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Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Campbellites基督教会(基督的门徒),Campbellites

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The Disciples of Christ, or Christian Church, is part of the largest religious movement to have originated in the United States.基督或基督教堂,弟子是中国最大的宗教运动在美国起源的一部分。 The church numbers approximately 1.1 million members in the United States and Canada, and does overseas work in many other countries.教会人数约110万成员,在美国和加拿大,并在海外工作的其他许多国家。The church had its beginnings in Kentucky and western Pennsylvania in 1804 - 09.教会曾在肯塔基州和宾夕法尼亚州西部在1804年它的起点 - 09。

Kentucky Presbyterian minister Barton W Stone and others who shared his liberal views on pulpit freedom and on associations across denominational lines withdrew from the Presbyterians to become "Christian only."肯塔基州长老部长巴顿W斯通和其他人谁分享了讲坛上跨教派的自由,他的自由观点线协会退出了长老会成为“基督徒而已。” Pennsylvanian Thomas Campbell split with the Presbyterians over his right to serve the Lord's Supper to Christians of different persuasions.宾夕法尼亚托马斯贝尔在他的分裂发球权主的晚餐的不同派别的基督徒的长老会。 The two groups united in 1832 as Campbell's son Alexander Campbell became the prominent figure in the movement.这两个在1832年团结一致,坎贝尔的儿子亚历山大坎贝尔集团成为在运动中的著名人物。

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In the 20th century there have been two separations: finding the "law" of Christian life exclusively in the New Testament, the Churches of Christ objected to musical instruments in worship and officially withdrew in 1906; the North American Christian Convention, another conservative faction, pulled away gradually between 1926 and 1969 and became known as the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.在20世纪出现了两个分离:找到在新约中的“法”的基督徒的生活完全是基督的教会反对乐器崇拜和正式在1906年退出;北美基督教公约,另一个保守派,之间的距离逐渐拉1926年和1969年,后来被基督教会和基督教会知道。 In 1968 the mainstream of the Disciples of Christ restructured itself, with a General Assembly directing operations.1968年的基督信徒的主流重组本身,与大会的指导操作。

Due to their origin as a protest against denominational exclusiveness, the Disciples are characterized by a commitment to interdenominational activity, autonomy in its levels of polity, and general liberality.由于其作为反对排外抗议教派的起源,弟子的特点是一个教派活动,在其政体的自主权,而一般的慷慨承诺。They claim to have no official doctrine; membership ordinarily requires only a confession of belief in Jesus Christ and subsequent baptism by immersion of its adult believers.他们声称没有正式的教义;成员通常只需要在耶稣基督和其成年信徒的信仰告白洗礼后浸泡。The custom is to have the Lord's Supper central to every worship service and to have lay people regularly preside.自定义是有主的晚餐中央每礼拜,并有信徒定期主持。Its General Assembly argues social, political, and moral positions with the understanding that no one can be bound by its decisions.大会认为它与任何人可以通过它的决定的约束认识社会,政治和道德​​立场。The church has ordained women almost since its inception.教堂有受戒几乎自成立以来的女性。

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Garrison, WE, Christian Unity and the Disciples of Christ (1965).驻军,WE,基督教团结和基督(1965)的弟子。

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)基督教会(基督的门徒)

General Information一般资料

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is an American Protestant denomination that emerged during frontier revivals in early 19th-century Pennsylvania and Kentucky.基督教会(基督的门徒)是美国的新教教派,在边疆的复兴出现在早期的19世纪宾夕法尼亚州和肯塔基州。Its founders hoped to serve as a unifying force among Protestants.它的创办人希望作为新教徒之间的凝聚力。The Bible, particularly the New Testament, is the sole ecclesiastical authority for the Disciples of Christ.圣经,尤其是新约,是唯一的基督门徒教会的权威。Church polity is congregational.教会政体的公理。

The founders of the Disciples were Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander Campbell, former Irish Presbyterian ministers.对弟子的创始人托马斯贝尔和他的儿子亚历山大坎贝尔,前爱尔兰长老部长。Their followers became known popularly as Campbellites, although they preferred to be known as Disciples of Christ.他们的追随者成为普遍的Campbellites知道,虽然他们宁愿被视为基督信徒闻名。In 1809 Thomas Campbell founded the Christian Association of Washington County, Pennsylvania, which he based on a return to early Christian ideals. 1809年托马斯贝尔创立了华盛顿县基督教协会,宾夕法尼亚州,他在早期基督教的理想的回报。In 1811 Alexander joined his father in forming a congregation at Brush Run, Pennsylvania, and from there the movement spread westward.1811年亚历山大加入形成了在刷运行,宾夕法尼亚州,众并从那里运动向西传播他的父亲。In 1832 the Kentucky revivalist Barton Stone and most of his followers, called Christians, united with the Campbell group.1832年肯塔基复兴巴顿斯通和他的追随者最,被称为与坎贝尔组基督徒团结。

Conflict arose among the Disciples during the second half of the 19th century.冲突中产生的弟子在19世纪下半叶。Churches of conservative-minded Disciples withdrew in protest against the development of mission societies and the use in worship of instrumental music, which they felt to be unscriptural.对思想保守的门徒教会撤回抗议使命感和社会发展中的器乐,他们认为这是不合圣经的崇拜使用。By 1906 the seceding groups had formed a separate denomination known as the Churches of Christ .到1906年脱离的群体已经形成了一个单独的面额为基督的教会闻名。

The movement remained a loosely connected brotherhood until 1968.该运动直到1968年仍然是一个松散连接的兄弟情谊。The International Convention of Christian Churches was the coordinating organization under which state conventions and independent boards and agencies operated.基督教教会的国际公约的协调组织下,国家公约和独立的董事会和机构运作。In 1968, however, a restructure plan was adopted that strengthened the national framework. 1968年,然而,重组计划获得通过,它加强了国家框架。As a result, mission, education, and other agencies became coordinated through a general assembly; a biennial delegated assembly replaced the annual international convention, and an executive unit, called a general board, was established.因此,任务,教育和其他机构成为通过大会协调;委派大会每两年更换了一年一度的国际公约,执行单位,一般称为董事会,建立了。 The names Christian Church and Disciples of Christ , which had been used alternatively, were combined to give the church its present name.基督教教会的名称和基督的门徒 ,已被交替使用,合并给教会现名。Local congregations retained property rights, the right to call clergymen and determine worship and programs, and the liberty to determine how much they should contribute to national operations of the church.当地教会保留财产权利,有权要求神职人员,并确定崇拜和方案,并冒昧地确定有多少他们分担教会的国家行动。 Nevertheless, 2768 congregations of the 8046 listed withdrew from the national organization.然而,2768的8046上市众退出了全国性组织。

Disciples recognize no formal creed.弟子不承认的正式信条。Baptism is usually by immersion, although, in accepting members, the rite of other churches often is recognized.洗礼通常是由浸泡,虽然在接受成员,其他教会的仪式往往是公认的。Each congregation celebrates the Eucharist every Sunday as a memorial feast.每一堂庆祝圣体的每个星期日作为纪念盛宴。

The Christian Church is one of the most ecumenically minded denominations.基督教会是最ecumenically志同道合教派之一。It participates in the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America.它参加了世界基督教协进会和基督教会在美国全国理事会。Often in the forefront in social action and mission work, the Disciples have a global network of missions coordinated by the United Christian Missionary Society.常在社会行动和团的工作的最前沿,门徒有一个由美国基督教传教士社会的协调任务的全球网络。The church has pioneered in ecumenical theological education; in addition to its sponsorship of divinity houses at major nondenominational universities, it also maintains such institutions as Transylvania College (1780), in Lexington, Kentucky, and Bethany College (1840), in Bethany, West Virginia.教会率先在基督教神学教育,除了它的赞助神房屋在主要nondenominational大学,它也保持为特兰西瓦尼亚学院(1780年)等机构,在列克星敦,肯塔基州,和伯大尼学院(1840年),在伯大尼,西弗吉尼亚。 One of the best-known publications of the Disciples of Christ is Christian Century (established in 1894), which has been a significant force in the American ecumenical movement.对基督的门徒最著名的出版物之一,是基督教世纪(1894年成立),已在美国基督教运动的重要力量。

Disciples of Christ基督的门徒

Catholic Information天主教信息

A sect founded in the United States of America by Alexander Campbell.一个教派创立于美国的亚历山大坎贝尔。Although the largest portion of his life and prodigious activity was spent in the United States Alexander Campbell was born, 12 September, 1788, in the County Antrim, Ireland.虽然他的生活和巨大的活动的最大部分是在美国亚历山大坎贝尔花出生,1788年9月12日,在县安特里姆,爱尔兰。 On his father's side he was of Scottish extraction; his mother, Jane Corneigle, was of Huguenot descent.在他父亲的身边,他是苏格兰的提取,他的母亲,简Corneigle,对胡格诺派后裔。Both parents are reported to have been persons of deep piety and high literary culture.据报道,双方父母都被深深的虔诚和较高的文学文化的人。His father, after serving as minister to the Anti-Burgher Church in Ahorey and director of a prosperous academy at Richhill, emigrated to the United States and engaged in the oft-attempted and ever futile effort "to unite All Christians as one communion on a purely scriptural basis", the hallucination of so many noble minds, the only outcome of which must always be against the will of the Founder, to increase the discord of Christendom by the creation of a new sect.他的父亲,后移居作为部长兼中Ahorey反Burgher教会和在Richhill繁荣研究院院长,美国和再三尝试和不断徒劳“团结一心共融在所有基督徒从事纯粹的圣经基础“,如此众多的高尚心灵幻觉,其唯一结果必须始终反对方正的意志,增加了一个新的教派创立的基督教不和谐。 In 1808 Alexander embarked with the family to join his father, but was shipwrecked on the Scottish coast and took the opportunity to prepare himself for the ministry at the University of Glasgow.1808年亚历山大开始与家人参加他的父亲,但在苏格兰海岸遇船难者,并借此机会,以备在格拉斯哥大学部自己。 In 1809 he migrated to the United States, and found in Washington County, Pennsylvania, the nucleus of the new movement in the "Christian Association of Washington", under the auspices of which was issued a "Declaration and Address", setting forth the objects of the association. 1809年他移居美国,在华盛顿县,宾夕法尼亚州,是在“基督教协会华盛顿”,在其中发出了“宣言和地址”主持下找到新的运动的核心,它规定的对象该协会。 It was proposed "to establish no new sect, but to persuade Christian to abandon party names and creeds, sectarian usages and denominational strifes, and associate in Christian fellowship, in the common faith in a divine Lord, with no other terms of religious communion than faith in and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ".有人提议“建立没有新的教派,而是要说服基督教放弃在一个神圣的上帝共同的信仰党的名称和信仰,教派和宗派strifes惯例,在团契联营公司,与宗教共融没有其他条款,比在信仰和服从主耶稣基督“。 An independent church was formed at Brush Run on the principles of the association, and, 1 January, 1812, Alexander was "ordained".一个独立的教会是在刷上运行的该协会的原则,而且,1812年1月1日成立,亚历山大是“受戒”。 His earnestness is attested by the record of one hundred and six sermons preached in one year; but he wrecked every prospect of success by finding in his reading of the Scriptures the invalidity of infant baptism, and the necessity of baptism by immersion, thus excluding from the Christian discipleship the vast majority of believing Christians.他语重心长是证明由一年鼓吹一百零六个讲道记录,但他击毁的每一个在他的圣经的婴儿洗礼无效阅读寻找成功的前景,以及由浸没洗礼的必要性,从而排除基督教门徒的基督徒占绝大多数。 On 12 June, 1812, with his wife, father, mother, and three others, Alexander was rebaptized by immersion. 6月12日1812年,与他的妻子,父亲,母亲,和其他三人,亚历山大是rebaptized的浸泡。Nothing was left him now but to seek association with one or other of the numerous Baptist sects.他现在什么也没有留下,而是寻求与一个或多个浸信教派其他关联。This he did, but with the proviso that he should be allowed to preach and teach whatever he learned from the Holy Scripture.这个他,但认为应该允许他传教,教什么,他从圣经学书。The Baptists never took him cordially; and in 1817, after five years of herculean labours, his followers, whom he wished to be known by the appellation of "Disciples of Christ", but who were generally styled "Campbellites", numbered only one hundred and fifty persons.浸信会不会把他的亲切,并在1817年,经过五年的艰巨的劳动,他的追随者,他们希望通过他的“基督门徒”称谓不得而知,但谁是一般自称“Campbellites”的年代,编号只有百五十人。 Campbell's mission as a messenger of peace was a failure; as time went on he developed a polemical nature, and became a sharp critic in speech and in writing of the weaknesses and vagaries of the Protestant sects.坎贝尔作为和平使者的使命是失败的;随着时间的推移,他开发了论战的性质,并成为在讲话中的弱点和变化莫测的新教教派写尖锐的批评。 Only once did he come in direct contact with the Catholics, on the occasion of his five days' debate, in 1837, with Archbishop Purcell of Cincinnati, which excited great interest at the time but is now forgotten.只有一次,他来与天主教徒的直接接触,在他的“五天的辩论之际,于1837年,裴熙亮与大主教辛辛那提,这在当时兴奋的极大兴趣,但现在忘了。 His sixty volumes are of no interest.他sixty卷是没有兴趣。Campbell was twice married and was the father of twelve children.坎贝尔曾两次结婚,是十二个孩子的父亲。He died at Bethany, West Virginia, where he had established a seminary, 4 March, 1866.他死在伯大尼,西弗吉尼亚州,在那里他建立了一个神学院,1866年3月4日。

According to their census prepared in 1906 the sect then had 6475 ministers, 11,633 churches, and a membership of 1,235,294.根据他们在1906年人口普查准备的教派然后有6475部长,11633教堂,以及1235294成员。It is strongest in the West and Southwest, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio having the largest bodies.它是在西部和西南部,密苏里,印第安纳,伊利诺伊,肯塔基州和俄亥俄州拥有最大最强的机构。JH Garrison, editor of their organ "The Christian Evangelist", outlined (1906) the belief of his sect. JH驻军,他们的器官“基督教福音”的主编,概述(1906年),他的教派的信仰。

According to their investigations of the New Testament the confession of faith made by Simon Peter, on which Jesus declared he would build His Church, namely "Thou art the Christ the Son of the living God", was the creed of Christianity and the essential faith, and that all those who would make this confession from the heart, being penitent of their past sins, were to be admitted by baptism into the membership of the early Church;根据新约,由西门彼得,在耶稣宣布他将建造他的教会,即“你是基督,是永生神的儿子”作出真诚忏悔他们的调查,是基督教的基本信仰和信念,所有这些谁将使这种发自内心的忏悔,是他们过去的罪孽忏悔,是由洗礼获准进入初期教会的成员;

that baptism in the early Church consisted of a burial of a penitent believer in the water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and that only such were fit subjects for baptism;在早期教会洗礼包括了在中的父亲的名字水忏悔的信徒埋葬,和儿子,和圣灵,只有这样的人的洗礼适合科目;

that the form of church government was congregational;该教会的政府形式公理;

that each congregation had its deacons and elders or bishops, the former to look after the temporal and the latter the spiritual interests of the church.每个教会都有其执事和长老或主教,前看后的时间和后者的教会的精神利益。

They practise weekly communion and consider it not as a sacrament but as a memorial feast.他们的做法,并考虑每周共融圣事,但不是作为一个盛宴它作为纪念。

While they hold both New and Old Testaments to be equally inspired, both are not equally binding upon Christians.虽然他们持有新的和旧到同样的启发圣经,无论是在基督徒不是同样具有约束力。

Accepting the Bible as an all-sufficient revelation of the Divine will, they repudiate all authoritative creeds and human grounds of fellowship.接受作为神圣的自给自足的启示圣经会,他们拒绝所有权威信仰的人的理由和奖学金。

Publication information Written by James F. Loughlin.出版信息书面詹姆斯F Loughlin。 Transcribed by Christine J. Murray.转录由恭J.默里。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume V. Published 1909.天主教百科全书,体积五发布1909年。New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, May 1, 1909.Nihil Obstat,1909年5月1日。Remy Lafort, Censor.人头马lafort,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰米farley,大主教纽约

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