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The Discipleship Movement is a term applied to the teachings and persons coming from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Shepherd's Church.该运动是门徒训练的一个术语适用于教会的教导牧人和人员来从劳德代尔堡,佛罗里达州。Sometimes referred to as the Shepherding Movement, it represents a specialized group within the charismatic movement that arose in the early 1960s.有时被称为运动的牧羊人,它代表着20世纪60年代初的一个专门小组,在运动中出现的魅力。It also has older roots in the Pentecostal movement that began in the United States in 1900.它在1900年也有老根在五旬节的运动,始于美国。The principal teachers in the movement have been the leaders of the Fort Lauderdale congregation, including Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince, Don Basham, Ern Baxter, and John Poole.在运动的主要教师一直是众领袖的劳德代尔堡普尔,包括鲍勃芒福德,查尔斯辛普森,叶光明,唐巴舍姆,埃尔恩巴克斯特,约翰。 The official name of their organization is Christian Growth Ministries, and its major publication is New Wine magazine.他们组织的正式名称是基督教生长部,其主要出版物是新葡萄酒杂志。

The concept of discipling is related to the goal of encouraging and measuring growth in Christian discipleship through the behavioral change that would result from a consistent application of biblical principles to personal and corporate Christian living.在门徒的概念是有关的生活目标,鼓励个人和企业与基督教衡量经济增长的基督教门徒通过行为产生变化,将符合圣经原则的应用。 According to Mumford, the shepherd is to nurture discipleship through a three - part program, including baptism by water, discipleship by a man "commissioned by God," and acknowledging the abiding presence of Christ with the shepherd (or disciple marker) and his disciples. Mumford advocates avoiding spiritual independence that would lead to religious anarchy in favor of embracing the yoke of Christ as a symbol of discipleship.据芒福德, 牧羊人是通过培育三个门徒-部分方案,包括水的洗礼,上帝门徒“委托由一人”,并承认他的弟子)和持久存在的基督与牧羊人(或弟子标记。马姆福德主张避免精神上的独立将导致象征门徒到宗教枷锁的无政府状态,作为基督赞成的拥抱。

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In a typical Discipleship community, household fellowships gather in closed weekly meetings.在一个典型的门徒社区,家庭奖学金聚集在封闭的每周例会。Often the leading shepherds in a community have been directly trained by one of the above - named leaders. The members are often obliged to submit to covenantal norms, such as tithing, obedience to the authority of the community (which also may have authority in the area of male - female relationships), and the requirement of job - holding for all but married women.通常在一个社区的领导牧羊人已直接培训了上述之一-名为领导人。 成员往往必须提交有权力圣约规范,如什一奉献的权威,服从社会的(这也可能面积男-女关系),和工作要求的-妇女担任的一切,但结婚。

The leaders of Discipleship Movement have extensively expressed their views on their roles.门徒运动的领导人已表示他们的角色的广泛意见。They are frequently concerned with the integrity of the shepherds, especially their motivation to serve God uncompromisingly, and with the need to develop disciplined Christian leadership for shepherding communities that can withstand moral oppression and economic havoc from the contemporary society. Not seeking to found a new denomination, they emphasize the realization of the kingdom of God that transcends existing ecclesiastical structures.他们经常关心的是牧羊人的完整性,尤其是他们的动机,为神毫不妥协,并需要制定纪律现代社会基督教牧养社区领导和经济混乱的可承受道德的压迫。无意发现了一个新的面额,他们强调神的王国实现超越现有的教会结构。 They often picture their role in military terms, as captains of the Lord's army.图片中的作用,他们往往在军事上的军队,作为队长的主。They expect opposition from the contemporary society and often pray for divine strength to endure in the midst of an alien world.他们期望从当代社会的反对,而且往往实力祈求神忍受在世界中的一个外国人。

A chief biblical text for the movement is the reference to pastor - teachers in Eph.阿长的运动圣经文本是牧师参考-弗教师英寸4:11, which designates for them a man "called and equipped to give oversight and care to God's people." 4:11,这为他们指定的人“,并呼吁有能力给予监督和照顾,以神的人。”Discipling is seen as a comprehensive word that denotes a God - given authority. Each shepherd understands that he is to give account of his stewardship to the chief shepherd.门徒被看作是一个全面的字,是指一神-赋予的权力。每个牧羊人明白,他是给他的帐户管理向行政牧羊人。Just as Jesus regarded few of the professional religious leaders of his day as true shepherds, so the leaders of the Discipleship Movement often find unacceptable the ministry of those who are exercising ecclesiastical authority over people in their day.正如耶稣视为牧羊人几个专业他的宗教领袖的一天真实的,所以弟子的运动的领导人往往不能接受的天部那些谁是他们行使权力的人教会了。 This criticism recalls that of Christian sectarian leaders in past history, such as Montanus, the Spiritual Franciscans, the Anabaptists, and the radical pietists.这种批评回顾,基督教宗派领导人在过去的历史蒙塔努斯,如方济的精神,再洗礼派,和激进的虔诚。

The criteria for effective discipling also include the avoidance of selfish preoccupation with power and personal status, in line with the admonition in 1 Pet. 有效的门徒的标准还包括自私的关注,拥有权力和个人地位宠物避免线与1告诫研究。5:1 - 6.5:1 - 6。In addition, there is the responsibility for shepherds to equip the saints for ministry. This involves instructing and admonishing each member in public and in private.此外,该部有责任以圣人为牧羊人装备。这涉及到每个指导和告诫市民并在私下进行。

Discipleship communities include those designed for celibate persons and for families.门徒包括家庭社区为那些专为独身者的问题。Covenantal norms frequently include poverty, or the renunciation of self - centered aims and self - provision, and yieldedness, or obedient reliance upon God through submission to the headship of the community leaders through whom Christ is to rule.圣约规范经常包括贫穷,放弃自我或-为中心的宗旨和自我-提供和yieldedness,顺从神的依赖或通过后提交给领导人校长通过他们的社会基督统治。 In addition, communal sharing of lives and possessions is often emphasized, in accordance with Acts 4:32.此外,共同分享的生命和财产是经常强调,在16:32按照行为。Such communities view themselves as living on the frontiers of Christian commitment, although evangelism may be limited to shepherds, who are regarded as being spiritually mature.鉴于这些社区的承诺作为自己的基督教生活在边界的,尽管可能是有限的,以传福音的牧羊人,谁是被视为成熟的心灵。Common activities in discipling communities include corporate worship, prayer meetings, and the Eucharist; administration of these group activities is under the authority of an apostolate, a term that often refers to the total group of shepherds in a given community.门徒社区的共同活动,包括企业的崇拜,祈祷会,与圣体;活动的管理,这些小组是根据使徒的权威,一个术语,通常指的是牧羊人的集团总在特定社区。

In 1975 response to the Discipleship Movement precipitated a controversy within the charismatic movement as a whole as several charismatic leaders, including Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network, expressed public disagreement with the Fort Lauderdale group. 1975年响应门徒运动沉淀在网络争议的基督教广播魅力的运动作为一个整体的几个魅力的领袖,包括帕特罗伯逊,劳德代尔集团公开表示不同意的炮台。 In December of that year a representative group of pastors, teachers, and leaders met in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a theological and pastoral evaluation of the controversy.在今年12月,一个,教师代表组的牧师,和领导人,会见了美国密歇根州安阿伯的评价争议神学和牧灵。This group agreed that much of it had resulted from poor communication and misunderstanding, and that the real differences that existed were within the bounds of the variety permitted in the body of Christ. Subsequent charismatic leaders' conferences have been held, such as the Oklahoma City meeting in 1976, that have sought to achieve reconciliation among the parties to the dispute.该工作组一致认为,有很多是误解和沟通不畅造成,而实际存在的差异,在基督的身体在允许的范围品种。其后领导人会议已举行了魅力城市,如俄克拉荷马会议于1976年,已寻求实现和解争端各方之间。

Some critics do not believe that the Discipleship Movement is operating according to biblical principles, pointing out that Scripture teaches all Christians should submit to one another (Eph. 5:19 - 21). Some oppose the amount of control exercised by shepherds over such matters as the choice of a mate and the decision to have children. The movement is not always regarded by these critics as a cult, since it accepts the essential beliefs of Christianity, including the Trinity, Christ's incarnation and resurrection, salvation by grace through faith, and authority of Scripture.一些批评者不相信弟子的运动是按照圣经的原则运作,指出圣经教导基督徒应该向所有彼此(以弗所书5:19 - 21)。 一些反对控制量等事项行使了牧羊人作为择偶的一个,并决定要孩子。这个运动并非总是邪教视为一个由这些批评,因为它接受的信仰基督教的本质,包括三位一体,基督的化身和复活,恩典得救透过信仰,和权威的圣经。 However, it is objected that the hypersensitivity and secrecy often to be found in the movement, even to the point of disallowing discussion of its doctrines and practices with others outside the group, tend to raise questions in people's minds. Others have questioned the tendency of the movement to separate itself from the concerns of the historical church.但是, 它是反对说,过敏症和保密经常被发现在运动,甚至到组点的不容许讨论其在外界的学说他人和做法,往往会提出心中的问题在人们的。亦有人质疑的趋势单独的运动本身的历史从教堂的关切。 These objections notwithstanding, the significance of the impact of the Discipleship Movement upon the charismatic movement remains.尽管这些反对意见,有魅力的运动的影响意义的门徒运动后仍然存在。

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