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Aryan is a term formerly used to denote both a linguistic and an assumed racial category related to the language family now known as Indo-European.雅利安人是以前用来表示一种语言都假定种族类别和相关的语族现在印欧语系著名的术语。Early scholars, struck by similarities among ancient Indian languages such as Sanskrit and ancient European languages such as Latin and Greek, hypothesized the existence not only of a proto-Indo-European language but also of a proto-Indo-European racial group, the Aryans.早期的学者,如由其中梵文和拉丁文和希腊等欧洲语言古印度古代语言相通来袭,假设不仅是一个原始印欧语也是一个原始印欧种族群体的存在,雅利安人。 This group, it was argued, had spread into South Asia and Europe from a Central Asian homeland in a series of migrations during the 2d millennium BC.这个小组,有人主张,已蔓延到南亚和欧洲,从中央在一个在二维公元前迁移系列亚洲家园。Thus it was argued that, in contrast to the darker-skinned Dravidians of southern India, the northern Indians were, racially speaking, Aryans, sharing a common descent with the peoples of Western Europe.因此,有人认为,相对于印度南部的深色皮肤的Dravidians,北部印第安人,种族来说,雅利安人,共享与西欧各国人民共同的血统。

Today, such arguments about racial origins are usually seen as little more than speculation.今天,大约种族起源等参数通常被视为比投机更小。The term Aryan is now used to designate the Indo-Iranian languages, or more narrowly, the Indo-Aryan (Indic) branch of that family.雅利安一词现在用于指定印度 - 伊朗语言,或更窄,印度 - 雅利安人(印度语)的家庭分支。It was among the Aryan-speaking peoples of northern India during the 2d and 1st millennia BC that the religion of Hinduism and the institutions of Caste first developed.这是印度北部之间的雅利安语在2D和公元前一千年的印度教和种姓宗教院校首次开发的人民。

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