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Allah is the proper name of God in Islam.安拉是伊斯兰教的上帝在适当的名称。He is one, unique and incomparable, and his unlimited sovereignty implies absolute freedom. But there is also a firm relationship between him, the Lord of Mercy, and all human beings, based on his being the creator and sustainer and on his providing in nature and history abundant signs of his goodness, reflected specifically in his sending of messengers and prophets. 他是一个独特的和无法比拟的,而他的无限主权意味着绝对的自由,但也有他与公司的关系,仁慈的主,和所有的人类,基于他的创造者和自持,他在性质提供和他的善良的历史,丰富的迹象,具体体现在他派遣的使者和先知。 The interrelated emphases on Allah's uniqueness and on the significance of his revelatory act are expressed in the Islamic witness: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."安拉的唯一性和对他的启示的行为意义的相互关联的重点是在伊斯兰证人表示:“有没有上帝,但真主,穆罕默德是他的使者。“

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Allah, al-llah安拉,AL - llah

General Information一般资料

Allah is the Muslim name for the Supreme Being.安拉是最高法院作为穆斯林的名字。The term is a contraction of the Arabic al-llah, "the God."一词是阿拉伯语的al - llah,收缩“上帝”。Both the idea and the word existed in pre-Islamic Arabian tradition, in which some evidence of a primitive monotheism can also be found.双方的想法和前伊斯兰阿拉伯传统中存在的字,其中一种原始一神教的一些证据也可以发现。Although they recognized other, lesser gods, the pre-Islamic Arabs recognized Allah as the supreme God.虽然他们认识到其他的,较小的神,前伊斯兰阿拉伯人确认为至高无上的神安拉。

The Qur'an (Koran), the holy book of Islam, asserts that Allah is the creator and the one who rewards and punishes; that he is unique and can only be one; that he is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and all-merciful. The core of the religion is submission to the will of Allah; people must abandon themselves entirely to God's sovereignty.古兰经(古兰经),伊斯兰教的圣书,声称是安拉的创造者和一个人的奖励和惩罚,他是独一无二的,只能有一个,他是永恒的,无所不知,无所不能,和。仁慈的宗教的核心,是安拉将提交;人必须放弃自己完全是上帝的主权。

Although as creator Allah is utterly transcendent and not to be compared to any of his creatures, he is nevertheless a personal god, a fair judge, merciful and benevolent. Each chapter of the Qur'an begins with "Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate," and before fulfilling religious obligations the Muslim recites, "In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate." 虽然造物主安拉是完全超然的,而不是他的任何生物相比,他仍然是个人的上帝,一个公平的法官,仁慈和善意的 。“古兰经”的每个章节开始与“安拉,奉至仁至慈,“和履行宗教义务之前,穆斯林背诵,”在安拉的名义,仁慈,体恤。“

Islam does not admit of any mediator between Allah and humans; a person approaches Allah directly in personal prayer and in reciting the Qur'an, which is considered literally the speech of Allah.伊斯兰教不承认真主和人类之间的调停人的任何一个人接近真主直接在个人祈祷和背诵“古兰经”,认为这是字面意思是真主的讲话。 The prophets, who conveyed the word of Allah, are not considered in any way divine.先知,转达了安拉的词,不考虑以任何方式神圣的。


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Many Christians and Jews see Allah as a spurious Being, a concept that is opposite the God of Judaism and Christianity.许多基督徒和犹太人看,对面的犹太教和基督教的上帝是一个概念,作为一个虚假安拉。 Christian and Jewish scholars understand differently, that Allah is actually one and the same as God.基督教和犹太教的学者不同的理解,真主实际上是一个为上帝一样。

A review of the Koran shows Allah creating Adam, and then Eve.可兰经审查表明安拉创造亚当,然后除夕。 Later, Abraham is instructed by Allah to take his son to a hill and to sacrifice him, which Abraham prepares to do.后来,亚伯拉罕是真主的指示,采取他的儿子到山上,和他牺牲,亚伯拉罕准备做的。The Koran includes a variance here from the Bible/Torah/Pentateuch in that the son to be sacrificed was not Isaac but Ishmael, his first son.“可兰经”包括从圣经/托拉/摩西五方差中牺牲的儿子以撒,但以实玛利,他的第一个儿子。 As in the Bible, Allah stopped Abraham from completing the sacrifice, but Abraham had proven his total Devotion, establishing himself as the very first true believer in the One Allah.安拉在“圣经”,停止亚伯拉罕完成牺牲,但亚伯拉罕已经证明了他的全情投入,建立自己第一次在一个真主的忠实信徒。

As such, Abraham, and Ishmael are central to Muslim Faith, and they face Mecca for all Prayers to Allah because they believe that Abraham built a special building there, the Kaaba, on instructions from Allah.因此,亚伯拉罕和以实玛利是穆斯林信仰的核心,和他们面对麦加向真主祈祷,因为他们认为亚伯拉罕建有一个特殊的建筑,天房,从安拉的指示。

The Koran also includes the entire story of Moses, including the Ten Commandments, his brother Aaron's errors regarding the Golden Calf, Egypt, the desert, and all the rest.“古兰经”还包括整个摩西的故事,包括十诫,他的哥哥亚伦的错误有关的金牛犊,埃及,沙漠,和所有其余的。Often, when Allah chose to give guidance to individuals, the Angel Jibril (Gabriel) appeared.通常,当安拉的选择给予指导,个人,天使贾布里勒(加布里埃尔)出现。Dozens of other familiar people and stories from the first five Books of the Bible are similarly presented in the Koran.数十名其他熟悉的人,从第一个五年书籍的圣经故事同样是在“古兰经”。

Scholars all agree that these many similarities necessarily establish that Allah is one and the same as the God YHWH (Jehovah) of the Jews and the same as He Who Christians call Father.学者们都同意,这些有许多相似之处必然建立安拉是一个和神耶和华(耶和华)的犹太人,因为他谁基督徒称之为父亲一样相同。 In hundreds of places, the Koran refers to "the Book" as being the Pentateuch, the first five Books of the Bible, as being the center of all Faith.在数以百计的地方,“古兰经”是指“书”的pentateuch,第一个五年书籍的圣经,是所有信仰的中心。To a great extent, the Koran initially expressed a Faith that was essentially identical to Judaism, being based on the exact same Scriptures and the same Deity, Allah / YHWH.在很大程度上,“古兰经”的最初表示,基本上是相同的犹太教的,基于完全相同的圣经和相同的神,安拉/耶和华的信仰。Later Muslim leaders and teachers chose to make different interpretations of verses in the Koran, sometimes out of context, to establish claims of support for their leadership, which gradually developed into rather severe animosity toward Jews and Christians.后来穆斯林领袖和教师的选择做出不同的解释在“古兰经”的经文,有时断章取义,建立他们的领导声称支持,逐步发展到对犹太人和基督徒的仇恨相当严重。

But it cannot be dismissed, that Allah is the exact same One and Only God that Jews and Christians believe in. Individuals on either side may want to claim otherwise, but this is an unavoidable truth.但它不能被解雇,安拉是同一个确切的,只有上帝,犹太人和基督徒相信任何一方的个人要索赔,否则,但是这是一个不可回避的的事实。

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