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The Qarmatis are a schismatic branch of Isma'iliyyah.Qarmatis是一个Isma'iliyyah分裂分支。Their beliefs are in many respects the same as Isma'iliyyah.他们的信仰一样Isma'iliyyah许多方面。They believed that the shari'ah should be replaced and that the revelations of prophets such as Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were invalid.他们认为,应改为伊斯兰教和先知,如摩西,耶稣和穆罕默德的启示是无效的。They also believed in reincarnation.他们还相信轮回。They differed from mainstream Isma'iliyyah (represented by the Fatimid caliphs) in refusing to recognise the Fatimid caliphs as their Imams.他们不同于主流Isma'iliyyah(法蒂玛哈里发代表)拒不承认作为他们的伊玛目法蒂玛哈里发。Instead they maintained that Muhammad ibn Isma'il was the final Imam who would return as the Mahdi.相反,他们认为,穆罕默德伊本Isma'il是最终的伊玛目马赫迪将返回。

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The Qarmatiyyah is an Isma'ilite Shi'ite community which settled mainly in the Bahrein peninsula in the 10th century.Qarmatiyyah Isma'ilite什叶派社区,主要是在10世纪定居在巴林半岛。There are different opinions about the origins of the name of the movement; one of the more common views is that it derives from the name of an early convert, Hamdan b.有关的运动的名称起源有不同的意见;,一个共同的看法是,它从早期转换的名称,哈姆丹B.派生Qarmat, a cattle breeder and driver who lived in the second half of the 9th century. Qarmat,牛饲养员和司机住在9世纪的下半年。

The movement acquired its impetus from the belief in the imminent return of the Mahdi.运动收购其动力从马赫迪即将回归的信念。This impetus expressed itself in a number of attacks carried out by the movement into Iraq, one of which threatened to capture the Abbasid capital Baghdad.这一动力表示,在进入伊拉克的运动,其中一个威胁,捕捉到阿拔斯王朝的首都巴格达进行攻击。In 930 the Qarmatis attacked Mecca during the pilgrimage season, killing many residents and pilgrims, and removed the black stone of the ka'bah.930 Qarmatis攻击在朝圣季节麦加,许多居民和朝圣者丧生,并取消ka'bah黑石头。The removal of the Black Stone symbolised the Qarmati claim that Islam had now come to an end.去除黑石头象征Qarmati声称伊斯兰教现在已经走到了尽头。(It was not until 951 that the Black Stone was returned to Mecca.)(直到951,黑石头是返回麦加。)

In 932 a young Persian prisoner was proclaimed as the awaited Mahdi.在932一个年轻的波斯囚犯被宣布期待已久的马赫迪。At this point events got out of hand.此时的事件一发不可收拾。The Persian is believed to have ordered the killing of certain Qarmati leaders and to have required the community to worship fire.波斯被认为是某些Qarmati领导人下令杀害和有需要的社会崇拜火。Eventually, in order to restore order the Persian himself was put to death.最终,以恢复秩序波斯自己置于死地。

The subsequent history of the Qarmati movement is one of steady decline. Qarmati运动以后的历史,是一个稳步下降。In 1078 the Qarmati state of Bahrein came to an end, while other Qarmati communities were absorbed by Twelver Shi'ism.1078巴林Qarmati状态宣告结束,而其他Qarmati社区Twelver什叶派吸收。By the 14th century the movement was all but extinct.到14世纪的运动是所有绝迹。


The movement has no distinctive symbol system.运动有没有鲜明的符号体系。


The movement has no contemporary adherents.运动没有当代信徒。

Headquarters / Main Centre总部/主要中心

The movement was centred around the Bahrein peninsula.运动是围绕巴林半岛。

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