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Pentecostalism, a worldwide Protestant movement that originated in the 19th century United States, takes its name from the Christian feast of Pentecost, which celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples.五旬节运动,一个世界范围的新教运动,起源于美国19世纪的美国, 需要来庆祝它的名字从基督教的圣灵降临节,而在圣灵的弟子。

Pentecostalism emphasizes a postconversion experience of spiritual purification and empowering for Christian witness, entry into which is signaled by utterance in unknown tongues (Glossolalia / Speaking In Tongues). 五旬节运动强调一个净化心灵postconversion经验和舌授权为基督徒的见证,而在进入时发出信号的话语是在未知的舌头/(言语不清)。

Although Pentecostalism generally aligns itself with Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism, its distinguishing tenet reflects roots in the American Holiness movement, which believed in the postconversion experience as entire sanctification.虽然普遍赞同五旬节运动本身的宗旨与原教旨主义和福音, 它的区别反映了成圣的根在美国圣洁运动,整个的经验,相信在postconversion。

Pentecostalism grew from occurrences of glossolalia in the southern Appalachians (1896), Topeka, Kans.五旬节从言语不清增长出现在南部阿巴拉契亚山脉(1896年),托皮卡,Kans。(1901), and Los Angeles (1906). (1901年),和1906年)洛杉矶(。Working independently, Holiness movement preachers WR Spurling and AJ Tomlinson in the South, Charles Fox Parham in Topeka, and William Seymour in Los Angeles, each convinced of general apostasy in American Christianity, preached and prayed for religious revival.独立工作,圣洁运动传教士西铁斯珀林和AJ汤姆林森在南方,查尔斯福克斯帕勒姆在托皮卡,西摩和威廉在洛杉矶,相信每一个普通的美国基督教叛教的,宣扬和祈求宗教复兴。 Generally rejected by the older denominations, Pentecostals long remained isolated and were reluctant to organize.一般来说面额拒绝了老,五旬节长期处于孤立,不愿意组织起来。Now, however, several groups belong to the National Association of Evangelicals in the United States and to the World Council of Churches.但现在,几个小组属于福音派协会在美国和世界基督教协进会。The largest multicongregational Pentecostal body in the United States is the Assemblies of God, with an inclusive membership of about 2.1 million (1988).美国最大的multicongregational五旬的身体是上帝在大会的,具有包容性的会员约210万(1988年)。 Today the Pentecostal movement is spread over the world; it is particularly strong in South America and has an estimated 500,000 adherents in the USS R.今天,五旬节运动是遍布世界,特别是美国的强大,是在南亚和估计有50万信徒在河号

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Pentecostalism is an evangelical charismatic reformation movement which usually traces its roots to an outbreak of tongue - speaking in Topeka, Kansas, in 1901 under the leadership of Charles Fox Parham, a former Methodist preacher.五旬节运动是一个福音魅力的改革运动,它通常的历史可追溯至一舌爆发-上说,堪萨斯州,于1901年在托皮卡牧师领导下,查尔斯福克斯帕勒姆,前循道卫理。 It was Parham who formulated the basic Pentecostal doctrine of "initial evidence" after a student in his Bethel Bible School, Agnes Ozman, experienced glossolalia in January, 1901.这是谁制定的基本帕勒姆,1901年五旬节主义“1初步证据”后,一个学生在他的伯特利圣经学院奥兹曼,艾格尼丝经历言语不清。

Basically Pentecostals believe that the experience of the 120 on the day of Pentecost, known as the "baptism in the Holy Spirit," should be normative for all Christians. Most Pentecostals believe, furthermore, that the first sign of "initial evidence" of this second baptism is speaking in a language unknown to the speaker. 基本上五旬节圣灵的经验认为,在120神圣的洗礼,在为期一天的“圣灵降临节,被称为”应为所有基督徒的规范性。大多数五旬节认为,此外,在这第一标志“,”初步证据第二次洗礼,是在讲一个语言陌生的扬声器。

Although speaking in tongues had appeared in the nineteenth century in both England and America, it had never assumed the importance attributed to it by the later Pentecostals.虽然说方言中已经出现了和美国19世纪在英格兰,它从未担任重要原因后来五旬节给它的。For instance, glossolalia occurred in the 1830s under the ministry of Presbyterian Edward Irving in London, in the services of Mother Ann Lee's Shaker movement, and among Joseph Smith's Mormon followers in New York, Missouri, and Utah.例如,言语不清下发生在19世纪30年代在伦敦部在长老爱德华欧文,在振动筛运动服务的母亲安李的,而在斯密约瑟的摩门教信徒在密苏里州,纽约和犹他州。 The Pentecostals, however, were the first to give doctrinal primacy to the practice.在五旬节,但是,是第一个给予理论到实践的首要地位。

Though Pentecostals recognize such sporadic instances of tongue - speaking and other charismatic phenomena throughout the Christian era, they stress the special importance of the Azusa Street revival, which occurred in an abandoned African Methodist Episcopal church in downtown Los Angeles from 1906 to 1909 and which launched Pentecostalism as a worldwide movement. The Azusa Street services were led by William J Seymour, a black Holiness preacher from Houston, Texas, and a student of Parham. 虽然五旬节承认舌-会话及其他魅力的现象在整个公元这些零星的实例,他们强调特别重视发起梓街的复兴,发生在市中心的一个废弃的非洲卫理公会在洛杉矶和1906年至零九年五旬节运动作为一个世界性的运动。梓街的服务分别由威廉J西摩,学生的帕勒姆黑圣洁牧师来自休斯敦,得克萨斯州一和。

The Topeka and Los Angeles events took place in a turn - of - the - century religious environment that encouraged the appearance of such a Pentecostal movement.在托皮卡和洛杉矶之交发生的事件发生在1 -对-的-世纪的宗教环境,鼓励运动出现这样的五旬节。The major milieu out of which Pentecostalism sprang was the worldwide Holiness movement, which had developed out of nineteenth century American Methodism.主要的环境而进行的五旬节圣洁兴起是全球运动,已经开发出19世纪美国循道。Leaders in this movement were Phoebe Palmer and John Inskip, who emphasized a "second blessing" crisis of sanctification through the "baptism in the Holy Spirit."运动的领导者是这样的楠木帕尔默和约翰因斯基普,谁强调通过“洗礼的精神圣地的”成圣的第二福“危机”。English evangelicals also stressed a separate Holy Spirit experience in the Keswick Conventions beginning in 1874.英国福音派还强调,一个独立的神圣精神的经验,于1874年开始公约凯瑟克。

From America and England "higher life" Holiness movements spread to many nations of the world, usually under the auspices of Methodist missionaries and traveling evangelists.来自美国和英国“更高的生命”圣洁运动蔓延到世界许多国家的,通常在循道卫理传教士的主持下和旅游福音。 Although these revivalist did not stress charismatic phenomena, they emphasized a conscious experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit and an expectancy of a restoration of the NT church as a sign of the end of the church age. Other teachings that became prominent in this period were the possibility of miraculous divine healing in answer to prayer and the expectation of the imminent premillennial second coming of Christ.虽然没有强调这些复古魅力的现象,他们强调了圣灵在有意识的经验和年龄的洗礼,预期新台币一恢复教会作为一个教会签署的结束。期间被其他教义,成为突出这答案可能在神圣的奇迹愈合祈祷和基督期望即将premillennial的第二次来。 A great interest in the person and work of the Holy Spirit elicited the publication of many books and periodicals devoted to teaching seekers how to receive an "enduement of power" through an experience in the Holy Spirit subsequent to conversion. A的person极大的兴趣并专注的工作,圣灵引起期刊的出版许多书籍和教学求职者如何收到一份力量“enduement”通过在一个转型的经验后,以圣灵。

In the quest to be filled with the Holy Spirit, many testimonies were given concerning emotional experiences which accompanied the "second blessing," as it was called.在寻求被圣灵充满,许多证词提供关于被称为情感体验相伴随的“第二个祝福”,因为它。In the tradition of the American frontier some received the experience with eruptions of joy or shouting, while others wept or spoke of surpassing peace and quietness.在喊传统的美国边境的一些经验,收到或与爆发的喜悦,而另一些哭或安静谈到和平与超越。

By 1895 a further movement was begun in Iowa which stressed a third blessing called "the fire," which followed the conversion and sanctification experiences already taught by the Holiness movement. The leader of this movement was Benjamin Hardin Irwin from Lincoln, Nebraska, who named his new group the Fire - Baptized Holiness Church.到1895年再开始运动,爱荷华州,其中强调第三个祝福称为“火”,这之后的转换和成圣的经验已经告诉了圣洁运动。该运动的领导人,这是欧文本杰明哈丁从林肯,内布拉斯加,谁命名他的新集团的火-圣洁教堂受洗。 Other "fire - baptized" groups formed during this period included the Pillar of Fire Church of Denver, Colorado, and the Burning Bush of Minneapolis, Minn.其他“火-洗礼”期间,这一群体的过程中形成了包括明尼苏达州的支柱,火堂,科罗拉多州丹佛,明尼阿波利斯和燃烧布什

Not only did such Holiness teachers emphasize conscious religious experiences; they tended to encourage persons to seek for them as "crisis" experiences that could be received in an instant of time through prayer and faith.不仅教师的这种圣洁的宗教意识强调经验,他们往往以鼓励他们寻找的人作为“危机”的信念的经验,他们收到的瞬间一时间通过祈祷和。 By 1900 the Holiness movement had begun to think of religious experiences more in terms of crises than in gradual categories.到1900年的圣洁运动已经开始认为,宗教经验逐步在更多类别计算,危机比。Thus the Fire - Baptized Holiness Church taught instant conversion through the new birth, instant sanctification as a second blessing, instant baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire, instant divine healing through prayer, and the instant premillennial second coming of Christ.因此, 消防-受洗节圣洁会教新生通过即时转换,消防即时成圣作为第二圣灵的祝福,在瞬间的洗礼,通过祈祷即时神圣的愈合,并即时premillennial第二次降临的。

Those teachers of the Keswick persuasion tended to speak of the four cardinal doctrines of the movement.凯瑟克说服这些教师往往讲的四个运动学说的大是大非。This way of thinking was formalized in AB Simpson's four basic doctrines of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, which stressed instant salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and the second coming of Christ.这种思维方式是AB公司正式在辛普森的四个基督的基本教义的基督教联盟和第二次来,其中强调即时拯救,在圣灵的洗礼愈合,神圣的。

Thus, when tongue - speaking occurred in Topeka in 1901, the only significant addition to the foregoing was to insist that tongue - speaking was the biblical evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit baptism. All the other teachings and practices of Pentecostalism were adopted whole cloth from the Holiness milieu in which it was born, including its style of worship, its hymnody, and its basic theology.因此,当母语-发言托皮卡发生在1901年,唯一的显着除上述是坚持母语-讲的是精神的洗礼圣经证据接受圣灵。 所有其他的教义和五旬节做法是通过从整个布圣洁的环境中,它诞生了,包括其风格的崇拜,其歌唱赞美诗,它的基本神学。

After 1906 Pentecostalism spread rapidly in the United States and around the world. 1906年以后五旬节运动迅速蔓延,在美国和世界各地。Despite its origins in the Holiness movement, the majority of Holiness leaders rejected Pentecostalism, and there were occasional charges of demon possession and mental instability. Leaders of the older Holiness denominations rejected Pentecostal teachings outright. These included the Church of the Nazarene, the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), and the Salvation Army.尽管它起源于圣洁运动的,大多数领导人拒绝五旬节圣洁,以及偶尔有精神不稳定的恶魔拥有和收费。 教派领袖拒绝五旬节圣洁教导老年人彻底。其中包括拿撒勒教堂,卫斯理循道卫理教会,神的教会印第安纳(安德森),和救世军。

Other Holiness groups, however, were Pentecostalized rapidly as leaders went to Azusa Street to investigate the phenomena in evidence there. 其他圣洁群体,但是,作为领导者被Pentecostalized迅速前往梓街,调查证据的现象存在。Among the Azusa Street "pilgrims" were GB Cashwell (North Carolina), CH Mason (Tennessee), Glen Cook (California), AG Argue (Canada), and WH Durham (Chicago). Within a year from the opening of the Azusa Street meeting (April, 1906), these and many others spread the Pentecostal message around the nation.其中梓街“朝圣者”是国标卡什韦尔(北卡罗来纳州),甲烷梅森(田纳西州),格伦库克(加利福尼亚州),公司阿格(加拿大)和WH达勒姆(芝加哥)年。在从街的开放的梓会议(4月,1906年),这些和许多其他遍布全国各地的五旬节的信息。 Sharp controversies and divisions ensured in several Holiness denominations.夏普的争论和分歧,确保圣洁教派在几个。 The first Pentecostal denominations emerged from these struggles from 1906 to 1908.第一五旬节教派摆脱这些斗争从1906年到1908年。

This first wave of Holiness - Pentecostal groups included the Pentecostal Holiness Church, the Church of God in Christ, the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the Apostolic Faith (Portland, Oregon), the United Holy Church.这第一波的圣洁-五旬节团体包括,神的教会在基督的五旬节圣洁会,神的教会(克利夫兰,田纳西州),使徒信仰(波特兰,俄勒冈州),美国圣教会。 Most of Pentecostal Free - Will Baptist Church.大多数五旬节-自由意志浸信会。Most of these churches were located in the southern states and experienced rapid growth after their Pentecostal renewal began.这些教堂大部分是位于南部各州和经验丰富的快速增长后开始重建他们的五旬节。Two of these, the Church of God in Christ and the United Holy Church, were predominantly black.这两个,基督神在教会和美国圣教会,主要是黑人。

Pentecostalism also spread rapidly around the world after 1906.五旬节还散布在世界各地迅速1906年以后。The leading European pioneer was Thomas Ball Barratt, a Norwegian Methodist pastor who founded flourishing Pentecostal movements in Norway, Sweden, and England.欧洲领先的先驱是托马斯球巴勒特,挪威循道卫理牧师谁创立五旬节运动的蓬勃发展和英格兰,挪威,瑞典。The German pioneer was the Holiness leader Jonathan Paul.德国的先驱,是圣洁的领导人乔纳森保罗。Lewi Pethrus, a convert of Barratt's, began a significant Pentecostal movement in Sweden which originated among Baptists.Lewi彼得鲁斯,A的转换巴勒特,开始了一个重大的五旬节起源于间浸信会运动,在瑞典。A strong Pentecostal movement reached Italy through relatives of American immigrants of Italian extraction.一个强有力的五旬节运动达到提取意大利意大利通过亲属移民美国。

Pentecostalism was introduced to Russia and other Slavic nations through the efforts of Ivan Voronaev, a Russian - born American immigrant from New York City who established the first Russian - language Pentecostal church in Manhattan in 1919.五旬节被介绍给俄罗斯及其他斯拉夫国家通过Voronaev的努力,俄罗斯的伊万-出生的美国移民来自纽约市谁建立俄罗斯-五旬节教会的语言于1919年在曼哈顿的第一次。 In 1920 he began a ministry in Odessa, Russia, which was the origin of the movement in the Slavic nations. 1920年他开始一个国家部在敖德萨,俄罗斯,这是斯拉夫语的起源的运动。Voronaev founded over 350 congregations in Russia, Poland, and Bulgaria before being arrested by the Soviet police in 1929.成立于1929年之前,保加利亚Voronaev被警方逮捕,苏联在波兰众超过350俄罗斯,和。He died in prison.他在监狱中死亡。

Pentecostalism reached Chile in 1909 under the leadership of an American Methodist missionary, Willis C Hoover.五旬节于1909年达成的胡佛智利的领导下循道一个美国传教士,威利斯ç。When the Methodist Church rejected Pentecostal manifestations, a schism occurred which resulted in the organization of the Methodist Pentecostal Church. Extremely rapid growth after 1909 made Pentecostalism the predominant form of Protestantism in Chile.当基督教卫理公会拒绝五旬节的表现形式,发生了一个分裂导致五旬节教会组织的卫理公会。极其迅速的增长后,1909年取得五旬节在智利的主要形式的新教。

The Pentecostal movement in Brazil began in 1910 under the leadership of two American Swedish immigrant, Daniel Berg and Gunnar Vingren, who began Pentecostal services in a Baptist church in Belem, Para.巴西的五旬节运动开始于1910年的领导下,两名美国瑞典移民,伯格和丹尼尔贡纳尔温伦,谁开始,帕拉五旬服务贝伦在浸信会教堂。 A schism soon followed, resulting in the first Pentecostal congregation in the nation which took the name Assemblies of God.阿分裂后不久,上帝造成的大会首次在五旬节聚集了国家的名称。Phenomenal growth also caused Pentecostalism to be the major Protestant force in Brazil.惊人的增长也将造成五旬节运动在巴西的主要新教力量。

Successful Pentecostal missions were also begun by 1910 in China, Africa, and many other nations of the world.成功的五旬节任务也开始由世界1910年中国,非洲国家和许多其他的。The missionary enterprise accelerated rapidly after the formation of major missions - oriented Pentecostal denominations in the United States after 1910.传教士加速企业后迅速形成的主要任务-国家1910年后在美国面额面向五旬节。

It was inevitable that such a vigorous movement would suffer controversy and division in its formative stages. 这是不可避免的,这种积极的行动将受到争议,在其形成阶段的划分。Though the movement has been noted for its many submovements, only two divisions have been considered major.虽然运动已经submovements注意到它的许多,只有两个师已被视为主要的。These involved teachings concerning sanctification and the Trinity.这些涉及的有关成圣的教义和三位一体。

The sanctification controversy grew out of the Holiness theology held by most of the first Pentecostals, including Parham and Seymour. 成圣争议的前身是圣洁神学西摩举行得到大部分第一五旬节,包括帕勒姆。Having taught that sanctification was a "second work of grace" prior to their Pentecostal experiences, they simply added the baptism of the Holy Spirit with glossolalia as a "third blessing."经教导成圣是“第二次工作的宽限期”五旬节之前,他们的经验,他们只是加上了第三个祝福洗礼圣“精神与言语不清为。” In 1910 William H Durham of Chicago began teaching his "finished work" theory, which emphasized sanctification as a progressive work following conversion with baptism in the Holy Spirit following as the second blessing. 1910年威廉H达勒姆芝加哥开始教他的“完成工作”的理论,强调成圣作为一个进步的工作精神转化后与圣洗礼以下为第二祝福。

The Assemblies of God, which was formed in 1914, based its theology on Durham's teachings and soon became the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world. Most of the Pentecostal groups that began after 1914 were based on the model of the Assemblies of God. They include the Pentecostal Church of God, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (founded in 1927 by Aimee Semple McPherson), and the Open Bible Standard Church. 世界大会的上帝,这是成立于1914年,基础等方面的神学上达勒姆教诲,并很快成为世界上最大的五旬节教派。群体大多数五旬节始于1914年后,是根据大会模型的上帝。它们包括:神的五旬节教会,麦克弗森)国际四方教会创办的福音(于1927年由艾梅森普尔,以及开放标准圣经教会。

A more serious schism grew out of the "oneness" or "Jesus only" controversy, which began in 1911 in Los Angeles.更严重的分裂生长出的“一体”或“耶稣只是”争论,1911年开始在洛杉矶。 Led by Glen Cook and Frank Ewart, this movement rejected the teaching of the Trinity and taught that Jesus Christ was at the same time Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that the only biblical mode of water baptism was administered in Jesus' name and then was valid only if accompanied with glossolalia.运动的领导下格伦库克和弗兰克尤尔特,拒绝了这个三位一体的教学和教导,耶稣基督的时间是在同一个父亲,儿子,和圣灵,而只有水的洗礼圣经管理模式是在耶稣的名字,然后只要是有效的伴言语不清。 This movement spread rapidly in the infant Assemblies of God after 1914 and resulted in a schism in 1916, which later produced the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and the United Pentecostal Church.这一运动迅速蔓延,在1914年后的神婴儿大会和教会分裂导致了1916年,后来生产的美国五旬节圣灵降临节大会的世界和。

Through the years other schisms occurred over lesser doctrinal disputes and personality clashes, producing such movements as the Church of God of Prophecy and the Congregational Holiness Church. The large number of Pentecostal sects in America and the world, however, did not result from controversy or schism.经过多年的分裂发生在较小的其他纠纷和性格不合教义,生产这类运动的教会作为上帝的预言和公理圣洁的教会。在世界上大量的五旬节教派在美国,但是,并没有产生争议或分裂。 In most cases Pentecostal denominations developed out of separate indigenous churches originating in different areas of the world with little or no contact with other organized bodies.在大多数情况下五旬节教派团体发展出来的其他有组织有独立没有联系的土著教会或原产于不同地区的小世界。

The greatest growth for Pentecostal churches came after World War II.五旬节教会的最大增长,是继第二次世界大战。With more mobility and greater prosperity, Pentecostals began to move into the middle class and to lose their image of being disinherited members of the lower classes.随着越来越多的流动性和更大的繁荣,五旬节开始进入中产阶层,并失去其阶级的形象,降低被剥夺继承权的成员。The emergence of healing evangelists such as Oral Roberts and Jack Coe in the 1950s brought greater interest and acceptance to the movement.该科的出现愈合的福音派,如口腔罗伯茨和杰克在20世纪50年代带来了更大的兴趣和接受的运动。The TV ministry of Roberts also brought Pentecostalism into the homes of the average American.电视部的罗伯茨也带来了美国五旬节运动的平均入家园。The founding of the Full Gospel Business Men in 1948 brought the Pentecostal message to a whole new class of middleclass professional and business men, helping further to change the image of the movement. 1948年成立的全备福音商人男性带来的五旬节的信息,整个中产阶级类新专业和业务,帮助官兵进一步改变形象的运动。

In the post - World War II period the Pentecostals also began to emerge from their isolation, not only from each other but from other Christian groups as well.在后-第二次世界大战期间的五旬节也开始摆脱孤立群体,而不是只从对方,而是来自其他基督徒也。In 1943 the Assemblies of God, the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and the Pentecostal Holiness Church became charter members of the National Association of Evangelicals, thus clearly disassociating themselves from the organized fundamentalist groups which had disfellowshiped the Pentecostals in 1928. 1943年大会的神,神的教会(克利夫兰,田纳西州),四方福音教会的国际和五旬节圣洁会成为福音派包机成员的国家协会,从而清楚地断绝来往的有组织的团体,从原教旨主义的曾在1928年的五旬节disfellowshiped。 They thus became part of the moderate evangelical camp that grew to prominence by the 1970s.因此,他们成为20世纪70年代的一部分,温和的福音营,到成长为突出。

Intrapentecostal ecumenism began to flourish also during the late 1940s both in the United States and elsewhere.Intrapentecostal大公运动也开始蓬勃发展,美国和其他地方在20世纪40年代后期都在。 In 1947 the first World Pentecostal Conference met in Zurich, Switzerland, and has since met triennially.在1947年举行第一届世界五旬节大会在瑞士苏黎世,并从此会见每三年改选一次。The next year the Pentecostal Fellowship of North America was formed in Des Moines, Iowa, and has met annually since then.在明年的北美五旬节联谊会成立于得梅因,爱荷华州,并会见了当时每年至今。

Pentecostalism entered a new phase in 1960 with the appearance of "neo - Pentecostalism" in the traditional churches in the United States.五旬节运动进入了“新出现的一个新的阶段在1960年-五旬节运动”在美国传统的教会。The first well - known person to openly experience glossolalia and remain within his church was Dennis Bennett, an Episcopal priest in Van Nuys, California.第一口井-已知的人,公开经验言语不清,仍然在他的教堂丹尼斯贝内特,一,加州圣公会牧师在凡奈斯。Although forced to leave his parish in Van Nuys because of controversy over his experience, Bennett was invited to pastor an innercity Episcopal parish in Seattle, Wash. The church in Seattle experienced rapid growth after the introduction of Pentecostal worship, becoming a center of neo - Pentecostalism in the northwestern United States.虽然被迫离开了他的经验争议,因为在他的教区凡奈斯,班尼特被邀请牧师的教区主教形市内在西雅图西雅图,华盛顿州有经验的五旬节教会崇拜的快速增长后的引进,成为新的中心-五旬节运动在西北美国。

This new wave of Pentecostalism soon spread to other denominations in the United States and also to many other nations.这新一波的五旬节运动很快蔓延到美国其他教派中,并同时向许多其他国家。Other well - known neo - Pentecostal leaders were Brick Bradford and James Brown (Presbyterian); John Osteen and Howard Irvin (Baptist); Gerald Derstine and Bishop Nelson Litwiler (Mennonite); Larry Christenson (Lutheran); and Ross Whetstone (United Methodist).其他好-著名新-五旬领导人砖布拉德福德和詹姆斯布朗(长老);约翰奥斯廷和霍华德欧文(浸信会);杰拉尔德德斯蒂娜主教和纳尔逊Litwiler(门诺);拉里克里斯滕森(路德)和罗斯油石(联合卫) 。

In 1966 Pentecostalism entered the Roman Catholic Church as the result of a weekend retreat at Duquesne University led by theology professors Ralph Keiffer and Bill Story.1966年五旬节运动进入撤退在杜肯大学的罗马天主教教会的一个周末,作为结果的故事神学教授领导的拉尔夫凯弗和比尔。 As glossolalia and other charismatic gifts were experienced, other Catholic prayer groups were formed at Notre Dame University and the University of Michigan.由于言语不清等魅力的礼物是有经验的,其他天主教祈祷组形成于圣母大学和密歇根大学。By 1973 the movement had spread so rapidly that thirty thousand Catholic Pentecostals gathered at Notre Dame for a national conference.到1973年的运动已经蔓延如此迅速,3.0万天主教五旬节聚集在巴黎圣母院的一次全国会议。 The movement had spread to Catholic churches in over a hundred nations by 1980.这一运动已经蔓延到天主教教会国家在1980年超过1 100。Other prominent Catholic Pentecostal leaders were Kevin Ranaghan, Steve Clark, and Ralph Martin.其他著名的天主教五旬领导人凯文拉纳亨,史蒂夫克拉克,拉尔夫马丁。The most prominent leader among Catholics, however, was Joseph Leon Cardinal Suenens, who was named by popes Paul VI and John Paul II as episcopal adviser to the renewal.天主教徒之间的领导人最突出,然而,孙能斯枢机主教约瑟夫利昂,谁是教皇保罗六世命名和约翰保禄二世作为主教顾问重建。

In order to distinguish these newer Pentecostals from the older Pentecostal denominations, the word "charismatic" began to be used widely around 1973 to designate the movement in the mainline churches. 为了区别老五旬节教派从这些新五旬节中,“魅力”开始被广泛使用的1973年左右到指定教会运动的主线。The older Pentecostals were called "classical Pentecostals." By 1980 the term "neo - Pentecostal" had been universally abandoned in favor of "charismatic renewal." 老五旬节被称为“古典五旬节。”到1980年将“新-五旬节”已普遍被遗弃的魅力重建赞成“。”

Unlike the rejection of the earlier Pentecostals, the charismatic renewal was generally allowed to remain within the mainline churches.不同的是五旬节拒绝较早的魅力续期一般允许留在教堂的主线。Favorable study reports by the Episcopalians (1963), Roman Catholics (1969, 1974), and the Presbyterians (1970), while pointing out possible excesses, generally were tolerant and open to the existence of a Pentecostal spirituality as a renewal movement within the traditional churches. (1963)有利的研究报告由圣公会,罗马天主教(1969年,1974年),和长老会(1970年),同时也指出了可能过度,一般是宽容和开放的内部存在一个五旬节的复兴运动精神作为传统教堂。

By 1980 the classical Pentecostals had grown to be the largest family of Protestants in the world, according to The World Christian Encyclopedia.到1980年的古典五旬节已经成长为世界上最大的新教徒家庭,根据世界基督教百科全书。The 51 million figure attributed to the traditional Pentecostals did not include the 11 million charismatic Pentecostals in the traditional mainline churches.在51万这个数字归因于传统的五旬节不包括1100万美元的主线魅力五旬节教会的传统。Thus, seventy - five years after the opening of the Azusa Street meeting there were 62 million Pentecostals in over a hundred nations of the world.因此,70次会议-五年之后街的开幕梓有6200万以上的五旬节在世界上100国家。

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