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The Council of Basel convened in 1431 as the 17th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church.巴塞尔委员会在1431年召开的第17届罗马天主教教会大公会议。Its ostensible purpose was to initiate church reform and bring an end to the difficulties with the Hussites, but it originated in a decree of the Council of Constance (1417) that required the calling of councils at regular intervals.其表面目的是要教会发起改革,并带来与胡斯派的困难结束,但它在一个安理会的康斯坦茨(1417),需要的定期议会呼吁法令起源。 Almost from the beginning the council fell into conflict with Pope Eugene IV, who was suspicious of it.几乎从一开始就陷入了理事会与教皇尤金四,谁是它的可疑冲突。When in 1437 he ordered the council transferred to Ferrara (see Council of Ferrara-Florence), some of its members refused to comply.当他在1437年下令议会转移到费拉拉(见费拉拉,佛罗伦萨理事会),它的一些成员拒绝遵守。

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They declared the pope deposed and, to replace him, elected a layman, Amadeus VII, duke of Savoy; as antipope he took the name Felix V. Thereafter, the prestige of the Basel assembly declined, and it became increasingly involved in the political quarrels of Germany.他们宣布废黜教皇,并代替他,选出一个门外汉,艾玛迪斯七,萨伏伊公爵,作为对立教皇,他采取了名字菲利克斯五此后,巴塞尔大会的威信下降,成为在政治争吵越来越多地参与德国。 It expired ingloriously in 1449.它在1449过期ingloriously。Although the council accomplished a partial reconciliation with the Hussites, its efforts at reform were largely ineffective.虽然安理会完成了与胡斯派部分和解,在改革的努力效果不大。Moreover, the failure of its challenge to papal authority marked the triumph of the papacy over Conciliarism.此外,其挑战教皇权威的失败标志着超过Conciliarism教皇的胜利。

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Council of Basel 1431-45 AD公元1431年至1445年巴塞尔委员会

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Basel had been designated as the place for this ecumenical council by the abortive council of Pavia -- Siena (1423-1424).巴塞尔已被指定为这个由帕维亚流产议会大公会议的地方 - 锡耶纳(1423年至1424年)。It was opened on 25 July 1431 by the papal legate, who had been appointed by Pope Martin V in two bulls dated 1 February 1431, Dum onus universalis gregis and Nuper siquidem cupientes shortly before the pope's death on 20 February 1431.正是在1431年7月25日开幕的罗马教皇的特使,谁被任命为马丁五世教皇月1431年2月1日two公牛,姆责任universalis gregis和Nuper siquidem cupientes前教皇去世不久,2月20日1431。A great part of the council's work in the early years was taken up with its quarrel with Pope Eugenius IV, who was accused of wishing to dissolve or transfer the council.对安理会的工作在最初几年的很大一部分被带到了其与教皇叶夫根尼四,谁是有意解散或转让议会指责争吵。The prospect of re-union with the eastern church provided an opportunity to transfer the council to another city.的团聚与东部教会的前景提供了机会转移到另一个城市的议会。This move was supported by the council fathers loyal to the pope, who however were in a minority, and in the 25th session they voted for the city of Ferrara.此举得到了议会的父亲忠于教宗,但是谁是在少数,而在第25届会议,他们为费拉拉城投。There the council was re-opened on 8 January 1438, Pope Eugenius IV later attending in person.目前该局于1438年1月8日重新开放,教皇叶夫根尼四后亲自出席。Some historians doubt the ecumenicity of the first 25 sessions at Basel.一些历史学家怀疑第25届巴塞尔ecumenicity。 All agree that the sessions held at Basel after the 25th session until the final one on 25 April 1449 cannot be regarded as sessions of an ecumenical council.大家都同意,在巴塞尔举行的第25届会议之后的会议上,直到1449年4月25日最后一个不能被视为一个基督教理事会会议认为。

The Greek bishops and theologians attended the council of Ferrara from 9 April 1438.希腊主教和神学家,从1438年4月9日出席了费拉拉议会。The council was transferred to Florence on 10 January 1439.该委员会被转移到佛罗伦萨1月10日1439。There, in the session on 6 July 1439, the decree of union with the Greek church was approved.在那里,在对1439年7月6日会议上,工会与希腊教会法令批准。Subsequently decrees of union with the Armenian and Coptic churches were approved.随后法令与亚美尼亚和科普特教堂被批准的工会。 Finally the council was transferred to Rome on 24 February 1443.最后,议会被转移到罗马2月24日1443。There other decrees of union with the Bosnians, the Syrians and finally with the Chaldeans and Maronites of Cyprus, were approved.还有其他法令与波斯尼亚人,叙利亚人,最后与迦勒和塞浦路斯马龙派教徒,被批准的工会。The last session of the council was held on 7 August 1445.理事会上届会议召开8月7日1445。

The decisions taken at Basel have the form of conciliar decrees.在巴塞尔作出的决定形式的conciliar的法令。Those taken at Ferrara, Florence and Rome are almost always in the form of bulls, since the pope was presiding in person; in these cases the decree mentions the council's approval and contains the words "in a solemnly celebrated general session of the synod".在费拉拉,佛罗伦萨和罗马所采取的几乎都是在公牛队的形式,因为教皇亲自主持,在这种情况下,法令提到安理会的批准,并包含“在隆重庆祝主教会议全体大会”字样。

Almost all the decrees of re-union were of little effect.几乎所有的重工会法令,影响不大。Nevertheless it is significant that the church's unity was discussed in a council attended by some eastern bishops and theologians, and that there was agreement on the principal dogmatic and disciplinary questions which had divided the two churches for many centuries.不过值得注意的是,教会的团结是一些东部主教和神学家出席了会议讨论,并就主要有纪律的和教条式的划分为许多个世纪了两个教堂问题达成协议。

The acts of the council of Basel were first published by S. Brant in Basel in 1499, with the title Decreta concilii Basileensis (= Dc).在巴塞尔议会的行为是首次发表由S.在巴塞尔勃兰特在1499年,与冠军Decreta concilii Basileensis(= DC)。This collection was subsequently published by Z. Ferreri at Milan in 1511, and by J. Petit at Paris in 1512.这个系列后来发表在米兰Ferreri Z. 1511年,由J.珀蒂在巴黎1512年。Almost all later conciliar collections included the acts and decrees of the council of Basel, from Merlin to Mansi's Amplissima collectio (= Msi).几乎所有的后来conciliar的藏品包括巴塞尔安理会采取行动,法令,从梅林到曼西的Amplissima collectio(= MSI)。A brief history of these collections was written in 1906 by H. Herre in his work entitled, Handschriften und Drucke Baseler Konzilsakten, in Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Sigmund, Part IV/1, 1431-1432, 10/1, Goettingen 1957, XCVI-CI.对这些藏品的简要历史被写了H. Herre在其题为工作于1906年,Handschriften UND Drucke贝斯勒Konzilsakten,德意志Reichstagsakten温特皇帝西格蒙德,第IV / 1,1431年至1432年,10 / 1,哥廷根1957年,XCVI - CI。Another edition of the decrees of Basel is contained in John of Segovia's diary, which is to be found in Monumenta conciliorum generalium saeculi XV (= Mxv), II Vienna 1873.另一项法令巴塞尔版包含在塞哥维亚的日记,这是在Monumenta conciliorum generalium saeculi XV(= MXV),1873年发现第二维也纳约翰。Editio Romana, however, omits the council of Basel (see Labbe-Cossart XIII, n. 7; S. Kuttner, L 'Edition romaine des conciles generaux, Rome 1940).Editio协会,但是,忽略了巴塞尔委员会(见拉韦- Cossart十三,​​N. 7; S.库特纳,L“版生菜DES conciles generaux,罗马1940年)。

For Basel, we have followed the edition of Msi 29 (1788) 1-227.对于巴塞尔,我们遵循了微星29(1788)1-227版。We have noted the principal variants in Dc and Mxv.我们注意到在DC和MXV主要变种。We have omitted some decrees pertaining to internal matters of the council, to the quarrel with Eugenius IV and to administration; we have always noted the titles of these decrees in footnotes.我们省略了一些法令有关的安理会内部事务,与叶夫根尼第四和管理​​吵架,我们一直注意到这些脚注法令的标题。 The decrees of Ferrara, Florence and Rome were first published by P. Crabbe (1538, 2, 754V-826).而费拉拉,佛罗伦萨和罗马法令,首次出版由P.克拉布(1538,2,754V - 826)。H. Justinianus subsequently published a more careful edition, Acta sacri oecumenici concilii Florentini, Rome 1638, which was followed by later collections until Msi 31 supplement (1901) (see V. Laurent L'edition princeps des actes du Concile de Florence, Orient. Christ. Per.21 (1955) 165-189, and J.Gill, ibid. 22 (1956) 223-225).H. Justinianus随后发表了更仔细的编辑,文献sacri oecumenici concilii Florentini,罗马1638年,是由31至微星补充(1901年)后的集合(见五版princeps洛朗L' DES actes杜Concile去佛罗伦萨,东方其次。基督。Per.21(1955)165-189,和J.鳃,同上22(1956)223-225)。 The decrees are also to be found in Monumenta conc.该法令也将在Monumenta浓度发现。gen.根。saec.国家外汇管理局。XV, III-IV Vienna 1886-1935.十五,III - IV维也纳1886年至1935年。We have followed the critical edition published by the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Concilium Florentinum.我们奉行的关键版由宗座东方学院,Concilium Florentinum出版。Documenta et Scriptores (= CF), Rome 1940-, and we have included the principal variants noted in it.文献展等Scriptores(= CF),罗马1940 - ,我们已经包括了主要的变种注意到它。

As regards the English translation, the following points should be noted where the original text is given in two languages, namely Latin and another.至于英文翻译,有以下几点应该注意的地方原来的文字是在两种语言,即拉丁文和另一给出。Where a Greek text is given (pp. 520-528), this is of equal authority with the parallel Latin version, and in the English translation the few significant discrepancies between the two texts have been noted.凡希腊文给出(第520-528),这是与平行拉丁美洲版本同等的权力,而在英语翻译两个文本之间的几个显着的差异已经注意到。 In the cases of Armenian and Arabic texts (pp. 534-559 and 567-583), these were translations from the Latin, which was the authoritative text, and therefore the English translation is from the Latin alone (the differences from the Latin in the Armenian and Arabic texts are numerous and complex).在亚美尼亚和阿拉伯语文本(第534-559和567-583)的情况下,这些来自拉丁美洲,这是权威的文本翻译,英文翻译,因此,单从拉丁(从拉丁语中的差异亚美尼亚和阿拉伯语文字纷繁复杂的)。 For these points, see J. Gill, The Council of Florence, Cambridge 1959, pp. 290-296, 308 and 326.对于这些问题,见J.鳃,佛罗伦萨,剑桥1959年,第290-296,308和326会。

SESSION 1 held on 14 December 1431会议于1431年12月14日1日举行

The holy synod of Basel, representing the universal church, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit under the presidency of the most reverend father in Christ lord Julian, cardinal deacon of St Angelo of the holy Roman church, legate of the apostolic see, for the glory of almighty God, the exaltation of the catholic faith and the progress of the christian religion, laying its foundation on the cornerstone Christ Jesus, in whom the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord, calls to mind that the holy general synod of Constance, celebrated in the holy Spirit, esteeming it salutary and beneficial that general councils should be frequent in the holy church of God, established this by its decree as follows: The frequent holding of general councils .巴塞尔主教,代表普世教会,合法聚集在最可敬的父亲主席在圣灵在基督主朱利安,大是大非的神圣罗马圣教会执事安杰洛,特使的使徒见,为荣耀全能的神,信仰天主教和基督教的宗教进步提高,奠定了其在基督耶稣的基石的基础上,在人的整体结构连接在一起并在主圣殿的增长,要求记住,神圣的一般主教康斯,在圣灵庆祝,推崇它有益的和有益的,一般议会应在神的圣教会频繁,其设立的这个法令如下:一般议会经常举行。 ..2 Hence for the execution of that decree, the city of Pavia in Italy was chosen for the general council to be held at the end of the five years immediately following. 2该法令的执行,因此,在意大利的帕维亚市被选为总理事会将在五年结束后立即举行。At the decreed time that council was indeed inaugurated in the said city of Pavia and thence it was translated for certain reasons to the city of Siena.在颁布法令时说,安理会确实成立,在帕维亚说,城市和因此它是对的锡耶纳市某些原因翻译。In that general council which was begun in Pavia and was held in the city of Siena, this city of Basel was chosen and duly assigned for the next future general council to be held after the seven-year period from the end of the council of Siena, as is stated in the public instrument then composed about this succession.在这一总理事会在帕维亚这是开始,是在锡耶纳,这个城市的巴塞尔市举行,并正式被选定为下一个未来总理事会指定为后七年期间举行的锡耶纳理事会结束,因为当时是说在这个继承组成的社会公器。

[Establishment of the holy council of Basel][在巴塞尔圣会的人事编制]

The most reverend lord legate in his desire to fulfil the apostolic commission since at the time when the beginning of the council was imminent he was immersed in the expedition against the pestilential heresy of the Hussites for the sake of the faith, had his vicegerents despatched to this city and thereafter with all possible speed came himself to this city, in order that, with the help of God's grace, he might fulfil in this general council the office of legate laid upon him, as our most holy lord Eugenius IV, pope by divine providence, had by a series of letters of his holiness enjoined on him.最可敬的主特使在他的愿望实现了,因为在使徒佣金的时候,安理会即将开始了他在反对胡斯派瘟疫异端为信仰而远征沉浸,有他的vicegerents寄发予这个城市,此后所有可能的速度来到自己这个城市的秩序,与上帝的恩宠的帮助,他可能在这个总理事会履行特使办公室,下岗后,他为我们最圣洁的主叶夫根尼四,教皇的,神圣的普罗维登斯,有一对他嘱咐他的圣洁一系列信件。 In this city, during more than three months, he held several congregations with prelates and others who had arrived in the city for the said general council, and he had discussions about the establishment and holding of the council.在这个城市,在超过三个月,他曾与主教,谁曾在抵达上述城市总理事会其他几个教会,和他对建立和议会举行的讨论。 Finally it was decreed that the present solemn session should be held, in which, firstly, since from the above it is manifest that this city is the place deputed for the general council and the date for it to be held is already past, and the authority of the most holy apostolic see is not lacking, it decrees, defines and declares that in this city and place the general council is canonically fixed and founded, and that all, both prelates and others who by right or custom are obliged to attend general councils, are bound to come to its celebration.最后,是下旨,目前应举行庄严的会议中,首先,因为从它上面的是体现这个城市是总理事会,并为它举行日期为此指派的地方已经过去,而最神圣的使徒见的权威是不缺,它的法令,规定并宣布在这个城市和地方总理事会是固定的,建立标准地,而且是,两份主教,谁的权利或其他自定义有义务参加一般议会,也必然要来的庆祝活动。

[Purpose of the council of Basel][理事会的巴塞尔目的]

Seeing that all things direct their actions more immediately and intensely the more knowledge they have of their destined purpose, so this holy synod, after intense meditation and thought on the needs of the christian religion and after mature and ordered deliberation, decrees that, with the help of God from whom all good things comet, it will pursue with all its zeal and attention these three ends.眼看一切事物的直接行动更直接和强烈的更多的知识,他们有他们注定的目的,因此这主教经过激烈的冥想,以及对基督教和成熟后的需求,并下令审议认为,法令,随着上帝帮助他们所有彗星的好东​​西,它会继续与所有的热情和关注这三个目的。 First that, with the banishment of the darkness of all heresies from the bounds of the christian people, the light of catholic truth, by the generosity of Christ the true light, may be resplendent.首先,随着对来自基督教人民,天主教真理之光由基督慷慨的真光,所有的异端邪说的边界驱逐黑暗,可辉煌。 Secondly that, after due thought and with the help of the author of peace, the christian people, freed from the madness of wars by which -- with the sower of weeds doing his work -- it is affected and divided in various parts of the world, may be brought back to a peaceful and tranquil state.其次,经过适当的思考和与和平的作者,基督教人民从战争的疯狂,其中中解脱出来,帮助 - 用做他的工作杂草索维 - 它是影响和各部分的划分世界上,可能会带回一个和平,安宁的状态。Thirdly, as the vine of Christ has already almost run wild on account of the multitude of thistles and thorns of vices crowding in upon it, to cut them back through the endeavour of necessary cultivation, with the work from on high of the evangelical husbandman, so that it may flourish again and produce with happy abundance the fruits of virtue and esteem.第三,作为基督的葡萄树已经几乎横行上的蓟,并根据它在众多拥挤恶习荆棘帐户,减少通过必要努力培养他们回来与农夫的福音工作,从高,这样才可能再次繁荣与幸福,并产生丰富的美德和自尊的成果。 Since such great benefits as these cannot be hoped for without a generous flow of heavenly grace, it earnestly exhorts in the Lord all Christ's faithful that for the happy achievement of the aforesaid they should urge the divine majesty with devout prayers, fasts and almsgiving that the good and merciful God, placated by such humble submission, may deign with his accustomed goodness to grant to this sacred council the desired completion of all these things, imposing this on them unto the remission of their sins.因为像这些巨大的利益,不能希望没有一个天堂般的雍容大方流,它认真地告诫在主所有基督信徒,对于上述高兴的成就并督促与虔诚的祈祷,斋戒和施舍的神圣威严的良好的和仁慈的上帝,这种卑微提交安抚,可能不屑与他的习惯善良授予这一神圣理事会的所有这些事情需要完成,强加给他们所不欲,他们赦罪这一点。

SESSION 2 held on 15 February 1432会议于2日举行的1432年2月15日

The holy general synod of Basel, representing the church militant, for an everlasting record.一般的圣主教的巴塞尔,代表教会好战,一个永恒的记录。To the praise of almighty God and the glory and honour of the blessed and undivided Trinity, for the extirpation of heresies and errors, for the reformation of morals in head and members of the church of God, and for the pacification of kings and kingdoms and other Christians in discord among themselves through the instigation of the author of discords, the synod, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, decrees, establishes, defines, declares and ordains as follows.到了全能的上帝赞美和荣耀,尊贵的祝福和不可分割的三位一体,为歪理邪说和错误摘除为在头部和神的教会成员道德改革,并为国王和王国安抚,并在他们之间的不和谐通过作者的不和煽动其他基督徒的宗教会议,合法聚集在圣灵,法令,建立,定义,声明和如下ordains。

[Decree that the council of Basel is legitimately begun][法令指出,巴塞尔委员会是合法的开始]

First, that the same sacred synod of Basel, by the decrees and ordinances of the sacred general councils of Constance and of Siena, and by the action of apostolic authority, was and is duly and legitimately begun and assembled in this place of Basel.第一,同样神圣的主教会议的法令和巴塞尔的康斯和锡耶纳神圣一般议会条例,并经使徒当局的行动,是和是适当和合法的开始,在这个巴塞尔地方组装。 And lest anyone should doubt about the power of the same sacred synod of Basel, this same synod in this present session ordains and decrees that two declarations from the decrees of the synod of Constance are to be inserted among its other decrees already issued or to be issued.而以免有人应怀疑同一巴塞尔神圣主教权力,这在目前这个会议同主教ordains和法令,两个从康斯坦茨主教法令声明应除其他法令已发行或将插入发行。 The text of the first of these declarations is as follows, First it declares .对这些声明的第一个文本如下,首先,它宣称。..1; that of the other is this, Next it declares .1,其他的就是这个,下一步它声明。..I Therefore, presupposing also some other decrees of the council of Constance, especially the one beginning The frequent, which were read out in a former session of this sacred synod of Basel, the said synod of Basel decrees and declares that, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, for the extirpation of heresies and a general reformation of morals in the church in head and members, and also for procuring peace among Christians, as is stated above, no one of whatever authority, even if he is distinguished by the dignity of the papacy, could or should have in the past, or can or ought to now or in the future, dissolve or transfer the said synod of Basel to another locality or prorogue it to another date without the deliberation and consent of the same synod of Basel.因此,我也预先假定其他一些法令安理会的康斯坦茨,尤其是一开始的频繁,这是读了这个神圣的主教会议前的巴塞尔会议出来,说,巴塞尔主教法令,并宣布,在组装合法圣灵,为异端灭绝以及在头部和成员在一般教会道德改革,以及购置基督教徒之间的和平也一样,是如上所述,没有任何一个权威,即使他是杰出的尊严罗马教廷,可以或应该在过去,还是可以或应该是现在还是将来,解散或转让上述巴塞尔主教到另一个地方或prorogue未经审议和巴塞尔同主教同意到其他日期。

SESSION 3 held on 29 April 1432会议于1432年4月29日3日举行

[Impossibility of the dissolution of the council is decreed][对解散议会的不可能性是下旨]

This holy council, considering that the aforesaid dissolution of the council was enacted contrary to the decrees of the council of Constance, and that it leads to a serious danger of subversion of the faith as well as disturbance and harm for the state of the church and scandal for the whole christian people, decreed that the dissolution could not be made.这个神圣的理事会,考虑到上述解散的议会制定违背了安理会的康斯坦茨法令,而且它导致了严重的信仰颠覆的危险,以及干扰和对教会的伤害和状态丑闻对整个基督教的人,颁布法令,解散不能进行。 Since, therefore, the dissolution is no obstacle at all, the prosecution of what has been praiseworthily set in motion for the stability of the faith and the salvation of the christian people should, with the grace of the holy Spirit, be proceeded with.因为,因此,解散是没有任何障碍可言,什么已经praiseworthily在信仰的稳定和基督教人民救亡运动设置的检察机关应与圣灵的恩典,要进行处理。 But since the aforesaid bishop of Lausanne and the dean of Utrecht, on their return, did not bring back from the most holy lord pope the desired reply, although the said most holy lord pope had been entreated, appealed to, required, requested and with every insistence very often implored not only by the aforesaid messengers in the name of the council but also by the most serene lord Sigismund, king of the Romans and loyal supporter of the church, so this holy synod, relying on the decrees of the sacred council of Constance, whose words are these, That the holy synod .但是自从洛桑和乌得勒支院长上述主教,对他们的回报,没有带回从最圣洁的主教宗所需的回答,虽然说最圣洁的主教皇一直恳求,呼吁,要求,请与很多时候都坚持不仅在市政局的名义上述使者,但也最宁静的领主西吉斯蒙德,在罗马国王和教会的忠实支持者恳求,因此这主教,依靠的神圣议会法令康斯,他们的话是这些,那神圣的主教。 ..' decreed in this solemn session to make its demands to the most holy lord pope and also to the most reverend lord cardinals in the way and style as follows. “在这个庄严的会议上颁布,使其要求,最圣洁的主教皇,也是最可敬的主的方式和风格如下枢机主教。

This holy synod, therefore, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, beseeches the aforesaid most blessed lord pope Eugenius with all reverence and insistence and through the tender mercy of Jesus Christ entreats, requires implores and warns him to revoke in fact the alleged dissolution as in fact it was issued, and in the same way as he made the dissolution to send and publish over the different parts of the world the revocation, and completely to desist from every obstacle against the said council: indeed more, to favour and assist the council, as is his duty, and to offer it every support and opportune help, and to come in person within three months -- an interval which it assigns and determines as a peremptory limit -- if his physical state so allows.这神圣的主教会议,因此,合法聚集在圣灵,beseeches所有崇敬和坚持,并通过耶稣基督的怜悯恳求招标最幸福上述主教皇叶夫根尼,需要祈求,并警告他被指控的事实撤销解散,在事实上,它发出,并以同样的方式,因为他提出的解散发送和超过世界的不同地区发布的撤销,并完全停止一切针对障碍表示会:确实多,有利于和协助理事会,因为是他的责任,并提供它全力支持和帮助的时机,并在三个月内来的人 - 它指定的时间间隔,并作为强制性的限制决定了 - 如果他的身体状态,以便允许。But if it does not, in his place and stead he should nominate some person or persons and send them with plenary power for each and every question in this council up to its very end through each and all of its acts gradually and successively.但是,如果没有,在他的地方,代替他应该提名人或一些人,并与全体会议发送功率为每本会质询其到底通过每个及其行为逐渐和他们先后所有。 Otherwise, if his holiness should fail to do this, which is a thing that in no way is to be expected of the vicar of Christ, the holy synod will see to it that provision is made for the necessities of the church as shall seem just and as the holy Spirit shall dictate, and will proceed in accordance with what befits both divine and human law.否则,如果他的圣洁应该没有这样做,这是在没有办法的事情是成为基督的副主教预期,主教会看到它的规定是对教会的必需品应作出看来是公正和圣灵应规定,并会继续与应景什么都神和人依法办事。

In the same way it beseeches, requires, implores and warns the aforesaid most reverend lord cardinals, who as the chief hinges of the church of God should apply their minds with great fervour to these things, that they should bring earnest pressure to bear on the lord pope about the aforesaid things, and should favour, aid and help this sacred council in every opportune way.在同样的方式beseeches,要求,祈求并警告上述最可敬的主枢机主教,谁当上帝的教会行政铰链应适用于以极大的热情他们的头脑,这些东西,他们应该带来切实压力,对主教皇对上述事情,而应支持,援助和帮助每一个适当的方式这个神圣的理事会。 And since their presence, in view of their authority, great prudence and practical experience, is highly expedient for this sacred council, it requires and warns and cites the lord cardinals and each of them in particular that, canonical impediment ceasing, they shall come to the said council within three months from the notification by this present decree, which interval it precisely and peremptorily assigns and determines for the triple canonical monition.而且,由于他们的存在,在他们的权威观点,伟大的谨慎和实践经验,这是非常神圣的议会的权宜之计,它要求和警告,并列举了主枢机主教,特别是,规范障碍停止他们每个人,他们应来上述三个月内由议会从目前这个法令,其中的时间间隔,准确,一股脑儿地分配和三重规范训诫决定的通知。

Otherwise, since failure to come to the sacred general council so as to aid the church in its great necessities will without doubt be judged as contributing to the danger of a serious challenge to the catholic faith and to the harm of the whole church, this holy council at the expiry of the stated interval will take proceedings against those who have failed to come, since their contumacy demands this, according as the order of divine as well as human law shall dictate and allow, and will take steps, with the help of the most High, to provide for the necessities of the church.否则,因为不来的神圣总理事会,以援助在其伟大的必需品教会无疑将被判定为促进了严峻挑战危险的天主教信仰和对整个教会的伤害,这圣洁在规定的时间间隔期满理事会将采取那些谁也未能提出诉讼,因为他们的contumacy要求这一点,根据作为神圣秩序以及人类的法律应规定,允许,将采取措施,以帮助最高,为教会的必需品。 In the aforesaid however, the said synod has no intention of including the most reverend lord cardinal of holy Cross as long as he is engaged in negotiations for peace between the kingdoms of France and England; but in respect of the most reverend lord cardinals of Plasencia and of Foix, as they are commonly called, and the cardinal of St Eustathius, since they are in nearer localities, it limits the above-mentioned interval to two months.在上述然而,上述主教没有包括只要是最可敬的枢机主教的圣十字主,因为他是在与法国和英国进行和平谈判的意向王国,但在最可敬的枢机主教尊重领主普拉森西亚和富瓦,因为他们是俗称,欧斯塔​​修斯和圣大非,因为他们在近地方是,它限制了上述的时间间隔为两个月。

Further the holy synod orders all lord patriarchs, archbishops, bishops and other prelates of churches, and clerics, notaries and ecclesiastical personages, as also other faithful of Christ, of every status, dignity, grade and condition, and it requires and requests all princes and lords, even if they possess imperial, regal, ducal or any other authority, who shall have been requested regarding the above, that in virtue of holy obedience, under threat of the divine judgment and under pain of excommunication, they should report, intimate and notify all and each of the aforesaid things to the said most holy lord pope and to the most reverend lord cardinals, and should have them reported, intimated and notified to these people in person, if they have safe and convenient access to them.进一步主教命令所有主始祖,大主教,主教和其他主教教堂,和神职人员,公证员和教会人士,也为其他的每一个基督信徒的地​​位,尊严,级别和条件,它需要和要求所有诸侯和领主,即使他们拥有帝王,帝王,公爵的或任何其他权威,谁应已就上述要求,在圣服从美德,在神圣的判断威胁,并根据疼痛的禁教,他们应该报告,亲密并通知所有上述事情,每到最神圣的主说,教皇和红衣主教的最可敬的领主,并且应该有他们的报道,恐吓,并通知这些人的人,如果他们能够安全,方便地访问它们。 Where personal access is not possible, this is to be done by affixing notices drawn up by a public notary, if this can be done safely, to their residences and also on the door of the apostolic palace and on the churches of St John Lateran, St Peter's and St Mary Maggiore; or failing that, on the chief churches of the cities of Sutri Viterbo and Siena, or three other neighbouring cities, as it shall seem better.凡个人访问是不可能的,这是要通过制定一个公证人了张贴告示,如果这是可以做到安全,他们的住宅,也对使徒宫殿大门和圣约翰拉特兰教堂,圣彼得和圣玛丽马焦雷,或做不到这一点,就对Sutri维泰博和锡耶纳的城市,或其他三个邻近的城市,主要教堂,因为它会显得更好。 This holy synod decrees that these places are suitable for the execution of all the aforementioned.这神圣的主教法令,这些地方都是为所有上述执行适当的。

Yet this holy synod, desiring to meeting future eventualities and to avoid all waste of time, since delay in these matters is fraught with danger, ordains and decrees that a decree of admonition and citation of this kind, after it has been read out in this solemn session and published, shall be affixed to the doors of the cathedral church of Basel so that, should it happen that its intimation cannot be effected in any of the ways outlined above, in that case, as by a public edict, for four months to be calculated from this day, the publication, monition and citation shall be considered as performed in respect of all its effects, so that all its effects are obtained and it binds those to whom it is directed as if it had been insinuated and presented in person, the above peremptory force and threats being considered here as inserted.然而,这主教,希望为满足未来的不测事件,并避免一切浪费时间,因为在这些问题延迟了危险,ordains和法令,充满了告诫和这种引用法令后,它已被阅读了这一点庄严的会议并发表,应贴在巴塞尔大教堂的大门,这样,如果它发生,它的暗示,不能在上述任何一种方式影响,在这种情况下,由一个公共法令四个月,以从该日起计算,出版,训诫和引文应视为在其所有的影响方面进行,使所有的影响,得到它结合那些人,它是针对好像已经暗示,并提出在人,上述强制性力量,正在考虑在这里为插入的威胁。

Further, this holy council declares and insists that, despite the aforesaid delays, since a legal summons has already been issued by the decrees of the council of Constance, and since the urgency of the situation suggests the following, as does also the nature of what is to be accomplished in the continuation of the council and of the things to be done in it, it means to proceed in anorderly, due and mature manner, and for that reason not to be remiss in any way in the process.此外,这个神圣的议会声明并坚持认为,尽管上述的延误,因为法律传票已经发出了安理会的康斯坦茨法令,由于形势的紧迫性表明了以下内容,不也是什么性质要在安理会继续和将要在它做的事情完成,就意味着要着手anorderly,由于和成熟的态度,并为此理由不以任何方式的过程中失职。 Lastly, this holy synod decrees citations for all prelates and others who are obliged to come to a general council, and each and all generals of orders and also inquisitors of heresy, with the delay of a fixed term or terms as it shall seem good to the deputies, with penalties and censures and suitable conditions.最后,这主教法令与一个固定期限或条款延迟所有主教,谁有义务来一个总理事会别人引用和订单,也是每一个异端调查官和所有将领,因为它似乎应当好与处罚和谴责,并适当条件的人大代表。

SESSION 4 held on 20 June 1432第4次会议于1432年6月20日举行

The holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church.巴塞尔的圣主教一般,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会。By this decree we indicate to all that to each and every priest, baron, noble, soldier and citizen and every other man of whatever status, condition or rank from the kingdom of Bohemia and the marquisate of Moravia, from Prague and the cities and other places of the same, and to all other ecclesiastical and secular persons who, male or female, will be sent with them to the general council of Basel and are about to set out, to all these persons under whatever name they are listed or can be called, within however the number of two hundred persons, by the force of this present decree we grant and give our fullest and perfect safe-conduct and we bestow a most genuine security for their coming to this city of Basel and their abiding, staying and resting here, and for their treating with us on affairs suitably committed to them and their arranging, concluding and ending them.根据这项法令,我们表示所有的每一位牧师,男爵,贵族,军人和公民,每一个什么地位,条件或排名从波希米亚王国和摩拉维亚marquisate从布拉格和城市,以及其他其他人在同一个地方,和所有其他教会和世俗谁,是男是女,将发送给总理事会和巴塞尔即将列,所有这些以任何名义,他们列出的人的人或可所谓内,但在200人数,由目前这个法令,让我们给予我们的最充分和完善的安全通行,我们赋予了他们来此的巴塞尔城市和守法,保持一个最真正的安全部队和在这里休息,并为他们在适当的治疗与我们致力于为他们和他们的安排事务,他们的结论并结束。 We allow them to perform the divine offices in their lodgings without any obstacle on our part; so that also, on account of their presence, neither on their journey nor in any other place of their journey, in coming, remaining or returning, nor in the city itself of Basel, will cessation from divine offices be imposed in any way in the form of an interdict.我们允许他们执行对我们来说没有任何障碍,在他们的住所神圣办事处;这样也,他们的存在帐户上,既没有在他们的旅途也没有在任何其他地方的旅程,在未来,其余的或返回,也没有在巴塞尔城市本身,从神圣的办事处将停止以任何方式施加在一个禁令的形式。

Further, they will be allowed freely to propose and explain in the general council or synod of Basel, by word of mouth or in writing, the four articles on whose clarity they insist; to prove, support and recommend them with quotations from the sacred scriptures and the blessed doctors and, if need be, to reply to the objections of the general synod or to argue about them with one or several from the council or to discuss them in a charitable way without any impediment; with reproach, abuse and taunt being totally excluded, observing the form and the ways specified and mutually agreed between our envoys and the messengers of the aforesaid kingdom and marquisate in the city of Eger; and specifically that in the case of the four articles proposed by them, the divine law, the apostolic practice of Christ and of the primitive church, and the councils and doctors truly founding themselves on the same, will be accepted in the council of Basel as the most true and impartial judge.此外,他们将被允许自由地提出并在总理事会或巴塞尔主教解释,通过口耳相传或书面上的明确他们坚持的四篇文章,来证明,支持和建议,由他们的神圣经文报价和祝福的医生,如果需要的话,回复的总议会的反对,或对他们说,从一个或几个或理事会,讨论在没有任何阻碍他们的慈善方式,与非议,被虐待和嘲讽完全排除,观察的形式和指定的,相互之间的特使和上述王国和在埃格尔市marquisate使者商定的方式和具体,在他们所提出的四篇文章,神圣的法律,案件实践基督和使徒的原始教会,议会和医生真正创始于同自己,将接受在巴塞尔理事会作为最真实,公正的判断。 Whether these discussions are or are not brought to a conclusion, whenever by the order or permission of their superiors they, or any one of them, shall choose to return home, then straightaway, without any refusal, condition or delay, they may return freely and safely at their pleasure, with their goods, honour and persons intact, but with the knowledge of the deputies of the council so that suitable provision may be made, without guile or fraud, for their safety.无论这些讨论或没有带来一个结论,只要按订单或上级批准他们或其中任何一项,应选择没有任何拒绝返回,条件或延迟回家,然后立刻,他们可以自由返回在他们的快乐和安全,他们的商品,荣誉和个人的完整,但与立法会的知识,使代表们可能作出适当的规定,没有诡计或欺诈为他们的安全。

Moreover, in this safe-conduct of theirs we wish all clauses to be included and contained, and to be held as included, which are necessary and opportune for full, efficacious and sufficient safety in coming, staying and returning; we express these things clearly in order to secure and keep the good of peace.此外,在这个他们安全通行,我们希望所有被列入并载有条款,并要举行包括在内,这是全面,有效和足够的到来,并保持必要和适当的安全返回,我们清楚地表达这些东西为了安全和保持和平。 If any one or several of them, whether coming on their journey to us in Basel or while staying here or on their return, shall commit (may it not be so) some heinous crime by which the benefit of security conceded to them could be annulled and quashed, we wish, admit and concede that those arrested in a deed of such sort shall straightaway be punished only by their own people, not by others, by an adequate censure and a sufficient penalty to be approved and praised by us, with the form, conditions and ways of their security remaining completely unimpaired.如果其中任何一个或几个,不管他们的旅途上给我们的未来在巴塞尔或在住在这里或在他们的回报,应提交(可能不是如此),其中一些罪大恶极的安全利益让步他们可以废止和撤销,我们的愿望,承认和承认,在这样的排序契税被捕者应立刻予以处罚只能由本国人民不被他人通过适当的谴责和足够的刑罚获得批准和通过我们称赞,与形式,条件和他们的安全方式其余完全受到损害。 Similarly if any of ours, whether on their way to us in Basel or while staying here or returning, shall commit (may it not be so) some heinous crime through which the benefit of the security conceded to them could be annulled or quashed, we wish that those arrested in a crime of this sort shall straightaway be punished only by us and our people, not by others, by an adequate censure and a sufficient penalty to be approved and praised by the lord ambassadors and envoys, with the present form, conditions and ways of the security remaining completely unimpaired.同样,如果对我们的任何,无论是在他们的途中或在巴塞尔给我们住在这里或返回时,应提交(可能不是如此)一些令人发指的罪行,通过它的安全利益让步他们可以废止或撤销,我们希望在这一类犯罪而被捕的those shall立刻予以处罚只能由我们和我们的人民,而不是别人,通过适当的谴责和足够的刑罚获得批准,并由主大使和特使赞扬与目前的形式,其余条件和安全方面完全受到损害。

We wish also that it be allowed to each and every ambassador as often as it is opportune or necessary, to leave the city of Basel in order to take the air and to return to it, and freely to send and despatch their messengers to any place for the arrangement of necessary affairs and to receive a messenger or messengers as often as it suits them, in such a way that they are accompanied by the deputies of the council who will provide for their safety.我们还希望将它允许每个大使经常因为它是适当或必要的,离开了巴塞尔市以透风并返回到它,并自由地发送和发送到任何地方的使者为必要的事务安排和接收信使或使者,因为它适合经常在这样的,他们是由议会代表谁将会为他们提供安全的方式陪同他们。 Further, neither in discussions, public sermons or other conferences can or may our side, in prejudice, derogation or depreciation of the case of the four articles, employ or procure in the locality of the city of Basel any terms that tend to disorder.此外,无论是在讨论,公众布道或其他会议可以或可能我们身边,在偏见,或减损的四篇文章的情况下贬值,促使雇用或在巴塞尔城市的任何条款倾向于混乱地区。 These safe-conducts and assurances are to remain in force from the moment when, and for as long as, they are received into the care of our protection, to be brought to Basel, and in all the period of their staying here: and again on the conclusion of a sufficient hearing, an interval of twenty days having been set in advance, when they shall request it, or after the hearing the council shall decide, we shall, with God's help and without any guile or fraud, let them return from Basel to Tuschkau, Tachov or Engelsberg, to whichever of these places they prefer to go.这些安全,行为和保证是仍然有效的时刻,而只要,他们进入了我们的保护照顾,被带到巴塞尔接受,并在所有的住在这里时间:又一次在一个足够聆讯结束,一个二十天的间隔已被预先设定,当他们应要求,或在听证会后,安理会应决定,我们应当在上帝的帮助,没有任何诡计或欺诈行为,让他们回归从巴塞尔到Tuschkau,Tachov或Engelsberg,到这些地方,他们更喜欢去为准。

Also for all of Christ's faithful, especially for the most holy lord the Roman pontiff, the most serene prince the lord Sigismund, king of the Romans etc. , the venerable lord cardinals, archbishops and bishops and lord abbots, prelates and clerics as well as for the most illustrious princes, kings, dukes, marquises, counts, barons and noble soldiers, universities, and communities of cities, castles and towns, and their councillors, magistrates, officials and others of whatever condition and status, whether ecclesiastical or secular, under whatever name they go, and for the subjects of all the aforesaid and every part of them, we promise in good faith and guarantee that all of us and every one of the aforesaid persons will observe and guard the prescribed security and the form of their safe-conduct in all its conditions, points and clauses elaborated above, inviolably and unbroken in good faith and with pure heart.也为基督信徒,特别是最神圣的主的罗马教皇,最宁静的领主西吉斯蒙德王子,国王的罗马人等,古老的主枢机主教,大主教和主教和领主方丈,主教和神职人员,以及所有为最杰出的王子,国王,公爵,晋侯,计数,贵族和贵族的士兵,大学和城市,城堡和城镇,他们的议员,法官,官员和其他任何条件和状态的社区,无论是宗教或世俗的,以任何名义,他们去了,对所有上述其中的一部分,每一个科目,我们真诚的承诺和保证,是我们每上述一人都将在规定的观察和警卫安全,其形式安全,进行各方面的条件,点,并阐述上述条款,inviolably和真诚与纯洁的心从未间断。 Further, we promise that we neither wish nor ought on any alleged occasion, covertly or overtly, to employ any authority, power, law, statute or privilege of laws or canons or of any councils whatever, especially of Constance and Siena, in whatever form of words they may be expressed, to any prejudice of the safe-conduct or assurance and the public hearing which we have granted to them.此外,我们承诺,我们既不希望,​​也不应该在任何场合声称,隐蔽或公开,聘请任何权威,权力,法律,法规或法律或大炮或任何议会特权什么的,特别是康斯和锡耶纳,以任何形式可能的话,他们表示,任何安全,行为或保证和公众听证会,我们必须给予他们的偏见。 But if we or anyone of us, of whatever condition or status or pre-eminence, shall violate in any detail or clause the form and way of the above assurance and safe-conduct (which, however, may the Almighty deign to avert), and a suitable penalty shall not have followed straightaway, to be fittingly approved and praised by their judgment, let them hold us, as indeed they can, to have incurred all penalties which by divine and human law or by custom violators of such safe-conducts incur, without any excuse or any challenge from this side .但是,如果我们或我们的任何条件或状态或一统天下的人,不得以任何细节或违反条款的形式和上述保证和安全通行(其中,然而,可能的全能屈尊避免)的方式,和合适的处罚没有立刻跟随,要恰当地批准并称赞他们的判断,让他们要求我们,事实上他们可以有发生的所有惩罚,以神和人的法律或安全等,违规者进行定制产生,没有任何借口或从本方的任何挑战。

[If the apostolic see becomes vacant while the council is in progress, the election may not be held outside the council]'[如果使徒见悬空而该局正在进行,选举可能无法举行议会外]“

The holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, bears in mind that it pertains to the duty of providence to foresee the future with clear-sighted consideration and to take wholesome steps against what could bring harm to the common good.一般的圣主教的巴塞尔,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,熊记住,它涉及到普罗维登斯责任明确预见的有远见的考虑未来,并采取步骤,可能带来什么健康的危害共同的利益。 The synod is intent upon the extirpation of heresies, peace among the people of Christ and the reformation of morals, with the grace of the holy Spirit, as is really necessary in view of the present situation.主教会议是摘除后,异端邪说,跻身基督和道德改革人民和平与圣灵的恩典,意图,因为真的是在目前的情况来看必要的。 It has summoned the venerable fathers in Christ, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, to this sacred council, convinced that their presence at it is fruitful in many ways in view of their authority, wisdom and knowledge of affairs.它有古老的基督召见父亲,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,这个神圣的理事会,相信他们在它的存在是他们在许多方面富有成果的权威观点,智慧和事务的认识。 If, then, as obedient sons they are coming to the council when the apostolic see falls vacant elsewhere, such a situation would redound to the benefit of the church but the obedient cardinals would be serving the council to their own disadvantage, whereas everyone knows that obedience should bring with it not disadvantage but an increase of benefit and honour.如果,那么,听话的儿子,他们是来议会当使徒看到出缺其他地方,这种情况会回报给教会的利益,而是听话的枢机主教将担任该委员会自己的缺点,而每个人都知道,服从应该带给人们的不是缺点,而是利益和荣誉的增加。 Lest disobedience may seem to be to the advantage of some who fail to come, this holy synod, with purposeful anticipation and for the above and other reasons which can and should motivate a prudent mind establishes, decrees and defines that, in the event of a vacancy of the apostolic see while this sacred council is in progress, the election of the supreme pontiff shall be held in the place of this sacred council, and it forbids it to be held elsewhere.为了避免不服从看起来可能是一些谁不来,与预期目的,为上述及其他原因,可以而且应该推动建立审​​慎的心态这个神圣的主教,优势,法令和规定,在一个事件使徒的空缺,而看到这个神圣的会议是在进步,至高无上的教皇选举应保持在这个神圣的地方议会,并禁止其在其他地方举行。

The synod also decrees that any attempt against this by any authority whatsoever, be it even papal, notwithstanding any constitutions issued or to be issued or anything else acting to the contrary, even if there should be special mention in so many words or a confirmation on oath, which the synod rejects with full knowledge, is null and void and of no force or importance by law; and that those who attempt such things shall be disqualified in both active and passive voice with respect to the election of a Roman pontiff and for every other dignity, and deprived perpetually of all dignities which they hold, and shall automatically incur the mark of infamy as well as sentence of excommunication.主教会议也对这项法令,任何企图以任何任何权威,甚至是罗马教皇,尽管发出或将予发行或其他任何行事,任何相反的宪法,即使有应该特别提到这么多的话或对确认宣誓,其中主教拒绝与完全的知识,是无效的,没有武力或法律的重要性,并认为那些谁试图就在罗马教皇选举这样的事情应主动和被动语态和资格所有其他的尊严,剥夺永远的尊严,他们都持有,并应自动招致骂名以及逐出教会句标志。 If any such pretended election should be attempted, then both the one allegedly elected and his supporters as well as those who treat him as elected incur in the same way the above-mentioned penalties.如果任何假装选举应该尝试,那么无论一个据称当选和他的支持者以及那些谁把他作为民选产生同样的方式上述处罚。 The said synod reserves to itself, except at the moment of death, absolution of everyone who in any way shall incur the said sentences or any one of them.上述主教储备本身除了在死亡,大家谁赦免时刻以任何方式应承担,上述句子或其中任何一个。It declares that the present decree shall bind and come into force after forty days following its publication.它声明,目前的法令应结合并生效后40天以下的出版。

SESSION 5 held on 9 August 1432第5次会议于1432年8月9日

[In this session there were approved rules about the organization of the council: On cases and the procurator of the faith; Judges are deputed for the general examination of cases; That members of the council may not be brought to trial outside the place of this council; Officials are appointed. [在本次会议有批准有关理事会组织的规则:在案件和信仰的检察,法官将案件写给时一般检查;,安理会成员可能不会带来超出了这个地方进行审判会;官员任命。 ]]

SESSION 6 held on 6 September 1432会议6月6日1432年9月

[This session was devoted to reading: Petition of the promoters of the council against the pope and the cardinals.[本次会议专门讨论阅读:对反对教皇的枢机主教理事会和促销员信访。]]

SESSION 7 held on 6 November 1432 [Interval for a papal election]会议7日在1432年11月6日[间隔为罗马教皇选举中]

The most holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.最神圣的巴塞尔一般主教,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,一个永恒的记录。Earlier this holy synod issued a decree about the election of a Roman pontiff if a vacancy of the apostolic see occurs during this sacred council.今年圣主教发表了有关罗马教皇的选举法令​​,如果一个使徒看到在这个神圣的理事会空缺出现。It is entitled, It pertains to the duty of providence .它的标题是,它涉及到普罗维登斯责任。.., and is to be found in full in the fourth session.,并要在充分发现,在第四届会议。However, a doubt about that decree has occurred to some, namely that the interval of ten days which the constitution of the council of Lyons fixed for the cardinals of the holy Roman church to enter the conclave, might elapse and be too restricted at least by the time that notification of the vacancy reaches this council.然而,有关该法令已发生的一些疑问,即在十个的里昂议会宪法的神圣罗马教会的枢机主教固定进入秘密会议天的间隔,可能经过和过于至少有限制当时,该职位空缺通知到达本会。 For, the interval would seems to be too rigid and too short for many of the cardinals who may be away in localities distant from this council.因为,时间间隔会似乎太死板,太为枢机主教谁可能是在遥远的地方从本会走许多短。 Moreover this holy synod wishes to eliminate all grounds for doubt and to provide carefully for what is conducive to the peace and unity of God's holy church, and with all modesty and due maturity to proceed with what is known in this matter, as in all things to promote the exaltation of the catholic faith and the general reformation and peace of the christian people, for which the council is legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit.此外,这种主教希望消除怀疑一切理由,并提供什么有利于和平与神的神圣教会的合一仔细,并与所有的谦虚和因成熟度进行什么是在这个问题上被称为在所有的事情,促进天主教信仰和一般改造和基督教人,其中理事会是合法的圣灵组装和平超升。 It therefore decrees that in the case of a vacancy of the apostolic see in the lifetime of this present council, nothing shall be done for the election of a Roman pontiff before the expiry of sixty days from the day of the vacancy.因此,法令,在一个使徒看到,在目前这个议会一生空缺的情况下,没有什么应为罗马教皇前60天的空置届满的选举工作。

SESSION 8 held on 18 December 1432会议8日1432年12月18日举行

[Decree that there ought to be only one council][法令有应该只有一局]

The most holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.最神圣的巴塞尔一般主教,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,一个永恒的记录。Just as there is only one holy catholic church, as Christ her spouse says, My dove, my perfect one, is only one, and as an article of the faith declares, since unity does not tolerate division, so there can be only one general council representing the holy catholic church.正如只有一个神圣的天主教教会,作为基督的配偶说,我的鸽子,我的理想之一,也是唯一的一个,作为信条宣布,由于团结不容忍分裂,所以只能有一个一般议会代表神圣天主教教会。 Since, therefore, by decrees of the sacred general councils of Constance and of Siena and by the approval of two Roman pontiffs, namely Martin V and Eugenius IV of happy memory, a general council was instituted and established in this city of Basel and assembled legitimately in the holy Spirit, it is clear that during this council another general council cannot exist elsewhere.因为,因此,由康斯和锡耶纳神圣的议会法令和一般由两个罗马教宗,即马丁V和叶夫根尼快乐的记忆IV批准,总理事会是制定并在此巴塞尔城市建立和组装合法在圣灵,很显然,在本局另一位将军会不能存在其他地方。

Whoever therefore, during the lifetime of this sacred council shall presume to raise and hold another assembly with the title of a general council, is convicted of raising and holding a conventicle of schismatics and not a council of the catholic church.谁因此,在这个神圣的理事会须推定寿命提高和举行另一次与一个总理事会称号大会,是提高和保持一个schismatics conventicle被定罪,而不是一个天主教会。Therefore this holy council warns and exhorts all Christ's faithful, of whatever status or rank they may be, even if papal, imperial or regal, under the adjuration of the divine judgment which holy scripture relates in the case of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, authors of schism, and it strictly commands and forbids them in virtue of holy obedience and under the penalties laid down by the law, not to hold or summon, during this sacred council, another assembly with the title of a general council, which in reality would not be a council, nor to go to or to take part in or in any way to have recourse to it as if it were a general council, even under the pretext of any promise or oath, nor to hold or esteem it to be or even to call it a general council, even if it claims to have been summoned or shall try in the future to be summoned.因此,这神圣的议会警告和劝告所有基督信徒,无论其地位或排名,他们可能是,即使教皇,皇室或富豪,在神圣的判断是圣经中的可拉,大坍,亚比兰,作者案件涉及adjuration的分裂,并严格禁止在命令和服从的美德和神圣所订下的法律规定的刑罚在这个神圣的理事会,另一个是总理事会称号大会,将在现实中,不举行或召集,不是一个议会,也不去或参与或以任何方式求助于它的一部分,就好像它是一个即使在总理事会的任何承诺或誓言的借口,也不能持有或自尊它是或甚至说它是总理事会,即使它声称已经传唤或者应尝试在被召集的未来。

If any ecclesiastical person, even a cardinal of the holy Roman church, or anyone else of whatever status, rank or condition he may be, shall dare to go to or stay in Bologna or any place with a pretended general council, during this present council, he shall automatically incur sentence of excommunication and deprivation of all benefices, dignities and offices and disqualification from them; and the dignities, offices and benefices of such persons may be freely disposed of by those to whom this pertains by law even if如果任何教会的人,即使是大是大非的罗马教会,或其他任何人的任何身份,等级或条件,他可能,应敢于去或留在博洛尼亚,或任何具有假装总理事会的地方,在目前这个评议会,他将自动产生的逐出教会和所有benefices,尊严和办事处,并从他们取消资格剥夺刑;和尊严,办公室和这类人benefices可自由处置的那些人的法律,这属于即使

SESSION 9 held on 22 January 1433会议9月22日1433年1月

[This session was entirely taken up with the solemn reception of the emperor Sigismund. [本次会议是完全采取与皇帝西吉斯蒙德隆重接待。]]

SESSION 10 held on 19 February 1433会议10日举行的1433年2月19日

[This session was almost entirely taken up with reading: Accusation of contumacy of the pope.[本次会议几乎完全采取与阅读:对教皇contumacy指控。]]

SESSION 11 held on 27 April 1433会议于11日举行1433年4月27日

[For the permanent validity of the authority of general councils] [对于一般议会权力永久有效]

The holy general council of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.神圣总理事会巴塞尔,合法聚集在圣代表普世教会的精神,一个永恒的记录。Since the frequent holding of general councils, as a principal means of cultivating the Lord's field affects the universal church, every effort should be made that all obstacles that could impede so holy an institution are removed with great care.由于一般的议会经常担任培养主的领域主要手段,影响了普世教会,应尽一切努力使所有的障碍可能阻碍这样一个机构的神圣与伟大的护理删除。 Hence this holy synod, obeying the decree of the council of Constance beginning The frequent, and anxious that no scandals such as unhappily have occurred in our day should spring up again in the future, to the detriment of the church, establishes and decrees that the Roman pontiff, who ought to be the first in working in the Lord's vineyard and in drawing others to work by his example, should take part in general councils in person or by a legate or legates a latere who is or are to be chosen in consultation with and with the consent -- which is not to be just by word of mouth -- of two-thirds of the cardinals.因此这主教,服从理事会的康斯法令开始频繁,和焦虑,如不幸发生在我们的时代应该没有丑闻再次涌现在未来,教会的损害,建立和法令,罗马教皇,谁应该在主的葡萄园工作,在制定其他人的工作,他的榜样第一,要带头亲自或通过特使一般议会部分或使节a latere谁是或将在协商选择与和的同意 - 这是不能仅仅通过口耳相传 - 对红衣主教的三分之二。

Also, all ecclesiastical persons who by law or custom ought to attend general councils are bound henceforward to come in person without further summons to general councils, both by force of the constitution The frequent and by the authority of this sacred council of Basel or of some other future council legitimately assembled, unless they are prevented by a legitimate impediment, in which case they are bound to send suitable persons with a sufficient mandate.此外,所有的法律或习俗谁应该参加议会一般教会人士从今以后一定要亲自来没有一般议会进一步传票,同时通过对宪法的频繁力和由这种巴塞尔神圣安理会的权威或一些其他未来的议会合法组装,除非它们是由合法的障碍,在这种情况下,他们必然要发送足够的授权合适人士预防。 If the Roman pontiff or other above-mentioned persons fail to do this, or in any way take means to impede change, prorogue or dissolve the council, and shall not have repented with real satisfaction within four months, thereafter the pope will be automatically suspended from the papal administration and the other persons from the administration of their dignities; the papal administration will devolve by law upon the sacred council.如果罗马教皇或其他上述人员不能做到这一点,或以任何方式采取的手段阻碍变革,prorogue或解散议会,并不得有真正满意​​悔改四个月内,其后教皇将自动暂停从罗马教皇的管理和从他们的尊严管理的其他人员;罗马教皇政府将依法下放后,神圣的议会。 If they persist with hardened hearts under the aforesaid penalties for a further two months after the said four months, then the general council shall proceed against both the Roman pontiff and the above-mentioned persons up to and including the penalty of deprivation.如果他们在为进一步两个月的上述处罚后硬化的心坚持说四个月,然后总理事会应继续对双方的罗马教皇和上述人士组成并包括被剥夺的惩罚。

[That everybody is free to come to the council][每个人都可以自由地来到安理会]

This holy synod decrees that, notwithstanding any prohibition, even from the Roman pontiff, there is freedom for absolutely all persons, of whatsoever status or condition they may be, even if they are cardinals of the Roman church, to go to general councils; and that the Roman pontiff is bound to grant permission to those who wish to go to general councils, especially to the aforesaid cardinals, if they request it.这神圣的主教法令,尽管任何禁止,甚至从罗马教皇,是绝对有所有的任何地位或状况,他们可能是,即使他们是罗马教会的枢机主教,到一般的议会人士,自由和,罗马教皇授予的权限,势必对那些谁愿意去一般的议会,特别是上述枢机主教,如果他们提出要求。

[The council explains the phrase about prorogation of the council, and annuls attempts to the contrary, including future attempts] [理事会解释了有关安理会prorogation短语,annuls企图相反,包括未来的尝试]

This holy synod also declares that those words "it may never be prorogued", contained in the said decree, are to be understood so prohibitively that it cannot be prorogued even by a pope, and that a council actually assembled cannot be dissolved or moved from place to place by a Roman pontiff without the express consent of the council itself, and it quashes, voids and annuls anything that may be attempted in the future against this or even in disparagement or obstruction of this general council or of the persons, prelates and supporters of it, by deprivation, translation and ecclesiastical censures or in any other way.这主教还声明,这些话“它可能永远不会被期中止”,在上述法令中,要了解这样惊人,它不能期中止由教皇就算了,一个议会实际上组装不能解散或已从地点由罗马教皇的地方未经安理会本身的明确同意,并quashes,空洞和annuls任何可能会在对这种轻视,甚至在这个总理事会或阻塞或人士,主教和未来的企图它的支持者,通过剥夺,翻译和教会谴责或以任何其他方式。

[That the council may not be dissolved or moved without the express consent of two-thirds of each deputation, etc. ][安理会不得解散或未经各团体代表等三分之二的明确同意,移动]

For certain reasonable causes it decrees that the present council of Basel cannot be dissolved or moved from place to place by anybody, even by the pope, unless there is obtained the express consent of two-thirds of each deputation, after a scrutiny of the votes of individual members, and then the approval of two-thirds of the general congregation, after a similar scrutiny of the votes of individual members, and finally a declaration is to be made in a public session.对于某些合理的原因造成的法令,在巴塞尔出席议会不能解散或移动任何人甚至由教皇,因地,除非有取得的每一个代表三分之二表示同意,经过票审议个别成员,那么一般会众三分之二的批准后,个别成员的投票类似的审查,最后声明,是在一个公开会议上提出的。 It prays through the tender mercy of Jesus Christ, and by the sprinkling of his precious blood it adjures all members of this sacred council, both present and future, that in no way they give their consent to a dissolution or allow a change of place, except for just and manifest reasons, before the reform in head and members has been completed, in so far as this can reasonably be achieved.它通过祈祷耶稣基督的怜悯招标,由他的宝血洒它adjures这一切神圣的理事会成员,无论是现在和未来,在他们没有办法给他们的同意,解散或者变更允许的地方,除了公正和舱单的原因,以前在头部和成员改革已经完成,到目前为止,因为这可以合理地实现。

[That the place of the council should be chosen a month before the dissolution, and the phrase "in ten years" is clarified][,该理事会的地方应选择在一个月前解散,而“十年”一语是澄清]

In accordance with the ordinance of the council of Constance, it wishes that the place of the future council should be chosen at least a month before the date of the dissolution.为配合安理会的康斯坦茨条例的规定,它希望的是,未来的议会场所应至少一个月前解散的日期选择。It also declares, as a precaution, that the phrase "in ten years" which is used in the said constitution should be understood in this way, namely that the ten years should be completely finished, and when it is fully completed the authorization to hold a general council begins.它还宣布,作为预防措施,即“十年”这句是说,宪法中所用的应该理解这种方式,即十年应该是彻底完蛋了,当它是全面完成了授权举行总理事会开始。 If it happens for any reason that those who are obliged to attend general councils do not come at the beginning, it declares that the said authorization to hold the council does not thereby cease, but that it should be held as soon as it conveniently can.如果任何这些谁有义务参加议会一般在开始不来的原因发生,它宣称,上述授权举行的议会并不因此而停止,但它应尽快举行,因为它可以方便。

But so that it cannot be deferred for a long time, this council decrees that for twenty days before the end of the said ten years, or of some other interval if perhaps this should reasonably be determined by the council, the Roman pontiff in person or through his legate or legates, and the archbishop in whose province or diocese the council is to be held and all the prelates who are within four days' journey of the place of the forthcoming council, provided there is no canonical impediment, in person or, if that cannot be, through suitable men constituted as proxies for this purpose, are obliged to present themselves so as to negotiate about the disposition of the place and other preliminaries of the council.但这样也不能长时间推迟,本会法令,二十前的最后几天说十年,或一些其他的时间间隔,如果这也许应该合理地由理事会,罗马教皇决定亲自或通过他的特使或使节,以及大主教在其省或教区理事会将举行,所有的主教谁在四天的旅程即将举行的地方议会是,只要有障碍的人不规范,或如果不能,通过适当的男性构成为这一目的的代理,都必须出示自己,谈判有关的地点和安理会其他预赛处置。 On the day appointed for the opening of the council, those present shall celebrate a solemn mass of the holy Spirit, and the council shall be considered constituted and begun from that day.关于对理事会开幕指定的日期,在场的人应当庆祝的圣灵庄严弥撒,安理会应视为构成并从当天开始。However, on account of the many necessities that can occur for those coming to a council, this holy synod exhorts those who shall be present not to bring difficult questions to a conclusion until after a reasonable wait for those absent and a fitting interval of time, rather, with divine fear as a guide, let everything proceed with due gravity, as the great mass of business of the universal church demands and requires.然而,对许多可能发生的生活必需品来一个议会的帐户,这主教告诫那些谁应当到场不带后,才为那些没有合理的等待和装修的时间间隔困难的问题作出结论,相反,作为指导神圣的恐惧,让一切都进行适当的严重性,作为普世教会事业的伟大群众的要求和需要。 In those cases in which, according to the decree of Constance, the pope may, with the consent of the cardinals of the holy Roman church, change the place of a future council, it determines that, should the pope fail to do this, the college of cardinals may supply for the defect, on condition however that two-thirds of the cardinals agree, keeping, , nevertheless to the procedure contained in the said decree The frequent.在这些案件中,根据康斯,教皇可能,随着神圣罗马教会的枢机主教的同意法令,改变未来议会的地方,它确定,应教皇未能做到这一点,枢机主教团可供应的缺陷,但条件是枢机主教的三分之二同意,保持,但在过程中说法令频繁。 The said cardinals shall swear by God and their consciences that they are making the change of place, if indeed they decide this, for the clear reasons that are mentioned in the decree The frequent.应当说,枢机主教的神发誓他们的良心,他们正在对发生的变化,如果确实他​​们决定这对于那些在该法令的频繁提及明确的理由。

[That the electors of a pope before entering the conclave shall swear that, if one of them is elected, he will observe the said decrees]' [那才进入了教皇的秘密会议选民应发誓,如果其中一人当选,他将遵守上述法令]“

So that the aforesaid may be put into execution the more easily, the holy synod determines that the electors of a Roman pontiff are bound, before entering the conclave, to swear to God and to promise the church that, should one of them be chosen as pope, he will observe the above decrees, statutes and ordinances, and to the best of his ability will endeavour to fulfil them really and effectively adding that whoever in future years shall be chosen as Roman pontiff must swear, among the other things which he must profess according to the decree of the council of Constance beginning Since the Roman pontiff, effective observance of the present decree.因此,上述可分为执行放更轻松,主教决定了罗马教皇的选民的约束,才进入秘密会议,宣誓承诺的上帝和教会,如果其中一人被选为教皇,他将遵守上述法令,法规和条例,并以他的能力最好将努力履行它们真正和有效地补充说,谁在未来几年应为罗马教皇之间的选择必须发誓,他要其他的东西,自称根据理事会的康斯坦茨开始以来罗马教皇,本法令切实遵守法令。 Later, in his first public consistory, he is bound to make again the same profession and let him also profess that, if he violates what is contained in this decree or commits a notorious crime which scandalizes the church, he will subject himself to the judgment of a general council.后来,在他的第一次公开consistory,他势必使再次同行业,让他还宣称,如果他违反了什么是在这项法令中,或犯了臭名昭著的罪行,scandalizes教会,他会受到自己的判断一个总理事会。 Both he and the college of cardinals shall insert this profession in the letters which they customarily send throughout the world on the accession of a new pope.他和枢机主教团应在信件中插入他们习惯在世界各地发送了一个新的教皇加入这个行业。

[That this decree should be published in synods][本法令应在主教会议发表]

So that nobody may plead ignorance of this wholesome and necessary decree, the holy synod orders, in virtue of holy obedience, all metropolitan bishops to have this decree read and published in provincial and synodal councils, and superiors of religious to have it read and published in their general chapters.因此,任何人不得申辩本健康和必要的法令,命令圣主教的无知,在圣洁的服从美德,所有大城市主教有此法令阅读和省议会和主教会议发表,宗教上级把它读取和公布在他们的一般章节。 22

SESSION 12 held on 13 July 1433会议12月13日1433年7月

[Decree on elections and confirmations of bishops and prelates] [关于选举和主教和主教确认法令]

Just as in building a house the architect's chief concern is to lay such a foundation that the edifice built on it will endure immovable, so in the general reformation of the church the principal preoccupation of this holy synod is that the pastors set over the church may be such that, like pillars and bases, they will firmly uphold the church by the strength of their doctrine and merits.正如盖房子的建筑师的主要关注的是打好这样一个在大厦上建立的​​基础忍不动产,所以在教会一般改造这个主教的主要当务之急是,牧师在教堂集可能是这样,像支柱和基地,他们将坚定不移地坚持由他们的教义和案情实力教会。 The office enjoined on prelates manifestly shows how great care should be taken in their election, for they are appointed for the government of souls for which our lord Jesus Christ died and shed his precious blood.在主教责成办公室显然说明了如何小心应采取的选举,因为他们是为灵魂的,我们的主耶稣基督的死和他的宝血流下政府任命。 Therefore the sacred canons promulgated under the Spirit of God, providentially established that each church and college or convent should elect a prelate for itself.因此,神圣的教规颁布下圣灵,天意确定每个教堂和修道院或学院应选出一名本身主教。Adhering to these prescriptions this holy synod, assembled in the same Spirit, establishes and defines that a general reservation of all metropolitan, cathedral, collegiate and monastic churches and elective dignities ought not to be made or used by the Roman pontiff in the future, always with the exception of reservations contained in the body of law and those which may arise in territories mediately or immediately subject to the Roman church by reason of direct or beneficial dominion.坚持这些药方这主教,以同样的精神聚集,建立和定义了所有大城市,大教堂,大学和寺院教堂和选修尊严一般性保留不应该被制造或者使用,在未来的罗马教皇,总是随着在法律和那些可能出现在领土mediately或立即受到了通过直接或有益身体罗马教会统治的理由中保留例外。 Rather, provision should duly be made for the aforesaid metropolitan, cathedral, monastic and collegiate churches and elective dignities, when they are vacant, by canonical elections and confirmations in conformity with the dispositions of the common law, without thereby derogating from statutes, privileges and reasonably customs, all postulations in the disposition of the common law remaining intact.相反,规定应及时作出了上述城市,大教堂,教堂和修道院和大学选修尊严,当他们处于空置状态,通过规范的选举,按照普通法的处置办法确认,从而没有从法规,特权和减损合理的关税,在余下的共同所有的假定完整的法律处置。 This holy synod also decrees that it will be in conformity with reason and beneficial for the common good that the Roman pontiff should attempt nothing contrary to this salutary decree, except for an important, reasonable and manifest cause, which is to be specified expressly in an apostolic letter.这主教还法令,这将是有理性和共同利益,罗马教皇应该尝试,除了一个重要的,合理的和明显的原因,这就是被指定在一个没有明确违反这一有益的法令,有利于整合使徒信。 So that this salutary decree may be more strictly adhered to, the same holy synod wishes that, among other things that the Roman pontiff shall profess on assuming office, he shall swear to observe inviolably this decree.所以,这可能是有益的法令更严格的遵守,同样的主教祝愿,其中,罗马教皇将就任信奉其他的东西,他应宣誓遵守inviolably这项法令。

Since prelates should be such as is described above, those with the right of electing them should be very careful that they make a worthy election in the presence of God and of the people, and let them be most solicitous to elect such persons as can fill so great an office.由于主教应该是如上面所述,随着选举他们的权利人应当非常小心,他们使神和人的存在的一个有价值的选举,并让他们最殷勤选出这样的人一样可以补如此之大的办公室。 Let them remember that if they act in so important an affair either fraudulently or carelessly or without regard for the fear of God, they will be the authors and cause of evil pastors and will therefore share in the penalties which the evil pastors themselves will suffer in the severe judgment of God.让他们记住,如果他们在如此重要的外遇或欺诈行为或不小心或不为神的恐惧方面,他们将是作者和邪恶的牧师的原因,因此将分享的惩罚邪恶的牧师本身将蒙受上帝的严厉审判。 Since the endeavour of human fragility can effect nothing without the help of almighty God, from whom every good endowment and every perfect gift comes down, those in whose hands lies the election of a pontiff or an abbot shall meet in church on the day of the election in order to hear with great devotion a mass of the holy Spirit, whom they will humbly petition to deign to inspire them to elect a worthy pastor.由于人类的脆弱性的努力可以影响的全能的上帝没有什么帮助,从每个人,每一个良好的养老完美的礼物下来,在其手中的一个教皇选举或住持那些应在教会见面的一天为了选举,以极大的奉献听到了圣灵,他们将虚心谁上访屈尊激发他们选出一个值得牧师质量。

The more devoutly they approach the act of election, the more readily they will merit that grace, so let them confess and reverently receive the sacrament of the eucharist.他们的做法更虔诚的选举行为,他们会更容易优点,宽限期,以便让他们得到承认和虔诚的圣体圣事。When they have entered the place of the election of any prelate who is to be chosen through election, they shall swear in the hands of the president of the chapter, and the president in the hands of his immediate subordinate, in these words: I, N. , swear and promise to almighty God and to such and such a saint (according to the dedication of the church) to elect the person who I believe will be the more useful to the church in spiritual and temporal things, and not to give a vote to anyone who I think is procuring the election for himself by the promise or gift of some temporal thing, or by making a request in person or through another, or in any other way directly or indirectly.当他们进入任何主教是谁选择了通过选举当选的地方,应当发誓在本章的总裁,并在他的直接下属手中总统手中,这句话:我, N.,宣誓并承诺全能的上帝,这样或那样的圣人(根据教会的奉献)选举的人谁相信会是更有益的精神和时间,在教会的事,而不是给对任何人谁,我认为投票是采购的承诺或部分时间的事情为自己选礼物,或通过做一个亲自或通过其他请求,或以其他任何方式直接或间接的影响。

He who appoints a procurator to elect a certain person shall take the same oath and shall confess and communicate; so also shall a procurator with a general mandate for election in matters in which by common law he can be appointed a procurator in the business of such an election.谁任命检察官的选举某个人应采取同样的宣誓,应承认和沟通;所以也应具有的选举事宜,其中一般授权由普通法他可以被委任为在该类业务procurator procurator选举。The oath shall be taken also by those who may have made an agreement about the election of a future prelate, and they too are obliged to confess and to communicate.誓言也应采取那些谁可能已作出关于未来的主教选举协议,他们也不得不承认和沟通。If they do not do so, for that occasion they shall be deprived by law of the power of electing.如果他们不这样做,因为这一次他们将被剥夺由选举功法。Thereupon let them elect to the said prelacy a man of lawful age, of serious character and adequate education, already in sacred orders and suitable in other respects in accordance with canonical regulations.于是让他们选择上述prelacy的合法年龄的人,严重的性格和足够的教育,已经在神圣的订单,在与规范的规定适用于其他方面。

If the election is made in another way and of a different kind of person than the above or by the wickedness of simony, the election shall be invalid and null by law.如果选举是在另一种方式和一个人比上面或邪恶的买卖圣职别样提出,选举无效,应当依法空。Those electing simoniacally shall be automatically subject to perpetual deprivation of the right of electing, besides other penalties.这些选举simoniacally应自动接受的选举,除了其他处罚,有权永久剥夺。Others shall be subject to canonical penalties.其他应受处罚的规范。Those elected simoniacally and those who take part in such a simoniacal election, as well as the electors and those confirmed shall automatically incur the penalty of excommunication in horror of so great a crime.当选simoniacally这些和那些谁参加这样的simoniacal参选,以及选民和那些确认应自动招致如此巨大的恐怖犯罪的逐出教会的惩罚。 Moreover, those so elected and confirmed cannot be absolved from such guilt and excommunication unless they freely resign the churches and dignities which they had disgracefully obtained, and they are rendered perpetually disqualified from acquiring them again.此外,那些因此当选,并确认不能免除这样的内疚和逐出教会,除非他们可以自由辞职的教堂和可耻,他们已获得尊严,他们提供永久获取他们再次被取消资格。 In order to remove every root of ambition this holy synod implores through the tender mercy of Jesus Christ and most earnestly exhorts kings and princes, communities and others of whatever rank or dignity, ecclesiastical or secular, not to write letters to electors or to provide petitions for someone who will get such petitions or letters for himself or for another, and much less to resort to threats or pressure or anything else whereby the process of election would be rendered less free.为了消除这一切的野心根主教,通过耶稣基督的怜悯恳求招标和最切实劝告国王和王子,社区和其他的任何职级或尊严,教会或世俗,不写字母或提供选民请愿人谁就会为自己或为其他上访或信件,更不诉诸威胁或压力或其他任何东西,即选举进程将呈现以下免费。

Similarly, in virtue of holy obedience, it is enjoined on electors not to elect anyone on the strength of such letters, petitions, threats or pressure.同样,在圣服从美德,它是受命于选民不要选在这样的信件,请愿,任何人威胁或压力的实力。

When the election has been completed and presented to the person who has the right of confirmation, if a co-elected person or an objector to the election shows himself, he should be summoned by name to discuss the matter of the disputed election.当选举已经完成并提交的人,谁具有确认的权利,如果共同选出的人或对选举反对者显示自己,他应该传唤名称,讨论有争议的选举问题。 Usually a public announcement should be made in the church in which the election was held, in accordance with the constitution of Boniface VIII of happy memory.通常,应当公开宣布在选举中的教堂举行,在与博尼的快乐记忆第八宪法规定。Whether or not a co-elected person or an objector appears, the confirmer should proceed in virtue of his office, as is done in the business of the inquisition, using diligence in the due examination and discussion of the form of the election, of the merits of the one elected and of all the circumstances.无论共同当选人或反对者看来,保兑应着手在他的办公室美德,就像做了勘验业务,由于使用的检查和选举的形式讨论勤勉尽责,对值得当选之一,所有的情况。 The confirmation or the annulment of the election should be done in a judicial manner.在确认或废止的选举应在司法方式。 So that the whole process may be clean and without blemish or even a suspicion of it, the confirmer should altogether refrain, personally as well as through others, from presuming to demand anything at all or even to receive free offerings in return for the confirmation or under the pretext of homage, subvention, gratitude or any other excuse of supposed custom or privilege.因此,整个过程可能要干净,没有污点,甚至是它的怀疑,保兑应完全避免,个人以及通过他人从假定所有要求,甚至在任何接收返回的确认免费产品,或下参拜,资助,感谢或任何其他所谓定制或特权的借口的借口。

For notaries and scribes in such cases, let a moderate fee be levied which is proportionate to the work of writing and not to the value of the prelacy.对于公证员和文士在这种情况下,让温和费征收这是成正比的编写工作,而不是到prelacy价值。If the said confirmers shall confirm elections in contravention of the above regulations or in respect of unsuitable persons or involving simony, such confirmations are automatically null.如果说confirmers应确认在违反上述规定者,或在不合适的或涉及买卖圣职尊重选举,这样的确认,自动空。This is to be the case for the occasion, for those who confirm persons other than as stated above: but for the stain of simony, if they have incurred it, they automatically incur sentence of excommunication, from which they cannot be absolved except by the Roman pontiff', except at the point of death.这正应了之际case对于那些确认人以外如上所述其他:但对于买卖圣职染色,如果他们有支付它,它们会自动产生的禁教一句,从他们不能免除除受罗马教皇“,除在死亡点。

This holy synod exhorts the supreme pontiff, since he should be the mirror and standard of all sanctity and purity, not to demand or accept anything at all for confirming elections referred to him.这主教告诫最高教皇,因为他应该是一面镜子,所有的神圣和纯洁的标准,不会要求或接受确认选举的任何事情提到他。Otherwise, if he scandalizes the church by notorious and repeated contraventions, he will be delated to a future council.否则,如果他scandalizes由臭名昭著和屡次违反教会,他将delated到将来会。However, for the burdens which he must carry for the government of the universal church, and for the sustenance of the cardinals of the holy Roman church and of other necessary officials, this holy council will make due and suitable provision before its dissolution.但是,对于负担,他必须履行为普世教会,并为神圣罗马教会和其他必要的政府官员的枢机主教的寄托,这个神圣的议会将解散前的适当和合适的规定。 If it does not make any provision in this way, then those churches and benefices which hitherto paid a certain tax on the entry into office of a new prelate, shall be obliged thenceforward to pay in parts half of this tax for the year after their peaceful possession; this provision shall continue until the sustenance of the said pope and cardinals is otherwise provided for.如果不这样做的任何条款,那么这些教堂和benefices它迄今付出了上到一个新的主教办公室进入一定的税收,应有义务从那时起,在这部分税收的一半支付年后和平占有,这种规定将继续,直到教皇和红衣主教说寄托另有规定。 By these ordinances the same synod does not intend any prejudice to the holy Roman and universal church or to any other church.通过这些条例的同一主教不打算任何损害神圣罗马和普世教会或任何其他教堂。

SESSION 13 held on 11 September 1433会议13日举行1433年9月11日

[In this session there was read out, Accusation of contumacy of the pope made by the promoters of the sacred council; the time-limit already intimated to Eugenius IV for him to come to Basel and to abrogate his decree dissolving the council was deferred; finally a new Decree for the protection of members was approved. [在本次会议有读出,由神圣议会的促销员由教皇contumacy指责;的时限已经暗示到叶夫根尼IV为他来巴塞尔和废除他的法令,解散议会推迟;终于为成员被批准保护的新法令。 ]]

SESSION 14 held on 7 November 1433会议14日举行的1433年11月7日

[In this session there was made, Another deferral, for ninety days, of the monition to the pope, to which were added two proposals, one regarding the revoking of the suspension of the council.[在本次会议有提出,另一个推迟,九十日内,向教皇训诫,对此增加了两项建议,一是关于安理会中止撤销。 the other regarding Eugenius IV's assent to the council.四,其他有关叶夫根尼的同意安理会。]]

SESSION 15 held on 26 November 1433会议15日举行1433年11月26日

[On provincial and synodal councils][主教会议在省,市政局]

The holy general council of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.神圣总理事会巴塞尔,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,一个永恒的记录。Already this holy synod has promulgated a most salutary decree on the stability and authority of general councils, the frequent holding of which is a principal means of cultivating the Lord's field.这个主教已经颁布的稳定和一般议会,频繁举行这是一个培养主的领域最权威的主要手段有益的法令。Indeed, since there is no doubt that episcopal synods and provincial councils form part of this same cultivation, inasmuch as the ancient canons decreed that they should be frequent, so this holy synod, desiring that ancient and praiseworthy customs should be observed in our age, establishes and commands that an episcopal synod should be held yearly in every diocese after the octave of Easter, or on another day according to diocesan custom, at least once a year where custom does not prescribe two, by the diocesan in person unless he is prevented by a canonical impediment, in which case by a vicar who is fitted for the task.事实上,因为毫无疑问,主教主教会议和省议会的构成本相同栽培的一部分,只要该项古老的大炮颁布法令,他们应该频繁,所以这神圣的主教,是古老的渴望和值得赞扬的,应遵守海关在我们这个时代,建立和一个主教主教会议应每年举行一次在每一个教区复活节后的八度,或在另一日按教区自定义命令,至少每年一次在自定义没有规定二,在人,除非他是可以避免的教区通过一个规范的障碍,其中一个是谁的任务装牧师的情况。 This synod should last at least two or three days, or as the bishops deem to be necessary.这主教会议应至少持续两三天,或作为主教认为是必要的。

On the first day, when the diocesan and all those who are obliged to be present at the synod have assembled, during or after the celebration of mass, the diocesan or another in his name shall expound the word of God, exhorting all to strive after good behaviour and refrain from vice, and to strive after what pertains to ecclesiastical discipline and each one's duties, and especially that those who have the care of souls should instruct the people subject to them in doctrine and with salutary exhortations on Sundays and feast-days.第一天,当教区和所有那些谁有义务将在主教目前已经组建期间或之后的大规模庆祝活动,教区在他的名字或其他应阐述上帝的话,告诫所有努力后良好的行为和副避免,并力争经过什么教会的纪律和每个人的职责涉及,特别是那些谁拥有灵魂护理应指示人的主题,理论给他们,并与在星期日和节日天有益的嘱托。 Then there should be read out the provincial and synodal statutes and, among other things, a comprehensive treatise on how the sacraments should be administered and other useful points for the instruction of priests.再就是要读出省主教会议除其他事项和法规,就如何管理和圣礼应为牧师其他教学点有用的全面论述。Then the diocesan himself should diligently inquire into the life and morals of his subjects and check with suitable correction the evil of simony, usurious contracts, concubinage, fornication and all other faults and excesses.然后教区自己要认真查究的生活和他的臣民道德,并检查适当的修正邪恶的买卖圣职,高利贷合同,纳妾,私通和其他所有故障和过激行为。 He should revoke alienations of ecclesiastical property forbidden by law, and he should correct and reform abuses of clerics and other subjects who have failed in respect of the divine office and the wearing of proper dress.他应该撤销的法律禁止教会财产让与他应该正确和改革的神职人员和其他科目谁没有在神圣的办公室尊重和适当的穿着打扮滥用。

Since many scandals often arise because Pope Boniface VIII's constitution Periculoso on the enclosure of nuns is not observed, the diocesan should insist that this enclosure be strictly observed in accordance with that constitution; also that all religious subject to the diocesan should inviolably observe the rules and constitutions of their orders, especially that all ownership is renounced by them.由于许多丑闻经常发生,因为教皇波尼法爵八世的宪法Periculoso对修女外壳没有观察到,教区应该坚持这种外壳严格按照该宪法规定遵守;也认为所有的宗教受到教区应inviolably遵守的规则和他们的订单宪法,特别是所有的所有权是他们放弃。 Also let nothing be demanded simoniacally at their reception into a religious order.也让没有被要求在他们的接待simoniacally成一个宗教秩序。A chief care of the bishop at the synod should be to make inquiry and to apply proper remedies lest any teaching that is heretical, erroneous, scandalous or offensive to pious ears, or fortune-telling, divinations incantations, superstitions or any diabolic inventions, infiltrate into his diocese.一个主教在主教的首席护理应该是使查询及申请,以免任何教学是异端,错误的,诽谤性的或冒犯虔诚的耳朵,或算命适当的补救措施,占卜咒语,迷信或任何毒辣的发明创造,渗透到他的教区。 Let there be appointed synodal witnesses, who should be serious, prudent and honest men, filled with zeal for God's law, in a number proportionate to the area of the diocese, or others with their powers if none are appointed for this, who may be removed by the diocesan if they seem to him to be unsuitable and he may appoint others (as he thinks fit).让我们有任命主教会议证人,谁应该认真,谨慎,诚实的人,与神的律法热心填写一个数字相称的教区区域,或与他们的权力等,如果没有为这个任命,谁可能是由教区删除,如果他们似乎他是不合适的,他可委任其他人(如他认为合适的)。

They shall be obliged to take an oath in the hands of the diocesan himself or of his vicar, as is stated in the canon Episcopus in synodo; they shall travel round the diocese for a year and shall refer what they have seen to be in need of correction and reform to those whose duty it is to correct and reform.它们应有义务采取的教区副主教本人或他的手宣誓,作为正处于synodo佳能Episcopus表示,他们不得乘搭round一年的教区,并应参照什么他们看成是有需要纠正和改革,那些职责是纠正和改革。 If these matters are not corrected and reformed, they shall refer them to a subsequent synod, when proper remedies should be applied.如果这些问题得不到纠正和改革,应当是指他们随后主教,当适当的补救措施应适用。Besides what the diocesan hears from the synodal witnesses or others exercising their office, he should himself inquire assiduously about the faults of his subjects and so confront the guilty with the discipline of needed correction that it may serve as an example to others inclined to do evil.除了从什么教区主教会议证人或其他人行使他们的办公室听到,他应该自己刻苦询问有关他的臣民的故障等所需要面对与改正纪律有罪,它可能作为一个榜样,以倾向于作恶人。

Also, in every province within two years of the end of a general council, and thereafter at least once in every three years, a provincial council should be held in a safe place.此外,在两年内的每一个省的年总理事会结束,此后至少每3年一次,一个省议会应保存在一个安全的地方。It should be attended by both the archbishop and all his suffragans and others who are obliged to take part in such provincial councils, after a due summons has been issued to them.应出席双方大主教和他的所有suffragans,谁有义务采取这样的省议会中的一部分人,后因已发出传票给他们。If a bishop is prevented by a canonical impediment, he should designate his procurator, not only to excuse and justify his absence, but also to participate in the council in his name and to report back what the council decides.如果主教是由一个规范的障碍阻止,他应指定他的检察官,不仅要借口和理由缺席,而且要参加安理会在他的名字,并汇报什么理事会决定。 Otherwise the bishop is automatically suspended from receiving half the fruits of his church for one year: these should be effectively diverted to the fabric of his church by someone deputed in the council itself.否则,主教将自动暂停接受一年半,他的教会水果:这些应该得到有效的分流由安理会本身为此指派专人到他的教会结构。 Others who fail to attend are to be punished at the decision of the council and other penalties of the law are to remain in force.其他谁没有出席是在安理会和其他法律的处罚处罚决定是留在部队。Provincial councils are not to be held while a general council is sitting and for six months beforehand.省议会的不同时举行总理事会会议,并提前六个月。

At the beginning of a provincial council the metropolitan or someone in his name during the celebration of mass or afterwards, shall deliver an exhortation calling to mind the things that pertain to the ecclesiastical state and especially the episcopal office and warning all the participants that, as the prophet says, if any soul is lost by their fault his blood will be required by the Lord at their hands.在省议会的一个城市,或有人在他的名字在大规模的庆祝活动的开始或之后,应要求提供一种告诫想到的事情,涉及到国家,尤其是教会主教办公室及警告所有参与者,作为先知说,如果任何的灵魂,是由他们的错失去了他的血液将被要求在他们手中的主。 In particular, there should be a strict warning that orders and benefices should be conferred, without any simony, on worthy and deserving persons whose lives are sufficiently well known.特别是,应该有一个严格的警告,命令和benefices应赋予的,没有任何买卖圣职人员就值得值得其充分众所周知的生命。 Above all, the greatest care and mature inquiry should be used when entrusting the care of souls.首先,最大的关怀和成熟的询问时,应使用委托照顾的灵魂。Ecclesiastical property on no account should be used for illegal purposes, but for the glory of God and the conservation of churches and, following the holy canons, with a primary concern for the poor and needy, mindful that at the tribunal of the eternal judge they will have to give an account of all of it to the very last farthing.决不教会财产应当用于非法目的,而是为上帝和教会的荣耀保护下,与为穷人和有需要的首要关注的神圣大炮,铭记在他们永恒的法官庭将不得不放弃它的所有帐户的最后极少量。 In these councils there should be, according to the regulations of the law, a careful investigation into the correction of faults, the reform of the morals of subjects and especially the conduct of bishops in conferring benefices, confirming elections, administering orders, deputing confessors, preaching to the people,在这两个议会应该有,根据法律规定,进入了故障改正,对学科的道德改革,特别是在赋予benefices进行的主教,确认选举,管理订单,deputing忏悔缜密侦查,说教的人,

punishing the faults of their subjects and observing episcopal synods, and in any other points respecting the episcopal office and the jurisdiction and administration of bishops in spiritual and temporal matters, especially whether they keep their hands clean of the stain of simony, in order that all those who are found to have transgressed in the aforesaid matters may be corrected and punished by the council.惩治他们的科目和观察主教主教会议的缺点,并在任何其他点尊重主教办公室和管辖权,并在精神和时间的问题主教的管理,特别是他们是否保持双手的买卖圣职污渍清洁,为了使所有那些谁被发现有上述事宜逾越可能得到纠正和安理会的惩罚。 A similar careful inquiry should be instituted about the metropolitan himself in all these respects, and the council should explain clearly to him his faults and defects, admonishing and imploring him that since he is called and ought to be the father of others, he should altogether desist from such failings.类似的仔细询问,应制定有关在所有这些方面都会自己,安理会应该向他解释清楚他的缺点和缺陷,诫勉,并恳求他,因为他打了个电话,应该是别人的父亲,他应该完全停止这种失误。 Even so, the council should send straightaway to the Roman pontiff, or to another of his superiors if he has one, a written account of the investigation made about him, so that he may receive punishment and fitting reform from the Roman pontiff or other superior.即便如此,安理会应该立刻发送给罗马教皇,还是他的上司another如果他有一个,调查的书面帐户中他提出,让他可能会收到来自罗马教皇或其他上级处罚及配件改革。 Besides, if there are discords, quarrels and feuds among some which could disturb the peace and tranquillity of the province, the holy council should strive to pacify them and seek watchfully, as would a dutiful father, for peace and agreement among its sons.此外,如果有不和,争吵和在一些可能干扰的和平与安宁世仇省,神圣的议会应努力安抚他们,并寻求警觉,如将一个尽职的父亲,和平与儿子之间的协议。

If discords of this sort arise between kingdoms, provinces and principalities, the holy bishops of God should straightaway arrange the simultaneous convocation of provincial councils and, in combining their respective counsel and help, strive to banish whatever promotes discord; they should not cease from this out of love or hatred for anyone, but raising the eyes of their minds to God alone and the salvation of their people and putting aside all half-heartedness, they should be intent on the sacred work of peace.如果这类不和王国之间,省和执政的出现,神的圣主教应立刻安排的省议会同时召开,并在结合各自的律师和帮助,努力促进驱逐任何不和谐,他们不应该停止从该出于爱或憎恨任何人,但提高自己的眼睛,心中只有上帝和他们的人得救,并搁置所有一半善良,他们应该在和平的神圣工作的意图。

Moreover, in a provincial synod that immediately precedes a forthcoming general council, thought should be given to all that is likely to be dealt with in that general council, to the glory of God and the good of the province and the salvation of the christian people.此外,在省级主教立即之前即将召开的总理事会,应该考虑到所有可能要处理的,因为总理事会,以神的荣耀和全省良好,基督教人民得救。 Let a suitable number of people be elected at it to go in the name of the whole province to the next general council; let them be provided for by a grant or in some other way, according to the law and the judgment of the provincial council; in such a way, however, that those wishing to go to the council or their clergy, in addition to those deputed as above, shall in no way be disadvantaged thereby.让合适的人在其当选人数在全省名进入下一个总理事会,让他们提供赠款或以其他方式,根据法律和省议会的裁决,在这样一种方式,但是,那些希望到会或他们的神职人员,除了上述那些写给时,应以任何​​方式,从而处于不利地位。 Also, let there be read out in each provincial council those things which the canonical regulations order to be read out in them, so that they may be observed inviolably and transgressors may be duly punished.此外,让有阅读各省级局内那些规范规定的顺序被读出来的东西,让他们可以观察到inviolably和违反者可能会受到应有的惩罚。

If metropolitans and diocesans fail to celebrate provincial and episcopal synods at the aforesaid time, after the cessation of any legal impediment, they shall lose half of all fruits and revenues accruing to them by reason of their churches, and these shall be applied immediately to the fabric of their churches.如果大城市和diocesans未能在上述时间庆祝省主教主教会议之后,停止任何法律障碍,他们将失去所有的水果和累积的原因,他们教会他们收入的一半,而这些应立即应用到面料的教堂。 If they persist in such neglect for three consecutive months, they shall automatically be suspended from their offices and benefices.如果他们坚持这种忽视连续三个月,他们将自动暂停从他们的办公室和benefices。 After these intervals of time have elapsed, with the aforesaid penalties, the senior bishop in the province of the metropolitan, or the person in orders who is highest in dignity below a bishop, unless by custom or privilege it pertains to another, is obliged to supply for this failure to hold the said provincial and episcopal synods.经过这些间隔时间已过与上述处罚,在大都市省高级主教,或在订单中最高的人谁是下一个主教的尊严,除非通过自定义或特权它涉及到另一个有责任对于这种故障持有省级和提供上述主教主教会议。 Moreover, this holy synod bids all superiors of religious communities and orders of all kinds, who are responsible for holding chapters, to hold them at the appointed times, under the aforesaid penalties, and to see that they are held; and let them aim in them, in accordance with canonical sanctions and the constitutions of the orders, at a true reform of the individual communities and orders, so that thereafter regular observance may duly flourish in all monasteries in accordance with their rules and constitutions, and in particular that the three fundamental vows of profession may be strictly observed.此外,这主教投标宗教社区和各类订单,谁负责举办的章节,所有上级举办他们在指定的时间,根据上述处罚,并看到他们举行;,让他们为目标,他们与规范制裁和订单的宪法,在个别社区和订单真正的改革,使此后经常遵守可适当蓬勃发展,在与他们的规则和按照宪法规定,在所有的寺庙,尤其是三根本誓言可能会严格遵守的职业。 By the aforesaid, however, the holy synod does not mean to derogate in any way from anyone's rights.由上述,然而,主教并不意味着在任何减损任何人的权利的方式。

SESSION 16 held on 5 February 1434会议于16日举行的1434年2月5日

[This session declares the adherence of Pope Eugenius to the council, with the usual ceremonies; Eugenius's bull Dudum sacrum, and three other bulls abrogated by that bull, are incorporated into the acts. [本次会议声明教皇叶夫根尼坚持议会,与通常的礼仪;叶夫根尼的牛市Dudum骶骨,并认为牛市废止其他三个公牛,被纳入的行为。]]

SESSION 17 held on 26 April 1434会议于1434年4月26日17日举行

[On the admission of the presidents into the council in the name of the lord pope Eugenius IV][根据总统将在主教皇叶夫根尼议会第四名入场]

The holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, admits the beloved sons of the church Nicholas, priest of the title of holy Cross in Jerusalem, and Julian, deacon of St Angelo, cardinals of the holy Roman church, the venerable John, archbishop of Taranto, and Peter, bishop of Padua, and the beloved son of the church Louis, abbot of St Justina of Padua, as presidents in this sacred council in the name, stead and place of the most holy lord pope Eugenius IV, to have the fullest authority and effect throughout, but only on the following conditions: they are to be without any coercive jurisdiction, and the way of proceeding hitherto observed in this council is to remain unchanged, especially what is contained in the ordinances of this sacred council beginning, First, there shall be four deputations, as there are, among which all from the council shall be distributed equally as far as is possible, etc. It also ordains that apart from on a Friday, which is the ordinary day for a general congregation, another general congregation cannot be called unless at least three of the deputations agree to this beforehand.一般的圣主教的巴塞尔,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,承认教会的尼古拉,对圣地耶路撒冷的十字标题牧师,和朱利安,执事圣安杰洛,枢机主教的圣心爱的儿子罗马教堂,古老的约翰,塔兰托大主教,彼得,帕多瓦主教和教会的路易斯,帕多瓦的圣梁魏懋方丈心爱的儿子在这个名字,取而代之的地方和最神圣的安理会主席,圣主教皇叶夫根尼四,要有充分的权威和作用贯穿始终,但只有在以下条件:他们必须没有任何强制管辖权,以及迄今为止在本会进行观察的方法是保持不变,尤其是包含什么在这个神圣的议会开始的条例,首先,应当有四个团体,因为有,其中由该局所有应尽可能平均分配是可能的,等它也ordains,除了在星期五,这是一般的众普通的日子,另一位将军众不能称为除非至少团体three同意这种事先。 And then the presidents should be informed, or one of them, so that they may announce the programme.然后,总统应告知,或其中一人,让他们可以宣布该计划。

If they do not, one of the promoters of the council or someone from the deputations shall announce the programme.如果他们不这样做,理事会或代表团体的发起人之一的人应宣布该计划。All from the council shall come to the congregation.由安理会所有自会众。On the other occasions, if the three deputations do not agree, nobody shall come to that congregation; and whatever is done there shall be null and void.在其他场合,如果这三个团体代表不同意,没有人会来的会众,也不论是在那里进行,应无效。The same with regard to a session.而对于一个会话一样。When what has been agreed upon by the deputations has been read out in the general congregation, the first of the presidents there present, even if another or others of them are absent, shall conclude the matter in accordance with the ordinances of the sacred council.当已商定的团体后,一直在阅读一般会众,各国总统没有出席第一,即使再出他们或其他人的缺席,应当订立与神圣议会条例规定的事项。 If he or another of the presidents then presiding refuses to do this, the next prelate in the order of seating shall conclude the matter.如果他在总统主持另一个则拒绝这样做,在未来的座位顺序主教应当订立此事。If he is unwilling, let another in succession do it.如果他不愿意,让另一个连续做。If it happens that none of the presidents comes to a congregation or a session of the general council, then the first prelate, as indicated above, shall fulfil the office of president for that day.如果碰巧的总统没有涉及到一众或总理事会会议上,那么第一个主教,如上所述,应履行总统当天办公室。Also, all the acts of this sacred council shall be made and despatched under the name and seal of this council, as has been done until now.此外,所有的这一神圣安理会采取行动,并须根据本会的名称和印章寄发,因为到现在为止已经完成。

SESSION 18 held on 26 June 1434会议18月26日1434年6月

[On the renewal of the decree of the council of Constance about the authority and power of general councils][根据的康斯有关权威和一般议会权力议会法令更新]

The holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit, representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.巴塞尔的圣主教一般,合法聚集在圣灵,代表普世教会,一个永恒的记录。It is well known that it redounds to the great benefit of the catholic church that its authority, which was earlier declared in the sacred council of Constance and to which all are obliged to submit, should be manifested frequently and the attention of all should be drawn to it.众所周知,它redounds的天主教会大有裨益,它的权威,这是早在康斯神圣理事会和所有这些都必须提交声明,应体现经常和所有应提请注意它。 Just as councils of the past were accustomed to renew the salutary institutions and declarations of previous synods, so this holy synod too renews that necessary declaration on the authority of general councils, which was promulgated in the said council of Constance in the words that follow: First it declares .正如过去的议会习惯于更新的有益机构和以前主教会议的声明,因此这主教也重申对一般理事会,这是在说,颁布机关必要的申报康斯理事会在词如下:首先,它宣称。 ..and Next it declares ,和下一步它声明,

SESSION 19 held on 7 September 1434会议19日举行1434年9月7日

[On the agreement between the council and the Greeks about union][关于安理会与有关联合希腊人协议]

The holy general synod of Basel, legitimately assembled in the holy Spirit representing the universal church, for an everlasting record.巴塞尔的圣主教一般,合法聚集在圣代表普世教会的精神,一个永恒的记录。As a dutiful mother is ever anxious about the health of her children and is uneasy until any dissension among them has been quietened, so and to a much greater extent holy mother church, which regenerates its children to eternal life, is wont to strive with every effort that all who go by the name of Christian may put aside all quarrelling and may guard in fraternal charity the unity of the faith, without which there can be no salvation.作为一个尽职的母亲曾经对她的孩子是健康的焦虑和不安,直到他们之间的任何纠纷已平息,所以并更大程度上圣母教堂,它再生的孩子永恒的生命,是习惯,争取每所有的努力,谁的名字去基督教会放下所有的争吵,并可能在兄弟般的慈善守护的信念团结,否则就不能得救。 It has therefore been a primary care of this holy synod from the beginning of its meeting to put an end to the recent discord of the Bohemians and the ancient discord of the Greeks, and to bind them to us in the same permanent bond of faith and charity.因此,它一直是这个从一开始主教会议的主要照顾结束的波希米亚人最近不和​​的古希腊人的不和谐,并结合在同一个信仰给我们的永久债券和慈善机构。 We invited in all charity to this sacred council, through our letters and envoys, first the Bohemians, since they are nearer, and then the Greeks, so that the holy union might be achieved.我们邀请所有对这个神圣的慈善会,通过我们的信件和特使,首先是捷克人,因为他们近,那么希腊人,让圣洁的工会可能得以实现。 Although many from the beginning thought that the Bohemian affair was not only difficult but almost impossible and judged our labours to be a waste of time and useless, nevertheless our lord Jesus Christ, to whom nothing is impossible, has so safely directed the business until now that the invitation to the Bohemians has been of much greater benefit to holy church than the many powerful armies which frequently invaded their country.虽然从一开始许多人认为,该事件是波希米亚不仅难以判断,但几乎不可能,我们的劳动力将大量的时间和无用的,但我们的主耶稣基督的浪费,给谁没有什么是不可能的,有这么安全的指示,直至现在的生意认为,对波希米亚人邀请已被更大的利益圣教比许多的频繁入侵他们的国家的强大军队。 (continues extensively in the English source text) (继续在广泛的英文源文本)

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