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Kharijite belief is distinguished from that of mainstream Islam through its particular emphasis on good actions as well as belief. For the Kharijites the mere profession of the faith - "There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the prophet of God" - was not sufficient in itself to make a person a Muslim; the profession had to be accompanied by righteousness and good works. Contrary to the Sunni view and practice, the Kharijites interpreted the Qur'anic command concerning "enjoining good and forbidding evil" to mean the vindication of their beliefs through the sword. Kharijite信念是从主流伊斯兰教通过其良好的行动,以及信仰上特别强调区分的Kharijites仅仅界的信仰- “没有上帝,但安拉,穆罕默德是神的先知” -是不够本身就使一个人一个穆斯林;行业伴随着正气和良好的工程,逊尼派和做法,相反,Kharijites解释古兰经的命令,关于“责令良好,禁止 “意味着平反。通过剑自己的信念。With regard to the question of who should lead the community of Muslims, the Kharijites claimed that the community could only be led by those who were pious and righteous.关于谁应该领导的穆斯林社会问题,Kharijites声​​称,社会只能由那些虔诚和正义的领导。It was deemed acceptable to overthrow a ruler whose conduct fell short of these ideals.它被视为接受推翻一个统治者的行为低于这些理想。

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Kharijiyyah emerged in the first century of Islam as a result of disputes within the community over the question of who should lead it.Kharijiyyah出现在第一世纪伊斯兰教作为社区内争论谁应该导致问题的结果。 During the reign of the third caliph, 'Uthman, certain groups accused the caliph of nepotism and misrule, and this discontent led to his assassination in 656.第三哈里发的统治期间,裙带关系和暴政的哈里发欧斯曼,某些团体指责,656本不满导致他的刺杀。After 'Uthman's death Ali, the cousin of the Prophet, was invited by the Muslims at Madina to accept the caliphate, which he did, and thus became the fourth caliph (656-661). “奥斯曼去世后,先知的堂弟阿里是在麦地那的穆斯林邀请接受哈里发,他做到了,并因此成为第四任哈里发(656-661)。Ali's rule was opposed by Uthman's nephew, Mu'awiyah, who rebelled against Ali, but subsequently agreed to settle the issue of who should lead the community through human arbitration.阿里的统治,反对奥斯曼的侄子,穆阿维叶,对阿里叛变,但后来同意和解,带领人类仲裁社会的问题。The principle of the use of human arbitration for this purpose was opposed by certain groups within the community, who became known to history as the Kharijites (a term which means "those who go out, go off").为此目的使用人类仲裁的原则,反对某些群体在社区内,谁成为Kharijites(一个术语,这意味着“那些走出去,去”)被称为历史。

Because of their belief that the pursuit of truth was done through the use of the sword, they embarked upon endless campaigns against the community. 因为他们的信仰,对真理的追求是通过使用的剑,他们走上社会后对无休止的运动。Gradually they were subdued, and within two centuries of the birth of Islam were wiped out. 渐渐地,他们制服,并在两个世纪伊斯兰教的诞生内被消灭。


The Kharijites had no distinctive symbol system.Kharijites没有鲜明的符号体系。


The group has no contemporary adherents.本集团并无当代信徒。However, a moderate group called Ibadites, who refer themselves back to the Kharijites but reject their aggressive methods, are to be found in the sultanate of Oman and North Africa.然而,中度组称为Ibadites,是指自己的Kharijites,但拒绝他们的积极的方法,是在阿曼苏丹国和北非发现。

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The Kharijites were centred around the marshes around Basra and on the left bank of the Tigris, a location which afforded them the opportunity to escape to the mountainous regions of the Iranian plateaus if defeated in battle. Kharijites围绕巴士拉附近的沼泽和左岸的底格里斯河,一个位置,这使他们有机会逃到伊朗的高原山区,如果在战斗中击败。

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