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The Parker Society was the London-based Anglican society which printed in fifty-four handsome volumes the works of the leading English Reformers of the sixteenth century.派克协会是总部位于伦敦的英国圣公会的社会,在54帅卷印刷的十六世纪领先的英语改革者的作品。It was formed in 1840 and disbanded in 1855 when its work was completed.它成立于1840年和1855年解散时,其工作已经完成。Its name is that of Matthew Parker, the first Elizabethan Archbishop of Canterbury, who was known as a great collector of books.它的名字是马修帕克,第一个伊丽莎白坎特伯雷大主教,谁是作为一个伟大的书籍收藏家知道。The stimulus for the foundation of the society was provided by the Tractarian movement, led by John Henry Newman and Edward B. Pusey.为社会提供了基础,刺激了Tractarian运动,由纽曼和爱德华B.皮塞领导。Some members of this movement spoke disparagingly of the English Reformation, and so some members of the Church of England felt the need to make available in an attractive form the works of the leaders of that Reformation.这个运动的一些成员发言轻蔑的英语改革,因此对英国教会的一些成员认为有必要作出一个有吸引力的形式对改革的领导者的作品使用。

Thus the society represented a cooperation between traditional High Churchmen and evangelical churchmen, both of whom were committed to the Reformation teaching on justification by faith.因此,社会代表之间的传统的高牧师和福音派牧师,他们两人都致力于对因信称义的改革教学合作。The society had about seven thousand subscribers who paid one pound each year from 1841 to 1855; thus for fifteen pounds the subscribers received fifty-four volumes.该协会有大约7000用户谁支付1磅每年1841至1855年,因此十五英镑的订户收到的54卷。The level of critical scholarship is uneven in the volumes, since twenty-four editors were used and the task of arriving at the best text was far from easy.学术水平的关键是在量不平衡,因为24和编辑们用最好的文字在抵达任务是远非易事。While some of the volumes have been superseded by more recent critical editions, this collection remains today one of the most valuable sources for the study of the English Reformation.虽然有些卷已经由较新版本取代的关键,这个集合仍然为今天的英语改革研究的最宝贵的资源之一。

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P. Toon, "The Parker Society," HMPEC 46(Sept., 1977).P.香椿,他说:“帕克会”HMPEC 46(9月,1977年)。

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