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The "Eastern Church" is a general term for the various ancient Christian communions of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, of which three groups remain today. “东堂”是中东和东欧的各种古老的基督教圣餐,其中三组今天依然的总称。

The earliest decisive split in Christendom took place in 451 as a result of the Council of Chalcedon, which was called to consider the claims of the Monophysites.基督教最早的决定性的分裂发生在451 Chalcedon委员会的结果,这是所谓考虑该monophysites索赔。The churches that rejected the statement of faith adopted by the council are the Armenian church, the Coptic church of Alexandria, the Ethiopian church, the Syrian church, and the Syrian church in India.安理会通过的声明,拒绝信仰教会,亚美尼亚教会,亚历山大港的科普特教堂,黑人教会,叙利亚教会,和在印度的叙利亚教会。 Sometimes known as the Oriental Orthodox, these churches today include more than 22 million members.有时也称为东方东正教,今天这些教会包括超过22万会员。

The largest body, the Orthodox church, is in communion with the ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople (Ýstanbul, Turkey).人体最大的东正教教堂,君士坦丁堡东正教会(Ýstanbul土耳其)的共融。

A third group of churches is known collectively as Eastern Rite churches, which recognize the authority of the Roman Catholic church.第三组的教会统称为东部成年礼的教堂,承认罗马天主教会的权威。

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Oriental Orthodox Church东方东正教
Jacobite Church詹姆士教堂

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The Jacobite Church is an ancient Christian group, named for James (Iakub) Bar Adai, who, in Syria, led the Monophysite opposition to the affirmation of the two natures of Christ by the Council of Chalcedon (451).詹姆士教堂,是一个古老的的基督教团体,命名为詹姆斯(Iakub)酒吧Adai,在叙利亚,领导肯定Chalcedon委员会(451)基督的两个性质的基督一性的反对。 Officially persecuted by the Roman Empire, the Monophysites received some sympathy from Empress Theodora, who in 543 arranged for the secret consecration of James as bishop of Edessa and as ecumenical metropolitan.正式的罗马帝国迫害,该monophysites收到一些来自皇后西奥多拉,他在543詹姆斯的秘密奉献安排埃德萨主教和普世大都市的同情。 This title implied that he assumed the task of perpetuating an initially illegal Monophysite hierarchy in Syria.这个标题暗示,他承担了在叙利亚的延续最初非法的基督一性的层次结构的任务。Supported by a substantial part of the population, the Jacobite church survived Byzantine persecution, Muslim occupation, and conquest by the Crusaders.由人口的很大一部分的支持,詹姆士教堂幸存下来的拜占庭式的迫害,穆斯林占领和征服的十字军。During the medieval period, a number of Jacobites became well known in the Muslim world, particularly as medical doctors and historians.在中世纪时期,成为著名的医生和历史学家,特别是在穆斯林世界的Jacobites。

Headed by a patriarch of Antioch, who actually resides in Damascus, Syria, the church is sometimes designated as Syrian Orthodox.由族长的安提阿,究竟是谁居住在大马士革,叙利亚领导,有时被指定为叙利亚东正教教堂。The term Jacobite is also applied to the ancient Christian church of Malabâr, in India, which affiliated itself with the Syrian church in the 16th century but is independent today.长期詹姆士也适用于马拉巴尔古老的基督教教堂,隶属于在16世纪的叙利亚教堂本身,而是今天是独立的“印度。In Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, the Jacobite faithful number approximately 100,000.在叙利亚,黎巴嫩和伊拉克,詹姆士忠实数量约10万。Small communities have been established in the US小社区已在美国成立

Officially, the Jacobite church, maintaining its opposition to the Council of Chalcedon, confesses the "one divine-human nature" of Christ (Monophysitism).据官方统计,詹姆士教堂,维持其反对Chalcedon委员会,交代基督(基督一)“一个神人的本性”。 It is separated from both Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy but is in communion with the other Non-Chalcedonian, or Oriental Orthodox, churches - the Armenian, the Coptic, and the Ethiopian.它是脱离罗马天主教和东正教,但在共融与其他非Chalcedonian,或东方东正教教堂 - 亚美尼亚,科普特人,和埃塞俄比亚。It uses Syriac as its liturgical language and keeps the ancient liturgical tradition of the church of Antioch.它使用叙利亚文礼仪语言,使古老的安提阿教会的礼仪传统。Its entire membership speaks Arabic.全体成员讲阿拉伯语。

Rev. John Meyendorff牧师约翰Meyendorff

Oriental Orthodox Church东方东正教

Orthodox Church Information东正教信息

The term Oriental Orthodox refers to the churches of Eastern Christian traditions that keep the faith of only the first three Ecumenical Councils of the Orthodox Church - the councils of Nicea I, Constantinople I and Ephesus.长期东方东正教是指东基督教传统的教会,使只有前三个基督教议会东正教的信仰-我尼西亚,君士坦丁堡我和以弗所议会。 The Oriental Orthodox churches rejected the dogmatic definitions of the Council of Chalcedon (AD 451).东方的东正教教堂拒绝Chalcedon委员会(公元451年)的教条式的定义。

Thus, despite potentially confusing nomenclature, Oriental Orthodox churches are distinct from the churches that collectively are referred to as Eastern Orthodoxy .因此,尽管潜在的混淆的术语,东方东正教教堂统称东正教教堂被称为是不同的。

The Oriental Orthodox churches came to a parting of the ways with the remainder of Christianity in the 5th century.来到东方的东正教教堂与基督教在公元5世纪的其余部分的方式离别。 The separation resulted in part from the Oriental Orthodox churches' refusal to accept the Christological dogmas promulgated by the Council of Chalcedon, which held that Jesus Christ is in two natures - one divine and one human, although these were inseparable.从东方的东正教教堂拒绝接受基督的教条,认为耶稣基督是两个性质Chalcedon委员会颁布 - 一个神圣的,一个人的分离,导致部分,虽然这些是密不可分的。To the hierarchs who would lead the Oriental Orthodox, this was tantamount to accepting Nestorianism. hierarchs会导致东方东正教,这等于接受景教。In response, they advocated a formula that stressed unity of the Incarnation over all other considerations, that being "one nature of God the Word Incarnate", "of/from two natures" in and after the union.响应,他们主张的化身,超过所有其他的考虑,强调团结的公式,是“神的化身”,“两个性质”后,工会和/性质。The Oriental Orthodox churches are therefore often called "Monophysite" churches, although they reject this label, which is associated with Eutychian Monophysitism, preferring the term non-Chalcedonian or Miaphysite churches.东方的东正教教堂,因此通常被称为“基督一性”的教会,但他们拒绝这个标签,这是与Eutychian基督一, 宁愿长期Chalcedonian或Miaphysite教堂。Oriental Orthodox Christians anathematize the Monophysite teachings of Eutyches.东方东正教徒诅咒Eutyches的基督一性的教义。They are sometimes also known as anti-Chalcedonians .他们有时也被称为反Chalcedonians。

In the 20th century, a number of dialogues have occurred between the Oriental Orthodox and the Chalcedonian Orthodox which suggest that both communions now share a common Christology with differing terminology. As yet, full communion has not been restored. 在20世纪,对话时有发生,这表明两个圣餐现在共享一个共同的基督不同的术语之间的东方东正教和Chalcedonian东正教 。尚未完全共融仍未恢复。There have also been some agreed Christological statements issued in conjunction with the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox (Chalcedonian) family (Ecumenical Patriarchate and official representatives of other Eastern Orthodox Churches) [1].也有一些与罗马天主教会和东正教(Chalcedonian)家庭(普世牧首和其他东正教教堂的官方代表)[1]一起发出同意基督报表。

Oriental Orthodox Communion东方东正教圣餐

Churches of the Oriental Orthodox Communion东方东正教的教堂圣餐

Autocephalous Churches独立的教会


Autonomous Churches自治区教会

Armenia :亚美尼亚
Alexandria :亚历山大
Antioch :安提阿
Jacobite Indian詹姆士印度

The Oriental Orthodox Communion is a group of churches within Oriental Orthodoxy which are in full communion with each other [2].东方东正教圣餐是一组在东方正统教会的完全共融与对方[2]。 The communion includes:共融包括:

Assyrian Church of the East东方亚述教会

The Assyrian Church of the East is sometimes considered an Oriental Orthodox Church, although it is not in communion with Oriental Orthodox churches and they have a Nestorian or Nestorian-like Christology that differs from the declaration of the Council of Chalcedon in an opposite way from the Miaphysites.东方亚述教会有时被认为是东方的东正教教堂,虽然它不是在共融与东方的东正教教堂,他们有景教或景教,像基督,从Chalcedon委员会的声明不同,从相反的方向Miaphysites。 By the time of the Monophysite controversy, the Assyrians had already separated from the Orthodox Church with the Council of Ephesus.基督一性的争议时,亚述人已经分开与东正教教堂理事会的以弗所。The Church follows the East Syrian rite.教会如下东叙利亚成年礼。

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Armenian Church亚美尼亚教堂

Coptic Church科普特教堂

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