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One of various controversies within Lutheranism between Luther's death in 1546 and the definitive formulation of the Lutheran platform in the Book of Concord of 1580.各种争论的一个内间路德的死亡在1546和在1580图书协和路德平台,最终制定路德教。The overarching concern of all of them was to maintain purity of doctrine (as Lutheranism saw it) without either relapsing into Catholicism or veering into Calvinism.而所有这些首要关心的是保持不附带任何复发成天主教或将加尔文主义于水火之中(如路德教看到它)纯度。

One of the concessions made by the Melanchthonians, or Philippists, to the Leipzig Interim after Charles V's defeat of the Smalcald League in 1547 was the assertion of Georg Major, a pupil of Melanchthon, that "good works are necessary to salvation."由Melanchthonians,或Philippists作出的让步,到莱比锡临时之一是在查尔斯五世的失败的Smalcald联盟在1547年的乔治重大,学生的梅兰希顿,即主张“好作品是必要的拯救。” (Melanchthon had earlier made a like statement but had withdrawn it upon Luther's entreaty.) (梅兰希通此前作出了类似声明,但已撤回后,路德的恳求它。)

The counterattack of the Gnesio - Lutheran ("true Lutheran") party was led by Flacius and Amsdorf, but especially the latter overshot the mark by his counterassertion that "good works are harmful to salvation" (although Luther had on occasion so expressed himself too).该Gnesio反击 - 路德(“真信义”)党领导的Flacius和Amsdorf,尤其是后者超越该商标由他counterassertion说:“好的作品都是有害的救赎”(路德虽然偶尔有这么表达自己太)。

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The bitter controversy was settled in Article IV of the Formula of Concord, which pointed out the excesses on both sides.在一场激烈的争论是落户条协和,指出双方的过激行为公式四。Faith and good works (justification and sanctification) must not be confused in any way, but neither dare the importance of good works as an inevitable consequence of grace be minimized.信仰和良好的工程(理由和成圣)不得以任何方式混淆,但也敢作为恩典的必然结果的优秀作品的重要性减至最低。

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