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Martin Luther proclaimed a message of divine promise and denounced the human merits through which, he feared, most Catholics thought they were earning the favor of God.马丁路德宣布了一项承诺留言的神圣和谴责神人通过它的优点,他担心,大多数天主教徒认为他们的收入支持。

Lutheranism soon became more than the experience of Luther, but it never deviated from his theme that people are made right with God sola gratia and sola fide - that is, only by the divine initiative of grace as received through God's gift of faith. Because Luther came across his discoveries by reading the Bible, he also liked to add to his motto the exhortation sola scriptura, which means that Lutherans are to use the Bible alone as the source and norm for their teachings.路德教很快就成为路德以上的经验,但它从未主题偏离了,人们作出正确与上帝索拉特惠和索拉诚意- 这是恩典,只有主动的神圣为收到上帝的信仰的礼物。由于路德发现碰到他所读的圣经,他也喜欢添加到他的格言告诫唯独圣经,这意味着lutherans是用他们的教导圣经单独作为规范的源泉和基础。

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Sola Fide - Sola Gratia - Sola Scriptura索拉善意 - 索拉特惠 - 唯独圣经

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Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation based on the concepts of these three Latin phrases.马丁路德的宗教改革开始的3拉丁短语对这些概念。

Sola Gratia means "by Divine Grace alone".索拉特惠意思是“由主恩孤”。That means that people cannot "earn" their way into Heaven by "Good Works" but are entirely dependent on the Generosity and Grace of God for it.这意味着,人们不能“赚”的慷慨和宽厚的方式进入天堂的“好作品的”,而是完全取决于它的上帝。This eliminated the value of "human merits" and said that God Alone could affect that outcome.这消除了“价值人的优点”,并说只有上帝会影响到结果。

Sola Fide means "by Faith alone".索拉善意的意思是“信仰单”。This refers to the "human" side of the above concept.这是指“人”的概念方以上。Since people could not actively "earn" their way into Heaven, this statement was necessary to describe exactly what requirement actually applies to us.由于人们无法积极“赚”到天堂的路上,这句话是要准确描述什么要求,其实适用于我们。It essentially says that we each must totally accept that the Lord is God, that He is the Only God, and that the person recognizes His Atonement as freeing mankind to be able to accept Him.它本质上说,我们每个人都必须完全接受,耶和华是神,他是唯一的真神,并确定该人承认接受了他的赎罪为解放全人类才能。When a person deeply believes that, it fulfills the human responsibility, which then encourages the Lord to provide His Grace.当一个人深信,它满足了人的责任,然后鼓励主提供他的恩典。

Usually, a third Latin phrase is associated with those two, Sola Scriptura, which means "by the Bible alone".通常情况下,第三个拉丁短语是与这两个,唯独圣经,意思是“单独的圣经”。Rather than trusting any human to provide information about important religious information, that statement means to ONLY rely on what the Sacred Scripture says.而不是信任任何人提供资料信息重要的宗教,这句话的手段只能依靠什么圣经说。

Martin Luther had discovered these things IN the Bible, and that's why he added this last phrase.马丁路德曾发现了这些东西,圣经,这就是为什么他说这最后一句话。Before that, there had developed the process of "Indulgences" where wealthy people could give large amounts of money to the Church (supposedly a "Good Work") in exchange for a guarantee of getting into Heaven.在此之前,有发展了(过程的“纵容”有钱的人可以在那里给大数额的钱给教会所谓的“好工作”)在天堂换到一个得到保证。 Luther was pointing out that such a procedure had no value in the Mind of God, and that, more generally, we really have no "say" in the matter of what God chooses to do with each of us.路德是指出,这种程序在没有上帝的心灵价值,而更普遍,我们真的没有我们每个“说与”在这件事情做什么上帝选择。

Solafidianism (Lat. sola fide - faith alone)Solafidianism(Lat.索拉诚意 - 信仰单)

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The doctrine that salvation is by faith only .该学说认为,信仰是唯一的救赎 The term emerged as a consequence of Luther's translation of Rom.这个词成为一个光盘的后果路德的翻译。3:28 in which he added the word "alone" to the phrase "man is justified by faith [alone] apart from works of the Law" (NASB).3:28他在其中添加单词“单独”的短语“人是信仰的理由,[单]法律除由工程”(科学院)。He was severely castigated for this, but Erasmus defended him.他严厉抨击了这一点,但伊拉斯谟为他辩护。The translation is justifiable in view of the only alternative, namely justification by works, which Paul expressly repudiated.翻译是合理的选择只有在查看,即否定理由,由工程,其中保罗明确。The Council of Trent (1545 - 63), on the other hand, vigorously opposed Luther's translation and all that it implied by declaring: "If anyone saith that justifying faith is nothing else than confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ's sake, or that this confidence alone is that whereby we are justified, let him be anathema" (Session 6, Can. 12).遄达理事会(1545 - 63),另一方面,大力反对路德的翻译和所有它为了暗示,宣布:“如果任何人仰说,有理由信仰是没有什么基督其他比的信心,神的怜悯汇款的罪孽,或者仅仅是这种信心,让我们有理由,让他被诅咒“(第六部分,可以的。12)。

Implicit in solafidianism is the doctrine of divine monergism, which declares that man's salvation is totally dependent upon God's activity and is in no way conditioned by the action of man. solafidianism隐式依赖学说是神圣monergism,其中宣布,人的救恩是完全依赖上帝的活动,是在人类行为的制约,没有办法。Man's choice of sin has rendered him incapable of spiritual action; he is spiritually dead.人的罪恶使他选择了无法行动的精神,他是精神上的死亡。Unless rescued by a source outside himself, he would eternally perish in this state.除非自己获救外源,他将永远沉沦在这种状态。God has taken the initiative by restoring mankind to himself through the death of Christ (Christ's passive obedience to the law), which removes man's guilt, and by imputing Christ's righteousness (which he achieved while on earth through his active obedience to the law) to those who believe.神已采取法律措施的被动服从,恢复自己的人类通过死亡的基督(基督),从而消除人的罪责,并归咎于基督的义(他取得的,而在地球上通过他的积极服从法)那些谁相信。 Saving faith is not an innate quality of fallen man but a gift of God (Eph. 2:8; Phil. 1:29) communicated through hearing the gospel (Rom. 10:17).得救的信心是不是一个堕落的人与生俱来的品质,而是神的礼物(弗2:8;菲尔。1:29))通过听证会传达福音(罗马书10:17。 The ordo salutis ("order of salvation") is God's activity in grace from inception to consummation. Understandably solafidianism is opposed to Pelagianism, semi - Pelagianism, and synergism, all of which attribute justification or the apprehension of it, in one way or another, to the action of man.该欧尔萨鲁提斯(“命令救赎”)是上帝的活动从开始的宽限期,以圆满。理解solafidianism反对佩拉纠,半-佩拉纠学派,以及协同作用,所有这些属性的理由或它逮捕的,在这种或那种方式,该名男子的行动。

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(Elwell Evangelical Dictionary) (埃尔韦尔福音字典)

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