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This collection of articles includes an enormous amount of information.这条信息的收集包括大量。It will probably always be a work - in - progress, continually being refined and upgraded.它可能永远是一个工作-在-进步,不断完善和升级。At the time this entry is being written, about 4500 hours have been spent on it (over 2 man - years), with more to do! It currently includes over 600,000 words, nearly the size of the Bible!在圣经的时间这个项目正在写的,约有4500只时间,已用了(超过200人-年),有更多的事情!它目前包括超过60万字,几乎大小的! With all this background information on the various religious terms, concepts, subjects and denominations, it is hoped that you might learn some things about words and concepts that always seemed confusing, about subjects that intrigue you, and about your own church and its history and beliefs.随着这一切的背景资料和面额的各种宗教术语,概念,主题,是希望你可以学到一些令人困惑的事情有关词汇和概念,似乎总是科目,对你的阴谋,以及您自己的教堂,其历史和信念。 You are likely to find that some of YOUR beliefs are based on the Apostles' Creed or the Thirty - Nine Articles or Arminianism or the many other primary sources of our modern religious beliefs.你可能会发现一些你的信念是信仰的基础上使徒们的信条,或30 -九条或亚米纽斯主义或其他宗教的许多现代的主要来源。 It's quite fascinating and informative.这是相当有趣和翔实。

Since it is interactive, you only need to spend time on the subject or subjects that are important to you, bypassing the huge database about all other subjects.既然是互动的,你只需要花费你的时间在主题或课题,是重要的,绕过其他大型数据库的所有科目。

In researching other belief systems, you may discover a new way of explaining to believers of them In Terms They Would Understand, why your method of praising the Lord is superior.在研究其他信仰系统,您可能会发现一个新的途径,他们的信徒在条款解释才明白,为什么你的主法称赞优越。 This could help your efforts in spreading the Word .这可以帮助你努力的话语传播When a Christian testifies to a non - believer or a believer in some other belief - system, the likelihood of getting that person to open up their mind to new beliefs is greatly dependent on your credibility.当一个非基督徒证明-信徒或信仰的信徒在其他一些-制度,信仰的人的可能性越来越开放的态度,以新的是极大地依赖于你的信誉。 If you have a reasonable understanding of what they currently believe and why, your presentation will come across better.如果你有一个合理的理解,为什么他们现在相信,您的演讲会遇到更好的。You will gain their respect, and be able to discuss their current beliefs from a position of knowledge, developing a foundation for presenting your beliefs.您将获得他们的尊重,并能够讨论目前的位置知识从一个信念,发展自己的信念的基础,呈现。

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In this regard, I have seen many Christians effectively witnessing to someone up until they make a statement such as " . . . but you believe that. . ."在这方面,我见过。。有效地目睹许多基督徒的人,直到他们做出这样的声明是“。但你相信这一点。。。”Often the Christian is not fully knowledgeable in the other person's belief - system, and unintentionally makes a statement that is seen as biased, condescending or outright stupid!通常是不完全的信仰基督教的知识,其他人的-制度,无意中使有偏见的声明被看作是,居高临下或直接愚蠢!The possible recipient's mind slams shut at that moment.可能的收件人的心猛地关上那一刻。He or she concludes that you don't actually understand the value he sees in his current beliefs, and that you are therefore not in any position to help him find a better path.他或她的结论是,你实际上并不知道他的价值信念在他看到电流,因此,你不能在任何位置的路径,以帮助他找到更好的。By starting out with ". . . I understand why you believe such - and - such . ." a much better bridge can be built to help that person come to understand your side.通过启动“出来的。。。我明白为什么你相信这样的-和-例如。。”一个更好的桥梁可以建立,以帮助该人来了解你的身边。 This information base is meant to help you prepare for such encounters.这个信息库是为了帮助您准备这些接触。

We humans seem pre - disposed to finding and emphasizing differences and disagreements in much of our existence.我们人类似乎前-寻找并强调处理分歧,存在许多分歧,我们在。We seem to overlook and to not pursue the similarities and agreements with others.我们似乎忽视和不追求的相似性和其他协议中。 This aspect of human nature has spawned countless wars, caused innumerable murders and is the source of most social friction between individuals, tribes, nations, sects, and races.这方面的人有自然产生无数次战争,造成无数的谋杀,是个人之间的大多数源社会摩擦,部落,民族,教派和种族。I am convinced that if we would ever make as much effort to 'get along' as we do at riling others up, the world would be a place our Lord could be very proud of. There is an analogy that I have used for several years which suggests this situation:我坚信,如果我们将永远作出很大的努力'相处',就像我们做激怒了别人,世界将是一个地方的主可以非常自豪的。有1年的比喻,我有几个用于这说明这种情况:

A big, old, red barn sits in a field.阿大,老,红色谷仓坐在一个字段。One man sits in a lawn chair near the side of it.一个人坐在椅子上它的一个侧面附近的草坪。Another man sits in another lawn chair near a different side (the end.) (They are 50 feet apart) Neither can see the wall the other can see.另一名男子坐在草地的椅子上,最后再靠近一不同的一面(。)(他们是50英尺外)都可以看到墙上的其他可以看到。Last year, the owner of the barn (a third man) had replaced the entire end with green metal siding.去年,谷仓的主人(第三人)取代了金属壁板全部结束绿色。

As each of the two men comment on the barn, the other is always mystified by what he says, and questions his perception (or sanity!) The 'side' man sees that it is very old, red, wooden and in bad repair.由于谷仓每两个人的评论,另一种是始终感到困惑的东西,他说,他的概念和问题(或理智!)的'方'人都懂得,它历史悠久,红色,木制和在恶劣修理。 The 'end' man sees clearly that it is new, shiny, metal, green, and in fine condition.在'末端'人认为,这显然是新的,有光泽,金属,绿色和罚款的条件。Imagine how their discussions would go!想象一下他们的讨论会去!Neither would engender any credibility with the other - after all, he can see it with his own eyes!无论是会产生后,与其他-所有的信誉,他可以看到它用自己的眼睛!Each would soon come to believe that the other is blind or stupid.每个即将开始相信另一种是盲目的或愚蠢的。Each could easily come to believe that the other is trying to deceive him, creating anger and confrontation. Bad results are almost certain.每个可以很容易相信,另一种是试图欺骗他,创造愤怒和对抗。坏的结果是几乎可以肯定。Each would come to mistrust and eventually ignore the other.每个会来的不信任,并最终忽略其他。

Now consider this sort of situation regarding a subject that is not solid and observable like a barn, but ethereal like philosophical or spiritual belief.现在考虑这种情况出现的一个主题是关于不扎实,像谷仓观察,但相信空灵如哲学或精神。It would be much harder for each man to fully recognize, understand, and describe his own perspective, and even MORE difficult for the other to come to accept it.这将是非常困难的每个人充分认识,了解,并说明自己的观点,甚至更多的其他困难的来接受。Again, animosity can (and does) easily develop and grow.同样,仇恨可以(不)容易发展壮大。

In each case, if the two men discussed their subject with open minds and in the spirit of cooperation, better communication would result, and both would develop a more comprehensive view of their subject.在每一种情况下,如果两个人讨论了合作的议题与开放的思想和精神的,更好的沟通渠道,将结果,都将制定一个更全面的看法,他们的主题。 The 'barn' men may eventually realize that they ARE looking at the same edifice that just looked different from their differing perspectives.在'谷仓'人类可能最终实现的角度看,他们是在同一大厦不同的期待,仅仅从他们的不同。 Each could come to have a more complete understanding of the structure of the barn.每个能来有一个更完整的谷仓结构的认识的。

They would eventually come to realize that the do not see the SAME vision of the barn, but that their two perspectives may be COMPATIBLE with each other. 他们最终会认识到,没有看到谷仓相同的愿景,但是他们的两个观点可能有其他兼容每个。

The same situation (and opportunity) exists with the religious and philosophical discussants.同样的情况(和机会)讨论人存在的宗教和哲学。If BOTH had open minds about trying to understand what the other was saying, they might both grow and improve their perspective and insight. They would not likely ever agree that their views were the SAME! But, hopefully, they would see that their very different views might be COMPATIBLE with each other!如果同时有博大的胸怀和眼光对试图理解对方在说什么,他们可能都成长和提高他们的观点。 他们将永远不会同意他们的观点是一样的!但是,希望,他们会看到他们非常不同意见可以互相兼容!

Meaningful discussions would be possible and might become quite productive.有意义的讨论将是可能的,可能会变得非常富有成效。Eventually, even war and fighting might eventually disappear.最后,甚至战争,战斗可能会最终消失。(HEY! It could happen!) (嘿!这可能发生!)

In the immediate, this environment of communication and mutual understanding would allow substantive religious conversations. 在当前,这种理解和相互沟通的环境将使实质性宗教交谈。YOUR best chance of getting someone else to understand and accept your religious beliefs is in this manner. A foundation of knowledge helps make the religious re - birth of your converts more solid and enduring. 您的最佳信念机会获得他人理解和接受你的宗教是如此的。一个知识基础有助于使宗教重-转换您的出生更坚实和持久的。

In the ultimate, hopefully world peace may benefit from such communication.在最终的,希望世界和平可能得益于这种沟通。It has long mystified me that Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Moslems generally seem to hate each other and look for opportunities to hurt or kill each other, in the name of the Lord, whom they all believe in! The SAME Lord!它长期以来一直迷惑我,新教徒,天主教徒,犹太人和穆斯林通常似乎讨厌对方,寻找机会,伤害或杀死对方的,相信在主的名称,他们都! 于同一主啊!

I know that my Lord is a lot smarter than any of us.我知道,我的主是一个比我们更聪明的。Maybe He has allowed us to each see only certain perspectives regarding Him, and that we really ARE worshipping the SAME Lord.也许他让我们每一个看到他只对某些观点,这确实是我们敬拜主却是一位。(The Babel phenomenon?) Maybe he wants us to some day study together to see the mutual compatibilities of these apparently disparate world religions, so that we have an opportunity to learn to get along with each other. Maybe someday, He will let us in on a bigger perspective that clarifies what we now consider insurmountable differences between our various beliefs.(巴别塔的现象呢?) 也许他希望有一天,我们一起研究,看看不同的world宗教mutual相容性,这些显然,让我们有机会学习如何得到其他随着每个。也许有一天,他将让我们在一个更大的角度出发,阐明我们现在考虑各种信仰之间的不可逾越的分歧。 If that is ever to happen, we must each have substantial understanding of as many of the available perspectives as possible, in order to get the bigger picture.如果是以往任何时候发生,我们每个人都必须有尽可能具体的认识的角度对现有的很多,为了获得更大的图片。This information source is meant to help in that regard.此信息来源是为了帮助在这方面。

For Pastors, Ministers, Priests and others为牧师,部长,司铎及其他

As a reference source, you should be able to confirm facts about a broad variety of subjects in developing your messages. In addition, you can broaden your understanding of your own or other denominations in order to present the most effective message to your congregation about such subjects.作为参考源,你应该能够确认消息的一个事实,在有关开发各种各样of科目。此外,你可以扩大你的面额understanding你自己或其他order目前以最effective邮件到您的会众约such科目。 Many of the subject presentations include sophisticated aspects that you don't normally find in books for general readership.演讲的主题包括许多复杂的问题,你通常不为一般书籍找到读者。We can include such material here because the interactive nature of this format allows the user to 'bail out' of a subject if it gets too complicated or un - interesting.我们可以在这里,因为这些材料包括了这种格式的互动性质允许用户'保释出主体的,如果它过于复杂,或联合国-有趣。 Most imortant subject presentations include a general discussion first, followed by a deeper presentation.最重大举措专题介绍包括了一般性讨论第一,其次是更深的介绍。

Additionally, extensive bibliographical references are given for most subject presentations so that you can delve even further into those subjects.此外,广泛的参考书目,给出了最专题介绍,以便您可以进一步深入到这些问题。We all want accurate messages to be spread about our Lord and hopefully this will aid you in your efforts in that regard.我们都希望准确的信息是和散布关于我们的主希望这将有助于你在这方面的努力。

For New Seekers对于新的探索者

Many people nowadays feel an 'emptiness' in their lives. Often, this is associated with their not having close personal relationships with their Lord.现在许多人感到'他们的生活空虚'英寸通常,这是主与他们不相关的关系,与他们有密切的个人。

So they seek.因此,他们所追求的。

However, finding an environment for one's personal spiritual growth is often easier said than done.然而,寻找心灵成长的环境,一个人的个人通常说来容易做。

If you're lucky, a friend suggests a Church.如果你是幸运的,一个朋友建议一堂。This probably means that that Church is beneficial For HIM, but it may not be for YOU. So then what??这可能意味着,该教会是他有利,但未必适合你。所以然后呢??Where do you go to explore a relationship with God?在哪里你去探索与神的关系?

The subtle (and not so subtle) differences in beliefs or procedures or environments between denominations are often not known until you've attended for several months.淡淡的(和不那么微妙)教派的分歧之间在信仰或程序或环境往往不知道,直到你个月参加了几个。

This process can be slow and frustrating.这个过程可能是缓慢和令人沮丧。

This information source is intended to help you pre-screen denominations to find a productive, compatible environment FOR YOU.此信息来源是为了帮助你预先检查面额找到兼容的环境为您的生产力。 You should be able to identify religions or denominations which are most likely to benefit YOU.您应该能够确定宗教或教派,最有可能对你有益。

Hopefully, this can help you bypass some ineffectual efforts and quickly zero in on the right Church for you.希望这可以帮助你绕过一些无效的努力,教会你快速零的权利上。

How to Help Us如何帮助我们

Christians often want to tithe or send money when they receive something of spiritual value.基督徒常想什一税或汇款时,收到有价值的东西的精神。That's wonderful.那太好了。 If you feel motivated in this way, we ask that you do something a little different.如果您觉得这样的动机在此,我们要求您做一些事情有点不同。Rather than sending US any money, why not go to your local computer supply store and buy some blank diskettes. Then use the Housekeeping - Copy Diskette entry (in the down-loadable program) to make duplicates of this information base on diskettes. Give them out to anyone you believe might benefit from the diskette's contents.而不是将美国的任何钱,为什么不能去您的本地计算机用品商店,买一些空白软盘。然后使用(在向下装载方案的管家-复制软盘项),使磁盘重复的基础上此信息。给他们出任何你认为可能受益于软盘的内容。

If you really have to give some money, please give it to a local Church (of your choice).如果你真的给一些钱,请把它给一个地方教会(您选择)。

The final way you can help us is by feedback.最后一种是你可以帮助我们的反馈。If you find any typographical errors, let us know.如果您发现任何印刷错误,让我们知道。If we have neglected some subject that you feel should be included, or included some subject that you think should be left out, please let us know.如果我们忽略了一些课题,你觉得应该包括在内,或包括一些题目,你认为应该离开了,请告诉我们。

We have tried very hard to eliminate serious biases from all the subject presentations.我们已经尽了很大努力,以消除专题介绍从所有的严重偏差。We think that clearly slanted articles have been avoided.我们认为,明确倾斜的文章是可以避免的。We want to include only honest, accurate information.我们希望只包括诚实,准确的信息。

As you explore the various articles, if you sense a serious bias, we'd like to know about it.当你探索的各项条款,如果你感觉一个严重的偏见,我们想知道。Obviously, most authors are highly interested in their subjects, and therefore prone to have a positive attitude about it.显然,大多数作家都非常有兴趣的科目,因此容易有一个关于它的积极态度。Such enthusiasm is understandable and acceptable.这种热情是可以理解和接受。Hype is not.炒作不是。Nor is strongly putting down some opposing belief system.也不是放下一些强烈反对信仰体系。We would appreciate your feedback on such matters.我们将非常感谢您对这些问题的反馈意见。

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