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Conditions in the sixteenth century were ripe for the composition of confessions.在16世纪条件成熟的口供为成员的组成。The publications of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and other Reformation leaders had brought momentous theological questions to the fore.改革领导人的出版物路德,加尔文,茨温利等带来了重大的神学问题的重要原因。When entire communities, or just the leaders, turned to their teachings, an immediate demand arose for uncomplicated yet authoritative statements of the new faith.当整个社区,或仅仅是领导人,转向他们的教诲,即时需求产生了新的信仰权威还简单陈述了。The leading Reformers were also deeply involved in the day - to - day life of the churches where they sensed the uneasiness of the people, whether at the abuses of Rome or at their own innovations.领先的改革者也深深地卷入了一天-到-自主创新每天生活在那里的教堂在罗马或虐待他们,他们感觉到了不安的人,无论是在。 And they early on saw the necessity for brief theological summaries that all could understand.他们早就看到了理解必要性简短摘要,所有可能的神学。

In addition, the very nature of the Reformation and the very character of the sixteenth century greatly stimulated the urge to write confessions.此外,在改革的性质和特点,16世纪非常的大大刺激了欲望书写供词。The Reformers posed Scripture as the ultimate authority for all of life, even if this undercut received Catholic tradition.改革者提出的所有的生活圣经为最高权威,即使收到削弱天主教的传统。They spoke of the priesthood of believers and the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit, in spite of the fact that these teachings called the pronouncements of Rome's infallible magisterium into question.他们谈到的神职人员和信徒圣灵内部的证词,但问题的事实,这些教义训导到所谓的声明的犯错的罗马。The Reformers also challenged Catholic influence in the state.改革者也质疑天主教影响的国家研究。They proposed a new reading of history to support their own push for reform.他们提出了一个新的历史阅读,以支持其改革的推动。 And they had a passion for restoring the NT purity of Christian belief and practice.他们有一个实践的热情恢复信仰和NT纯度的基督徒。Yet every assault on an established belief and every challenge to a traditional practice called for a rationale, a concise statement of the reasons for change.然而,每一个攻击的既定信念,每一个变化的挑战,以传统的做法呼吁理由的理由,陈述了精简。

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It was not, however, merely in the religious sphere that change prepared the way for newer confessions of faith.这不是,但是,仅仅在宗教领域,改变信仰的方式编写的口供为新。Europe in general was passing through a period of rapid evolution.欧洲普遍正在经历一个快速发展时期。Virtually every support for traditional Roman Catholic belief was then under fire. If the Reformers challenged Catholic interference in the state and Catholic involvement in the economy, so too did monarchs of the new nation - states question the church's traditional political role, and the burgeoning class of merchants challenged its accustomed authority in the world of trade.几乎每一个信念支持传统的罗马天主教当时受到攻击。如果改革者挑战国家天主教干涉和对经济的天主教徒的活动中,使too did nation君主of的新-国的问题是教会的传统政治角色,而新兴的class商人挑战世界贸易的习惯的权威研究。If Luther and Calvin called upon Rome to rethink its interpretation of Scripture, so too did leaders of the Renaissance challenge other intellectual traditions in art, political theory, literature, and history.如果路德和卡尔文罗马呼吁重新考虑其对圣经的解释,但也不应忽视的挑战领导人文艺复兴时期的传统,艺术等知识,政治理论,文学和历史。 If the Reformation raised troubling questions in theology, so too had several generations of academicians raised troubling issues in philosophy.如果在改革中提出的神学困扰的问题,因此也有几代院士提出的哲学令人不安的问题。In short, the world of the sixteenth century needed new statements of Christian belief not just to reorient Christian life, but to reposition Christianity itself within the forces of early modern Europe.总之,在16世纪的世界需要新的报表基督教信仰不只是基督徒生活的调整,而是要重新定位早期现代欧洲基督教本身内部的力量。

The great outpouring of confessions in the first century and a half of Protestantism performed a multitude of functions. Authoritative statements of Christian belief enshrined the new ideas of the theologians, but in forms that could also provide regular instruction for the common faithful. They lifted a standard around which a local community could rally and which could make plain the differences with opponents.伟大的口供流露在第一世纪,基督教一半表演了众多的功能。 权威的基督教信仰陈述所载的神学家的新思路,但在形式,也可以提供共同的忠实经常指示为。他们解除了围绕这些标准,地方社区能团结起来,这可能使平原与对手的差异。 They made possible a regathering of belief and practice in the interests of unity, even as they established a norm to discipline the erring.他们团结成为可能重聚的信念和利益的做法,即使他们建立了规范,以纪律犯错误。 And for Catholics, the writing of confessionlike statements made it possible to discriminate between acceptable modifications in its ancient faith and unacceptable deviations from its traditional norms.而对于天主教徒来说,报表书写confessionlike使我们能够区分传统的规范可以接受的修改,它从古老的信仰和不可接受的偏差。

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