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(Lat. for "after the fall," sometimes designated "sublapsarianism"). (拉丁语为“堕落之后”,有时指定“sublapsarianism”)。A part of the doctrine of predestination, specifically that which relates to the decrees of election and reprobation.作者的宿命学说的一部分,具体而言,内容涉及选举和reprobation的法令。The issues involved are God's eternal decrees and man's will, how can the one be affirmed without denying the other.所涉及的问题是上帝的永恒的法令和人的意志,怎么能一个肯定不否认对方。If one argues for God's predetermination of mankind's fate, this tends to deny mankind's free will and threatens to make God responsible for sin.如果上帝的人类的命运预先决定指出,这往往会否认人类的自由意志和威胁,使上帝对罪负责。

On the other hand, if one argues for the freedom of mankind's will, thus making man responsible for sin, this can threaten the sovereignty and power of God since his decrees then are contingent upon mankind's decisions.另一方面,如果认为对人类的意志自由,从而使人类的罪负责,因为这可能威胁到他的法令则是在人类的决定队伍的上帝的主权和权力。 The argument / dilemma is not new.这个论点/困境并不是新的。Pelagius and Augustine argued over the issue with the Synod of Orange, 529, which sided with Augustine.伯拉纠和奥古斯丁争执与橙,529主教,这与奥古斯丁片面的问题。In the Middle Ages, Duns Scotus and William of Ockham questioned Augustine's position.在中世纪,邓司各脱和奥卡姆的威廉质疑奥古斯丁的立场。Luther and Erasmus argued the issue in Freedom of the Will and Bondage of the Will.路德和伊拉斯谟认为在意志和奴役的自由意志的问题。Melanchthon got involved and was accused by Flacius of synergism, and by the end of the sixteenth century the position of Arminius stirred the controversy among the Reformed, who attempted to resolve the issue at the Synod of Dort.梅兰希介入,并通过协同Flacius被告,由十六世纪末亚米纽斯的立场激起改革之间的争论,谁试图解决在主教的dort问题。

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What is the order of the eternal decrees of God?什么是上帝的永恒的法令秩序?Infralapsarians argue for this order:Infralapsarians主张顺序如下:

The key to the order of the decrees is that God decreed election to salvation after the fall, not before; hence the name of the view "infralapsarianism."该法令对秩序的关键是上帝拯救颁布后当选为秋季,而不是之前;“。infralapsarianism”因此,作者的视图名称 The supralapsarian view would offer an order in which the decree for election and reprobation occurs before the creation.该supralapsarian观点将提供一个秩序,使选举和reprobation创建发生之前法令。Those on both sides of the issue cite weighty arguments for their positions, quote Scripture as a foundation, and comb through Augustine, Calvin, and others for support.对这些问题上,双方举出自己的立场,引述圣经为基础,并通过奥古斯丁,卡尔文梳份量的论据,并支持其他人。Generally most Reformed assemblies have refused to make either infra - or supralapsarianism normative, although the tendency has been to favor the former without condemning those who hold to the latter.一般最归正集会拒绝作出任何基础设施 - 或supralapsarianism规范,虽然趋势是有利于没有谴责那些谁持有后者前者。

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Infralapsarians Infralapsarians

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(Latin, infra lapsum, after the fall).(拉丁语,红外线la​​psum,后有所下降)。

The name given to a party of Dutch Calvinists in the seventeenth century, who sought to mitigate the rigour of Calvin's doctrine concerning absolute predestination.这个名字给了荷兰在十七世纪加尔文,谁试图减轻卡尔文的教义关于严格党的绝对宿命。As already explained (see CALVINISM), the system evolved by Calvin is essentially supralapsarian.前面已经解释(见加尔文),由卡尔文进化的系统基本上是supralapsarian。The fundamental principle once admitted, that all events in this world proceed from the eternal decrees of God, it seems impossible to avoid the conclusion that the fall of man was not merely foreseen and permitted, as the Catholic doctrine teaches, but postivitely decreed, as a necessary means to the Divine end in creating Man, the manifestation of God's power in condemning, as well as of His mercy in saving, souls.曾经承认的基本原则,即在这个世界上所有的事件要从神的永恒的法令,似乎无法避免的结论是,人类堕落不仅仅是预见和许可,作为天主教教义教导,但postivitely颁布法令,为一个必要的手段,以神圣的结束在创造人类的上帝的力量在谴责的表现,以及在拯救他的怜悯,灵魂。 It was this corollary of Calvinism, viz., that God created some men for the express purpose of showing His power through their eternal damnation, that brought on the troubles associated with the name of Arminius (see ARMINIANISM).正是这种加尔文主义,即必然结果。,通过他们,上帝创造永恒的诅咒,而对对亚米纽斯(见亚米纽斯)名称相关联的烦恼带来了一些为显示他的权力的明确目的的人。 In their controversies with opponents, within and without the pale of Calvinism, the Infralapsarians had the advantage of being able to use, or abuse, for the purpose of argument, the texts of Scripture and the Fathers which establish the dogma of original sin.在与内部和未经加尔文苍白的对手,他们的争议,Infralapsarians已经是能够使用或滥用优势,为争论的目的,经文和父亲的案文,确立原罪的教条。 But since, to remain Calvinists at all, they were obliged to retain, even if they did not insist upon, the principle that God's decrees can in no wise be influenced or conditioned by anything outside of Himself, the difference between them and the more outspoken Supralapsarians seem to have consisted simply in a divergent phrasing of the same mystery.但是,因为留加尔文在所有,他们不得不保留,即使他们没有坚持,故原则,即上帝的法令可以在任何明智受到影响或任何条件以外的自己,他们之间的和更坦率的区别Supralapsarians似乎已经包括在一个相同的神秘不同的措辞简单。 To the sould which is foreordained to eternal misery without any prevision of its personal demerits, it matters little whether the decree of condemnation date from all eternity or --对于可能这是注定的,没有任何坏处预知其个人永恒的苦难,这无关紧要是否谴责日期从所有永恒法令或 -

"Five thousand years 'fore its creation,“五千年的脱颖而出的创作,

Through Adam's cause.通过亚当的事业。

Publication information Written by James F. Loughlin.出版信息撰稿:詹姆斯F劳克林。Transcribed by Tom Burgoyne.转录由汤姆伯戈因。In memory of Father Baker, founder of Our Lady of Victory Homes The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.在贝克的父亲,我们家的胜利圣母天主教百科全书,音量八创始人内存。Published 1910.1910年出版。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,十月一日,1910年。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰法利枢机主教,大主教纽约

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