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The Alsatian Lutheran pastor Johann Friedrich (Jean Frederic) Oberlin, b.路德会牧师约翰的阿尔萨斯弗里德里希(让弗雷德里克)美林湾Aug. 31, 1740, d. 1740年8月31日,四June 1, 1826, is known for his philanthropic efforts and educational innovations. 1826年6月1日,是著名的努力为他的慈善和教育创新。Educated at Strasbourg, he was pastor of Waldersbach, Ban-de-la-Roche, in the Vosges from 1767 until his death.就读于斯特拉斯堡,他Waldersbach牧师,班德香格里拉,罗氏,在孚日从1767年直到他去世。Influenced both by the Enlightenment ideas of Jean Jacques Rousseau and by the Christian mysticism of Emanuel von Swedenborg, he promoted engineering, agricultural, and educational reforms within his parish.斯韦登伯格的影响都让雅克卢梭的启蒙思想和基督教神秘主义伊曼纽尔冯的,他来推动,并在他的教区教育的改革工程,农业。 His work eventually won international recognition, especially his principles of infant education, as developed by Johann Pestalozzi.他的作品最终获得国际承认,婴儿教育,特别是他的原则,裴斯泰洛齐开发的约翰。Oberlin House in Potsdam, Germany, and Oberlin College in Ohio are named for him.奥伯林楼波茨坦,德国和美国俄亥俄州奥伯林学院为他命名。

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Kurtz, John W., John Frederic Oberlin (1977).库尔茨,约翰W,约翰弗雷德里克奥伯林(1977年)。

Oberlin Theology奥伯林神学

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Oberlin Theology was the fruit of a strong revivalistic, perfectionistic, and reforming tradition in nineteenth century American evangelical life.奥伯林神学是一个强大的revivalistic水果,追求完美,改革传统在19世纪的美国福音派的生活。It was closely associated with the work of Charles Finney, America's most famous antebellum revivalist, and with the faculty at Oberlin College, Ohio (founded 1833), of which Finney was a part.这是密切相关(俄亥俄州的工作与查尔斯芬尼,美国最有名的南北战争前的复兴,并与该学院成立于1833年在奥伯林学院),其中芬尼是一个组成部分。 But the theology also contained emphases that were shared widely in American Christianity among New School Presbyterians, Methodists, many Baptists, members of Disciples and Christian churches, and even some Unitarians.但也包含教会神学的重点是美国基督教之间的广泛共享新学校长老会,卫,许多基督教浸信会,成员徒,甚至有些论派。

Finney's theology was shaped by his own experience (a dramatic conversion in 1821) and by his early approval of the work of Congregationalist NW Taylor.芬尼的神学是形成他自己的经验(1821年戏剧性的转换)和他的净重泰勒早日批准公理的工作。With Taylor, Finney came to conclude that individuals possessed the power within themselves to make the choice for Christ and for holy living.随着泰勒,芬尼来得出结论,个人拥有自己的权力范围内作出选择和基督的圣洁生活。 Finney's own evangelism stressed the fact that, with God's help, strenuous personal effort could lead to the spread of the gospel.芬尼自己的传道强调指出,在上帝的帮助下,艰苦的努力可能会导致个人的福音传播的。Early in his ministry he also explored the effects of such conversions on the reform of society.早在他的部,他还探讨了社会改革的转换的影响等。After Finney left the Presbyterians and took a pastorate in New York City, he came to the conclusion, as he put it, "that an altogether higher and more stable form of Christian life was attainable, and was the privilege of all Christians."芬尼后离开长老会牧师,并采取了在纽约市,他得出的结论,如他所说的那样,“一个更加稳定的形式和基督徒的生活是完全可以达到更高,并且是所有基督徒的特权。” Shortly after this Finney encountered John Wesley's Plain Account of Christian Perfection, which confirmed his belief in "entire sanctification."在这之后不久芬尼遇到约翰卫斯理的整个成圣平原帐户基督教的完善,其中“确认他的信仰。”When Finney became professor of theology at Oberlin College in 1835, he carried with him the outlines of a distinctive theological emphasis.当芬尼成为欧柏林学院神学教授在1835年,他与他进行了重点阐述了一种独特的神学。And in 1839, during a revival season at Oberlin, the emphasis received distinct articulation as a perfectionistic theology.而在1839年,在一次在奥伯林复苏的季节,重点收到完美主义神学作为一个独特的发音。

Along with Finney the Oberlin theology was promoted by Asa Mahan, first president of the college and a driving force in its establishment; Oberlin professor Henry Cowles; and many of the students who went out from Oberlin to evangelize and reform America.随着芬的奥伯林神学是促进了奥萨马汉,第一任总统,并在该学院成立一个动力;奥伯林教授亨利考尔斯和美国的许多学生从谁出去奥伯林传福音和改革。 The theology emphasized a belief in a second, more mature stage of Christian life.神学强调了第二次生命的信念,更基督教成熟阶段。This second stage carried different names, "entire sanctification," "holiness," "Christian perfection," or even "the baptism of the Holy Ghost."这第二个阶段进行不同的名字,“整个成圣”,“圣洁”,“基督教圆满”,甚至“鬼洗礼的圣灵。”Finney took it to be more a matter of perfect trust in God and commitment to his way rather than complete sinlessness.芬尼了它是一个信任的问题更完善的承诺,在上帝和他的方式,而不是完全清白。And he also came to feel that this state of spirituality would be reached through steady growth rather than through a single, dramatic "second blessing."而他也深深觉得,这个精神状态将通过稳步增长达到祝福,而不是通过一个单一的,戏剧性的“第二”。Other teachers emphasized more a distinct second work of grace and spoke as if the state of the sanctified would be nearly without sin.其他老师强调更多的是不同的宽限期,第二工作并讲话,犹如罪恶的圣洁状态就几乎没有。 In these discussions, which also included a consideration of the relative place of human exertion and God's free grace in going on to sanctification, the Oberlin theology showed remarkable parallels with the development of Methodist theology stretching back to the time of John Wesley.在这些讨论中,其中还包括一个神圣审议的自由人的位置相对消耗和上帝的恩典中,便去了,在欧柏林神学表明约恩韦斯利显着的相似之处,与时代发展的循道卫理神学的拉伸回。

The Oberlin theology represented an immensely important strand of nineteenth century evangelical belief, not only because of its influential convictions but also because of its practical effects. Finney had earlier pioneered new measures in revivalism (including the "anxious bench" and the protracted meeting).奥伯林神学为代表的19世纪的一个极其重要的钢绞线福音信仰,不仅是因为其影响力的信念,也因为它的实际效果。芬尼此前率先复兴的新措施(包括“惶惶不安”,并长期会议)。 And he also had actively encouraged a heightened concern for reforming evils in America like slavery, intemperance, and economic injustice.他还积极鼓励一,放纵邪恶改革高度关注在美国奴隶制一样,经济不公平现象。The perfectionistic emphases of the Oberlin theology greatly aided its revivalistic and reforming concerns.完美主义的奥伯林神学的重点,大幅资助其revivalistic和改革的关注。Some of its exponents also believed that the millennial age was at hand, and this conviction also added to the widespread social impact of the theology.它的一些代表人物也认为,一方面是在千年的年龄,这信念也添加到了广泛的社会影响的神学。

The Oberlin theology retained an important place at Oberlin into the twentieth century.在奥伯林神学保留了20世纪一个重要的地方在奥伯林成。It contributed also to many strands of modern evangelicalism such as the Holiness Movement, more indirectly to Pentecostalism, and to the Higher Life and Keswick movements as well.它也有助于现代福音的好处可谓数不胜数,如圣洁的运动,更间接的五旬节,以及高等生命和凯瑟克流动。

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