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Saint Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of the Virgin Mary. He is not mentioned in the Bible. The nonbiblical Gospel of James, an apocryphal book, is the only source of information about him. Feast day (shared with Saint Anne): July 26 (Western); Sept. 9 (Eastern). 圣乔基姆是安妮的丈夫圣和圣母玛利亚的父亲。他是圣经中没有提及。 詹姆斯nonbiblical的福音,一个未经证实的书,是对他唯一的信息来源。盛宴的日子(安妮共享与圣):7月26日(西部); 9月9日(东区)。

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Saint Joachim圣乔基姆

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(Catholic Perspective)(天主教的角度)

(First Century BC)(公元前一世纪)

In the opinion of St Peter Damian it is unnecessary and blameworthy curiosity to inquire into those things that the evangelists did not tell us, and he specifies the parentage of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an example.在圣彼得达米安看来,这是不必要和责备的好奇心,打听到这些东西的福音没有告诉我们,他指定的圣母玛利亚为例父母子女关系。 In this matter, those who judge differently can receive little satisfaction for their "curiosity ".在这个问题上,这些不同的判断谁可以接收他们的“好奇”小满意。An apocryphal work, the Protevangelium of James , which, in spite of its name, has none of the authenticity of Holy Scripture, is with other similar apocryphal works the only source of information we have about the parents of Mary ; even their traditional names, Joachim and Anne, must ultimately be traced to them. Of St. Joachim, as of St Anne, we know absolutely nothing with certainty; but we are at liberty to retain as pious beliefs anything in an uncanonical book that does not conflict with the teaching of the Church or with other certain truths, and it is a widely held tradition that our Lady was a child of promise as related in the so-called Gospel of James.一个未经证实的工作圣经Protevangelium的詹姆斯 ,其中,尽管它的名字,也没有一个神圣的真实性,是与其他类似的猜测作品唯一的信息来源,我们玛丽已经对父母,甚至连其传统的名字,约阿希姆和安妮,最终要追溯到他们。圣约阿希姆,作为圣安妮,我们知道绝对没有把握,但我们的自由是在任何事情保持在一个虔诚的信念,没有明显不规范的书,教学与冲突教会或与其他某些真理,它是一种广泛持有的传统,我们的夫人是一个孩子的承诺,如詹姆斯有关的所谓福音的左右。 This has been referred to herein under St Anne, on July 26.这被称为圣安妮下,以下7月26日。

The feast of both parents of the all-holy Mother of God has been observed in the East, on September 9, from early times, but in the West not till much later.作者:神全圣母双亲盛宴已被观察到,在东,9月9日,从早期的时代,但在西方,不是到晚得多。That of St Joachim is not heard of before the fifteenth century, and its present date was fixed only in 1913.圣约阿希姆这是没有听说过15世纪之前,其目前的日期,只是在1913年修复。The Benedictines, as well as some Eastern Catholics, celebrate Joachim and Anne together, on July 26.本笃,以及一些东欧天主教徒,约阿希姆和安妮一起庆祝,7月26日。

See the bibliographical note under St Anne.参阅书目注下圣安妮。

St. Joachim圣约阿希姆

Catholic Information天主教新闻

Joachim (whose name means Yahweh prepares), was the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary.约阿希姆(其名字的意思是耶和华准备),是对圣母玛利亚的父亲。

If we were to obey the warning of St. Peter Damian, we should consider it a blameable and needless curiosity to inquire about those things that the Evangelists did not deem it advisable to relate, and, in particular, about the parents of the Blessed Virgin (Serm. iii de Nativ. BMV).如果我们要听从圣彼得达米安警告,我们应该认为这是一个blameable和不必要的好奇心,询问这些事情的福音并不认为是可取的关系,并特别是对家长的圣母(Serm.三德Nativ。墨西哥证券交易所)。 Tradition nevertheless, grounded on very old testimonies, very early hailed Saints Joachim and Anne as the father and mother of the Mother of God.传统然而,在很老的证词为基础,很早就被誉为父亲和母亲的天主之母圣徒约阿希姆和安妮。True, this tradition seems to rest ultimately on the so-called "Gospel of James", the "Gospel of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary", and the Pseudo-Matthew, or "Book of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the Childhood of the Saviour"; and this origin is likely to rouse well-founded suspicions.的确,这一传统似乎休息最终对所谓的“福音詹姆斯”中,“玛丽的祝福圣诞福音”,和伪马修,或“在圣母圣诞书与的救世主“童年的人,这很可能起源振奋充分理由怀疑。 It should be borne in mind, however, that the apocryphal character of these writings, that is to say, their rejection from the canon, and their ungenuineness do not imply that no heed whatever should be taken of some of their assertions; side by side, indeed, with unwarranted and legendary facts, they contain some historical data borrowed from reliable traditions or documents; and difficult though it is to distinguish in them the wheat from the tares, it would be unwise and uncritical indiscriminately to reject the whole.应该牢记,然而,这些著作猜测性质,也就是说,他们从佳能拒绝,他们ungenuineness并不意味着什么,没有理会他们应该采取一些断言,并排的确,与不必要的,传奇的事实,它们包含了一些历史数据可靠的传统或文件借来的,难以区分,但它是在他们从稗子小麦,这将是不明智的,不带偏见盲目拒绝整体。 Some commentators, who believe that the genealogy given by St. Luke is that of the Blessed Virgin, find the mention of Joachim in Heli (Luke 3:23; Eliachim, ie Jeho-achim), and explain that Joseph had, in the eyes of the law, become by his marriage the son of Joachim.有些评论家认为,谁提供的家谱由圣路加的是,圣母,发现直升机的约阿希姆提(路加福音3:23; Eliachim,即Jeho -阿奇姆),并解释说,约瑟夫曾在眼里法律,他的婚姻中的儿子成为约阿希姆。That such is the purpose and the meaning of the Evangelist is very doubtful, and so is the identification proposed between the two names Heli and Joachim.这样的目的和意义的传播者,是很值得怀疑,所以是两个名字之间的合力和约阿希姆提出的鉴定。Neither can it be asserted with certainty, in spite of the authority of the Bollandists, that Joachim was Heli's son and Joseph's brother; nor, as is sometimes affirmed, from sources of very doubtful value, that he had large possessions in herds and flocks.也不能断言肯定,在对所bollandists权威,这约阿希姆was合力的儿子,约瑟的哥哥尽管;也不是,因为有时是肯定的,从非常可疑价值的来源,他曾在牛群和羊群大财产。 Much more interesting are the beautiful lines in which the "Gospel of James" describes how, in their old age, Joachim and Anne received the reward of their prayers to obtain issue.更有趣的是在其中“的詹姆斯福音”,描述如何在年老,约阿希姆和安妮收到了他们的祈祷得到奖励的问题优美的线条。Tradition has it that the parents of the Blessed Virgin, who, apparently, first lived in Galilee, came later on to settle in Jerusalem; there the Blessed Virgin was born and reared; there also they died and were buried.人们传统上认为的圣母,谁,显然,首先住在加利利,后来的父母到耶路撒冷定居,在那里出生和圣母饲养,也有他们死亡和被埋葬。 A church, known at various epochs as St. Mary, St. Mary ubi nata est, St. Mary in Probatica, Holy Probatica, St. Anne, was built during the fourth century, possibly by St. Helena, on the site of the house of St. Joachim and St. Anne, and their tombs were there honoured until the close of the ninth century, when the church was converted into a Moslem school.教会,在为圣玛丽,圣玛丽育碧纳塔美国东部时间,在Probatica圣玛丽,圣Probatica,圣安妮各个时代著名,建于四世纪,可能是由圣赫勒拿,在该网站圣约阿希姆和圣安妮,房子和他们的坟墓在那里荣幸,直到第九世纪结束时,教堂被改建为一个穆斯林学校。 The crypt which formerly contained the holy tombs was rediscovered on 18 March, 1889.其中前隐窝内的坟墓被重新发现圣3月18日1889年。

St. Joachim was honoured very early by the Greeks, who celebrate his feast on the day following the Blessed Virgin's birthday; the Latins were slow to admit it to their calendar, where it found place sometimes on 16 Sept. and sometimes on 9 Dec. Assigned by Julius II to 20 March, the solemnity was suppressed some fifty years later, restored by Gregory XV (1622), fixed by Clement XII (1738) on the Sunday after the Assumption, and finally raised to the rank of double of the second class by Leo XIII (1 Aug., 1879).圣约阿希姆很荣幸很早就被希腊人,谁庆祝后,他在圣母的生日那天盛宴;拉丁人迟迟没有承认他们的日历,在那里发现的地方有时有时在9月16日12月9日由朱利二世分配到3月20日,一些被压抑的严肃五十多年后,由格雷戈里十五(1622)由克莱门特十二(1738)在周日固定升天后,恢复,并最终提高到第二级双班利奥十三世(1879年8月1日)。

Publication information Written by Charles L. Souvay.出版信息写查尔斯L Souvay。Transcribed by Paul T. Crowley.转录由保罗吨克劳利。In Memoriam, Mr. Francis Crowley & Mr. Francis McHugh The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.悼念先生,弗朗西斯克劳利与弗朗西斯麦克休先生的天主教百科全书,音量八。Published 1910.1910年出版。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,十月一日,1910年。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰法利枢机主教,大主教纽约

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