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In the sixteenth century questions arose about how much the influence of Calvin should be allowed to penetrate into Lutheranism.在十六世纪出现的问题多少影响了卡尔文应允许渗透到路德教。Philip Melanchthon and some of his followers (Philippists) were accused of being too accommodating to Calvin's doctrines and of thus practicing Crypto - Calvinism, or "secret" Calvinism, whereby Calvin's views were covertly being held by members of the Lutheran church.菲利普梅兰希顿和他的一些追随者(Philippists)被指责过于迁就卡尔文的教义和由此执业加密 - 加尔文主义,或“秘密”加尔文主义,即加尔文的观点暗合正由路德教会的成员举行。In particular, controversies raged over the Lord's Supper, with debates taking place in Heidelberg, Bremen, and Saxony.特别是,争议肆虐过主的晚餐,与参加海德堡,不来梅和萨克森州进行的辩论。

In 1552 Joachim Westphal, an ardent Lutheran, published a book which pointed out divergences between Luther and Calvin, including their differences on the Lord's Supper.在1552约阿希姆韦斯特法尔,一个热烈的路德,出版了一本书,指出路德和卡尔文之间的分歧,包括对主的晚餐的分歧。 Strict Lutherans held views of the ubiquity (omnipresence) of Christ's glorified body, its physical presence in the supper, and the partaking of Christ's body by unbelievers.严格路德会召开的基督荣耀的身体无处不在(无所不在),其实际存在的晚饭,和基督的身体由信徒圣餐意见。 Melanchthon, however, inclined toward Calvin's view on these issues that Christ was genuinely present at the supper but in a spiritual way, but he did not wish to commit himself publicly.梅兰希顿,然而,倾向于加尔文对这些问题的看法,基督是真正的存在,但在晚饭精神的方式,但他不希望自己的公开承诺。 His spirit of conciliation toward the Reformed had earlier led him to change his Augsburg Confession by omitting from its article on the supper the phrase "truly present" and the condemnation of opposite views (1542).他对改革的和解精神早前促使他改变其文章的晚餐省略语“真正存在”和(1542)相反的意见谴责他的奥格斯堡认罪。 But after Melanchthon's death, his views were declared to have been the same as Luther's.但在梅兰希顿死后,他的观点被宣布已与路德的相同。

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The Elector Augustus of Wittenberg declared the Philippists to be enemies of the state, expelling or imprisoning all of their leaders.维滕贝格选民的奥古斯都宣布Philippists成为国家的敌人,驱逐或监禁的所有的领导人。 In 1574 a commemorative medal was struck celebrating true Lutheranism's victory. 1574年纪念奖章庆祝真正感到震惊路德教的胜利。The Formula of Concord (1577) formalized theologically the rejection of the view of Calvin and his followers that the "true, essential, and living body and blood of Christ" become truly present in the Holy Supper only "spiritually by faith."该公式的康科德(1577)正式神学的加尔文和他的追随者认为,“真正的,本质的,活体和基督的血”成为真正的唯一神圣的晚餐目前拒收“精神的信心。”

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