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The biblical patriarch Isaac was the promised son of the aged Abraham and Sarah and the father by Rebecca of the twins Esau and Jacob.圣经族长以撒承诺岁的亚伯拉罕和撒拉的儿子和丽贝卡的双胞胎以扫和雅各的父亲。When Isaac was a boy, he was almost sacrificed by his obedient father, but God spared the boy.当以撒是一个男孩,他几乎牺牲了他听话的父亲,但上帝幸免男孩。This story (Genesis 22) may illustrate ancient Israel's rejection of child sacrifice.这个故事(创世记22)可以说明古代以色列的拒绝的儿童牺牲。Serving as a bridge in the patriarchal tradition, Isaac is also an important character in the Jacob story.在重男轻女的传统的桥梁,以撒雅各的故事中的一个重要人物。According to Genesis 27, Jacob and his mother, Rebecca, deceived the old and feeble Isaac into giving his final blessing to Jacob instead of the firstborn Esau.根据创世记27日,雅各布和他的母亲,丽贝卡,的欺骗,给他的最后祝福,而不是长子以扫雅各年老体衰,以撒。In the Bible, God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.在圣经中,上帝被称为亚伯拉罕,以撒,雅各的神。

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Isaac, laughter.艾萨克,笑声。

(1.) Israel, or the kingdom of the ten tribes (Amos 7:9, 16). (1)以色列,或十个部落王国(阿摩司书7:9,16)。

(2.) The only son of Abraham by Sarah.(2)亚伯拉罕唯一的儿子,由莎拉。He was the longest lived of the three patriarchs (Gen. 21: 1-3).他是世界上最长寿三个始祖(创21:1-3)。He was circumcised when eight days old (4-7); and when he was probably two years old a great feast was held in connection with his being weaned.他割礼时8天(4-7),而当他大概两岁大摆筵席是在他被断奶举行。 The next memorable event in his life is that connected with the command of God given to Abraham to offer him up as a sacrifice on a mountain in the land of Moriah (Gen.22).他生命中的下一个难忘的事件是连接作为山在莫利亚山(Gen.22)的土地上的牺牲,他提供给亚伯拉罕与上帝的命令。

When he was forty years of age Rebekah was chosen for his wife (Gen. 24).当他40岁的吕贝卡年被选定为他的妻子(创24)。After the death and burial of his father he took up his residence at Beer-lahai-roi (25:7-11), where his two sons, Esau and Jacob, were born (21-26), the former of whom seems to have been his favourite son (27,28).他的父亲的死亡和埋葬后,他拿起啤酒lahai的投资回报率(25:7-11),他的两个儿子以扫和雅各,出生(21-26),在他的住所,其中前者似乎他最喜欢的儿子(27,28)。 In consequence of a famine (Gen. 26:1) Isaac went to Gerar, where he practised deception as to his relation to Rebekah, imitating the conduct of his father in Egypt (12:12-20) and in Gerar (20:2).在饥荒的后果(创26:1)以撒基拉耳,他练他的关系,以利百加的欺骗,模仿父亲的行为,在埃及(12:12-20),在基拉耳(20:2 )。The Philistine king rebuked him for his prevarication.的市侩国王斥责他的推诿。After sojourning for some time in the land of the Philistines, he returned to Beersheba, where God gave him fresh assurance of covenant blessing, and where Abimelech entered into a covenant of peace with him.旅居非利士人的土地在一段时间后,他回到贝尔谢巴,上帝给了他新鲜的保证公约祝福,和亚比米勒变成一个和平与他盟约进入的。

The next chief event in his life was the blessing of his sons (Gen. 27:1).他生命中的下一个主要事件是他的儿子的祝福(创27:1)。He died at Mamre, "being old and full of days" (35:27-29), one hundred and eighty years old, and was buried in the cave of Machpelah.他死了在幔利,“老和天”(35:27-29),百和80岁,被掩埋在山洞的Machpelah。 In the New Testament reference is made to his having been "offered up" by his father (Heb. 11:17; James 2:21), and to his blessing his sons (Heb. 11:20).在新约中引用的是向他“提供了”父亲(希伯来书11时17分,詹姆斯2:21),并以他的祝福,他的儿子(希伯来书11:20)。 As the child of promise, he is contrasted with Ishmael (Rom. 9:7, 10; Gal. 4:28; Heb. 11:18).作为孩子的承诺,他是对比与以实玛利(罗马书9:7,10;。加拉太4:28;希伯来书11:18)。Isaac is "at once a counterpart of his father in simple devoutness and purity of life, and a contrast in his passive weakness of character, which in part, at least, may have sprung from his relations to his mother and wife. After the expulsion of Ishmael and Hagar, Isaac had no competitor, and grew up in the shade of Sarah's tent, moulded into feminine softness by habitual submission to her strong, loving will."艾萨克是“一次简单devoutness和生活的纯洁性的对应,他的父亲,并在他的性格,其中的一部分,至少,可能会如雨后春笋般从他的关系,他的母亲和妻子的被动弱点对比。驱逐后以实玛利和夏甲,以撒没有竞争对手,和莎拉的帐篷的阴影中长大,惯性提交给她的坚强,爱将塑造成女性化的柔软。“

His life was so quiet and uneventful that it was spent "within the circle of a few miles; so guileless that he let Jacob overreach him rather than disbelieve his assurance; so tender that his mother's death was the poignant sorrow of years; so patient and gentle that peace with his neighbours was dearer than even such a coveted possession as a well of living water dug by his own men; so grandly obedient that he put his life at his father's disposal; so firm in his reliance on God that his greatest concern through life was to honour the divine promise given to his race."他的生命是如此安静和平静,它是花了几英里的圈子内“;如此朴实的是他让雅各布超越他,而不是不相信他的保证,使投标,他的母亲的死亡是在几年凄美悲伤;使病人和温柔的,与他的邻居和平是比即使这样一个令人垂涎的藏贵作为一个生活用水挖他自己的人以及;如此堂而皇之地听话,他把他父亲的支配他的生活,他对神的依赖使公司他最大的关注生活是履行神圣的承诺给他的比赛。“ Geikie's Hours, etc.盖基的时间等。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)


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The son of Abraham and Sara.亚伯拉罕和莎拉的儿子。The incidents of his life are told in Genesis 15-35, in a narrative the principal parts of which are traced back by many scholars to three several documents (J, E, P) utilized in the composition of the Book of Genesis (see ABRAHAM).他一生的事件告诉记者,在创世纪15-35,在叙事追查其中的主要部分是由许多学者组成创世记利用三个几个文件(J,E,P),(见亚伯拉罕)。

According to Genesis 17:17; 18:12; 21:6, his name means: "he laughs".根据创世记17时17分;十八时12分,21时06分,他的名字的意思是:“他笑着说”。He was circumcised eight days after his birth, weaned in due time, and proclaimed the sole legal ancestor of the chosen people (21:1-12).他是割礼在他出生后八天,在适当的时候断奶,并宣布所选择的人(21:1-12)的法律的唯一祖先。 His early years were spent in Bersabee, whence he was taken by his father to Mount Moria to be offered up in sacrifice, and whither he returned after his life had been miraculously spared (21:33; 22:19).早年在Bersabee花,从那里他由他的父亲山莫里亚提供在牺牲,往那他回来后他的生活已经奇迹般地幸免(21时33分,22时19分)。 His mother died when he was thirty-six years of age (cf. Genesis 17:17; 23:1).他的母亲去世时,他是35岁六年(参创世记17时17分; 23:1)。A few years later, he married Rebecca, Bathuel's daughter, whom one of his father's servants had, according to Abraham's directions, brought from Mesopotamia (24).几年后,他娶了丽贝卡,Bathuel的女儿,其中一个父亲的仆人了,根据亚伯拉罕的方向,从美索不达米亚(24)带来。 The union took place in "the south country", where Isaac then lived, and continued to live after he had joined with Ismael in committing the body of Abraham to burial in the cave of Machpelah (24:62, 67; 25:7-11).工会参加了“南方国家”的地方,那里艾萨克然后住,并继续生活后,他加入了与伊斯梅尔犯亚伯拉罕的尸体埋葬在山洞的Machpelah(24:62,67; 25:7 - 11)。Many years elapsed before Isaac's longing entreaty to God for children was actually heard.前艾萨克的向往恳求上帝儿童已过多年,实际上听到。Of the twins to whom she then gave birth, Esau was beloved by Isaac, while Jacob was Rebecca's favourite (25:21-28).在她生下双胞胎,以扫是由Isaac爱戴,而雅各则是丽贝卡的最爱(25:21-28)。Drought and famine made it necessary for Isaac to take the road down to Egypt, but, at Yahweh's bidding, he stopped on his way thither and sojourned in Gerara, where an incident similar to that of Abraham's disavowal of Sara is recorded of him (26:1-11).干旱和饥荒,有必要为以撒,以采取道路下降到埃及,但,在耶和华的招投标,他自己的方式上去停止,并在Gerara,其中一个事件类似于亚伯拉罕的萨拉否认是他(26记录旅居:1 - 11)。We are told next how, through envy of Isaac's prosperity as a husbandman and a herdsman, the Philistines among whom he dwelt began petty persecutions, which the Hebrew patriarch bore patiently, but on account of which he finally withdrew to Bersabee.告诉我们接下来如何,通过艾萨克的繁荣作为一个农夫和牧民羡慕,其中,他住在非利士人开始小迫害,耐心,但他终于撤回到Bersabee帐户希伯来族长孔。 There he was favoured with a new vision from Yahweh, and entered a solemn covenant with Abimelech, King of Gerara (26:12-33).他一个新的视野,从耶和华的青睐,并进入了一个庄严的盟约与亚比米勒,Gerara王(26:12-33)。 During the last years of Isaac's career, there occurred the well-known incident of his conferring upon Jacob the Divine blessing, which he had always intended for Esau (27), followed by Isaac's concern to protect Jacob from his brother's resentment and to secure for him a wife from his mother's kindred in Mesopotamia (28:1-5).在Isaac的职业生涯的最后几年,那里发生的,他呼吁雅各的神圣祝福,其中,他不得不总是以扫(27)意,Isaac的关注,以保护他的兄弟的反感雅各和以安全为授予著名的事件他的妻子从他母亲的亲属在美索不达米亚(28:1-5)。 After Jacob's return, Isaac died at the age of one hundred and eighty, and was buried by his sons in the cave of Machpelah (35:27-29; 49:31).雅各的回归之后,艾萨克去世,享年一百八十岁,是由他的儿子埋在山洞Machpelah(35:27-29; 49:31)。 As delineated in Genesis, the figure of Isaac is much less striking than that of Abraham, his father.在创世记划定,以撒的数字比,他的父亲亚伯拉罕引人注目的要少得多。Yet, by his manner of life, always quiet, gentle, guileless, faithful to God's guidance, he ever was the worthy heir and transmitter of the glorious promises made to Abraham.然而,他的生活态度,总是安静,温柔,朴实,忠于神的指导,他曾经是当之无愧的继承人和发射器向亚伯拉罕的光荣承诺。 He was pre-eminently a man of peace, the fitting type of the Prince of Peace, whose great sacrifice on Mount Calvary was foreshadowed by Isaac's obedience unto death on Mount Moria.他是前突出一个爱好和平的人,和平王子,其巨大的牺牲,预示以撒的顺服至死山莫里亚山各各拟合类型。The New Testament contains few, but significant references to Isaac (cf. Matthew 8:11; Luke 12:28; 20:37; Romans 9:7; Galatians 4:28; Hebrews 11:17 sqq.; James 2:21).新约包含了几个,但显著引用以撒(参马太福音8:11;卢克12时28分,20时37;罗马书9:7;加拉太书4:28;希伯来书11时17 SQQ;詹姆斯2:21) 。

The legends and various details concerning Isaac which are found in the Talmud and in Rabbinical writings are of no historical value.传说和各种细节,关于艾萨克​​发现在塔木德和在犹太教的著作都是没有历史价值。

Publication information Written by Francis E. Gigot.弗朗西斯大肠杆菌Gigot编写的出版物信息。 Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.天主教百科全书,音量八。Published 1910.发布1910。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,1910年10月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

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