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Canonization is the final step of the process by which a deceased person's name is inscribed in the catalog of Saints in the Roman Catholic church. Originally the process took place locally and the bishop proclaimed someone a saint. 封圣是天主教的最后一步的过程中,其中一个死者的罗马名字是刻在目录中的圣人英寸本来在当地发生的过程和主教宣布某人圣人。Gradually it was reserved to the pope, and the process used since 1918 is described in detail in the Code of Canon Law.渐渐地它是保留给教皇,并自1918年以来使用的过程中有详细阐述教会法典。

An exhaustive investigation is made of the person's life to determine extraordinary holiness.一个详尽的调查是由人的生命,以确定特别圣洁。The steps of investigation involve an initiation of the process by a competent person or group; the advancement of the investigation by the advocate of the cause, called the postulator; objections to the evidence by the promotor of the faith, popularly called the devil's advocate; the initial judgment of the validity of the process in terms of veracity and authenticity; the declaration and celebration of beatification, by which the person is called blessed; and celebration of canonization, by which the person is called saint.调查的步骤包括一个由合资格人士或团体的过程的开始,是由事业的倡导者调查的进步,所谓的postulator;在由信仰的启动子的证据提出反对,俗称魔鬼的倡导者;初步判断的过程的有效性的条款的准确性,真实性,申报及庆祝宣福,其中的人被称为有福;和庆祝封,其中人被称为圣人。

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Besides the investigation into the life of the person, which documents their holiness, canon law demands a confirmation of holiness in the form of Miracles. It is believed that the miracles constitute an irrefutable proof of God's approval of the person's life.除了 ​​圣洁调查他们的生活的人,哪些文件,教会法确认需要一个奇迹中的神圣的形式相信奇迹的构成生命的人,无可辩驳地证明上帝的批准的。

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Canonization is a legal process in the Roman Catholic Church whereby a departed "servant of God," already beatified, is declared a saint.经典是在罗马天主教会的法律进程,使一离开“上帝的仆人”,已经赐福,被宣布为圣人。Such persons are entered into the "canon" or catalog of saints invoked at the celebration of Mass. Beyond the heroic virtue and miraculous power verified already at beatification, saints must perform at least two additional miracles.这些人都进入“佳能”,或在马萨诸塞州以外的英雄美德和神奇的力量已经证实在宣福,圣人必须执行至少两个额外的奇迹庆祝援引圣人目录。

In the early church elevation to sainthood was essentially a local affair and not distinguished from beatification.在早期教会升格为圣人基本上是一个地方的事,而不是从宣福区分开来。 In an effort to curb superstitious abuses Pope Alexander III (1159-81) ruled that the Roman See would henceforth approve all canonizations.为努力遏制滥用迷信教皇亚历山大三世(1159年至1181年)裁定,今后将罗马教廷批准封圣。This led eventually to the complicated legal processes worked out by Pope Urban VIII in the seventeenth century and given authoritative exposition in Pope Benedict XIV's Heroic Virtue in the nineteenth.这导致最终制定出教皇乌尔班八世在十七世纪,教皇本笃十四的英雄美德给予权威的论述在十九复杂的法律程序。

There are several noteworthy differences between beatification (the first step) and canonization.之间有宣福(第一步)和封几个显着的变化。Since Vatican Council I canonization is considered an infallible papal act, thus guaranteeing that these saints are indeed worthy of veneration and able to intercede for the faithful.自从梵蒂冈理事会第一封被认为是万无一失的教皇的行为,从而保证这些圣人确实值得尊敬,能够调解的忠诚。The beatified receive only local recognition, while saints are venerated throughout the Catholic Church.该宣福只得到当地的认可,而在整个天主教圣徒教会崇敬。The cult of the beatified is only permitted, while that of the saints is mandated.该邪教只允许赐福,而圣人的任务。 Saints alone become patrons of churches and are portrayed with the nimbus (gloriole).独自成为圣徒教会顾客并与灵气(gloriole)描绘。However, both beatification and canonization are judgments (the latter infallible) by the church that the person now reigns in glory, is worthy of veneration and imitation, and is able to intercede for the faithful.然而,无论是判断宣福及其经典(后者犯错)由现在的人教会统治的荣耀,是值得尊敬和模仿,并能说情的忠诚。

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