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This critical label became attached to a group of Anglican divines in the late seventeenth century whose thought displayed a high regard for the authority of reason and a tolerant, antidogmatic temper ("gentlemen of a wide swallow").这个关键的标签成为附着在十七世纪后期,其思想表现出的理性和宽容,antidogmatic脾气(“一大吞君子”)权力高度考虑的圣公会神学组。 In many ways products of the Cambridge Platonists (to whom the term was originally applied), they nevertheless lacked their mystical and imaginative depth.在许多方面的剑桥柏拉图主义者(谁一词最初应用)产品,但它们缺乏自己的神秘和富有想象力的深度。Moreover, though mostly Cambridge men, they became prominent churchmen.此外,虽然大多是剑桥人,他们成为突出的牧师。They included John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury; Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester; Simon Patrick, Bishop of Chichester and Ely; Gilbert Burnet, Reformation historian and Bishop of Salisbury; and Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.其中包括约翰Tillotson,坎特伯雷大主教;爱德华Stillingfleet,伍斯特主教;西蒙帕特里克,奇切斯特主教和伊利;吉尔伯特地榆,改革历史学家和索尔兹伯里主教和托马斯Tenison,坎特伯雷大主教。 They reacted against the Calvinism of the Puritans and were broadly Arminian in outlook.他们的反应反对加尔文主义和清教徒前景大致在阿民念主义。They aligned themselves with progressive and liberal movements in the contemporary intellectual world.他们赞同在当代世界进步和智力自由运动本身。

Hostile to scholasticism and Aristotelianism, they drew inspiration more from Descartes's new "mechanical" philosophy.敌对的经院哲学和亚里士多德,他们吸引了来自笛卡尔的新的“机械”的理念更多的灵感。Respect for "the theatre of nature" led them to support scientific developments such as the Royal Society.对于“自然的剧场”尊重使他们支持,如英国皇家学会的科学发展。Thomas Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, was its historian, and Joseph Glanvill was a fellow of the Society as well as rector of Bath and the author of The Vanity of Dogmatizing and The Agreement of Reason and Religion.托马斯斯普拉特,罗切斯特主教,是它的史学家,和约瑟夫Glanvill是该学会的资深会员,以及巴斯和教条化的虚荣心和理性与宗教协定作者校长。 The new mathematics of Isaac Barrow and Isaac Newton they hailed as signs of a new age of light.巴罗的艾萨克牛顿和他们的新的数学被誉为新时代的光的迹象。

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Their comprehensiveness allowed only a narrow core of fundamentals in religion.他们只允许一个全面性的基本面在宗教狭隘的核心​​。 They resisted the Laudian or High Church insistence on conformity in nonessentials such as church order and liturgy.他们抵制对符合Laudian或高,如教堂秩序和礼仪支流教会的坚持。Stillingfleet's Irenicum advocated "comprehension" between Anglicans and Presbyterians; Burnet tried to incorporate Nonconformists into the Church of England. Stillingfleet的Irenicum圣公会和长老会之间提倡“理解”;地榆试图将其纳入英国教会不符合传统规范。They approved "that vertuous mediocrity which our Church observes between the meretricious gaudiness of the Church of Rome, and the squalid sluttery of Fanatick conventicles" (Patrick).他们通过“即vertuous平庸,我们的教会之间的罗马教会华丽而庸俗的华美观察,以及Fanatick conventicles肮脏sluttery”(帕特里克)。Above all they held that "true philosophy can never hurt sound divinity," which in practice normally meant harmonizing Scripture and the fathers with the light of reason.首先,他们认为“真正的哲学不能伤害神的声音”,这通常意味着在实践中的理性之光与协调经文和父亲。Theologically vague and spiritually insubstantial, their religion was strongly moralistic.神学含糊和精神实质内容的,其强烈的宗教道德。Their emphasis on reasonableness looked forward to the skepticism of Hume and the reductionist theology of the next century.他们在强调合理期待的休谟的怀疑主义和下一个世纪的还原论神学。They were also the precursors of the Broad Churchmen of the nineteenth century, eg, the contributors to Essays and Reviews (1860), and of the modernists and radicals of more recent Anglican divinity.他们亦是十九世纪的广泛牧师,例如,以散文和评论(1860)贡献者,以及现代主义和最近英国圣公会神自由基的前体。

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