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(Vermittlungstheologie). (Vermittlungstheologie)。The name of a program undertaken by widely differing thinkers, mostly in Germany, in the middle third of the nineteenth century.而进行的各种不同的思想家,大多在德国在十九世纪中叶第三,程序的名称。Their conclusions differed greatly, but they shared a commitment to mediation, the attempt to find truth on a middle ground between opposite extremes.他们的结论相差很大,但他们的共同调解的承诺,试图找到一个相反的极端之间的中间地带的真相。

These thinkers tried to mediate between the influences of Hegel and Schleiermacher, between rationalism and supernaturalism, and between innovation and tradition.这些思想家试图调解之间的黑格尔和施莱尔马赫的影响之间的理性主义和超自然之间,以及创新和传统。For them, both feeling and thought were to be taken into account in theology.对于他们来说,既感觉和思想要考虑到在神学。Christianity was seen as partly natural and partly supernatural in origin.基督教被视为部分自然和超自然的起源部分。The mediators tended to support the union of Lutherans and Reformed in the state churches of Germany.调解员倾向于支持路德会联合会和德国的国家教会改革。

The most important members of the mediating school (vermittelnde Schule) were IA Dorner, Julius Koestlin, Julius Muller, CI Nitzsch, Richard Rothe, and Karl Ullmann.学校的调解(vermittelnde学派)最重要的成员是IA Dorner,朱利叶斯Koestlin,朱利叶斯穆勒,CI Nitzsch,理查德Rothe和卡尔乌尔曼。Mediating theology was represented at many different universities.调解神学派代表出席了许多不同的大学。It can be dated from 1828 with the founding of the periodical Theologische Studien und Kritiken.它可以从1828年与该期刊Theologische家庭研究UND Kritiken成立。It was also the theme of Vierteljahrschrift fur Theologie und Kirche (founded 1845) and Jahrbucher fur deutsche Theologie (founded 1856).这亦是Vierteljahrschrift皮毛神学UND Kirche(成立于1845年)和Jahrbucher毛皮德国神学(成立于1856年)的主题。

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The most important topic for mediating theology was Christology.对于调解神学最重要的议题是基督。The historic doctrine of the person of Christ was being challenged by historical criticism.在基督的人的历史主义受到挑战的历史的批评。For philosophical reasons historical criticism began with a picture of Jesus that left no room for his deity and so rejected as unhistorical anything in the Gospels that testified to his deity.对于哲学的历史原因,批评开始了耶稣图片没有留下他的神性空间,从而在福音的证明了他的神文保什么拒绝。The biggest bombshell was the book Leben Jesu (Life of Jesus) by DF Strauss in 1835.最大的炸弹是这本书别人的生活Jesu(耶稣的生命)的DF施特劳斯于1835年。This denial of historic Christian doctrine led to a negative reaction from those who wanted to conserve more of the old doctrine.这种历史性的基督教教义的拒绝导致了从那些谁想要保存的旧学说更多的负面反应。

The mediators attempted to find a middle course that would both retain some elements of historic Christology and accept many of the assumptions and conclusions of historical criticism.调解员试图找到一个中间过程,将既保留历史基督的一些元素和接受的假设和历史批评许多结论。 They differed radically from one another in doctrine, but in every case the acceptance of historical criticism led them to modify the historic doctrine of the person of Christ fundamentally.他们从一个根本不同的另一种学说,但在任何情况下,接受批评的历史使他们修改的基督人的历史主义的根本。 In this sense, kenoticism can be seen as a form of mediating theology.从这个意义上讲,kenoticism可以被看作是调解神学形式。 But another form was the direct opposite of kenoticism, namely IA Dorner's idea of a growing unity between God and Jesus.但另一种形式是kenoticism,即IA Dorner的上帝和耶稣之间日益团结的想法直接相反。Dorner saw that kenoticism had lost sight of the immutability of God. Dorner看到kenoticism已经失去了对上帝的不变性视线。He concluded instead that Jesus had originally been a separate person who was only gradually assumed into the unity of the Logos in a process that was completed only at the ascension.他的结论,而不是耶稣原本是一个独立的人谁是才逐渐进入了在一个只有在上升过程中完成标识统一承担。

The varieties in mediating theology indicate that its program did not lead to any conclusive results.在调解神学的品种显示,其计划没有导致任何结论性的结果。Indeed, it could lead to new and opposite extremes.事实上,它可能导致新的和相反的极端。It was ambitious but vague, and faded away once Albrecht Ritschl and his disciples became influential in the last part of the nineteenth century.这是雄心勃勃,但模糊,淡忘了一次阿尔布雷希里奇尔和他的弟子成为了十九世纪的最后部分的影响力。

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