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In the Bible, Jacob was the grandson of Abraham and Sarah, the son of Isaac and Rebecca, and the traditional ancestor of all Israel. Jacob obtained his prominence in the line of Abraham by tricking his elder twin brother Esau out of both his birthright and his paternal blessing (Gen. 25:29-34; 27:1-41).在“圣经”中,雅各是亚伯拉罕和撒拉,以撒和利百加的儿子孙子,所有以色列。雅各布传统的祖先获得通过欺骗他的更老的双胞胎哥哥以扫的他与生俱来的权利行亚伯拉罕和他的突出他的父亲的祝福(创25:29-34; 27:1-41)。As he fled from the enraged Esau, Jacob had a dream at Bethel of angels ascending and descending a ladder to heaven (Gen. 28:10-22).正如他逃离激怒扫,雅各有一个梦想天使伯特利升序和降序一个上天的阶梯“(创28:10-22)。He married his cousins Rachel and Leah and worked 20 years for their father, Laban, in Haran.他娶了他的表兄弟拉结和利亚和他​​们的父亲,拉班,工作20年,在哈兰。He later wrestled with an angel, who gave him the name Israel (Gen. 32:22-32), and was reconciled with Esau. Jacob's 12 sons were the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel; Jacob's favorite was Joseph.后来,他与天使搏斗的,谁给他的名字以色列(创32:22-32),并不甘心以扫雅各的12个儿子,以色列12个部落的祖先;雅各最喜欢的是约瑟夫

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Hendel, RS, The Epic of the Patriarch (1988); Wiesel, Elie, Messengers of God (1976; repr. 1985).亨德尔,RS,祖师(1988)史诗;威塞尔,埃利,上帝的使者(1976年,1985年再版)。

(NOTE: In Genesis 32:28; 35:10, God told Jacob that his name was no longer Jacob, but Israel. Therefore, his twelve children and their descendents are described as the Twelve Tribes of Israel.) (注:在创世记32:28,35:10,神告诉雅各,他的名字不再是雅各,但以色列因此,他的12名儿童和他们的后代作为以色列的十二支派。)

Originally, the twelve tribes were identified by the names of the twelve sons of Jacob: Joseph, Judah, Issachar, Benjamin, Levi, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Simeon, Dan, Zebulun, Reuben.雅各的十二个儿子的名字:约瑟,犹大,以萨迦,本杰明,李维斯,拿弗他利,迦得,亚设,西缅,丹,西布伦,鲁本本来,确定了十二个支派。 Later, Jacob told Joseph that he would treat Joseph's two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, as his own.后来,雅各告诉约瑟夫,他将对待约瑟的两个儿子,玛拿西和以法莲,因为自己的。At that time, those two tribes replaced Joseph and Levi among the Twelve:当时,这两个部落之间的十二取代的约瑟夫和列维:

Much of the Old Testament records an assortment of political intrigues among the leaders of the twelve tribes.旧约的大部分记录分类的12个部落领导人之间的政治阴谋。

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Numbers Chapter 1-4民数记章1-4

Number and Order of the Tribes部落的数量和顺序

The Tribes Arranged部落编曲
c.C.2 What was the rallying point for each family in the camp (2)?2什么是每个家庭在营地的着力点(2)?We do not know the colors or forms of these ensigns, but possibly they were copied after Egypt minus their idolatrous symbols, and were of a fan-like form made of feathers, shawls, etc., and lifted on long poles.我们不知道这些少尉的颜色或形式,但他们可能被复制后,埃及减去其偶像崇拜的符号,和羽毛,披肩等作出了扇形的形式,而长极解除。 Some think they were symbols borrowed from Jacob's blessing on the tribes, and that Judah's ensign was a lion, Benjamin's a wolf, and so on.有人认为他们是借用雅各的祝福的部落的符号,和犹大的少尉是一头狮子,本杰明的狼,等等。Perhaps the color was determined by the precious stone representing the tribe in the high priest's breastplate.也许是由珍贵的代表在大祭司的胸牌部落的石头的颜色。Were the tribes, other than the Levites, allowed to pitch their tents near the tabernacle (2)?部落,利未人以外,允许在球场附近的幕(2)他们的帐篷?Which tribes took the lead on the march (3-9)?三月(3-9)导致哪个部落?What seems to have formed the central company (17)?似乎已经形成了中央企业(17)?

The Remaining Tribes剩余部落

(1 Chronicles Chapter 1-9) (历代志章1-9)

cc. CC。7-8 These tribes include Issachar (7:1-5); Benjamin (vv. 6-12); Naphtali (v. 13); Manasseh (vv. 14-19); Ephraim (vv. 20-29); Asher (vv. 30-40); the chief men of Benjamin (8:1-32); the house of Saul (vv. 33-40) [?].7-8这些部落包括萨迦(7:1-5);本杰明(vv. 6-12);拿弗他利(13节);玛拿西(14-19节);以法莲(20-​​29节);灰粉(vv. 30-40);本杰明行政男子(8:1-32);扫罗家(vv. 33-40)[?]。Two tribes are omitted, Dan and Zebulon, but why, no one can determine.省略了两个部落,丹和Zebulon,但为什么没有人能确定。In the case of Dan, perhaps, it is judicial punishment because of their early and almost total fall into idolatry.在丹的情况下,也许,这是由于其早期和几乎全部陷入偶像崇拜的秋天的司法惩罚。They are omitted again in the list of Revelation 8.启示录8名单中,他们再次被忽略。Zebulon's omission is more difficult to explain.Zebulon的遗漏,更难以解释。It was a small tribe, especially just before and whose territory included Nazareth where Jesus dwelt.这是一个小部落,特别是之前,其领土包括拿撒勒耶稣住的地方。


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Tribe of Zebulun部落西布伦

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The Tribe of Zebulun numbered at Sinai (Num. 1:31) and before entering Canaan (26:27).西布伦支派的人数在西奈山(民数记1:31),在进入迦南地(26:27)之前。It was one of the tribes which did not drive out the Canaanites, but only made them tributary (Judg. 1:30).这是没有赶出迦南人的部落之一,但只让他们支流(Judg. 1:30)。It took little interest in public affairs.它发生在公共事务的兴趣不大。It responded, however, readily to the summons of Gideon (6:35), and afterwards assisted in enthroning David at Hebron (1 Chr. 12:33, 40).然而,它的反应,容易基甸(6:35)的传票,并随后在推崇大卫在希伯伦(1 CHR 12点33分,40)协助。Along with the other northern tribes, Zebulun was carried away into the land of Assyria by Tiglath-pileser (2 Kings 15:29).随着北方其他部落,西布伦进行到亚述土地Tiglath pileser(2国王15:29)。In Deborah's song the words, "Out of Zebulun they that handle the pen of the writer" (Judg. 5:14) has been rendered in the RV, "They that handle the marshal's staff." Deborah的歌曲的话来说,“走出西布伦他们处理的作家的笔”(Judg. 5:14)已经呈现在RV“,他们认为处理元帅的工作人员。”This is a questionable rendering.这是一个值得商榷的渲染。"The word sopher ('scribe' or 'writer') defines the word shebhet ('rod' or 'pen') with which it is conjoined. The 'rod of the scribe' on the Assyrian monuments was the stylus of wood or metal, with the help of which the clay tablet was engraved, or the papyrus inscribed with characters. The scribe who wielded it was the associate and assistant of the 'lawgivers.'" (Sayce). “这个词sopher(”隶“或”作家“),定义它是连体字shebhet(”棒“或”笔“)。亚述纪念碑上的”隶棒“是木制或金属的手写笔,其中泥板雕刻,或刻有字符的纸莎草纸。挥起,隶,联营公司及助理“lawgivers。”(塞斯)的帮助。

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Tribe of Reuben部落鲁

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The Tribe of Reuben, at the Exodus numbered 46,500 male adults, from twenty years old and upwards (Num. 1:20, 21), and at the close of the wilderness wanderings they numbered only 43,730 (26:7).流便支派,在出埃及记编号46500成年男性,20岁及以上(民数记1:20,21),并在旷野流浪的密切,他们人数只有43730人(26:7)。 This tribe united with that of Gad in asking permission to settle in the "land of Gilead," "on the other side of Jordan" (32:1-5).这与迦得支派美国要求获准定居的“基列地”,“对约旦的另一边”(32:1-5)。The lot assigned to Reuben was the smallest of the lots given to the trans-Jordanic tribes.分配到鲁本的很多是最小的跨Jordanic部落地段。It extended from the Arnon, in the south along the coast of the Dead Sea to its northern end, where the Jordan flows into it (Josh. 13:15-21, 23).从亚嫩延长其北端,其中约旦(约书亚记13:15-21,23)流动的,在南方,沿死海海岸。It thus embraced the original kingdom of Sihon.因此,它接受了西宏的原始王国。Reuben is "to the eastern tribes what Simeon is to the western. 'Unstable as water,' he vanishes away into a mere Arabian tribe. 'His men are few;' it is all he can do 'to live and not die.'鲁本是“水”的,什么西麦是西部的东部部落不稳定,“他消失,变成一个单纯的阿拉伯部落”他的人很少。“这是所有他能做到”住,并没有死。“ We hear of nothing beyond the multiplication of their cattle in the land of Gilead, their spoils of 'camels fifty thousand, and of asses two thousand' (1 Chr. 5:9, 10, 20, 21). In the great struggles of the nation he never took part. The complaint against him in the song of Deborah is the summary of his whole history. 'By the streams of Reuben,' ie, by the fresh streams which descend from the eastern hills into the Jordan and the Dead Sea, on whose banks the Bedouin chiefs met then as now to debate, in the 'streams' of Reuben great were the 'desires'", ie, resolutions which were never carried out, the people idly resting among their flocks as if it were a time of peace (Judg. 5:15, 16).我们听到了两千年“(1 CHR。5:9,10,20,21)没有超越他们的牛的繁殖,在基列的土地,他们的战利品”骆驼五万,和驴。伟大斗争民族的,他从来没有参加。德博拉歌曲对他的申诉是他的整个历史的总结。'鲁流“,即新鲜流从东部丘陵下降到约旦死海海,“欲望”,即,这是从来没有开展的各项决议,坐视不管他们的羊群之间的休息就好像它是人民银行的贝都因人的酋长会见了当时和现在进行辩论,在“流”鲁很大,一个和平的时间(Judg. 5:15,16)。Stanley's Sinai and Palestine.士丹利的西奈半岛和巴勒斯坦。All the three tribes on the east of Jordan at length fell into complete apostasy, and the time of retribution came.约旦东部的三个长度部落陷入完全背道,和时间的报应来了。God "stirred up the spirit of Pul, king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria," to carry them away, the first of the tribes, into captivity (1 Chr. 5:25, 26).神“激起了精神,亚述王普勒,和Tiglath pileser,亚述王,本着”以他们离开,到圈养(1染色体。5:25,26)部落。

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Tribe of Simeon部落西麦

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The Tribe of Simeon was "divided and scattered" according to the prediction in Gen. 49:5-7.西缅支派的是“分而散”,根据预测,在创49:5-7。They gradually dwindled in number, and sank into a position of insignificance among the other tribes.他们逐渐减少的数量,和其他部落之间的渺小的位置沉没。They decreased in the wilderness by about two-thirds (comp. Num. 1:23; 26:14).他们在旷野减少约三分之二(comp.数1:23; 26:14)。Moses pronounces no blessing on this tribe.摩西宣告没有这个部落的祝福。It is passed by in silence (Deut. 33).它是通过在沉默中(申命记33)。This tribe received as their portion a part of the territory already allotted to Judah (Josh. 19:1-9).这个部落收到他们的部分已经分配给犹大(约书亚记19:1-9)的领土的一部分。It lay in the south-west of the land, with Judah on the east and Dan on the north; but whether it was a compact territory or not cannot be determined.奠定在西南部的土地,在东部和北部的丹犹大,但它是否是一个紧凑的领土或不能确定。The subsequent notices of this tribe are but few (1 Chr. 4:24-43).这个部落的后续通知,但少数(1染色体。4:24-43)。Like Reuben on the east of Jordan, this tribe had little influence on the history of Israel.佐敦东鲁一样,这个部落的以色列历史上影响不大。

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Tribe of Ephraim部落以法莲

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The Tribe of Ephraim took precedence over that of Manasseh by virtue of Jacob's blessing (Gen. 41:52; 48:1).以法莲支派接手玛拿西凭借雅各的祝福(创41:52; 48:1)的优先级。The descendants of Joseph formed two of the tribes of Israel, whereas each of the other sons of Jacob was the founder of only one tribe.约瑟的后裔形成了两名以色列支派,而雅各的其他儿子都只有一个部落的创始人。Thus there were in reality thirteen tribes; but the number twelve was preserved by excluding that of Levi when Ephraim and Manasseh are mentioned separately (Num. 1:32-34; Josh. 17:14, 17; 1 Chr. 7:20).因此在现实十三部落有,但不包括列维时以法莲和玛拿西单独提及12号保存(民数记1:32-34;乔什17点14分,17; 1 CHR 7:20) 。

At the time of the first census in the wilderness this tribe numbered 40,500 (Num. 1:32, 33); forty years later, when about to take possession of the Promised Land, it numbered only 32,500.在旷野中的第一次人口普查时,在这个部落的编号为40500(民数记1:32,33); 40年后,当即将拥有乐土,人数只有32500。During the march Ephraim's place was on the west side of the tabernacle (Num. 2:18-24).在三月以法莲的地方是在帐幕(民数记2:18-24)西侧。When the spies were sent out to spy the land, "Oshea the son of Nun" of this tribe signalized himself.当间谍被派出间谍土地,“Oshea嫩的儿子”这个部落的灯号自己。The boundaries of the portion of the land assigned to Ephraim are given in Josh.在乔什部分的土地分配给以法莲的界限。 16:1-10.16:1-10。It included most of what was afterwards called Samaria as distinguished from Judea and Galilee.它包括后来被称为撒玛利亚从朱迪亚和加利利杰出最。It thus lay in the centre of all traffic, from north to south, and from Jordan to the sea, and was about 55 miles long and 30 broad.由此奠定在所有交通的中心,从北到南,从约旦到大海,并约55公里长,30广泛。The tabernacle and the ark were deposited within its limits at Shiloh, where it remained for four hundred years.希洛四百年,它仍然会幕和约柜沉积在它的极限。

During the time of the judges and the first stage of the monarchy this tribe manifested a domineering and haughty and discontented spirit.在法官和君主制的第一阶段的时间,这个部落表现出霸气和高傲和不满的精神。"For more than five hundred years, a period equal to that which elapsed between the Norman Conquest and the War of the Roses, Ephraim, with its two dependent tribes of Manasseh and Benjamin, exercised undisputed pre-eminence. Joshua the first conqueror, Gideon the greatest of the judges, and Saul the first king, belonged to one or other of the three tribes. It was not till the close of the first period of Jewish history that God 'refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim, but chose the tribe of Judah, the Mount Zion which he loved' (Ps. 78: 67, 68). “超过五百多年来,等于这之间的诺曼征服和玫瑰,以法莲,玛拿西和本杰明依赖它的两个部落的战争,经过一段时间行使无可争议的主导地位。约书亚的第一个征服者,吉迪恩最伟大的法官,和第一个国王扫罗的,属于一个或其他三个部落,这是犹太历史的第一期结束,直到神“拒绝约瑟的帐幕,并选择部落以法莲,而是选择了他爱“(诗篇78:67,68),锡安山的犹太部落。

When the ark was removed from Shiloh to Zion the power of Ephraim was humbled." Among the causes which operated to bring about the disruption of Israel was Ephraim's jealousy of the growing power of Judah. From the settlement of Canaan till the time of David and Solomon, Ephraim had held the place of honour among the tribes. It occupied the central and fairest portions of the land, and had Shiloh and Shechem within its borders. But now when Jerusalem became the capital of the kingdom, and the centre of power and worship for the whole nation of Israel, Ephraim declined in influence. The discontent came to a crisis by Rehoboam's refusal to grant certain redresses that were demanded (1 Kings 12). (Easton Illustrated Dictionary)当方舟是从希洛删除锡安以法莲的权力谦卑“的原因其中经营带来关于在以色列的破坏是以法莲的犹大增长的电力嫉妒中。结算迦南,直到在大卫的时间和所罗门,以法莲举行了各部落的荣誉。它占领的土地,中央和公平的部分,并在其边界内希洛和示剑,但现在当耶路撒冷成为王国的首都,和权力中心以色列全民族的崇拜,以法莲的影响力下降的不满罗波安拒绝给予一定能纠正,要求(1国王12)危机(伊斯顿说明字典)

Tribe of Judah部落的犹大

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Judah and his three surviving sons went down with Jacob into Egypt (Gen. 46:12; Ex. 1:2).犹大和他的三个幸存的儿子去与雅各到埃及(创46:12;前1:2)。At the time of the Exodus, when we meet with the family of Judah again, they have increased to the number of 74,000 males (Num. 1:26, 27).在出埃及记的时候,当我们再次见面的犹太家庭,他们已增加至74,000名男性(民数记1:26,27)。Its number increased in the wilderness (26:22).它的数量增加了在旷野(26:22)。Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, represented the tribe as one of the spies (13:6; 34:19).耶孚尼的儿子迦勒,代表部落的间谍之一(13:6; 34:19)。This tribe marched at the van on the east of the tabernacle (Num. 2:3-9; 10:14), its standard, as is supposed, being a lion's whelp.这个部落走在面包车上的窝棚以东(民数记2:3-9; 10:14),其标准,是应该的,狮子的幼龙。 Under Caleb, during the wars of conquest, they conquered that portion of the country which was afterwards assigned to them as their inheritance.在迦勒,征服战争期间,他们征服了,后来被分配作为其继承国的一部分。This was the only case in which any tribe had its inheritance thus determined (Josh. 14:6-15; 15:13-19).这是唯一的情况下,在任何部落从而确定其继承(约书亚记14:6-15; 15:13-19)。The inheritance of the tribe of Judah was at first fully one-third of the whole country west of Jordan, in all about 2,300 square miles (Josh. 15).犹大支派的继承是在约旦的全国西部首个完全三分之一,在所有大约2300平方英里(约书亚记15)。But there was a second distribution, when Simeon received an allotment, about 1,000 square miles, out of the portion of Judah (Josh. 19:9).但有第二次分配,当西麦收到一个配发,约1000平方英里的犹太部分(约书亚记19:9),。 That which remained to Judah was still very large in proportion to the inheritance of the other tribes.说,这仍然犹大是非常大比例的其他部落的继承。

The boundaries of the territory are described in Josh.乔希在领土的边界。15:20-63.15:20-63。This territory given to Judah was divided into four sections.犹大领土被分为四个部分。(1.) The south (Heb. negeb), the undulating pasture-ground between the hills and the desert to the south (Josh. 15:21.) This extent of pasture-land became famous as the favourite camping-ground of the old patriarchs. (1)南(希伯来negeb),起伏的丘陵和沙漠南(约书亚记15时21分)。牧场土地的程度牧场地面成名喜爱的露营地老族长。(2.) The "valley" (15:33) or lowland (Heb. shephelah), a broad strip lying between the central highlands and the Mediterranean.(2)“谷”(15:33)或低地(希伯来shephelah),躺在中央高原和地中海之间的广阔地带。 This tract was the garden as well as the granary of the tribe.这道的花园,以及部落的粮仓。(3.) The "hill-country," or the mountains of Judah, an elevated plateau stretching from below Hebron northward to Jerusalem.(3)“山国”,或犹大的山区,高原高架,从下面希伯伦延伸北上耶路撒冷。"The towns and villages were generally perched on the tops of hills or on rocky slopes. The resources of the soil were great. The country was rich in corn, wine, oil, and fruit; and the daring shepherds were able to lead their flocks far out over the neighbouring plains and through the mountains." “城镇和村庄一般栖息在丘陵的顶部或在岩石斜坡土壤的资源是巨大的,该国丰富的玉米,酒,油,水果和;。大胆的牧羊人,能够带领他们的羊群远在邻近的平原和通过山。“ The number of towns in this district was thirty-eight (Josh. 15:48-60).在这个地区的城镇数量为三十八个(约书亚记15:48-60)。 (4.) The "wilderness," the sunken district next the Dead Sea (Josh. 15:61), "averaging 10 miles in breadth, a wild, barren, uninhabitable region, fit only to afford scanty pasturage for sheep and goats, and a secure home for leopards, bears, wild goats, and outlaws" (1 Sam. 17:34; 22:1; Mark 1:13). (4)“荒野”死海旁边的沉船区(约书亚记15:61),“平均10英里,在广度上,野生的,贫瘠,不适宜居住的地区,只适合负担微薄放牧绵羊和山羊,为豹,熊,野羊,和不法分子的安全的家“(1萨姆17时34分;。22:1;马克1:13)。 It was divided into the "wilderness of En-gedi" (1 Sam. 24:1), the "wilderness of Judah" (Judg. 1:16; Matt. 3:1), between the Hebron mountain range and the Dead Sea, the "wilderness of Maon" (1 Sam. 23:24).它分为“恩格迪荒野”(撒上24:1)。,“犹大旷野”(Judg. 1:16;马特3:1)希伯伦山脉和死海之间的, “玛云的旷野”(1萨姆。23时24分)。It contained only six cities.它包含了只有六个城市。Nine of the cities of Judah were assigned to the priests (Josh. 21:9-19).犹大的城邑九被分配到的祭司(约书亚记21:9-19)。

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Tribe of Naphtali部落拿弗他利

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On this tribe Jacob pronounced the patriarchal blessing, "Naphtali is a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words" (Gen. 49:21).在这个部落雅各布显着重男轻女的祝福,“拿弗他利是一个后放开:他所赐秀雅的话”(创49:21)。It was intended thus to set forth under poetic imagery the future character and history of the tribe.因此,它的目的是根据诗的意象设置提出了未来的性格和部落的历史。At the time of the Exodus this tribe numbered 53,400 adult males (Num. 1:43), but at the close of the wanderings they numbered only 45,400 (26:48-50).在出埃及记的时候这个部落的编号为53400的成年男性(民数记1:43),但他们在密切的流浪人数只有45400人(26:48-50)。 Along with Dan and Asher they formed "the camp of Dan," under a common standard (2:25-31), occupying a place during the march on the north side of the tabernacle.随着丹和灰粉,他们成立了“丹”的阵营,在一个共同的标准(2:25-31),在行军途中占领帐幕北边的一个地方。 The possession assigned to this tribe is set forth in Josh.分配给这个部落拥有载于乔希。19:32-39.19:32-39。It lay in the north-eastern corner of the land, bounded on the east by the Jordan and the lakes of Merom and Galilee, and on the north it extended far into Coele-Syria, the valley between the two Lebanon ranges.它奠定在东北角的土地,由约旦和Merom和加利利湖,东界,北延伸到Coele叙利亚,黎巴嫩两国范围山谷。

It comprehended a greater variety of rich and beautiful scenery and of soil and climate than fell to the lot of any other tribe.理解一个丰富和美丽的风景和更多种类的土壤和气候比下跌的任何其他部落的很多。The territory of Naphtali extended to about 800 square miles, being the double of that of Issachar.拿弗他利境内扩展到约800平方英里,以萨迦双。The region around Kedesh, one of its towns, was originally called Galil, a name afterwards given to the whole northern division of Canaan.周围的基低斯,其城镇之一,地区最初被称为加利尔,一个名字后,给整个迦南北部分工。A large number of foreigners settled here among the mountains, and hence it was called "Galilee of the Gentiles" (qv), Matt.大量的外国人在这里定居在山中,因此它被称为“外邦人的加利利”(QV),马特。4:15, 16.4:15,16。The southern portion of Naphtali has been called the "Garden of Palestine."拿弗他利的南端,被称为“巴勒斯坦的花园。”It was of unrivalled fertility.它是无与伦比的生育。It was the principal scene of our Lord's public ministry.这是我们的主的公共事务部的主要场景。Here most of his parables were spoken and his miracles wrought.他比喻中​​的大多数人发言,他的奇迹造成的。This tribe was the first to suffer from the invasion of Benhadad, king of Syria, in the reigns of Baasha, king of Israel, and Asa, king of Judah (1 Kings 15:20; 2 Chr. 16:4).这个部落是第一个遭受入侵叙利亚王Benhadad,巴沙,以色列王和犹大王亚撒(1国王队15:20; 2 CHR 16:4)的统治。In the reign of Pekah, king of Israel, the Assyrians under Tiglath-pileser swept over the whole north of Israel, and carried the people into captivity (2 Kings 15:29).比加在位,以色列王,亚述人在Tiglath - pileser席卷了整个以色列北部,并进行到圈养(2国王15:29)人。Thus the kingdom of Israel came to an end (BC 722).因此,以色列的王国来结束(公元前722年)。Naphtali is now almost wholly a desert, the towns of Tiberias, on the shore of the Lake of Galilee, and Safed being the only places in it of any importance.拿弗他现在几乎全是沙漠,城镇太巴列,加利利湖岸边,和Safed的任何重要性只在它的地方。

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