Miracles of Jesus, with Gospel References耶稣所执行的 39 奇迹 中文 - Zhong Wen

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The Bible describes at least 39 Miracles that Jesus performed during His Public Ministry, and various other Miracles are described that are associated with Him, such as His Birth, Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension. “圣经”描述,至少39个神迹,耶稣在他的公共事务部,以及其他各种奇迹描述都与他有关的的,如他的出生,变身,复活和升天,。This presentation gives a chronological sequence of the Miracles in Jesus' life, as presented in the Four Gospels.此介绍给耶稣的生命中的奇迹的一个时间顺序,提出四福音。Each event includes the appropriate Scriptural reference(s).每个事件,包括适当的圣经参考(S)。Also, the location of the events are indicated, to better follow the travels of the Lord while He was on Earth.此外,表示事件的位置,以更好地遵循主的旅行,而他在地球上。

Most of the events occurred during the approximate three year Ministry of Jesus.事件大多发生在大约三个耶稣一年部。

There are literally thousands of books that have been published that present "commentary" on these various events.从字面上有数以千计的书籍已发表在这些不同的事件,目前的“解说”。That is not the intent of this chart.这是不是这个图表的意图。Commentary invariably involves some assumptions, opinions, conclusions and judgments regarding what occurred and why, and this presentation means to avoid that, and merely present the sequence of events, and their Scriptural basis.评论往往涉及一些假设,观点,结论和判断方面所发生的原因,而此演示手段来避免这种情况,只是目前的事件序列,和他们的“圣经”的基础上。

This presentation has another value.本演示另一个值。The "Harmony of the Gospels" is included as a consequence of the thoroughness of the Scriptural support, so many of the events have Scriptural citations in Matthew, Mark and Luke. “和谐的福音”是一个彻底的圣经支持的结果,这么多的事件在马太,​​马可和路加的“圣经”引文。

The Miracles of Jesus耶稣的奇迹

Description耶稣所执行的 39 奇迹几篇文章。信息来源,以便更深入地了解宗教科目。"> Location地点 Scripture圣经
Joseph's vision约瑟夫的愿景 Nazareth拿撒勒 Mt 1:20-25山1:20-25
Birth of Jesus耶稣的诞生 Bethlehem伯利恒 Lu 2:1-7路2:1-7
First Miracle at Cana第一个奇迹在塔卡纳 Cana塔卡纳 Joh 2:1-11荷兰Joh 2:1-11
Miraculous Healing of the Nobleman's son贵族的儿子的神奇愈合 Cana塔卡纳 Joh 4:46-54荷兰Joh 4:46-54
Miracle at pool of Bethesda奇迹在贝塞斯达池 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 Joh 5:1-47荷兰Joh 5:1-47
Miracle draught of fishes鱼类的奇迹草案 Capernaum迦百农 Lu 5:1-11路5:1-11
Miraculous Healing of a demoniac一个邪恶的神奇愈合 Capernaum迦百农 Mr 1:23-27 Lu 4:33-36先生1:23-27路4:33-36
Miraculous Healing of Peter's mother-in-law神奇的医治彼得的岳母 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 8:14,15 Mr 1:29-31 Lu 4:38,39山8:14,15先生1:29-31路4:38,39
Miraculous Healing of many sick and diseased许多神奇的愈合和疾病患病 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 8:16,17 Mr 1:32-34 Lu 4:40,41山8:16,17先生1:32-34路4:40,41
Miraculous Healing of a leper一个麻风病人的神奇愈合 Galilee加利利 Mt 8:1-4 Mr 1:40-45 Lu 5:12-16山8:1-4先生1:40-45路5:12-16
Miraculous Healing of a paralytic神奇的愈合了麻痹 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 9:1-8 Mr 2:1-12 Lu 5:18-26山9:1-8先生2:1-12路5:18-26
Miraculous Healing of the man with a withered hand该男子用干瘪的手神奇的愈合 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 12:9-14 Mr 3:1-6 Lu 6:6-11山12:9-14先生3:1-6路6:6-11
Miraculous Healing of the centurion's servant神奇的治疗百夫长的仆人 Hill of Hattin?山的Hattin? Mt 8:5-13 Lu 7:1-10山8:5-13路7:1-10
Miraculous Raising of the son of the Widow of Nain神奇的提高,拿因寡妇的儿子 . Lu 7:11-17路7:11-17
Miraculous Healing of a demoniac一个邪恶的神奇愈合 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 12:22山12时22分
Christ miraculously calms the storm基督奇迹般地平静风暴 Sea of Gennesaret海革尼撒勒 Mt 8:24-27 Mr 4:37-41 Lu 8:23-25山8:24-27先生4:37-41路8:23-25
Miracle involving the Gergesene demoniacs奇迹涉及Gergesene demoniacs GergesaGergesa Mt 8:28-34 Mr 5:1-15 Lu 8:27-35山8:28-34先生5:1-15路8:27-35
Miracles: Woman with issue of blood奇迹:发行血的妇​​女 Gennesaret革尼撒勒 Mt 9:20-22 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41山9:20-22 5:22路8:41先生
Miracles: Jairus' daughter奇迹:睚鲁的女儿 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 9:18,23-25 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41山9:18,23-25​​ 5:22路8:41先生
Miracles: Two blind men奇迹:两个瞎子 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 9:27-30山9:27-30
Miracles: Dumb spirit奇迹:阿呆精神 Capernaum迦百农 Mt 9:32,33山9:32,33
Feeding of the five thousand喂饲五千年 Bethsaida伯赛大 Mt 14:13-21 Mr 6:30-44 Lu 9:12-17 Joh 6:1-13山14:13-21 6:30-44路6:1-13 9:12-17荷兰Joh先生
Miraculous walking on the water神奇的水行走 Lake Gennesaret湖革尼撒勒 Mt 14:25 Mr 6:48 Joh 6:19MT 14:25议员6:48荷兰Joh 6:19
Miraculous Healing the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman神奇的治疗女儿的Syrophoenician女人 Phoenicia腓尼基 Mt 15:21-29 Mr 7:24-3015:21-29山先生7:24-30
Miraculous Healing of the deaf and dumb man又聋又哑的人的神奇愈合 Tyre, Sidon提尔,西顿(Sidon) Mr 7:32议员7:32
Miraculous Healing of many sick persons许多患病者的神奇愈合 DecapolisDecapolis Mt 15:30,31山15:30,31
Miraculous Feeding of the four thousand神奇喂养的四个万 Gennesaret革尼撒勒 Mt 15:32-39 Mr 8:1-915:32-39山先生8:1-9
Miraculous Healing of the Blind man盲人的神奇愈合 Bethsaida伯赛大 Mr 8:23-27议员8:23-27
The transfiguration变身 Mt.山。Hermon赫尔蒙 Mt 17:1-8 Mr 9:2-8 Lu 9:28-3617:1-8山先生9:2-8路9:28-36
Miraculous Healing the demoniac child神奇的治疗邪恶的孩子 Mt.山。Hermon赫尔蒙 Mt 17:14-21 Mr 9:14-27 Lu 9:37-42山先生17:14-21 9:14-27路9:37-42
Miracle: The stater in the fish's mouth奇迹:在鱼的嘴stater Capernaum迦百农 Mt 17:27山17时27分
Miraculous Healing of the Blind man and discourses盲人和话语的神奇愈合 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 Joh 9:1荷兰Joh 9:1
He miraculously heals the mute demoniac他奇迹般地痊愈了静音邪恶 Judea犹太 Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14山12:22-45路十一时14分
Miraculous Healing of a woman with an infirmity一个女人与一个体弱的神奇愈合 Judea犹太 Lu 13:10-17路13:10-17
Miraculous Healing of the man with the dropsy该男子与水肿的神奇愈合 PeraeaPeraea Lu 14:1-6路14:1-6
Miraculous Resurrection of Lazarus神奇的复活的拉撒路 Bethany伯大尼 Joh 11:17-46荷兰Joh 11:17-46
Miraculous Healing of the ten lepers神奇愈合十个麻风病人 Borders of Samaria边界撒马利亚 Lu 17:12-19路17:12-19
Miraculous Healing of Blind Bartimaeus神奇的治疗盲Bartimaeu​​s Near Jericho杰里科附近 Mt 20:29-34 Mr 10:46-52 Lu 18:35-43路18:35-43 10:46-52 20:29-34山先生
Miraculous Withering of the barren fig-tree神奇枯萎的无花果树 Mt.山。of Olives橄榄 Mt 21:18-19 Mr 11:12-14山21:18-19先生11:12-14
Christ miraculously heals the ear of Malchus基督奇迹般地愈合的耳朵马尔休斯 Gethsemane客西马尼 Lu 22:51卢22时51分
Darkness over all the land黑暗超过所有的土地 Golgotha墓地 Mt 27:45 Mr 15:33 Lu 23:44,45山27:45 15点33路23:44,45先生
1a) To Mary Magdalene1A)条,抹大拉的马利亚 The Garden花园 Mr 16:9,10 Joh 20:1416:9,10荷兰Joh二十时14先生
1b) To the women returning home1B)的妇女回家 The Garden花园 Mt 28:9山28:9
1c) To two disciples going to Emmaus1C)两个门徒去以马忤斯 . Mr 16:12 Lu 24:1316点12路24:13先生
1d) To Peter1D)彼得 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 1Co 15:5 Lu 24:34林前15:5路24:34
1e) To ten Apostles in the upper room1E)10使徒在上面的房间 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 Lu 24:33 Joh 20:19路24:33荷兰Joh 20时19分
1f) To the eleven Apostles in the upper room1F)在上层的房间里的11个使徒 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 Mr 16:14 Joh 20:2616时14分荷兰Joh 20时26分先生
To Thomas' reach hither thy finger,' etc托马斯达到恣情你的手指,“等 Jerusalem耶路撒冷 Joh 20:27荷兰Joh 20点27分
Miracle - Draught of fishes奇迹 - 吃水鱼类 Tiberias太巴列 Joh 21:1-11荷兰Joh 21:1-11
1g) To the disciples at the sea of Tiberias1G)在海太巴列的弟子 . Joh 21:1-24荷兰Joh 21:1-24
1h) To Peter;'Feed my sheep,fead my lambs'1H)彼得“喂养我的羊,FEAD我的羔羊” Tiberias太巴列 Joh 21:15-17荷兰Joh 21:15-17
1i) To the eleven disciples on a mountain.1I)的11个门徒山 Galilee加利利 Mt 28:16山28:16
1j) in Galilee (1 Cor.15.5)1J在加利利)(1 Cor.15.5) Galilee加利利 Mt 28:16山28:16
1k) To five hundred brethren at once1K)五百年一次的弟兄 Galilee加利利 1Co 15:6林前15:6
1l) To James1L)詹姆斯 . 1Co 15:7林前15:7
THE ASCENSION阿森松岛 Bethany伯大尼 Mr 16:19 Lu 24:50,51十六点19路24:50,51先生

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