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Robert Harold Schuller, b.罗伯特哈罗德舒勒湾Alton, Iowa, Sept. 16, 1926, pastor of the Garden Grove Community Church in Orange County, Calif., is one of the world's most popular religious broadcasters. Ordained (1950) a minister of the Reformed Church in America, Schuller moved to Garden Grove in 1955 and there attracted people by preaching in a local drive - in theater to worshipers who listened to him from their parked cars.奥尔顿,爱荷华州,1926年9月16日,教会牧师的加登格罗韦共同体在奥兰治县,加利福尼亚州,是广播公司之一的世界上最流行的宗教。授职教(1950年)1月在美国归正教会,舒勒移至加登格罗韦于1955年,有吸引驾驶人在一个地方的说教剧院-以善信谁听他的车停他们。 In 1961 he moved to a nearby church but continued to provide drive - in facilities where members of the congregation could hear the service on their car radios.1961年他搬到附近的一个教堂,但继续提供动力-在那里聚集成员设施的汽车收音机可以听到他们的服务。

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Encouraging people to feel good about themselves, Schuller became a successful author with such books as God's Way to the Good Life (1963), You Can Become the Person You Want to Be (1973), Peace of Mind through Possibility Thinking (1977), and Self - Esteem: The New Reformation (1982). 鼓励人们觉得自己好左右,舒勒成为这类书成功的作家作为神路的好生活(1963年),您可以成为你的人想要成为(1973年),安心通过的可能性的思考(1977),与自我-自尊:新的改革(1982年)。 Since 1970 his "Hour of Power" television program has been seen by millions in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.自1970年以来他的“权力小时的”电视节目已经看到数以百万计的新西兰,美国,加拿大,澳大利亚和新建。 His Crystal Cathedral, an all - glass church in Garden Grove with space for 4,000 worshipers, designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee, was completed in 1980.他的水晶大教堂,一所有-花园伯吉玻璃教堂韦与约翰菲利普约翰逊和空间为4000崇拜者,设计,完成于1980年。

Editor's Note: We have been informed by the Crystal Cathedral that their seating capacity is 2,800 and not the 4,000 indicated in the brief article above.编者按:我们一直在大教堂通知,水晶,他们的座位是2800而不是4000以上简短的文章中指出。

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