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Adventists are members of various Christian groups who believe that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent. Their millennial hopes (Millenarianism) were aroused by the preaching of William Miller (1782 - 1849).复临是威廉成员鼓吹各种基督教团体谁相信第二,今后米勒基督的新生代已迫在眉睫。希望(千禧年通过)是引起(1782年至1849年)。 On the basis of a detailed examination of the Bible, especially the books of Daniel and Revelation, Miller predicted that Mar. 21, 1844, and later that Oct. 22, 1844, would be the day when Christ would return in glory and the Earth would be cleansed by fire, ushering in the millennium - a 1,000 year reign of righteousness and peace before the Last Judgment.论的圣经,尤其是丹尼尔和启示录书籍详细审查的基础上,米勒预测,1844年3月21日,后来是1844年10月22日,将是天当基督将返回地球的荣耀和将洁净的火,迎来了千年 - 前最后的审判的正义与和平的千年统治。When the time passed without event, many believers drifted away.当时间没有事件过去了,许多信徒疏远。

The faithful remnant of Millerites coalesced into several religious bodies, the most important of which are the Seventh day Adventists and the Advent Christian Church. Leaders of the former group had been influenced by Sabbatarian Baptists; thus, in that denomination, Saturday rather than Sunday is kept as the Sabbath.忠实的 ​​残余的Millerites机构合并为几个宗教,最重要的是基督复临安息日教会和基督教的来临 ;前者领导人本集团已受到Sabbatarian浸信会因此面值,在这星期六,而不是星期天保存为安息日。Seventh day Adventists are noted for their millennialism and Sabbatarianism.安息日是指出他们的千禧年和Sabbatarianism。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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Adventism is the belief that Christ's personal second coming is imminent and will inaugurate his millennial kingdom and the end of the age. Chiliasm, apocalypticism, and millennialism are cognate theological terms. Adventism in this general sense has been espoused by many diverse groups throughout Christian history (eg, Montanists, Anabaptists, Fifth Monarchy Men, Plymouth Brethren and other premillennialists, and Jehovah's Witnesses).复临是信仰基督的人第二次来是迫在眉睫,这将开创他的千年王国和时代结束了。 千禧年说,大卫教派,和千禧年是互相关联的神学术语。感复临在这个一般被群体拥护由许多不同的整个基督教的历史(例如,Montanists,再洗礼派,第五君主立宪制的男子,普利茅斯兄弟和其他premillennialists,耶和华见证人)。

Adventism is most commonly used, however, to denote the movement which sprang up in the 1830s from the teachings of William Miller, a Baptist minister in New York.复临是最常用的,但是,来表示运动,兴起于19世纪30年代从威廉米勒在纽约浸信会牧师的教诲。Miller confidently prophesied the imminent return of Christ and set 1843 - 44 as the time for the event.米勒自信地预言了基督即将回归,并设置1843 - 作为事件的时间44。The Millerite movement spread rapidly among the churches of the Northeast.中传播的millerite运动对东北的教会迅速。When the expected return did not occur as Miller originally had predicted, a reinterpretation of the Scripture set Oct. 22, 1844, as the correct date.当预期收益率没有发生米勒本来预测,一组1844年10月22日重新解释圣经,为正确的日期。The faithful met in their local gathering places on the appointed day worshipping and waiting.忠实会见了当地的聚集地在指定日期当日的崇拜和等待。The "Great Disappointment" which followed the failure of the prophecy led many Millerites to forsake the movement and slip back into the churches from which they had never formally dissociated themselves.在“非常失望”,这之后的预言失败导致许多Millerites抛弃的运动和滑入从他们自己从来没有正式分离教堂回来。 Miller himself acknowledged his error and dissociated himself from the movement and all further attempts to redeem it.米勒本人承认自己的错误,并从运动中分离和所有进一步尝试它赎回自己。

A series of new signs, visions, and prophecies, however, fed the lagging spirits of those who refused to give up their adventist hopes.一个新的迹象,远见,以及一系列的预言,但是,美联储的这些谁拒绝放弃安希望滞后精神。As early as the day following the Great Disappointment, Hiram Edson, an adventist leader, had a vision which confirmed the prophetic significance of the Oct. 22, 1844, date, but indicated that it marked a heavenly rather than an earthly event.只要按照大失所望每天早,西贡埃德森,一安的领导者,有一个梦想,这证实了1844年10月22日,日期预言的意义,但表示这标志着事件,而不是一个人间天堂。 On that day Christ had moved into the holy of holies of the heavenly sanctuary to begin a new phase of his ministry of redemption.在那一天,基督已经进入了天上的圣殿的至圣所,开始了他的赎回部的新阶段。That ministry was ultimately defined in the adventist doctrine of investigative judgment; Christ entered the sanctuary to review the deeds of professing Christians to determine whose names should be included in the Book of Life. Other revelations subsequent to the Great Disappointment came to Ellen G Harmon, a young disciple of Miller in Portland, Maine.该部是在调查,最终确定判决安学说, 基督进入庇护所的审查自称基督徒的事迹,以确定其名称应该是人生包括在书的事。其他揭露后,在大令人失望的是埃伦Ğ哈蒙一个年轻弟子的米勒在缅因州波特兰。

She was quickly accepted as a prophetess and her teachings were accepted as authoritative. The revived movement also adopted sabbatarianism and the belief that the acceptance of the seventh day sabbath was the mark of the true church. Seventh day observance and Christ's ministry of investigative judgment, confirmed by the prophetic revelation of Mrs. Ellen (Harmon) White, completed the foundations of contemporary adventism. Most adventist groups also adhere to belief in soul sleep and annihilation of the wicked.她很快就接受了作为一个预言家和她的教诲是权威的接纳。 复活的运动也采用sabbatarianism和信念,即安息日接受第七天是教堂纪念的真实。第七天遵守和基督的判断部调查, ,证实了)白色的预言启示夫人埃伦(哈蒙完成的当代复临的基础。 最安集团也坚持信念睡眠和邪恶的灵魂毁灭的。Their strong emphasis on OT teaching also led to a strong traditional concern for diet and health. 他们的教学非常重视加强城市旅游局也引发了强烈的关注和健康的传统饮食。

Two major adventist bodies represent the movement today, the Advent Christian Church and the numerically predominant Seventh-day Adventists. They vary somewhat in their adherence to the adventist doctrines outlined above. 台安的两个主要机构代表运动的今天,临基督教教会和数值主要基督复临安息日。有所不同,他们在坚持上述学说安概述。The Seventh-day Adventists traditionally have been identified as a cult among Christian churches.第七日基督复临传统上被确定为一间基督教堂崇拜。Such classification results from the contention by Christian theologians that the authority which the church grants to Mrs. White's prophecies compromises the finality of scriptural revelation.从争论的这种分类的结果,由基督教神学家,教会的权力授予怀特太太的预言圣经启示妥协的终结。They further charge that the doctrine of investigative judgment compromises the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone and leads to an assurance of salvation based on perfect obedience rather than faith.他们还指责说,该学说的调查判断妥协的信仰,仅圣经教义的理由,并导致了得救的基础上保证完美的服从,而不是信心。

In recent years, however, Seventh day Adventist theologians have tended to regard Mrs. White's prophecies as subject to judgment by the canonical Scriptures and have put forth a more evangelical understanding of justification by faith. As a result some evangelical leaders, although by no means all, have begun to include the Seventh-day Adventists within the pale of orthodoxy. 近年来,然而,安息日神学家们倾向于认为圣经的典型怀特太太的判断和预言为主题的理解提出了更多的福音派信仰的理由的。因此,一些福音派领袖,但绝不都已开始包括在正统苍白的基督复临安息日。 This division of opinion as to the theological stance of the movement is echoed within the group itself by the intense theological debate of these issues in recent years.这种以运动的神学立场,意见分歧是呼应集团内本身所激烈的神学辩论这些问题在最近几年。

The Seventh day Adventist Church has experienced rapid growth in the post World War II period.基督复临安息日教会经历了二战后时期的快速增长。This church, however, still tends to keep to itself among Christian denominations.这个教会,但是,仍倾向于保持与基督教派本身。It has consistently kept the education of its children under its own auspices.它一贯保持自己的主持下,其子女的教育。The Adventists have been especially well known for their health care ministries.该会的信徒一直很好,尤其是为他们的健康护理部而闻名。Their traditional dietary concerns, including their proscription of coffee and tea and their advocacy of vegetarianism, predated by many decades other contemporary movements in these areas.他们传统的饮食问题,包括他们的取缔咖啡和茶以及他们对素食主义的宣传,在这些领域的其他当代运动早几十年。

The centrality of the events surrounding the return of Christ in the premillennialism which became so critical in the development of the fundamentalist movement and the contemporary emphasis upon the imminent second coming of Christ in evangelical churches in general show the continuing significance of general adventism in the Christian tradition.周围的基督在premillennialism回报变得如此事件中的原教旨主义运动的发展和对即将到来的第二个基督福音教会在当代强调一般显示一般持续在基督教复临的意义关键的核心地位传统。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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Catholic Information天主教新闻

A group of six American Protestant sects which hold in common a belief in the near return of Christ in person, and differ from one another mainly in their understanding of several doctrines related to this common belief.阿六美国占据着一个共同的基督信仰的人返回附近,主要在他们共同的信念与此相关的一些教义的理解彼此不同的新教教派组。 They are, excepting the "Seventh Day Adventists" and the branch entitled "The Church of God" congregational in government.他们是,除在“安息日”和题为“上帝教会”在政府公理分支。

The sects of Adventists are the outcome of a religious agitation begun by William Miller (1781-1849) in 1831, after a minute study of the prophecies of the Bible.对复临的教派是由威廉米勒(1781年至1849年)开始于1831年的宗教鼓动的结果后,圣经的预言分钟的研究。Testing the mysterious pronouncements concerning the Messias by a method exclusively historical, he looked for the fulfillment of every prophecy in its obvious surface reading.有关测试方法完全由历史的messias神秘的声明,他在寻找每一个预言在履行其明显的表读数。Every prophecy which had not been literally accomplished in the first coming of Christ must needs be accomplished in His second coming.它们并没有得到每一个在基督的字面第一次来实现预言的需要,必须在他第二次来完成。Christ, therefore, should return at the end of the world in the clouds of heaven to possess the land of Canaan, and to reign in an earthly triumph on the throne of David for a thousand years.基督,因此,应在返回天上的云彩结束具备了迦南地,在地上作王的胜利对大卫的宝座了一千多年。Moreover, taking the 2,300 days of the Prophet Daniel for so many years, and computing from 457 BC -- that is, from the commencement of the seventy weeks before the first coming, Miller concluded that the world would come to an end, and Christ would return, in AD 1843.此外,采取了这么多年的先知但以理的2,300天,计算,从公元前457 - 这是从第七周前第一次来开始时,米勒的结论是,世界将要结束,基督将返回,在公元1843年。He gave wide circulation to his views and gained a considerable following in a few years.他给了广为流传,他的意见,在短短几年内取得了相当以下。When the year 1843 had passed as any other, and the prediction had failed, Snow, one of his disciples, set himself to correct Miller's calculations, and in his turn announced the end of the world for 22 October, 1844.当1843年已通过为任何其他与预测失败了,雪,他的弟子之一,设置正确的米勒自己的计算,并在轮到他宣布为1844年10月22日世界末日。 As the day drew near groups of Millerites here and there throughout the United States, putting aside all worldly occupations, awaited, in a fever of expectancy the promised coming of Christ, but were again doomed to disappointment.随着时间的临近整个群体的Millerites美国这里和那里,放下所有世俗的职业,期待已久,在一个预期的承诺未来的基督发烧,但再次被注定要失望了。 The faithful followers of Miller next met in conference at Albany, NY, in 1845, and professed their unshaken faith in the near personal coming of the Son of God.米勒未来的忠实追随者在招待会上会见了纽约州奥尔巴尼,在1845年,并宣称其不可动摇的信念,在不久的个人对神的儿子来了。 And this has remained the fundamental point of the Adventist creed.这至今仍是复临信条基本点。According to the official census of 1890, the Adventists had 60,491 communicants; at present they have about 100,000 adherents all told.据官方1890年的人口普查,该会的信徒有60491圣餐,目前有大约10万信徒,他们都告诉。 The Adventist movement, inaugurated by Miller, has differentiated into the following independent bodies:--复临运动,由米勒正式成立,已经分化为以下独立机构: -

1. 1。Evangelical Adventists (the original stock)复临福音派(原股票)

They believe the dead are conscious after separation from the body, and will rise again; the just, first to reign with Christ on earth for the Millennium and, after the Judgment, in heaven for all eternity; the wicked to rise at the Day of Judgment to be condemned to hell forever.他们认为,死者是从身体分离后,有意识,并会再次上升,公正,首先要与基督统治地球上千年,并判决后,在天上所有永恒的;邪恶的上升在日评判地狱永远受到谴责。 They may be said to have organized in 1845.可以说,他们在1845年举办。They number 1,147 communicants.他们数1,147圣餐。

2. 2。Advent Christians降临基督徒

These believe that the dead lie in an unconscious state till Christ comes again, when all will arise; the just to receive everlasting life; the wicked to be annihilated; since immortality, once man's natural birthright, has been forfeited by sin and is now a supernatural gift had only through faith in Christ.这些人士认为,一到基督昏迷状态死亡谎言又来了,当所有会发生;刚刚获得永生;所要消灭的恶人,因为不死,一旦人的自然与生俱来的权利,已被罪恶没收,现在是一个超自然的礼物只有通过信仰基督。 The General Association was formed in 1881.总商会成立于1881年。The Advent Christians number 26,500.基督徒的出场数26500。

3. 3。Seventh Day Adventists基督复临安息日

These hold to the observance of the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath.这些到了本周的第七日安息日举行纪念活动。They believe that the dead remain unconscious until Judgment, when the wicked will be destroyed.他们认为,直至死亡的判决,当恶人将被销毁不省人事。They attempt, in addition, a detailed interpretation of certain biblical prophecies, and believe the prophetic gift is still communicated, and was possessed latterly by Mrs. EG White in particular.他们的尝试,此外,对某些圣经预言的详细解释,并相信预言的恩赐,还是沟通,并拥有如白女士近来尤其如此。 They were formed into a body in 1845.他们形成了一个机构于1845年。They number 76,102 members.他们人数76102成员。[Note: As of 2005, this number stood at 12 million.][注:截至2005年,这一数字为12亿美元。]

4. 4。The Church of God神的教会

An offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists.作者安息日分支。These dissidents refuse to accept the prophecies of Mrs. White, or the interpretation of the vision in Apocalypse 12:11-17, as applying to the United States.这些持不同政见者拒绝接受白女士的预言,或者是在启示录12:11-17视觉的解释,适用于美国。Otherwise they resemble the Seventh Day Adventists, They became an independent body in 1864-65.否则,他们类似于安息日,他们在1864年至1865年成为独立机构。This church has 647 members.这座教堂有647个成员。

5. 5。Life and Advent Union生命和Advent联盟

A movement which, begun in 1848 was compacted into an organized body in 1860.一个是,在1848年开始的运动被压缩成一个组织严密的团体于1860年。This church insists that the wicked will not rise again, but will remain in an endless sleep.这座教堂坚持认为,恶人不会再次上升,但仍将在无尽的睡眠。It has a membership of 3,800.它拥有3800会员。

6. 6。Age-to-come Adventists年龄对复临来

These believe, besides the common Adventist doctrines, that the wicked will ultimately be destroyed, and that eternal life is given through Christ alone.这些相信,除了常见的复临教义,即邪恶最终被毁灭,永恒的生命是基督单独给予通过。They originated in 1851; the General Conference was organized in 1885.它们起源于1851年,大会于1885年举办。They number 1,872 in the United States.他们在美国数1,872。

Publication information Written by FP Havey.出版信息的书面计划生育哈维。Transcribed by Tony Camele.转录由Tony Camele。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume I. Published 1907.天主教百科全书,体积一发布1907年。New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, March 1, 1907. Nihil Obstat,1907年3月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰法利枢机主教,大主教纽约


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