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Holy Family is the name given to the family of Jesus Christ.神圣家族是耶稣基督的家庭给予的名称。 The Roman Catholic and Anglican confessions of faith limit the family to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.信仰罗马天主教和英国国教的供述限制家庭的玛丽,约瑟夫和耶稣。Other confessions understand the biblical accounts as indicating that Jesus had brothers and sisters.其他教派了解表明耶稣有兄弟姐妹的圣经帐户。

In the Roman Catholic church the feast of the Holy Family is held on the first Sunday after Christmas.在罗马天主教圣家的盛宴,是圣诞节后的第一个星期日举行。Depictions of the Holy Family, probably derived from the theme of the Nativity in medieval representations, became popular in the Renaissance.描绘的神圣家族,可能是从降生在中世纪的交涉的主题派生的,在文艺复兴时期开始流行。Of the innumerable paintings of the Holy Family, those by Michelangelo, Bartolome Murillo, Peter Paul Rubens, and Luca Signorelli may be the best examples.神圣家族的无数绘画,米开朗基罗,巴托穆里略,彼得保罗鲁本斯,和卢卡Signorelli可能是最好的例子。

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Holy Family神圣家族

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We recently received an e-mail from a woman who seemed to have a brilliant insight regarding this subject.我们最近收到一封电子邮件从一个女人似乎有关于这方面的一个辉煌的洞察力。Inasmuch as we are unaware that any scholar has address her point, we have decided to include it here, as a possible seed for future investigation.由于我们不知道,任何学者曾针对她的观点,我们已经决定把它列入在这里,作为一个为将来的调查可能的种子。

"Their belief that Mary was ever-virgin stems from the beliefs of the Early Church Fathers as well as the lack of Scriptural evidence for Jesus full blood siblings. One point I found fascinating: When Jesus was dying on the cross, He gave Mary into the care of the Apostle John, not His younger siblings. In Jewish culture, that's highly insulting, something Jesus would never do to His own beloved brothers and sisters. “源于早期教父的信仰以及耶稣全血的兄弟姐妹的圣经证据不足,他们的信仰,玛丽曾处女我发现迷人的一点:当耶稣死在十字架上,他给玛丽成使徒约翰的照顾,而不是他的弟妹。犹太文化,这是非常侮辱,耶稣决不会做他自己心爱的兄弟姐妹。

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(Her point seems very strong! Even under the duress of being on the Cross, it is unimaginable that Jesus would commit such a drastic social error.) (她的观点似乎很强大!即使在十字架上的胁迫下,是难以想象的耶稣会犯这样一个激烈的社会错误。)

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