christian when I was 19.我是拯救作为基督徒的时候,我是19 。Soon after that I came to realize that my religious Gifts included the Gift of Encouragement and the Gift of Teaching.不久,我了解到我的宗教礼品包括礼品的激励和礼品的教学。I then spent much of my adult life operating a successful manufacturing company.当时我花了很多我的成年生活经营一个成功的制造公司。

In recent years (1996), I became a Pastor of a very small non-Denominational Christian Church.近年来( 1996年) ,我成了一名牧师的一个很小的非教派的基督教教堂。A primary function I now have is in maintenance of BELIEVE and in responding to the many e-mail questions that readers have.一个主要的功能现在,我是在维护相信和回应许多电子邮件的问题,受到读者。

I think our Church wonderfully presents attitudes I share and try to live and teach.我觉得我们的教会完美呈现的态度,我也同意,并尝试以生活和教书。In addition to all the "standard" Christian beliefs, we always try to consider how Jesus would have handled any situation.除了所有的"标准"的基督教信仰,我们总是要考虑如何耶稣会处理任何情况。For example, would He have written something just to promote His personal fame?举例来说,他会写什么东西,以促进个人的名利? Not a chance!这不是偶然!Would He have ever said or presented something that He knew to be incorrect or inaccurate or incomplete?难道他不曾说过或出示的东西,他知道必须不正确或不准确或不完整?Never!从未!Would He have ever said derogatory things about others or their actions (unless they are directly violating the Will of God)?难道他不曾说过贬义的东西,对他人或自己的行动(除非他们是直接违反了上帝的意志) ?He wouldn't do that.他不会这样做。He might find it necessary to admonish or correct someone, but He would do it is some exquisitely classy way!他可能会感到有必要警告或纠正某人,但他会做的是一些精美的经典方法!

Well, this is quite a standard to aspire to!好,这是一个相当标准的渴望!Obviously, as humans, we are certain to always fall far short of His standard!显然,当人类,我们一定要始终远远低于他的标准! But we continue to TRY, and that's central to what our Church teaches and what BELIEVE also attempts to accomplish.但我们继续努力,并表示,中央给我们教会的教导是什么,相信也试图完成的任务。

With this in mind, I try to have a very open mind on most subjects.牢记这一点,我试着有一个很开放的态度,对大部分学科。Rather than spouting strict dogma to an individual who is in a difficult situation, I try to consider the unique aspects about that person's situation.而不是喷严格的教条,以一个单独的人是在一个困难的情况下,我试着考虑独特的方面对人的情况。Rather than being automatically critical of other Denominations and other Faiths, I am usually tempted to think there is some good in nearly all of them, ESPECIALLY if their goal is to Worship God!而不是被自动地批评其他教派和信仰其他宗教的,我通常引诱觉得有一些好,在几乎所有的人,特别是如果他们的目标是崇拜上帝! (Again, I just try to act and think similar to the way I think that Jesus would have done.) (又是,我只是试图采取行动,并认为类似的方式,我认为耶稣会做) 。

As a Protestant, I guess I'm supposed to be critical of the Roman Catholic Church.作为一个新教徒,我猜我自己所应该扮演关键的罗马天主教会。I certainly disagree with them on some important points, but it seems that it would be awfully arrogant of me to believe that I was always absolutely right and 700,000,000 Catholics were totally wrong in their beliefs.当然,我不同意他们对一些重要的问题,但似乎这将是非常傲慢的,我相信,我一直是绝对正确和7.0亿天主教徒的人是完全错误的,在他们的信仰。 Such an attitude just wouldn't seem to make sense to me!这样的态度,只是似乎没有实质意义,我来!I can imagine the look that Jesus would give me if I would ever treat other followers of His disrespectfully!我可以想见的面貌,耶稣会令我,如果我会象对待其他信徒,他的不敬!Somehow, I just see Him appreciating all of our individual various efforts at Worshipping God!在某种程度上,我只看到他明白,我们所有的个人多方面的努力,在崇拜上帝!I don't always understand just how He might be able to do that!我并不总是了解究竟他也许能做到这一点!

As editor of the BELIEVE compilation of religious articles, I have tried to go to extreme effort to ensure and maintain the usefulness of each of the presentations.作为主编的相信汇编宗教用品,我曾尝试去极端的努力,以确保和维护的有用的每一项演示。I understand the term "usefulness" as including being informative, understandable, complete, accurate, and with minimal bias on the part of the specific author(s).我的理解而言, "有用性"为包括正在翔实的,可以理解的,完整的,准确的,并以最少的偏压对部分特定作者( ) 。

In order to achieve both the understandability and completeness parts of that, many of the BELIEVE presentations include at least two separate articles, by different authors, nearly always world-respected scholars.为了达到既可理解性和完整性的部分,有很多的演讲,相信至少包括两个独立的文章,但作者不同,几乎总是世界尊重的学者。 The first one is usually a overview article, on a General level.第一种是通常概述文章,对一般水平。The second is usually a much more technical or comprehensive Advanced presentation.二是通常一个更为技术性或综合性先进的陈述。As to accuracy, I have tried to only select articles that were written by world renowned authors in their particular field of interest, especially for the Advanced presentations.至于准确性,我曾尝试只选择文章说,写的,由世界知名的作家,在他们感兴趣的领域,特别是对于先进的演示。

Minimizing bias has been the most difficult aspect of the selection process.尽量减少偏见一直是最困难的方面推选过程。Fortunately, owning a successful manufacturing company gave me a lot of flexibility, so (prior to becoming a Pastor) I was able to take about 2.5 years off to work full time in initially assembling the articles and creating the programs for BELIEVE.幸运的是,拥有一个成功的制造公司给了我很大的弹性,所以(前成为一名牧师) ,我能够约需2.5年小康全职工作,在最初装配的文章,并形成了节目相信。In selecting the 2,000+ articles then in BELIEVE, I also considered over 15,000 others, which seemed (to me) to have distortions of fact or bias.在选择2000 +文章,然后在相信,我也考虑过超过15000他人,这似乎(我)有歪曲事实或偏见。Such bias was not always blatant or obvious, so it was sometimes a judgment matter.这种偏见并不总是公然或明显的,所以人们有时会判断的事。(BELIEVE now includes over 10,000 articles in it.) This has been the most common reason why articles have not been included in BELIEVE.(相信现在包含了超过10000条,它) ,这一直是最常见的原因,文章没有列入相信。 It is natural for an author to have enthusiasm for his or her subject.这是很自然的作家有热情,为他或她的课题。No problem there.没有问题存在。 If that enthusiasm goes beyond certain limits, sometimes an author can exaggerate or distort facts or include their own personal negative biases regarding competing perspectives.如果这种热情超出了一定限度,有时一个作者可以夸大或歪曲事实,还是包括自己的个人负偏差对于竞争的观点。 I was concerned that a reader might misunderstand such personal comments.我担心的是,如果读者有可能产生误解,如个人的意见。 Rather than taking the chance of misleading a reader, I have chosen to just not include such articles.而不是采取有机会误导读者,我选择了刚并不包括这类物品。

An additional way of minimizing bias is in now including five or more separate scholarly articles on many important subjects, often from very different viewpoints.另一种方式尽量减少偏见,是在现在,其中包括5名或更多的独立的学术文章,对许多重要的课题,常常从不同的观点。 In addition to articles by Protestant scholars, BELIEVE now often also includes articles by Catholic Scholars, Orthodox scholars, and even Jewish and Muslim scholars.除了文章新教的学者认为,现在往往还包括文章,是由天主教学者,正统的学者,甚至是犹太人和穆斯林学者。By being able to read each very different perspective, a reader might be able to gain broader or deeper insights, and NOT be greatly affected by any possible bias by one or another of the authors.由能够阅读每一个非常不同的角度看,读者也许能得到更广泛的或更深的洞察力,并没有受到很大的影响,任何可能的偏向一方或另一方的作者。

It has long seemed to me that many religious organizations jealously covet their own Congregation members (something they're NOT supposed to do!).它长在我看来,许多宗教组织小心翼翼地贪图自己的会众成员(他们正在不该那么做! ) 。There seem to be aspects of marketing a product involved!似乎有恰当方面的行销产品来参与!They tend to seldom say positive things about any 'competing' Church or Denomination or belief, but they're often quick to present negatives.他们往往很少说,正面的东西什么'竞争'教会或教派或信仰,但他们往往很快,目前的底片。 I feel that this promotes an inaccurate, biased view toward other Denominations and beliefs.我觉得这对促进一个不准确的,有偏见的看法,对其他教派和信仰。I think that is wrong.我认为这是不对的。Mostly because I believe Jesus would think it wrong.大多是因为我相信耶稣会认为这是错误的。Hey, don't we all claim to be Christian???嘿,不要大家都声称自己是基督徒? ? ?

Christianity has enough hurdles to overcome on its own.基督教有足够的困难需要克服,对自己的。It is not helpful for Ministry to give negative impressions for other Denominations.这是不利于财政部给予负面印象,为其他教派。 It can clearly tarnish the image of all of Christianity.它可以清楚地玷污的形象,所有的基督教。In addition, it is not being fair to individual Congregation members.此外,它并没有受到公平的,以个人聚集成员。Certain of them MIGHT benefit more at some other Christian Church, that was more attuned to their personality.某些人可能会得到更多好处,在某些其他基督信仰教会,那是更适合自己的个性。Why would that be bad?为什么会是这样差?Sadly, the only real reason might be because forever after that, the person might be putting money in a different Church's Collection Plate.可悲的是,只有真正的原因可能是因为永远之后,人可能把钱在一个不同的教会的收集板。 (Sorry for the possibility of cynicism.) If it would ever seem clear that a specific person could become closer with the Lord in some different Church, that seems like a desirable end!(对不起,为的可能性犬儒主义) ,如果这样做是以往任何时候都似乎表明,一个特定的人能成为更紧密的与主同行,在一些不同的教会,这看起来是一个可取到底!It seems that a Church that realized that has the RESPONSIBILITY to walk the person down to the other Church!看来教会意识到有责任去散步的人下降到了其他教会!

I am convinced that the Lord would prefer that we communicate on a positive basis, rather than quickly looking to find causes to disrespect or insult or even kill the believers of some other group.我深信上帝会宁愿我们沟通,在积极的基础上,而不是尽快寻找找原因,以不尊重或侮辱,甚至杀害的信徒一些其他组。I am often amazed at the many similarities that exist in groups that hate each other based on a few prominent differences between them.我常常惊讶于许多相似之处,即存在于群体仇恨对方基于几个突出的分歧。Imagine if the (Christian) Catholics and (Christian) Protestants in Northern Ireland could calmly and logically discuss their various beliefs.可以想象,如果(基督教)的天主教徒和(基督教)新教徒在北爱尔兰可以心平气和地和逻辑上讨论他们的各种信仰。After going down a LONG list of areas of agreement, doesn't it seem that they might see cause to stop killing each other, and possibly even 'get along'?以后逐年下降一个长长的清单达成协议的领域,没有它,似乎他们可能会看到原因停止互相残杀,甚至有可能在'相处'吗? But both sides there tend to be taught only one perspective on many subjects, and they say (often inaccurate) terrible things about the other side and THEIR beliefs.但双方均存在往往被教导只有一个角度,对很多科目,他们说, (往往是不准确的)可怕的事情,对方和自己的信仰。 If BELIEVE can someday be an Instrument to assist in such future healthy understanding and communication, GREAT!!!如果相信未来能成为一种工具,以协助这些未来健康的了解和沟通,伟大!

In any event, I have long believed that an information source like BELIEVE should exist.在任何情况下,我一直认为,一个信息来源,就像相信应该存在。I looked long and hard for such a source of fair and accurate religious information.我一看漫长而艰辛的,为这样一个来源,公正和准确的宗教资料。I was unable to find one.我是无法找到一个。But, I DID find many individual articles that seemed fair and accurate.但是,我的确发现很多个别的文章,似乎是公正和准确的。 That's why I took the 2.5 years off work to assemble and program BELIEVE.这就是为什么我在两年半下班,以组装和纲领相信。(BELIEVE, beginning in 1992, was initially a DOS-based computer floppy diskette, in a unique very compressed format, which I created.) (相信,从1992年开始,最初是一个导致DOS为基础的电脑软磁盘,在一个非常独特的压缩格式,我创造) 。

After I spent that extended time creating BELIEVE, my hopes were fairly modest. I hoped that a single person might renew his/her Christianity or a person might some day become a Christian, as a result of that effort. Each Soul is independently and individually valuable to the Lord.之后,我花了延长时间创造相信,我的希望相当温和的, 我希望一个单一的人可能延续他/她的基督教或一个人,可能有一天成为一个基督徒,因此这一努力的,每个灵魂是独立自主的个体有价值的,向上帝祷告。 My goals are still directed toward the hopes of touching a single person.我的目标依然指向走向希望的感人一个单一的人。With the current heavy traffic in visitors to BELIEVE every day, I'm hoping the odds are good for this happening!与现行的交通非常繁忙,在旅客,相信每一天,我希望赔率是好的,对于这种情况出现!

I intend for BELIEVE to forever maintain its independence from all the organized Churches and groups.我打算为相信永远保持其独立性,从所有有组织的教会和团体。Some of them have already tried to exert a good amount of pressure.他们中的一些人已试图施加一个良好的压力。I made several early decisions that are meant to ensure the independence of BELIEVE from all the forces that might try to tilt it toward their views.我提出几个早决定,是为了确保独立,相信所有的力量,也许会试图以倾斜,这对他们的意见。BELIEVE gets a LOT of web traffic, presently at the rate of millions of visitors per month.相信得到了不少Web流量,目前在利率以百万计的游客每月。Apparently, some business people have some way of learning that!显然,一些商界人士,有一定的学习方式!A LOT of organizations have tried to get BELIEVE to include banner ads that link to their sites (apparently the incentive is supposed to be the money they would pay for hits from those links!) Many other groups request that BELIEVE include links to their sites, as sources of additional information.很多组织曾经尝试向相信,包括横幅广告链接到他们的网站(显然诱因是能得到钱,他们会支付点击这些链接! )许多其他团体的要求,他们认为,包括链接到他们的网站,至于消息来源的补充资料。In many cases, these requests are for admirable intentions, of broadening the information base available to BELIEVE visitors.在许多情况下,这些要求都是令人钦佩的意图,扩大信息库可供相信客人。I have chosen not to ever include any such outside links.我选择不包括以往任何此类外界的联系。I have attempted to seek a purity of fact in BELIEVE, with as little bias as possible in the included present articles.我曾试图寻求一个纯洁的,其实在相信,在小偏差,因为有可能在包括本条款。If BELIEVE would ever allow external links, those sites might some day change their content, or might now or later contain distortions of fact that would be beyond the control of BELIEVE's standards.如果相信会容许外部链接,这些站点可能有一天改变自己的内容,或有可能,现在还是稍后一些含有歪曲事实,这将是无法控制的,相信的标准。 It is a sad statement about humanity that so many of us bring a soapbox everywhere we go, to publicize our own personal opinions and beliefs, to try to convince others to follow us!这是一个可悲的声明,对人类,使我们许多人带来soapbox到处去,以宣传自己的个人意见和信念,以试图说服别人跟我们走! My solution is not a good one, but it's the best I can come up with.我的解决方案是不是一个好一个,但它是最好的,我来到这里了。

The previous paragraph opens the door to a subject which is NOT included in BELIEVE!前一段中开启了一扇大门,以一个主题,是不包括在相信!Money.钱。Have you noticed that EVERY Church web-site seems to be chock-full of display advertising for all kinds of things?你有没有注意到每一个教会网站,似乎是通篇充斥着广告展示各类型的东西呢?There is only ONE reason why they choose to have such advertising in their web-sites, money.是不是只有一个原因,他们选择这样的广告在他们的网站,金钱。In my personal opinion, they have sold out on the Lord and on what Christianity is supposed to be and to stand for.在我个人看来,他们已销售出对上帝和基督宗教到底是能得到和主张。All for some cash income.一切为了一些现金收入。It is really a VERY sad statement!这的确是一项非常可悲的声明!I recently became aware of some specific details which will help explain why they see the money as so attractive that they are willing to abandon things that all Christian organizations should hold dear.最近,我才知道一些具体的细节,这将有助于解释为什么他们看不到钱,所以有吸引力,他们愿意放弃的东西,所有的基督教组织应当珍惜。 In the Summer of 2007, a woman was interviewed on National News, because, as a stay-at-home-mother, she started her own web-site (not Christian) where she gives advice to other women.在2007年夏天,一名女子被采访国内新闻,因为,作为一个留守在居家母亲,她开始了自己的网址(不是基督徒) ,她给人的意见,以其他妇女。She must be pretty good at giving information, because she mentioned that she averaged 2,800 visitors to her site each day.她就要不错的,在给予资料,因为她提到,她平均每2800名旅客,以她的网站每一天。Because many advertisers were attracted to that amount of potentiaol customer traffic, she loaded up her site with display advertising, and those advertisers were paying her $4,000 each month (total of all the advertisers) just to be allowed to have their ads visible in her site.因为许多广告商被吸引到这个数额的potentiaol客流量,她装上了她的网站显示广告,以及广告商所缴付的,她四千元每个月(共所有广告商) ,只是为了让他们的广告可见,在她的网站。So, as a stay-at-home-mom, she is receiving around $48,000 per year!所以,作为一个留-在-家-妈妈,她正在接受周围48000美元每年!Apparently Christian Churches find this sort of thing irresistably attractive!显然基督教教会找到这种事势不可挡的吸引力!They therefore want to aggressively build up traffic, to receive the big bucks.因此,他们要积极建立交通,接待赚大钱。 They must see it as attractive that they do not actually seem to have to do anything to receive that money!他们必须把它看作有吸引力的,他们实际上并不似乎已经做任何事情,以收到钱!Is THAT what the Lord expects them to be doing?这是否就是那些勋爵期待他们做的事情呢?

By the way, BELIEVE currently gets more than 25 times as many visitors as that woman's site.由途径,相信目前获得超过25倍,许多旅客因为那个女人的地盘。I suppose that means that if we would have loaded up BELIEVE chock-full of display advertising, we could be receiving over $100,000 each month, or over a million dollars each year!我想这也就是说,如果我们将满载相信,通篇充斥着广告展示,我们可以得到超过十万元每个月,或超过100万美元,每年! Impressive, but irrelevant here!令人印象深刻的,但无关紧要这里!Is THAT what we should be focusing the activities of BELIEVE about?是什么,我们应该将焦点放在活动相信吗?I hope not!我希望不会!We FAR prefer the fact that BELIEVE has NEVER had any advertising, and we cannot imagine any circumstances where we would ever permit it.到目前为止,我们宁愿事实,即认为从未有过任何广告宣传的,我们不能想象任何情况下,我们都不允许的。I guess it might be handy to have an extra million dollars available each year, but as I see it, the cost to BELIEVE and the Lord would be too great.我猜想这可能是得心应手,有一个额外亿美元,每年可供的,但我看到的,所花费用相信和主会太大。

It might seem amusing to learn that in the 16 years between 1992 and 2007, BELIEVE (intentionally) received not a dime of income!它可能看起来风趣地获悉,在16年间, 1992年和2007年,相信(故意) ,没有收到一毛钱的收入!Many wonderful people have offered, as you might expect, but we have always asked them to take the prospective Donation to a local Soup Kitchen or some local Church to give it there.许多漂亮的人提供了,因为你可能期望,但我们一直要求他们采取准捐赠给当地汤厨房或一些地方教会给它。Where others might be lusting over that million dollar plus per year income, we are at the other end of the spectrum, being very pleased that BELIEVE has not yet received a dime!别人可能则Lusting超过百万美元加每年收入,我们正处于另一端的频谱,正在非常高兴的是,认为至今并没有收到一分钱!

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be an Instrument of the Lord's Work! However, I feel it is important that knowledge and the Word be the center of BELIEVE. 我觉得好幸运,有机会向一个工具的主的工作!不过,我觉得这是非常重要的知识和字,成为中心的相信。Other than these brief paragraphs, I prefer to remain in the background to that.除了这些简短的段落,我宁愿留在后台。 For several early years, BELIEVE existed without ANY reference to me!几最初几年,相信存在,没有提到我!The fact that some people had enquired about the motivation behind BELIEVE is the only reason that I added these comments regarding myself.事实上,有些人提出询问,背后的动机,认为这是唯一的原因,我说:这些意见对于自己了。

If you are interested in knowing specifically what I believe, I'd suggest that you visit the page where our Church presents its Statement of Faith .如果你有兴趣想知道具体是什么,我相信,我会建议你浏览页面,我们的教会将其声明的信念Similar to the format of BELIEVE, there is a brief presentation, and then an extremely thorough version, with hundreds of Scriptural references (which are actually even included) to show the Biblical support for those things we believe, for every individual statement.类似的格式相信,有一个简短的介绍,然后一个非常彻底的版本,与数以百计的圣经参考(其实甚至还包括了) ,以显示圣经的支持,这些事情我们相信,每一个人的发言。

We think our Statement of Faith is thorough and comprehensive and extremely Bible-based.我们认为我们的声明中的信仰是彻底和全面和极为圣经为基础的。We hope that such beliefs always keep us on a proper Christian path, and that we avoid the worldly distractions that unfortunately seem to pollute the efforts of some Churches.我们希望,这样的信念始终我们保持一个适当的基督教道路,我们才能避免世俗分心不幸似乎是污染的努力,一些教堂。 They all do wonderful things for the Lord, but we wonder if they might be able to do even more!他们都做美好的事物为上帝,但我们不知他们或许还可以做得更多!Hey!嘿!We aim high!我们的目标是高! Imagine what standards Jesus would set for a Church that He Taught in!试想标准耶稣会集一堂说,他教!

We actually hope that ALL Churches some day present their own Statements of Faith in such a clear and descriptive manner, and we have offered to give ANY Church the web-site source code programming so that they might put their own Statement of Faith into such a precise and informative form.事实上,我们希望所有的教堂,有一天,目前他们自己的报表的信仰在这样一个明确的信息和描述的方式进行,我们愿意提供任何教会网站的源代码编程,使他们有可能把自己的声明,信仰到如此准确和翔实的形式。 (NOT OUR Statement of Faith, THEIRS, but presented in that clear and informative manner.) (不是我们的声明信仰,他们的,但在明确而翔实地) 。

I attempt to have a broad and tolerant perspective toward all groups that worship God.我尝试有一个最广泛的和宽容的角度来对待所有群体的敬拜。I applaud and honor the Work of ALL of God's Churches, including all Protestant Churches, of course, but also including Catholic and Orthodox.我十分赞赏和荣誉的一切工作都是神的教会,其中包括所有的新教教会,当然,但也包括天主教和东正教。

I even see cause to feel warmth for many Jewish and Islamic religious organizations.我什至看事业感受到温暖,为许多犹太和伊斯兰宗教组织。In the process of reading and studying the many thousands of articles I considered for inclusion into BELIEVE, I learned many new things.在这个过程中的阅读和研究了数以千计的文章,我认为应纳入相信,我学到了许多新的东西。 For example, I had never before realized that Islam's Holy Book, the Koran, talks about Moses and Abraham and Jesus and Adam and a multitude of others I am familiar with as a Christian.举例来说,我以前从未意识到伊斯兰教的圣书可兰经,会谈约摩西和亚伯拉罕,耶稣与亚当和多种其他我熟悉身为基督徒。 I was surprised to see a generalized presentation of what I call the Ten Commandments in the Koran!我很惊讶地看到一个广义介绍了我所说的十大戒律在古兰经!(The general story of Moses and the Tablets is around the middle of Sura 7, al-Aaraf.) Further research has now absolutely convinced me (and most scholars) that Islam's Allah is one-and-the-same as who I call the Father.(一般的故事,摩西和牌位,是靠近中间的苏拉7 ,基地aaraf )进一步研究,现在绝对相信我(和大多数学者)表示,伊斯兰教的真主,是一个与全相同的人,我称之为父亲。I have long known that the God of the Jews is also the one I call the Father.我早就知道了上帝的犹太人,也是一个我称之为父亲。 Each of our three religions describes the Lord as being the One True God of Abraham, where Abraham was the first true believer in Him.我们每三个宗教描述主被称为是一个真正的亚伯拉罕的神,而亚伯拉罕是第一个真正的信徒,在他的。 Fascinating!迷人!(I included a small part of the Koran in BELIEVE and I have highlighted text that seems especially interesting to Christians.)(包括一小部分,可兰经中相信,我已经强调文本显得尤为有趣的基督徒) 。

Therefore, I have come to have respect for Muslims and Jews, because there is no doubt that they actually worship the same God I call the Father.因此,我得出的尊重穆斯林和犹太教徒,因为这是毫无疑问的,他们其实,神缘相通,我的父亲。I don't necessarily agree with their specific beliefs or procedures, but, as long as they are attempting to teach others to Praise and Honor God, I feel that they are doing Good.我不一定同意他们的具体信仰或程序,而且,只要他们是企图以教导别人的赞扬和荣誉上帝,我觉得自己是做好事。Of course, I personally greatly prefer Churches that recognize that Jesus is our Savior, but I am tempted to think that lack of that belief is more a result of incomplete religious presentation rather than improper religion.当然,我个人宁愿大大教会承认耶稣是我们的救世主,但我很想向认为缺乏这种信念,更是一个结果,不完整的宗教陈述,而不是不正当的宗教。

Actually, I have a personal 'theory'!其实,我有一个个人的'两国论' !In studying Muhammad, I found that as a child, he was regularly exposed to Christian ideas since an older relative of his was a Devout Christian.在学习穆罕默德,我发现,作为一个孩子,他经常接触到基督教的想法,因为老年人相对的,他是一个虔诚的基督徒。 However, at that time (around 600 AD), the Christian Church had many internal arguments about the validity of the Trinity and regarding the Nature of Jesus (Divine/mortal/combination).但是,在那个时间(约600年) ,基督教教会有许多内部争论的有效性三位一体和性质方面的耶稣(神/凡人/组合) 。What if Muhammad had become very knowledgeable on Christian and Jewish beliefs, and most specifically, the First Commandment (One God)?如果穆罕默德已变得十分熟悉的关于基督教和犹太教的信仰,以及最具体而言,第一戒律: (一神) ?What if he also did not understand the subtleties of the Trinity?如果他也说不明白的奥妙三位一体? He might easily have concluded that Jesus (who was treated by Christians as if He was God) was a challenge to the One God Commandment. With that conclusion, Jesus could have seemed to Muhammad to be blasphemous in confronting the First Commandment! As a first consequence, he instituted Islam's First Pillar, of very regularly stating that "there is One God", (Sura 1) which every Muslim today says many times every day.他可能会很容易得出结论认为,耶稣(当时治疗的基督徒,因为如果他是上帝) ,是一个挑战,将其中的天主诫命有了这个结论,耶稣可能似乎穆罕默德被亵渎了,在面对第一诫!作为第一个后果是,他建立了伊斯兰教的第一支柱,非常定期报告称, "就是上帝" , (苏拉1 ) ,其中每一个穆斯林今天说了很多次,每一天。As a second consequence, Jesus was/is perceived as a "false God", something even we Christians would violently rebel against!作为第二个后果是,耶稣/认为是一个"假神" ,一些连我们基督徒会激烈反抗!I find it amazing and wonderful that virtually ALL of the remainder of Islam and Christianity match up remarkably well!我觉得是了不起的和美好的,几乎所有剩余的伊斯兰教和基督教匹配了相当显着!Disregarding the violent extremists, Islam generally Teaches Peacefulness, and the vast majority of the billion of modern Muslims seem really good at behaving properly.无视暴力极端分子,回教,一般任教安宁,和广大的10亿的现代穆斯林似乎真的善的表现。Wouldn't that be interesting, that if Muhammad had had a more thorough understanding of the Trinity concept, he might have realized / recognized that Jesus WAS God (Allah), and so the Allah he worshipped had actually spent 30 years walking the Earth!不会说,更有意思,更说,如果穆罕默德进行了更深入的了解三位一体的概念,他可能已经意识到/承认耶稣是上帝(真主) ,所以阿拉他崇拜实际上已用了30年,步行地球!My premise is that, had Muhammad fully understood the Trinity concept, Islam might today just be a version of Christianity!我的前提是,如果当时穆罕默德充分了解三一的概念,伊斯兰教可能今天只是一个版本的基督教!(Keep in mind that Christian scholars at the time were arguing over exactly what the Trinity meant!) (请记住,基督教学者,在当时的争论,恰恰是三位一体的意思! )

I am convinced that calm, informed dialogue might help individuals and cultures grow.我深信,平静,但知情的对话,或许有助于个人和文化的发展。Hopefully, rather than looking for reasons to kill each other, we might some day recognize the many parallels that exist in our various beliefs. BELIEVE is meant to try to plant some seeds in this regard. 我们希望,而不是寻找理由相互残杀,我们可能有一天认识到许多相似之处存在我们的各种信仰。认为,是为了尝试一些植物种子,在这方面的工作。

As a child, I was taught that Islam was foreign, and therefore automatically bad.作为一个孩子,我被教导说回教是外国的,并因此自动坏。When I eventually came to understand that they believe in the very same God that I do (my Father is their Allah), I was amazed.当我终于明白,他们相信,在同一个神,让我这样做(我的父亲是他们的真主)的时候,我感到十分诧异。When I much later found that they revere Abraham and Moses and many others of my beliefs, I thought this is too much to just be a coincidence!当我后来发现,他们尊崇和亚伯拉罕,摩西和其他许多我的信念,我以为这是太多了,只是一个巧合!Even Archangel Gabriel is Jibril to them, but one and the same.甚至的Archangel加布里埃尔是贾布里勒对他们来说,不过是同一个。 Even if these are just astounding coincidences, they are still interesting subjects to contemplate!即使这些只是令人惊叹的巧合,他们仍然是有趣的课题,而不愿去!

My Church and I are NOT affiliated with any specific Denomination.我的教堂和我不附属于任何特定的面额。I feel it important that BELIEVE forever maintain this independent attitude.我觉得现在重要的是,相信永远保持这个独立的态度。

Even though BELIEVE will not ever include links to external religious sites, we think BELIEVE could grow from information they have.即使相信日后不会包括链接到外部的宗教场所,我们认为,相信仍可由信息他们。If a group or organization wishes to offer some text (NOT a link!) for inclusion within BELIEVE, GREAT!!!如果一个团体或组织,希望提供一些文本(而不是一个链接! )列入相信,伟大!If we approve it as adding to the clarity of a subject, without substantial bias, we would then add that text to BELIEVE (with proper authorship credit).如果我们认同它作为加入到清晰的一个主题,没有实质的偏见,我们才补充说,案文认为(与适当的著作权信贷) 。Since the resultant text would then be within BELIEVE, we would be able to know that no one could later alter any of it without our knowledge.因为由此产生的文本,然后以内相信,我们将能够知道,没有人可以稍后改变任何的,它没有我们的知识。

You can probably see that our goal is to be like Consumers' Reports for religion, with as impartial a position as possible, and without any financial dependence on "advertisers" as such or major contributors that might expect some favors in return.你大概可以看出,我们的目标是成为像消费者报告的宗教,作为公正的立场,为可能的,并且没有任何财务上的依赖, "广告主"这样的或重大贡献者可预期一些人情回报。

I have written several Christian and religious articles of my own.我已经写了几个基督教和宗教用品的,我自己的。I do not feel that my words are of a level to deserve to be in the company of the scholar-authors that are included in BELIEVE, so I put my efforts in a different location.我不觉得我的话是一个层面应该受到该公司的文人作家都列入相信,所以我把我的努力,在不同的位置。

My Essays我的散文 ( )

I hope each of them has some value.我希望他们每个人有一定的价值。Specifically, I hope that two of them, Compatibility of Christianity and Science (Parallelism) and the Meaning of Life, might have significant value, They are each fairly long, and would print out to about 15 pages each.具体而言,我希望他们两个,相容性的基督教与科学(排比)和生命的意义,可能有重要的价值,它们是彼此相当长的,并会打印出约15页。 It is not that they have any new information, but rather suggest some new perspectives on information that has been long-known.这并不是说他们有任何新的信息,而是提出了一些新观点,对资料已久人所共知的。

I like to think that my intentions and contributions always intend to add information or perspective to a reader.我喜欢认为我的意图和贡献一直打算再说资料或角度,以一个读者。It is virtually NEVER my intention to try to cause anyone to stop believing something they presently believe.它实际上是绝非我的本意,试图造成任何人,不要再相信他们目前相信。(The exceptions are subjects like satanism, etc.) I believe that often the actual Truth involves a larger perspective which INCLUDES our current beliefs AND some new ideas, possibly even including apparently contradictory ideas.(例外的是科目satanism等) ,我相信很多的实际真相牵涉到一个更大的角度来看,其中包括我们目前的信仰和一些新的思路,甚至可能包括看似矛盾的想法。I also believe that each reader has the intelligence to determine for themselves what that Truth is, given enough accurate background information.我也相信,每一个读者有情报,以确定自己是什么真理就是,有足够准确的背景资料。The Holy Spirit is always available to help in such Discernment.圣灵总是随时提供协助,在这种鉴别力。

BELIEVE includes the following links to efforts of mine.相信包括以下环节努力的矿井。I believe most of them each to be totally informational, without any contained opinion:我相信他们大部分是各完全信息,没有任何内容的意见:
My one other contribution to BELIEVE is that I have chosen to sometimes highlight specific text, particularly in very long articles. When there is a point that I thought particularly significant, I have highlighted it, even though the original author did not. In my own experience of reading thousands of VERY long articles, I have discovered that sometimes I have accidentally glossed over something important.我的另外一个贡献,相信的是,我选择,有时突出的具体文本中,特别是在很长的文章时,有一点,我认为特别重要的意义,我已经强调,即使原来的作者没有,在我自己体验阅读数以千计的很长的文章,我发现,有时我不小心轻轻带过某些重要的东西。 An example is the subject of the Childhood of Jesus.一个例子是,课题的童年耶稣。It is a truly interesting work from the late 1800s that is THOUSANDS of pages long!这是一个真正有趣的工作,从1800年代末期,这就是好几千页长!Even the excerpt I have included in BELIEVE would print out to around a hundred pages!连节录我已列入相信,会打印出约一百个页面!My efforts in highlighting some text is NOT meant to alter the intent of the text, but to help clarify it.我的努力,突出了一些文字,不是为了改变原意的文字,而是为了帮助澄清一下。Serious students should ignore such highlighting.严重的学生应回避这样强调。

On a personal level, I am generally soft-spoken.就个人层面而言,我一般说话温柔。I have quite a sense of humor.我有相当的幽默感。I respect the intelligence of people (until proven otherwise!), so that I seldom think it necessary or appropriate to aggressively try to cause anyone to come to a specific opinion.我尊重智慧的人(直到证明否则! ) ,让我很少认为有必要或适当的积极尝试,以引起任何人到了一个具体的意见。 I believe that if any person is given sufficient accurate information, that person is capable of coming to the proper conclusions on his/her own.我相信,如果任何人获得足够准确的信息,这个人是有能力来正确的结论,对他/她自己。In this regard, BELIEVE is just a natural extension of me!在这方面,相信只是一个自然延伸了我!

Along the theme of our small Church, I try to LIVE a Christian life and not just be spouting impressive words on Sundays!沿着这个主题我们的小教堂,我尝试过的基督徒的生活,而不只是被喷令人印象深刻的话,星期日!As an example, it took me nearly a year to build up enough confidence to first do the following.作为一个例子,我花了将近一年,以建立足够的信心,首先要做到以下几点。I finally did in June, 2001, when I was in the checkout line at K-Mart.我终于在2001年6月,当我在结帐线凯玛特。The man behind me in line seemed really nice, and he was clearly very tired for having just gotten off his shift at a factory.该名男子在我后面,在网上似乎真的很好,而他显然很疲惫,因为刚刚起步,他转向在一间工厂。He was buying work boots, for around $35.他的工作,买靴子,大约为35元。I asked him if it would offend him if I offered to buy them for him.我问他,如果这样做得罪他,如果我愿意买他。He and several cashiers and other customers seemed to just STOP!他和几个收银员和其他客户似乎只是阻挡的!No one seemed to understand!没有人似乎明白!So I explained to him that I felt the Lord had been very, very good to me in my life, and I believe that the Lord expects each of us to treat our neighbors far better than we commonly do.因此,我向他解释,我觉得上帝已经很,对我都很好,在我的生活,而我相信,上帝期望我们每个人都必须善待邻邦,远胜于我们共同做的。 My gesture along that line is to make such an offer.我的姿态沿着这条路线,是使这种要约。It is not as though a Pastor of a tiny Church is loaded with cash!这不是因为虽然牧师和一个小教堂是装有现金!But where on Sundays, we Ministry are always mouthing off to people regarding how to be Christians, THIS is meant to be a personal demonstration of what that might look like!但如果在星期日,我们教育部经常唱衰小康,以人对于如何成为基督徒,这是一个个人证明了什么可能样子!

The man was hesitant but then agreed.该男子犹豫,但随后表示同意。Once I had paid for his boots, and I handed him the receipt for them, he suddenly hugged me briefly!有一次,我曾出钱让他的靴子,我把他交给了收据,他突然拥抱我简略!The experience, of behaving like a Christian is supposed to, made ME feel great!经验后,对行为就像是一个基督教假定,使我感到很大!The man said he could not wait to go to work the next day to tell the other workers about this event!该男子说,他不能等待到第二天的工作告诉其他工人了解这个事件!And even the cashier seemed really happy about what had happened!甚至收银员似乎真的开心,发生了什么事!

Since then, I have made similar offers in grocery stores around 80 times in the following 7 years.从那时起,我也提出了类似的优惠,在杂货店约为80倍,在随后的7年。Roughly half of those people have allowed me to do that.大约有一半的那些人,让我这样做。A couple have gotten offended, one even telling me that he could pay for his own groceries!一对夫妇走上得罪了,有人甚至告诉我说,他可以付出自己的杂货!Others have declined simply because they saw it as just too weird!有的干脆拒绝,因为他们认为这实在太怪异了!It is sad that when someone tries to demonstrate good Christian behavior, that people sometimes find that cause for suspicion.这是很可悲的,当有人试图表现出善意基督教行为,人们有时会发现令人怀疑。Some clearly would think I would have gotten a soapbox out and started Preaching to them!一些显然会认为我得到了非常soapbox出来,并开始鼓吹他们!Others clearly were sure that I was somehow intending to trick them and that I MUST only be doing that in order to get something back for myself.其他人显然被肯定我是有点有意欺骗他们,我只是必须这样做,为了拿东西回自己了。

I have a couple guidelines before making such an offer.我有一对夫妇的指引,才作出这样的优惠。There cannot be any cigarettes or alcohol in the groceries.不能有任何香烟或酒精在食品杂货。The total bill needs to be in the $20 to $50 range.总法案必须在20元至50元之间。The person needs to seem either pleasant or where the attitude might be brightened from darkness by such a gesture.人的需要似乎不是愉快的,或在态度可能点亮了从黑暗走向以这样的姿态。And basically food items being bought and not frivolous things like charcoal or dogfood!基本食品项目正收购不会无聊的东西,像木炭或dogfood !

I have made the same offer at a Subway Sandwich shop, maybe 150 times so far, and nearly all have allowed me to do my Good Deed!我已作出了同样的优惠,在地铁三明治店,也许150倍,到目前为止,几乎所有的都让我做我的好事!Only an Illinois State Cop seemed to get offended!不仅是一个伊利诺伊州扶贫似乎动怒!

In several grocery stores and several Subways, the cashiers gradually got to know me and that I might make such an offer.在一些杂货店和几个隧道,收银员逐渐让人认识我,我可能会做出这样的提议。So often when the person might show some immediate fear or confusion, the cashier now tends to reassure the person with something like "Oh, he does this sometimes!"所以往往当这个人,可能会出现一些切身恐惧或混乱,出纳,现在往往为了安抚人的东西一样, "哦,他这是否有时" !

Personally, I suspect that such an event might accomplish far more Christian Teaching than even some of my very best Sermons!我个人来说,我猜想,这样的活动可能会在更多的基督教教义甚至比我的一些最好的说教!A number of the people have told me that they would some day do the same for someone else!一些群众告诉我,他们将有一天做同样的,为别人!Wow!哇!Can it get any better than that?能得到任何比这个更好?Of getting people to PLAN some future Christian behavior toward some other stranger?让人民来计划将来某基督教行为,对其他一些陌生人?

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