Divine Transcendence神圣的超越 中文 - Zhong Wen

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The concept of divine transcendence states that God is elevated above and extrinsic to the universe that he created. In the Judeo - Christian tradition, God is viewed as combining the apparent opposites of transcendence and immanence in that he both transcends the universe and is active in it. 创建的概念,神圣的,上帝是超越国家和外在高架上面,他的宇宙。在犹太教-基督教传统,上帝被认为是结合在这对立的内在超越和他都明显超越了宇宙和积极参与它。 Traditional Christian philosophy, exemplified particularly in the works of Thomas Aquinas, treats God as transcendent in the sense that he created the world; that he has perfect knowledge of all earthly things, which indeed derive from him; that he is infinite and eternal; and that, unlike humans, he is identical with his own essence.传统的基督教哲学,特别是托马斯阿奎那体现在作品中,对待世界的神,作为超越的意义上说,他创建的,那他有完善的知识世间的一切事物,这的确来自他,那他是无限的,永恒的;及指出,与人类不同,他是用自己的本质相同。

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